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Just A Machine(Connor x Oc)

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Rain poured down, covering anyone who dared to walk without an umbrella. A young woman, who had droplets of rainfall dripping down her freckled face, walked without an umbrella.

Her wide blue eyes closed, as a sneeze came from her small nose. Her light blond hair was soaked, in its ponytail, a few strands falling into her face. She swiftly pushed a misbehaving strand away from her face, giving an annoyed look.

"Dad's gonna kill me..."

She whispered knowing he'd undoubtedly be pissed that she went out in the rain without an umbrella. Her father would also be upset that she without a doubt caught a cold.

She'd have a lot of explaining to do once she got home...


As she entered the house, she spotted the passed out form of her father on the couch. The petite woman didn't get much of a chance to inspect the scene, as a large bundle of fur barreled into her.

"Sumo, calm down boy! I haven't been gone that long."

The dog didn't listen instead choosing to lick the blond's already wet face."Jeesh boy, you stink."

"C'mon get off me ya big baby!"

Finally obeying the young woman's commands, the large dog shuffled off of her and walked off the eat his food. The woman let out a sneeze, rubbing her nose with a tissue from her purse.

As she got done she looked back towards her father, now spotting the beer bottle tossed onto the ground. The woman let out a slow sigh, walking over to her father's form.

"Why, daddy..?"She asked quietly picking up the bottle and inspect in it with a hard look on her eyes. The young woman gave another sigh as she realized that she wouldn't be able to help her father to his room as he was too heavy for her to lift.

A light buzz from her phone broke her from her gaze at the bottle. She looked towards the source, and spotted a message from her friend from high school, Allison.

'Hey, Bethy. How's it going?'

Beth smiled at her friend's text, staring at the screen silently for a moment. Her thoughts wondered to her father's drunken state for a couple seconds, before her attention was brought back to the text.

'Dad's passed out again...'




*The Next Day*

Beth sat in the chair at the station, letting out a small sneeze. She silently cursed herself, knowing it was her own fault that she'd caught a cold. She wiped her nose with a tissue she kept in her purse, trying not to sneeze again.

She looked down at the notepad she was writing on, about the deviant cases. The young woman said nothing as she felt a presence beside her, but glanced above her.

A man; no...not a man, an Android, stood next to her desk looking at her with chocolate brown eyes."Miss Anderson..?"It said looking at her, something on the side of it's head flashing blue.

"That's me."This time she turned towards it, inspecting the Android more closely. It was relatively tall, and looked like a human in everything, including it's voice. However, it was just a machine, not human.

Beth subconsciously thought about how handsome the Android was, but in the front of her mind she simply thought of him--it as a machine."My name is Connor. I'm the Android sent by Cyberlife."

"Okay... And why are you talking to me..?"

"You and your father were assigned a homicide this evening. I was sent to be your partner in this investigation."

"The captain must really hate me..."Beth whispered, as the captain knows why both her and father hate Androids. She knew he didn't send this Android, but still he most likely knew about it.

"Where's Lt. Anderson?"

She looked up at the Android as it spoke again, giving it a blank look."Don't hold your breath. He shows up when ever he wants to. He's probably at the bar drinking." The blond stated staring at the Android.

"I don't understand."

"You don't understand what..?"She questioned a confused look on her face. Beth gave a glance towards its head, noticing the light had turned and flashed yellow.

"Why did you say, 'Don't hold your breath.'?It seems illogical that someone would hold their breath while waiting for someone."

"Forget about it... C'mon, we need to go find my dad."She said getting up from her chair, before letting out a small sneeze."Crap."She muttered feeling annoyance sweep over, at the sneeze's unfortunate timing.

"Are you feeling well, Miss Anderson?"

She gave a silent glare towards the Android."Of course not, dumbass. I have to solve a case with a stupid Android, even though I hate Androids. But along with that I have to deal with a stupid cold, all because I went out without an umbrella."

"I'm sorry if my presence offends you Miss Anderson. However, we must solve this case. So, please put your personal problems aside, and work with me."

She gave an unladylike grunt in response, before staring up at it with her big blue eyes. Beth contemplated for a second, before answering it."Fine..."


Sorry if anything is off about Connor or Androids in general. And sorry it's so short.







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*Sorry if the dialogue or scenes are off as I haven't played the game myself. I've simply watched other people play it.*

One; The Bar & Crime Scene Part One:

Beth sighed in relief as her and Connor arrived to the fifth bar. She spotted her father almost immediately, his form facing away from them. Connor looked around, not realizing that she had already located her father.

The blond simply ignored the Android, looking away as its LED flashed."This way."She said grabbing Connor's arm, pulling the Android towards her father's drunken form.

"I thought Androids weren't allowed in here..."Someone stated as Beth and Connor walked by them.

"Daddy."She said walking to the right side of Hank Anderson. He gave a glance towards her, narrowing his eyes as he spotted the Android beside her.

"Lt Anderson, my name is Connor. I'm the Android sent by Cyberlife." The Android said.

(A/N)-*I'm going to stop referring to Connor as it, unless Beth is thinking about him, or during dialogue. It's gonna annoy me, referring to Connor as an it the whole time.*

"What do you want..?"Her father asked glancing at his daughter, as he was talking to Connor."I'm the prototype sent by Cyberlife in order to help with Deviant cases."

"Why do I need to know that?"

"Dad, it was sent here to work with us on a case we were assigned earlier." Beth sighed deciding to intervene." Remember, or did you already forget..?"Their was a small hint of teasing in her voice, but Hank simply glared at her.

"I didn't forget."He said shaking his head at her teasing tone. Now he looked towards Connor, speaking again."We don't need any assistance especially not from a plastic asshole like you. So, why don't you be a good little robot and get the f*ck out of here."

"My instructions are to accompany you , Lt, and miss Anderson." Conner stated, his voice eerily calm.

"You know where you can stick your instructions..?"Beth rolled her eyes at that, knowing that Connor wouldn't understand the insult.

"No, where?"

"Nothin'..."Hank groaned in annoyance at the Android's lack of understanding.  "You know what. I'll get you another for the road."Connor said not giving the father a chance to answer.

"Bartender, another one please."Beth barely kept herself from smiling as the RK800 said this, the Android seemingly learning to adapt with her father's rough around the edges personality.

This seemed to please her father slightly, his eyes glancing towards Connor. Beth looked at Connor, surprised when she found the Android already staring at her.

"Did you say Deviant..?"Hank asked Connor."Yes. You and miss Anderson were assigned a homicide case earlier this evening involving a Deviant. As a matter of protocol I was sent to assist you."

"What do you think, Bethany? Should we go with him..?"The petite blond gave a half-hearted glare towards her father, in annoyance at the use of her full name."Sure, a homicide case will probably lessen my boredom."

"Y'know, sometimes I wonder if you're secretly a psychopath."

Beth in an immature fashion stuck her tongue out, giving a light smack to her father's shoulder. Hank smiled at her before looking back towards the Android.

"Alright, let's get goin'."


Beth leaned her head against the car window, listen in to the music that her father insisted on having on. Her eyes glanced towards Connor, ignoring the warm feeling she felt whenever she stole a glance at the Android.

She was by no means starting to like the Android, at least that's what she told herself anyway. However, it was coming clearer that she couldn't bring herself to hate the almost goofy looking Android.

Mentally in her head, she had to catch herself referring to the Android as a he rather than an it. It almost startled her , how quickly she had grown to slightly appreciate the Android's company. Even though swore to herself she would never like Androids, Connor was making her question that.

"You stay in the car."Hank said as he stopped the car. Beth opened her door, letting out a sneeze as she got out, her nose feeling runny. She could hear Connor speak as her father started to get out as well.

"Whatever you say, Lt."

"Whatever I say...--"Hank muttered to himself as he shut the door. Not that long after, she saw Connor get out as well, ignoring the orders her father had given him.

"Can you confirm if this is a homicide?"A reporter asked Hank as he walked by, annoying the father."I'm not confirmin' anything." Beth could hear the irritation in her dad's voice, causing her to give a small laugh.

"Are you filling ill, Miss Anderson?"The Rk800 asked looking at her with an emotion on his face, almost like concern.

She was irritated that the Android was questioning her, but realized her face was flushed and her nose was runny. It was actually no surprise that he noticed, since it would probably be obvious to just about anyone.

Plus, she was sneezing a lot.

"I'm fine... It's just a cold, Connor." Now speaking again, she looked up at him giving him a nod.

She thought for a second that he might actually be more than a emotionless machine. However, the second she stopped speaking, he returned the blank look to his face.

She shook her head, realizing that he would be considered a Deviant if he started caring and showing emotion. But it seemed he did have emotions, or maybe that was just an error in his programming.

Before she could stop it, another sneeze came causing her to let out a few curses. She grabbed a small piece of cloth, that she thankfully had remembered to get, out of her pocket.

"Hey Connor..."She spoke walking up beside him, looking up as he was taller than her."What is it, Miss Anderson..?" Connor asked.

"I'm sorry..."

The Android stared down at her for a second, before talking."About what?" He looked at her with almost human eyes, the eye color being very similar to chocolate.

"...About snapping at you at the station earlier. I'm not that fond of Androids, to begin with. But having a cold just made me extra pissy today..."

"I accept your apology, Miss Anderson."

"Thanks."She said looking at him, giving him a smile. She watched him as he resumed his walk towards the house, when she stopped him with her next words.

"And Connor..?"


"Call me Beth."She said offering him another smile before walking towards the crime scene.


*Sorry if it sucks. I'm writing most of this purely from memory, and my memory is horrible to be honest. I hope you enjoyed it, and I appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism you can give me.*





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Two; The Bar & Crime Scene Part Two:

"You can't go any further. Androids are not permitted beyond this point." Connor was stopped in his tracks as someone prevented him from crossing the line and entering the crime scene.

"It's with us."Beth's father said, annoyance flashing on his face. The blond smiled uneasily knowing that her father had anger issues.

"What about stay in the car did you not understand..?"

Beth watched the scene between her father and the Android, the tension becoming harder to deal with."Your orders contradicted my instructions, Lt."

"Listen. You don't touch or mess with anything, and you stay out of my way."

"I was beginning to think you weren't going to show up, Hank." An officer said.

"That was the plan, until my daughter and this plastic asshole found me."

"Hmm, so you've got yourself an Android, huh..?"The officer said.

"Haha, very funny. So, what's the information..?"

Beth sneezed, causing her father to give her a glare. She winced, as her head was pounding like there was a hammer banging away at her skull. Clearly her father wasn't having any sympathy for her, which Beth regretibally understood.

"Victim's name is Carlos Ortiz. Been dead around 3 weeks. We'll know more when the coroner arrives." The officer stated.

"Cause of death..?"Beth asked giving a glance towards Connor who returned it, causing her to look away.

"Stab wounds."

"Dear God..."The blond whispered as they walked in, somehow able to still smell the horrible odor even with her nose stopped up."It was even worse before we opened the windows."

The smell triggered her to sneeze again, causing her to groan. She hated being sick, because even though it was just a cold, she felt like shit for about a week.

Beth jumped back as a cold hand was placed on her forehead. It was Connor, his brown eyes shining with the same concern he showed earlier."C-Connor, w-what are you doing..?" She managed to stuttered, nervous at his close proximity.

"Checking your temperature, Beth. I detect a slight fever."He moved away from her, seemingly ignoring the increasing flushes of red on her pale freckled face.

"I told you, Connor. It's just a cold...A fever is normal."Connor seemed dissatisfied with her response, but before he could speak, her father interrupted them.

"What the f*ck are you two doing?!" Hank yelled giving the two matching glares."I--" Beth stuttering immensely, until Connor took over."--I was just checking to make sure your daughter was alright, Lt Anderson."

The grumpy detective shook his head staring at the Android and his daughter for a second."She's fine. I wouldn't have let her come, if she wasn't."

"I wouldn't think so, Lt."

Her father groaned walking around to look at the evidence. Beth looked around giving a nod to Connor as she passed by him. The Android gave her the most adorable smile, causing Beth to shiver.

She was really screwed...


The petite blonde watched as the RK800 Android, knelt down beside the murder weapon. She gagged as he stuck his blood covered fingers into his mouth.

Apparently her father saw the exact same thing, but he was much more vocal about it."What the f*ck are doing?!"Hank yelled,causing Beth to wince.

She still had a massive headache, and her father's yelling wasn't helping anything. She blinked trying to focus, but her eyes were watering.

She wiped a sleeve against her eyes, before grabbing a hankerchif out of her pocket and wiping her nose.

"I'm able analyze samples in real time. I'm sorry, and should have warned you both."Connor said, looking up to spot Beth's sickly looking face, her cheeks flushed.


"Hey, hey. What are you doing with that chair..?"Hank questioned as Connor picked up the chair.

"I'm going to check something."

Beth stared silently after the Android, before deciding to follow him."What's so important that you need to check it..?"The blond asked looking up at Connor with her baby blue eyes.

"The traces of blueblood lead to the attic."The Android answered putting the chair down on the ground. "Wait." She said as he was about to step onto the chair."Shouldn't one of us go with you..?"

"No, you wait down here."He said stepping onto the chair. He was about to climb into the attic, when Beth's voice stopped him."Connor...Be careful."


Beth sighed as she waited for the Android to come back. A short time later her father walked over, looking up at the ceiling."Connor, what the f*ck is going on up there?"

A moment of silence entered the air, before Connor's voice broke it."It's here, Lt, Beth!"Hank and Beth's eyes widened at this.

"Holy shit. Get everyone up there."



"Cole!Dad!" Beth cried as she woke up, blood dripping down her forehead. She could see her baby brother lying unconscious, blood staining his small form.

Her father was unconscious too, blood sliding down his head. Beth whimpered in pain as she attempted to move, her leg twisting in an unatural way.

Beth grimaced as she attempted to unbuckle her seat belt, letting out a cry as the belt released her. She hit her head again as she crashed, causing her to black out.


"Is she gonna be okay..?"Beth could hear someone asking, their voice gradually pulling her from her own personal hell. A hand was tucked around her's, grasping her hand tightly.

"She's had severe head trauma. And we detected a break in her left leg, however; it wasn't too severe. All we had to do was elevate her leg, and she'll likely have to wear a cast for awhile."

"I--I just want her to be okay... She's all I have left, and I..."She now reconized the voice to be that of her father's, but something was obviously very wrong.

"I'm terribly sorry for your loss, sir. She'll wake up soon, don't worry."

"Daddy..."Beth whispered, forcing her hand to squeeze her father's."Beth...Oh my god! You're awake!"

She gradually opened her eyes, looking towards her father's teary ones. His eyes were already puffy, indicating that he had already been crying.

"D-Dad, where's Cole? Is he alright? When can I see him?"Beth asked looking up at her father, who's already cracked walls broke completely. Beth whimpered as she knew that something was very wrong.

"N-No, N-No, N-No...Please god, tell me this is a joke...C-Cole didn't deserve this..."

'Why did I live and Cole die..?'


Beth's eyes watered again, as she attempted to wash the dishes. Her eyes staring down at the soapy water, as her hands slowly scrubbed the dirty plate.

Her normally exited and cheerful eyes were dull, and puffy. Her normally put up blond hair, lying messily on her back. Her eyes gave a quick glance towards her small dog, Princess who stared at her with sad eyes.

Princess, a small, dark furred Chihuahua, was Beth's only source of comfort these days. As her father had took too washing away his sorrows with Alcohol.

Even now though, she still attempted to visit her father every day. Though, Hank made it clear he no longer cared about living. So, she had practically moved in her father's house on the weekends, and on some weekends.

She could tell her father was depressed, not that she blamed him. Beth honestly felt the same way, but she knew the only thing that kept her father from pulling the trigger was himself.

Mainly because of her. As he knew that it would literally kill Beth, if her father committed suicide. However, that didn't seem to stop him from overdrinking, and playing deadly games of Russian Roulette.

Beth hated the fact that her father was gambling with his life, and that he would even consider abandoning her when he knew she wasn't holding on too well herself.

She knew one day her father's luck would run out and his recklessness would finally end his life...

That day, she hoped would never come...


Sorry if it was awful.

Thank you for all of the views and likes. It really gives me more encouragement to be more creative in my storytelling.







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 Character Descriptions:

 Played by Emily Kinney

*A/N: I know that Emilie is 5'5, but for the purposes of this story she is only 5 foot*

Full Name: Bethany "Beth" Rose Anderson.

Eye Color: Baby Blue

Hair Color: Light Blond

Height: 5ft(152cm)

Weight: 115lbs(52.2kg)

Age: 26

DOB: July 7, 2012

Human/Android/Deviant: Human

Occupation: Detective

Family: Hank Anderson(Father; Alive), Maia Lynch(Mother; deceased), Cole Anderson(Half-brother; deceased), Hailey Anderson(Stepmother; unknown), Sumo(Family dog; Alive), Princess(Beth's dog; Alive)

Friend(s): Allison Collins, Sumo, Hank Anderson, Fiona Collins, Avery Marsh

Best Friend(s): Allison Collins, Fiona Collins, Avery Marsh

Crush or Significant other: Connor (later on)

Enemie(s): Gavin Reed, Perkins

Like(s): chocolate, dogs, cats, animals, water, swimming, Androids(Later on), Coffee, Tea, cooking, solving cases, darkness

Dislike(s): Alcohol, being sick, suicide, death, bullies, morning, Androids(currently)

Personality: Beth is small, and as such she seems harmless. However, she is quickly found out to have a fiery personality. Smart-ass, and sarcastic at times, her personality can be a little hit and miss for some.

Background: Her mother died not that long after she turned 8 years old, saddening her father greatly.

Hank met Cole's mother Hailey a couple years before he was born making Beth, 15 when Hank met Hailey and 17 when Cole was born.

After Beth turned 16, Cole's mother disappeared, with no clue what happened to her. This is a little after the time she met Allison, causing them to become friends due to similar circumstances.

After graduating from high school at the age of 17, she waited until she turned 18 to get her training in order to become a police officer.

Once she turned 22 she became a detective making her father proud. At the time her brother Cole was only 4(because she became a detective in August), and he didn't understand.

After Cole's death Beth became upset, and blamed herself for her brother's death. She knows her father is suicidal, and wishes he would stop.


Played by Scarlett Johansson

Full Name: Allison "Ally" Marie Collins

Eye Color: Forest green

Hair Color: Auburn

Height: 5ft'3in(160cm)

Weight: 125lbs(57kg)

Age: 26

DOB: February 14, 2012

Human/Android/Deviant: Human

Occupation: Writer

Family: Catherine Collins(Mother; deceased), Adam Collins(Father; Alive), Fiona Collins(Younger sister; Alive), Jackson Collins(Older Brother; Unknown), Liliana(Family Android; Activated), Midnight(Ally's cat; Alive)

Friend(s): Fiona Collins, Beth Anderson, Hank Anderson, Connor(Later), Liliana, Avery Marsh

Best Friend(s): Fiona Collins, Beth Anderson, Avery Marsh, Liliana

Crush or Significant other: Avery Marsh(High school sweet heart)  

Enemy(s): Gavin Reed, anyone who abuses Androids

Like(s): chocolate, books, writing, reading, animals, flowers, cats

Dislike(s): alcohol, anyone who abuses Androids, blood, violence, drugs, suicide, bullies

Personality: She's sweet and sassy just like Beth. A bookworm to the core, and she has a natural talent with writing and music. She is rarely sarcastic, but appreciates Beth's frequent sarcasm.

Background: Allison's mother died when she was only 5 years old, and her younger sister was only 2. Their father had to take care of them all by himself, after her brother turned 18 and moved out.

Allison met Avery and Beth in highschool, and almost instantly fell for Avery's soft eyes and kind personality. Both Ally and Fiona became friends with the two girls.

Allison and Avery have been in a committed, homosexual relationship, for three years, and are happy in a small house living together.

Allison is probably one of the few people, besides Fiona and Avery, who comforts Beth. Allison is basically Beth's sister, in every way but biologicaly.

Played by Amanda Seyfried

Full name: Fiona Laynee Collins

Eye Color: forest green

Hair Color: golden blond

Height: 5ft'3in(160)

Weight: 108lbs(48.9kg)

Age: 23

DOB: June 8, 2015

Human/Android/Deviant: Human

Occupation: Dancer

Family: Adam Collins(Father; Alive), Catherine Collins (Mother; Deceased), Allison Collins(Older sister; Alive), Jackson Collins(Older Brother; Unknown)

Friend(s): Avery Marsh, Beth Anderson, Liliana, Allison Collins, Hank Anderson, Midnight

Best Friend(s): Allison Collins, Beth Anderson, Avery Marsh

Crush or Significant other: None

Enemy(s): Android Haters, Gavin Reed, Anyone who hurts others

Like(s): chocolate, cats, animals, nice people, books, dancing, music, Androids

Dislike(s): death, mean people, bullies, blood, guns, knives, anything weapon.

Personality: Much like her older sister, she loves to read. However, music, dancing in particular, is her passion. She's a natural and very talented dancer. She's sweet and could never harm anyone.

Background: Technically the youngest in the Collins, she is very much the baby of the family. And due to this, she has kept her clueless and adorable innocence up until the amount of Deviants arise.

She's kind to everyone, including Androids, and has a pure heart of gold. In some senses she is considered too kind, because her overzealous kindness can get her into trouble.

She owns her own dance studio in Detroit, Michigan, right next to a small but homely bakery. She's an avid animal lover, but due to her allergies to both cats and dogs, she doesn't own either.

Both Fiona and Allison are really close to the Anderson family, and both are particularly fond of Beth and Cole. After Cole's death they both provide support to Beth and her father, but Hank is reluctant to let them in.

Played by Selena Gomez

Full Name: Liliana Collins

Eye Color: Dark brown

Hair Color: Light brown

Height: 5ft'6in(167.6cm)

Weight: 121lbs(55kg)

Age: 25(in appearance)

DOB: August 23, 2030(Her activation date)

Human/Android/Deviant: Android, Deviant(Later)

Occupation: Caretaker, maid

Family: Fiona Collins(Adoptive sister; Alive), Adam Collins(Adoptive Father; Alive), Allison Collins (Adoptive sister; Alive), Midnight (Ally's cat; Alive)

Friend(s): Connor, Beth Anderson (eventually), Hank Anderson(Later), Fiona Collins, Allison Collins, Avery Marsh, Markus, Josh, North, Simon

Best Friend(s): Fiona Collins, Allison Collins, Avery Marsh

Crush or Significant other: Simon (Later)

Enemy(s): Perkins, Android Haters, Amanda

Like(s): flowers, cooking, painting, singing, nice people, books, learning, being a Deviant (later)

Dislike(s): being alone, being called a machine, bullies, drugs, prostitution, crime, death

Personality: Liliana is caring and a very loving Android. She is family oriented, and will do anything to protect her family. She is shy in the beginning, but once she is a Deviant, she becomes more outgoing.

Background: Liliana was an AX250 Android that was originally intended to be a household maid and caretaker. Luckily for her, she became part of the Collins family rather quickly, having an expecially close bond with Allison.

After Allison moved out, Liliana willingly went with her, and Avery. Allison and Avery treated her as a sister, and never treated her unfairly.

She knew she was truly lucky, as she had got significantly better treatment than a lot of Androids.

She's not really close with Beth, but after she becomes a Deviant, the blond girl becomes accepting of her and even friends with her.

Played by Emma Watson

Full Name: Avery Madeline Marsh

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: blond

Height: 5ft'5in(165cm)

Weight: 117lbs(53kg)

Age: 26

DOB: July 28, 2012


Occupation: writer

Family: Maven Marsh( Adoptive Grandmother; Alive),  John Marsh( Adoptive Grandfather; Alive), Daniel Marsh( Adoptive Little brother; Alive), Liliana(Family Android; Activated)

Friend(s): Beth Anderson, Liliana, Allison Collins, Fiona Collins, Hank Anderson, Connor

Best Friend(s): Fiona Collins, Beth Anderson, Allison Collins, Liliana

Crush or Significant other: Allison Collins

Enemy(s): Android Haters, Perkins, Gavin Reed

Like(s): chocolate, cats, dogs, animals, writing, movies, dancing, reading

Dislike(s): bullies, Android Haters, anyone who is mean to another person for no reason, racism, drugs, death

Personality: She's sassy and sarcastic like Beth, but with Fiona's soft and gentle personality along with it. She's a bookworm, just like Allison, and has an avid interest in science fiction.

Background: Avery was born in Detroit and lived with Daniel's Grandparents, but not much else is known. Left on their doorstep when she was just a baby, she has no clue of her family heritage.

The only clue towards her family, comes from a locket that she wears around her neck. It has a picture of her as a baby, and of, presumebly her biological parents.

Avery works along with Allison on stories, mainly on science fiction. They live in a home together with Liliana and Allison's cat Midnight.
Avery and Allison are not currently married, however; they are engaged.


Chapter Three is currently being written.

These are descriptions of all of my current Original characters, that are going to for sure be in the story. There may be more in the future however.



Chapter Text

Three; The Interrogation:

*Flashback--4 years ago//9/23/2034//*

Beth snuggled into Sumo's fur, hugging the large dog, as the animal slept peacefully. 

She was lying on the couch, her head propped up on the Saint Benard, with her younger brother Cole sleeping under her arm.

Luckily Beth was short and didn't take up much room at all, allowing both her and Cole to sleep side by side.

They had stayed up late watching a movie, falling asleep only minutes before the ending. Their father had been at work, and Cole had school tomorrow, so their dad would probably be mad once he got home. 

Normally she would be at work, but she took the day off for her brother's birthday. She didn't take off often, so most likely she wouldn't get severely punished.

She was broken from her light slumber, as someone knocked on the door. She gave a quiet groan, not wanting to get up and answer it.

When she ignored it though, she heard the door knob jiggling. She slowly pulled up, knowing that was undoubtedly the sound of a key turning in the lock.

Only a few people had the key including her: Her father, Avery, Allison, and Fiona. Her father certainly wouldn't knock, but Allison would certainly just come in.

So...That left only two options, Fiona or Avery. She knew that both girls were highly "ask first do second" people. 

The door opened, and in came Fiona, her golden blond hair tied into a bun. Her big forest green eyes, met Beth's as the light blond tried to get off the couch without waking her brother or Sumo up.

Fiona smiled brightly, making her eyes the only sign of her exaustion. Beth smiled before jerking her thumb to the direction of the kitchen.

Fiona nodded walking quietly towards the kitchen. Beth finally succeeded in getting off the couch, before gently moving Cole's head onto Sumo's stomach. The Saint Benard gave a small huff, but otherwise didn't complain.

"Are you okay, Fiona..?"Beth questioned looking into forest green eyes with concern."Yeah..."The greened eyed girl answered, her smile clearly fake.

That fake smile, made Beth realize that something was seriously wrong. Mainly because Fiona never faked her smiles, she somehow always smiled even in the worst of times.

"No you're not... I know something is wrong. You can't hide anything from me." Beth stated giving a gentle but persistent look to the younger girl.

"O-Okay... I went to the park today, for my daily walk."

Beth nodded leaning her head onto her hand, and listening with concern gleaming in her baby blue eyes. Her eyes gave a small glance at the clock, which read 11: 40.

"And I--I, came upon this group of protestors...--"

Fiona was tearing up at this point, her hands shaking. Beth listened, knowing that just simple protestors wouldn't be enough to upset Fiona this badly.

"--And they were hitting a Android... They just threw him on the ground like he was garbage..."At that, everything clicked in Beth's head, making her understand.

"How can they treat a living being like that, Bethy..?"Fiona had hunched over in the chair, putting her hands on her head and starting to cry.

"I don't know Fiona... I don't know..." Beth honestly hated the way Androids were treated, and always wished that people would stop treating them like property.

*1 year later//10/20/2035//*

Beth was lying on the couch with Princess, the small dog curled up in her side. Her eyes were closed, tears flowing out of her eyes, and she released a sob.

A barely suppressed anger, was formed after she was informed of Cole's death. Along with her father, she was a wreck, and they both blamed the young boy's death on Androids.

A year ago she loved Androids, and thought they were living beings. But now... She thought that they were just machines, however; she tried to suppress her hatred for her friends.

Liliana, the Collins family Android for 5 years, used to be really close with Beth, but now the two were distant.

However, no matter how much she hated Androids, she could never bring herself to hate that Android.

She felt as though she was unfairly judging Liliana, because the beautiful household Android saw her as family.

She picked herself off the couch, about to walk out the door. She knew her father was heartbroken, and he was not known to suppress his depression.

She grabbed her keys off the table, giving a small glance towards her Chihuahua's nearly full food bowl.

Satisfied that her dog would be okay, she headed out the door, clambering over to her motorcycle. 

She pulled on a helmet that she'd grabbed off her table, and put it on. She revved the engine, sighing at the wonderful feeling of being on her motorcycle again.

And with no hesitation she headed off in the direction of her father's house. Her baby blue eyes, we're still watery but she managed to drive quickly but safely.


She swiftly got off her motorcycle, taking off her helmet as she jogged towards the door.

She knocked on the door, silently praying an answer. But all she got was a bark from her father's Saint Benard, Sumo.

She reached into her pocket, clasping her hand around a key. She turned the key in the lock, giving a sigh as she heard the click of the door unlocking.

Sumo woofed at her the second she came in, an almost said look in the large dog's eyes.

"Dad!"She called out brushing a hand against Sumo, as she walked by him on the way to the kitchen.

"She looked around for a couple seconds, her eyes scanning the room for her father.

"Dad..!"A gasp entered her throat as she spotted her father's limp body lying on the kitchen floor.

He was on his back, his eyes closed and mouth open as if he had just collapsed. Beth hurriedly knelt by her father's side, placing her fingers against his neck, to check for a pulse.

To her relief there was one, causing her to smile. The smile was wiped off her face as she spotted the potential cause of her father's passed out state. A bottle of alcohol...

That shocked her enough on its own, but the second she spotted the Magnum scattered on the floor, she knew what her father had attempted.

"Daddy."She said shaking his shoulder, getting only a light groan out of her father.

"Dad, wake up."Beth shook his shoulder again, this time more rough, still not getting a response. Finally with a small feeling of regret, she slapped her father, almost instantly walking him up.

"Daddy...Thank god."She whispered, and before he could say a word, she hugged him resting her head on his chest.

Her father was speechless for a second, seemingly trying to register the warmth that rested against his chest.

"Bethany..."Her father said feeling bad, as she started crying. The next second, he didn't have time to react, as she pulled up and slapped him.

"I'm sorry..."Hank whispered looking into his daughter's eyes, not even fazed by the slap."I know...Please don't do it again... I won't be able to handle it..."

"I won't."

*Flashback Over*

Present Day

Beth watched through the glass, as her father attempted to interrogate the Deviant. However, he was having zero luck, as the blood covered Deviant refused to speak.

"Why didn't you try to run away?"She could tell by his voice, that her father's patience was wearing thin. The Deviant still remained silent, simply looking down.

"Say something, goddammit!"Hank yelled slamming his hands down onto the table. The Deviant gave no response, simply staring blankly.

"F*ck it! I'm done."

She looked to her father as he walked back in, his shoulders tense."We're wasting our time interrogating a machine. We'll get nothing out of it."

Hank, frustrated, sat down a chair at the table. Beth stayed silent staring through the glass at the Deviant, before glancing at Connor who met her gaze.

"We could always try roughing it up a little. After all it's not human."While Beth would normally agree, meeting Connor had changed her view point slightly, and it was Gavin Reed who spoke.

"Androids don't feel pain. You would only damage it, and that wouldn't make it talk. Deviants also have a tendency to self destruct in stressful situations.--"Connor stated before being interrupted.

"Okay smart-ass, what should we do then?" Gavin questioned the RK800 Android."I could try questioning it."

Gavin let out a obviously sarcastic laugh, glancing towards Beth, who simply glared at him."What do we have to lose..?"Her father said looking towards Connor.

"Go ahead. Suspect's all yours."

The blond glanced at Connor as he walked out, a strange feeling rising in her chest. She watched as Connor entered the room, slightly intrigued on how the Android would deal with the Deviant.

The light blond looked through the glass, towards the Deviant, before glancing up and throwing her head back as Connor looked at his reflection in the glass. 

But due to the fact that they could see him through the glass, it seemed like he was looking directly at them."What the f*ck is it doing now?!"Her father questioned annoyance laced in his voice.

"I don't know..."

Connor then turned away from the glass, walking towards the table and opening the file and skimming it. Afterwards he sat down in the chair in front of the Deviant.

"My name is Connor. What about you, what's your name?"

The Deviant didn't respond. Connor stared at the Deviant for a second."Listen, I'm on your side. But I can't help you if you won't talk to me."

No response from the Deviant.

"Hank, did you just hear what your plastic toy just said?!"

"Shut up, Gavin."Beth told the the other detective, malice greatly present in her normally lively blue eyes.

"If you're not going to talk, I'm going to have to probe your memory."

"No! Please, please don't do that." Beth could hear the pleading in the Deviant's voice, causing the blond to scrunch her brow.

"What are they gonna do to me..?"

"Your going to be dissembled in order to look for problems in your biocomponents."At this statement, the Deviant's stress level rose.

"Why did you tell them you found me..?" The Deviant's voice sounded sad and traumatized, which usually indicated abuse.

"I was programmed to hunt Deviants like you. I just accomplished my mission."

"I-I don't wanna die..." The Deviant stuttered out, looking at Connor in what seemed like desperation.

"Then talk to me."

Beth watched as Connor spoke calmly to the Deviant, even if the Deviant was being very uncooperative.

"I-I can't..."


"He tortured me every day...I always did as I was told, but there was always something wrong..."

"When did you start feeling emotion?"Connor asked.

"Before he used to beat me, and I never said anything. Then one day, he took a bat and started hitting me... I realised it wasn't fair... Then I knew what I had to do. So, I took a knife and stabbed him in the stomach... I felt better, so I stabbed him again and again. There was blood everywhere..."


They all watched as Connor got up out of the chair, and walked over to the doorway. Everyone walked into the interrogation room, and the cop went get the Deviant."Alright, let's go."

"Leave me alone! Don't touch me!"The Deviant yelled as he was grabbed by the officer."The f*ck are you doing?!" Gavin yelled.

"Move it!"

"Okay..."The officer said.

"You shouldn't touch it. It'll self destruct if it feels threatened."

"Connor's right--" Beth started to side with Connor but was interrupted."Stay outta this, got it? No f*ckin' Android is gonna tell me what to do. And no way am I gonna listen to a spoiled brat either."I--"

"You don't understand. If it self destructs, we won't get anything out of it!"Connor exclaimed. Gavin looked very pissed off, raising his voice even louder towards the Android.

"I told you to shut your f*ckin' mouth!"

Gavin looked back towards Chris, the officer attempting to detain the Deviant, and spoke."Chris, gonna move this asshole or what?"

"I'm trying!"

"I can't let you do that! Leave it alone, now!" Connor yelled moving Chris away from the Deviant."I warned you, motherf*cker!" Gavin raised his gun on Connor, alarming Beth.

"Gavin, stop!"Beth attempted to stop Gavin but was elbowed and fell to the floor."That's enough!"Her father said irritation laced in his voice.

"Mind your own business, Hank."As Gavin spoke again, Beth remained on the floor."I said "That's enough"."Hank raised his gun towards Gavin, who looked frustrated.

"F*ck, you're not gonna get away with it this time..."Gavin very reluctantly lowered the gun, pointing a finger towards Hank.

Beth slowly got up, glaring towards Gavin."F*ck!"Gavin's was clearly pissed off, meeting Beth's glare, before he angrily walked out. She watched as Connor knelt in front of the Deviant, and started speaking to him.

"Everything is alright."There was a kind of sincerity that was in Connor's voice, that you'd never expect to hear from a supposedly emotionless Android.

"It's over now. Nobody is gonna hurt you."Connor spoke calming the Deviant."Please, don't touch it. Let it follow you out of the room and it won't cause any trouble."

The Deviant got up looking significantly calmer now. Beth looked at the Deviant, then to Connor with a odd look in her eyes. 

The Deviant started following Chris, before he whispered something to Connor, that she didn't hear.

"You okay, Beth?"Connor asked her, before her father was able too."Yeah, I'm fine... He didn't shove me too hard." Connor nodded but looked like he didn't believe her.

"I think Connor ment, emotionally." Hank said giving a pointed look to Beth."I'm fine, Dad. Really..."She sounded like she didn't even believe she was telling the truth.


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Chapter Text

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Chapter Three; The Station Part One:

Beth sat at the desk near her father's, her eyes looking at the screen of her computer.  Her fingers tapped against the desk, repeating a unknown rythym.

She took a sip from the warm cup of coffee that sat on her desk, blue eyes glancing towards a shadow on the ground beside her desk.

Without even looking up towards the person, she addressed them with annoyance."What do you want Gavin..?"

"Nothing. Just wanted to see if your plastic pet was anywhere in sight."

While normally she would agree with Android just being plastic, there were two reasons she disagree.

One, was the fact that it was Gavin, and her pride would never allow her to agree with him. Two, she knew he was talking about Connor.

And in the short time she has known the Android, she has developed an odd attachment to him. Which was weird, considering the fact that she has only known him since last night.

"F*ck off, Reed." She emphasized his last name, still not looking up at him.

At this she felt someone roughly grab her shoulder, making her subconsciously glad that she'd placed her coffee onto the desk.

"Let go of me."Beth seethed, trying to move his large hand away from her small shoulder.

She was unsuccessful, as with the position he had her in, he was pinning most of his weight onto her shoulder hindering her attempts to move.

"You're lucky your father was there last night, otherwise I would of done a lot worse to you for sassing me."

"She said to let go of her."

Beth was surprised when she heard the voice of the very Android, who she was telling herself she didn't like.

She looked towards Connor, who looked as emotionless as ever, at least his face did. His eyes, however; told another story.

They showed irritation towards Gavin, but when the Android looked at her, his eyes showed concern.

"Huh? And what are you gonna do about then?"Reed had a taunting tone as he spoke, looking towards Connor with glaring eyes.

"I will restrain you, if you leave me no other choice."

Gavin let out a cackle at that, before letting go of Beth's shoulder and facing Connor.

Gavin smiled at Connor, with a taunting almost sadistic smile, before he swung his fist into Connor's stomach.

The Android fell to ground, almost showing what seemed to be pain."Gavin!What the f*ck?!"

Beth got up attempting to help Connor, barely listening as Gavin spoke.

"If Hank hadn't of got in the way in the interrogation room, I would have f*cked you up for disobeying a human! You stay out of my way, or you won't get off this easy next time."

Beth, now kneeling by Connor to check on him, glared hatefuly towards the perpetrator.

"Are you okay..?"Her voice came out softer than she expected, genuine concern prominent.

"I'm fine. Androids don't feel pain."Connor's answer made her feel a little upset, for a reason unknown to her.

"I-I... Thank you."Her face was flushed a little as he stared at her with his chocolate brown eyes."Your welcome, Beth." His voice sent shivers down her spine, causing her to blush even harder.

She got back up before offering her hand to him. He took her offer to help him up, but his LED flashed yellow before returning to it's normal blue.

"Do you know when Lt Anderson will arrive?"

"Whenever he feels like it."The light blond answered looking up at the much taller Android.

"Dad's desk is over here." The two walked over to a pair of desks, that were not to far away from her own, Beth motioning towards the decorated one.

Connor nodded sitting down in the chair at Hank's desk. Beth offered a smile, her heart skipping a beat as he smiled back.


Not all situations will be the same as they were in the actual game. Just like Connor's fight with Gavin, other things will be changed but the main plot will be the same(mostly).


Chapter Text

Chapter Five; The Station Part Two:

Beth sat back down at her desk, but still watched Connor as he inspected her father's desk.

The Android picked up a pair a headphones turning the volume up to hear it.

Connor then inspected the rest of the desk, scanning anything that was relevant to Hank.

"I'm going to check out the Deviant."Connor said to her, walking away before she got a chance to respond.

"Okay then..."


A few minutes later Connor came back, walking over to Beth when she waved him over.

"So, how'd it go..?"She glanced up at him with her eyes, noticing he looked a little off.

"The Deviant self-destructed... I didn't have a chance to stop it."Beth widened her eyes at that.

Even if she wasn't that fond of most Androids, she still was slightly shocked to hear that the Deviant basically committed suicide.

"I-I... That's alright, we've already gotten the information that we needed." Connor nodded, his LED flashing yellow.

The Android's LED went back to blue, as he spotted Lt Anderson walking towards his desk.

"It's good to see you again, Lt."Connor greeted her father, who groaned in response."Uh, Jesus!"

"Hank, Beth! In my office now!"

Beth winced a little as Captain Fowler's voice, interrupted her father and Connor's talk, very loudly.


"Now way! We don't need a partner, especially not this plastic prick!"Her father yelled at the Captain, making his daughter sigh.

She had remained silent throughout the whole thing knowing that they didn't have a choice.

"That is enough! You are a police Lt!You are supposed to follow my orders; So either you shut your godamn mouth or you hand in your badge!"

"You know what my mouth has to say to you?!"Beth grabbed at her father's shoulder, trying to calm him down.

"Dad, stop..."Hank shrugged her off roughly but more gentle than the way Gavin had grabbed her earlier.

"Okay, I'll pretend like I didn't hear that. So, I don't have to add anymore to you disoplinary folder, because it already looks like a f*cking novel!"

Beth stole a glance towards Connor, who had been standing quietly behind them for the entire thing."Jeffrey, you know how much I hate these f*cking things!Why are you doing this to me?!"

"Hank, I've had enough of your bitching! Either you do your job, or you hand in your badge! Now if you'll excuse me I have work to do."

"Sorry for Dad's behavior, Captain..."

Beth apologized after her father walked out. She gave an apologetic look towards Fowler who nodded, before giving her some words.

"No need to apologise. You weren't the one sassing me." Beth nodded glancing towards Connor again as she walked by him.

The Android met her gaze this time, almost having a concerned look in his eyes, as his LED flashed yellow.

She only nodded at him before going after her father, not giving him a vocal response.


"Daddy, you alright..?"Hank still looked visibly upset, but calmed slightly when his daughter spoke.

"No. Captain Fowler sure knows how to piss me off, doesn't he..?"Beth shook her head in response.

"He wasn't the one who sent Connor, Dad. Cyberlife did. So, if anything blame them."She heard footsteps behind her, making her turn.

To her Dad's annoyance it was Connor, the Android sent by Cyberlife. He watched them silently not speaking until Beth walked back to her desk.

"So, now that we're partners it would be great to get to know each other better."Connor's voice surprisingly sounded like a excited child who just got a puppy.

Her father simply didn't respond, his shoulders still tense. Connor seemed to deflate at that, before the Android spoke again.

"Is there an unoccupied desk
somewhere that I can use?"

"No-one's usin' that one"Hank pointed to the desk directly in front of him, making the RK800 nod in response.

"You have a dog right?"Beth smiled a little as she heard Connor attempting to get to know her father.

"How do you know that..?"Hank's voice lowered looking at Connor questionably.

"The dog hairs on your chair. I like dogs. What's your dogs name?"It surprised Beth how innocent and adorable Connor sounded.

"What's it to you..?"Her father's voice was sharp, and Beth was scared for a second that her Dad would lash out. However, she was quickly proven wrong as her father spoke again.

"Sumo, I call him Sumo."

"Do you listen to 'Nights of the Black Death's..? I really like that music. It's full of... Energy."

Beth listened to their conversation intently, as she knew once Connor started working it wouldn't take him long to get through the files.

"You listen to heavy metal..?"Hank's tone was that of disbelief, looking at Connor with an incredulous look.

"Well, I don't really listen to music as such, but I'd like to."

Connor now looked at Beth's father with a question in his eyes."Some people have a hard time getting along with Androids. So, is there a reason in particular that you despise me."

Beth winced as it was a sore subject for both her and her father. Ever since Cole died, her father has hated Androids and she simply tries to keep her distance.

"Yeah, there is one..."

"Have you known Captain Fowler for long..?"

"Yeah, too long..."

"Do you always arrive at the office this late..?"Connor seemed to not get the memo to stop speaking.

"I arrive when I arrive. So, stop busting my balls, okay?!" Hank raised his voice at the Android, annoyed at Connors round of questioning.

"If you have any files on Deviants, I'd like to take a look at them."

"Terminal's on your desk. Knock yourself out."


"Listen asshole! If I had it my way, I'd put the lotta you in a dumpster and set a match to it! So, stop pissing me off!"

Beth walked out of the break room after grabbing herself another coffee, only to find Connor being held against the wall by her father.

"Or things are gonna get nasty..!"Beth rushed over but before she could intervene, Chris walked over looking slightly awkward.

"Lt, sorry for interrupting. But we've just received a report on the AX400 that attacked a guy last night. It's been seen in the Ravendale District."

Her father let go of Connor, Beth looking mildly concerned for the Android as she walked over to him.

"Are you okay..?"She asked quietly hoping her father didn't hear. Luckily it seems he didn't as he didn't even react.

"Yes. I shouldn't of provoked him." Connor looked almost guilty, but you could only tell by his eyes.

"Yeah, you really shouldn't have."

Next chapter we see Kara and Alice.

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Chapter Text

Chapter Six; The Chase:

"So, what have you got?"

Beth shivered at the coldness, as she wore only a light jacket over her sleeveless top.

"Not much. Just that the Deviant was spotted in this area."

"Well that's just great. We know it was in this area. But that doesn't tell us where it went."

"It was lead by fear. It had nowhere to go. Maybe it didn't go far."

Beth nodded at Connor's statement looking towards her father, still shivering.


"Are you cold?"Hank asked his daughter, finally noticing her frequent shivering.

Beth only nodded wrapping her arms around herself. Since she still had a cold, she got frequent chills.

Suddenly she felt a warm hand against her seemingly freezing forehead. "Jesus, Beth. You're burning up."

"Really..? Cause I feel like an ice block right now."

"I detect that your temperature is 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is over the recommended temperature for a human." Connor said looking at her.

"I think it's more than a simple cold, baby."Hank called her by her nickname that he hadn't called her in years. Either that or he'd refer to her as his baby girl in a father daughter way.

"I'll go home after we solve this, and hopefully get something to eat."

Hank shook his head at that, before they finally got back to looking for the Deviant.

"Anybody home?!"Connor called as they approached an abandoned building. He looked at the fence, that looked like it had been cut.

"There's blue blood on the fence. The Deviant has definitely been here."


Beth still felt cold as she walked into the seemingly abandoned place, her father looking outside.

A scarred blond haired Android stood still in the middle of the room, looking at them as they approached.

From what Beth could see, he had severe damage to his face, and looked very stressed.

"I'm going to ask you a few questions, and it would be preferable if you agreed to answer them."

The Android didn't respond simply looking at Connor. Beth watched as Connor interrogated the Android, before her eyes glanced towards the stairs, under them to be specific.

"Ralph has seen no one. Ralph is alone. Ralph has always been alone."

Something in her gut told her that the Deviant was hiding there. In her decision to listen to it, she notified Connor.

"Connor, come here."

The RK800 walked over to her a look of confusion on his face. She motioned towards under the stairs, not failing to notice Ralph's increase in stress.

Connor seemed to realize this, as he walked over to the stairs, removing a board which revealed the Deviant, and a... Child..?

Suddenly Ralph lashed out rushing and grabbing Connor, to prevent him from getting the Deviant."Run, Kara!"

"F*ck!"Beth cried out as the Deviant shoved her out of the way before she could react. Beth was barely able to register the Deviant's apologetic look, before Kara started running away with the child. 

"What?! What's wrong?!"Her father yelled.

"The Deviant's getting away!"Connor answered running out the door."Holy shit."Hank looked at her with mild concern, but she simply shook it off.

They started chasing Connor, until they came along to a fence that separated them from the Deviant."F*ck, that's insane."

Beth's eyes trailed towards the road watching the Deviant and child cross the very busy highway."What the f*ck are you doing?!"Hank yelled as Connor attempted to climb the fence.

"I can't let them get away."Hank tugged on Connor trying to get the Android off the fence."They won't. They'll never make it to the other side."

"I can't take that chance."

"Connor! You will get yourself killed! Do not go after them, Connor! That's an order!" Hank yelled again as the RK800 once again attempted to climb the fence.

Connor finally gave up his LED flashing as Beth put a hand on his shoulder."It's alright. They'll get caught eventually."

Connor seemed to calm slightly at her words, but still looked a little stressed. She nodded at her father, feeling her head pound as the adrenaline wore off.


It's really short this time. Chapter Seven or 0.7 is currently being written. The food scene is honestly one of my favorite scenes in Detroit Become Human.

Chapter Text

Chapter Seven; Best Burgers in Detroit:

Beth watched as her father nearly got hit by car, because of his own stupidity. She snorted in amusement when he yelled at them, not failing to notice that Connor watching her.

"C'mon."Beth got out of car hugging her arms around herself, in an attempt to keep herself warm. She followed her father, giving a quick glance over her shoulder towards Connor.

The Android was getting out of the car too, trailing behind her like a lost puppy. When they got up there, her father was ordering was talking to someone. 

She watched as her father handed the guy some cash, making her roll her eyes as the guy glanced at her."Nope." She simply said, not willing to get involved with anything illegal.

"Don't you ever do as your told..?Look you don't have to follow us around like a poodle."

"I want to apologise for my behavior back at the station."Connor sounded sincere as he said this, as he spoke to Hank.

"Oh, wow! You've even got a brown nosing apology program. Guess Cyberlife thought of everything, huh Beth..?"

His daughter nodded, smiling at Connor, who returned it without hesitation."Thanks, Gary."Hank grabbed his food, before handing Beth hers.


"Hey! Don't leave that thing here!"Beth winced as Gary called Connor a thing, with an unknown feeling in her stomach.

"Not a chance! Follows us everywhere!"

Beth smiled lightly, before going towards the table. She was starving, and she really hoped that whatever mystery sickness she had contracted, wasn't a stomach bug.

"This Pedro, he was proposing illegal gambling. Am I right..?"Connor asked Hank."Yeah."

Her father answered honestly.

"And you made a bet..?"

"Yeah."Beth sighed, as her father didn't even attempt to deny the fact that he basically encouraged illegal gambling.

Connor seemed slightly bewildered at that, his eyes looking away from Hank. The blond stared at him for a second, before he met her eyes.

She smiled at him, causing him to smile back. Her father, clearly not liking the interaction, gave his daughter a warning look, causing her to look away in embarrassment.

"Do you eat here often?"

"Most days. Gary makes the best burger in Detroit."Beth nodded as she took a bite of her burger, grateful that her stomach didn't cause her to get sick.

"This morning, when we were chasing those Deviants... Why didn't ya'll want me to cross the highway?" Even though he was asking both of them, it was Hank who answered.

" 'Cause you could've been killed... And I don't like filling out paperwork for damaged equipment."

Beth said nothing simply glancing at her father and Connor, before looking back down."What about you, Beth..?"

Hank glared at Connor as the Android tried to talk to her, his instincts to protect his daughter kicking in."U-Uh...Same as what Daddy said... You could've been killed..."

Connor seemed to get the memo as Hank glared at him warningly. She said nothing after that, as she knew she would probably stutter again."Maybe I should tell you what we know about Deviants?"

Her cheeks were flushed, and not just because of the fever. Not only was she embarrassed, she also felt this strange feeling around Connor."You read my mind... Proceed."

"We believe that a mutation occurs in the software of some Androids, which can lead to them emulating a human emotion--"Beth felt a little sad at that, closing her eyes.

"--In English, please."

"They don't really feel emotions, they just get overwhelmed by irrational instructions, which can lead to unpredictable behavior."

"Emotions always screw everything up... Maybe Androids aren't as different from us as we thought." Connor nodded looking at Beth and noticing her worsening state.

He said nothing though.

"Is there anything you'd like to know about me?"

"Hell no..! Well, yeah, umm... Why did they make you look so goofy and give you that weird voice?" A small giggle erupted from Beth before she could stop it, making Connor glance at her.

"Cyberlife Androids are designed to work harmoniously with humans. Both my appearance and voice were specifically designed to facilitate my integration."

"Well they f*cked up."

Beth giggled again, this time on purpose. She felt a little light headed, her vision was a little blurry, and her head was pounding again. Her father looked at her concerned when he saw her eyes go a little unfocused.

In a attempt to keep the rest of her dignity, she waved him off. Her head felt like it was spinning in circles, her eyes watering."You've ever dealt with Deviants before?"

"A few months back... A Deviant was threatening to jump off the roof with a little girl... I managed to save her."

"So, I guess you've done all your homework, right? Know everything there is to know about me?"

Connor hesitated for a second.

"I know you graduated top of your class. You made a name for yourself in several cases, and became the youngest  Lt in Detroit."

Her father nodded at what Connor was saying."I also know you've received several disciplinary warnings in recent years and you spend a lot of time in bars."Hank nodded again before speaking.

"So, what's your conclusion..?"

Connor thought for a moment,"I think working with an officer who has personal issues, is an added challenge."

This made Beth smile, but what he did next nearly made her heart explode."But adapting to human unpredictability is one of my features."

As he said this he winked, making Beth's knees feel a little weak. Though it could just be that she was feeling dizzy.

Connor's LED flickered yellow before going back to blue. His brown eyes met hers, before looking back at Hank.

"I just got a report of a suspected Deviant. It's a few blocks away, we should go have a look." Connor said.

"I'll let you finish your meal. I'll be in the car if you need me."

"You're going back home."Hank said leaving no room for arguing. Beth quickly objected,"Dad! The Deviant might be gone by the time you get back. I'll stay out of it, alright..?"

Hank shook his head, knowing it was pointless to argue, and also knowing that she had a good point. The Deviant might not still be there, if they went and dropped her off, then came back.

"Fine, but you stay out of it."



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Sorry if it sucked.

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Chapter Eight; Not Just a Statistic:

Beth still felt a little dizzy and lightheaded, but even knowing she should go home, she wanted to help. Luckily she had a good point that her father couldn't ignore, so he let her stay.

That of course meant that after this, she had to go home, and get a lot of rest. It would probably make her feel better, and hopefully she would be over the sickness when she next goes into work.

Now as they're all standing in the elevator, Connor seems to have blanked out, his LED flashing yellow. Beth looked at him in the corner of her eye, curious as to what he was doing.

Then the elevator stops at their destination, causing both father and daughter to walk out of the elevator. Connor; however, stays in the elevator, still looking spaced out.

"Hey, Connor?You run out of batteries or something?"

Her father obviously looks annoyed, as Connor's LED blinks back to blue. The Android seems to have woken, from what ever world he was in."I'm sorry, I was making a report to Cyberlife."

Even as he said this, he still made no move to step out of the elevator. Hank shook his head, while Beth let out a small laugh. Connor seemed to ignore her for once, which made her feel a little agitated to be honest.

"Well, do you plan on staying in the elevator?"

"No!I'm coming."Beth smirked as Connor immediately sounded defensive. The Android's antics were the most amusing thing that she had seen in a long time.

She hoped this would be over soon, that way she could go home. Hank was probably wishing for the same thing as her, though. Listening as her father and Connor talked, she watched as the Android knelt down in front of some feathers.

"I like birds."Beth commented randomly before she could stop herself. Both Connor and Hank stared at her silently, her father giving her a wtf look."Sorry..."

A thud from the apartment that they were supposed to be investigating, alerted them. Her gun, which she hadn't used since before she met Connor was in her hand. 

She hoped she wouldn't need to use it; she hated shooting people, unless she absolutely needed too. Beth jumped when her phone vibrated, making her look at Hank. He nodded at her, so she pulled out her phone.

It was Allison.


"B-Beth, you have time to talk..?"

The girl on the other end stuttered, making Beth realize something was wrong. Allison never stuttered, she had a lot of confidence, and almost never hesitated.

"Yeah...What's wrong..?"

"Umm. Liliana's gone..."

Allison sounded like she'd been crying, and Beth could hear Avery's voice in the background, as she tried to calm her fiance."What? How long..?"

"We haven't seen her since this morning..."It was Avery now, her usual composed self. However, Beth could hear the tremors in her voice, though less evident than Allison's.

"Where'd you last see her..?"

"O-Our house... We went out grocery shopping and when w-we got back she was gone... Oh my god Beth, their was glass and blue b-blood on the floor... Do y-you think she's hurt.?!"

"Shhh. Calm down, I'm sure she's fine."Even if Beth had a disliking towards most Androids, she couldn't bring herself to hate Liliana or... Connor.

"How can you b-be sure..?"

"I can't... But you have to stay calm, Ally. You too, Ave. I'll look into this, okay..?"

"I hope she's alright... I don't know what'd we'd do if something happened to her..."

"I know... Ally.., I'm sorry--"

She was cut off suddenly, as someone ran out of the apartment, Connor chasing behind them."What the hell?!"

"It's the Deviant!"Hank yelled as he ran out of the apartment."You stay here!"Now directing his words towards her he started following.

"But..."Unfortunately once she spoke, he was already gone. She thought about staying for a second, before she made a decision. 

She chased after her father, as he went the more safer route. She managed to catch up with him easily, even feeling a little sick and weaker than normal.


"Dad!"Beth yelled as her father was shoved off the roof, barely able to grip the edge in time. She ran over attempting to lift him, struggling slightly until she someone grabbed his other arm. 

It was Connor. Together they pulled her father up, and into safety. She leaned over her hands on her knees, feeling like she was about to barf.

Beth felt a little relief after she emptied her stomach, feeling much better than before. She hadn't been listening to Connor and her father's conversation until this point.

"That's alright... We know what it looks like. We'll find it." Her father told Connor, before walking over to Beth and patting her back."You're definitely going home now."

Beth nodded, feeling light headed. Her eyes were watering, and she now really wanted to go home."I told you to stay out of it... I don't want anything to happen to you, not like--"

Hank cut himself off at that, but Beth knew exactly who he was talking about. Connor didn't though, his LED flashing yellow, a confused look appearing on his face.

"I know...I'm sorry..."

"It's okay, just don't put yourself in danger again."

"I won't."She felt bad for putting herself in danger, because she knew her father couldn't bear to lose someone else he cares about. Especially his own child...

Beth walked in front of him, Hank behind her as they went to leave."Hey, Connor..."Her father said turning back towards the Android. "Nothing..." Even though he didn't say it, Beth knew it was her father's way of saying thank you.


*Flashback Start//6 years ago November 2032//*

A group of six people sat in the living room, one of which had a small child ok her lap. The woman looked to be about 20 while the child looked to be only three.

Beth had her little brother sitting in her lap, as she was babysitting for her father. Cole's darker hair contrasted greatly with his sister's light blond hair. Then again Beth's mother had blond hair, and she looked like a younger version of her mom.

Fiona and Liliana were sat next to them, the former reading a book for school. Liliana on the other hand, was petting Sumo who sat at her feet, while chatting happily with Avery and Allison.

Even if she was an Android, Liliana had never felt like anything other than family to the Collins family, and even to Beth and Cole. Even though she had only been with them for about two years, she felt at home.

Although currently they were at Hank Anderson's house, due to the fact that Beth had to babysit Cole, and had invited them to come over. Fiona had to deal with school work though, as she was in her last year of highschool.

Liliana had a secret, one that could get her shut down if found out. She was a Deviant, because the family never commanded her to do anything, and gave her free will.

Even if she knew the family most likely wouldn't turn her in, she was scared to tell them. She knew it was stupid, the Collins thought of her as family, and would never hurt her.

But Beth's father was a Lt at the police station, and if it ever got out that she was a Deviant, he might report her. Not that she didn't trust Hank, but he was loyal to his job. 

"Lili!"The Android was a little startled as something or someone yelled her name, then she felt a pressure on her lap. It was Cole, he seemed to sense she was a little upset, and tried to comfort her.

Beth was smiling at the scene, knowing that Cole just wanted everyone to be happy. And when they weren't, he tried to cheer them up by simply being a lovable kid.

The 17 year old, reached over to Cole, brushing her fingers through the child's slightly messy hair. The child whined pulling away from her hand, as she made his hair even messier.

Liliana felt the fear in her, go away at Cole's attempt at comforting her. The little boy could make anyone feel happy, and all because of his sweet and comforting nature.

She had a feeling this young boy would grow up to be a strong compassionate man. He would help others, just like his sister and father. And he would be just a pure hearted man, with no hesitation about defending someone.

Cole would grow up and be happy.

*Flashback Over*

Beth awoke from her rest as a cold washcloth was placed on her forehead. Fiona was leaning over her, smiling as she saw her friend was awake."You're finally awake."

She nodded at her friend's words, before trying to get up. A hand on her shoulder stopped her though, preventing her from getting up.

"What happened?"Giving up, Beth asked the first question that came to mind."Your father dropped you off at your house before calling me. Said you passed out in his car, and told me to take care of you..."

"Oh...How long ago, was that..?"

"A few hours... He said to make you rest."

"Of course he did..."Beth said sighing until she felt something move at her feet. She managed to move her head, spotting a small Chihuahua lying at her feet.

"Princess has been there since I got here. She hasn't moved an inch until now."Fiona said moving her hand, to pet the small dog.

"Awww. Were you worried about me, girl?"Beth cooed at Princess who gave a small yip. The dog hopped up, moving to Beth's face, to give an affectionate lick to her face.

"Stop! You spoiled pup!"Beth exclaimed giggling as the dog happily wagged her tail. 

A knock echoed at the door, making Beth furrow her brows. Princess, still hyper, jumped off the couch and ran to the door, yipping loudly. Her barks were annoying, but Beth knew the dog would ignore her if she told her to shut up.

"Fiona, can you get that?"

The green eyed girl was already on her way to the door though, she walked passed Princess who kept barking. Fiona looked through the peephole, a little confused as she saw an LED on the guys temple.

What was an Android doing at Beth's house?

Still confused, she open the door revealing a tall Android, who offered her a polite smile."Who are you..?" Even if she was confused, she still tried to be polite.

"Connor..?"Beth could see the Android standing at the door, from her place at the couch. Princess had stopped barking, and instead looked up at Connor, her tail wagging.

"What are you doing here..?"


I might write some chapters, just to explain more about my OC's, without hindering the effect of the story. I'm adding my own plot with Liliana, and the rest of my OC's.

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