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That guy that I kinda be into...

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-Jeremy! Jer!- A voice called across the hall, the tall boy turn around to look who was calling him.


-Oh! Hey Christine!- Jeremy responded.- How was your day?- Jeremy and Christine where together last year, but the thing didn't worked out, they where close but it feel it more like a family bonded, they ended up fine and they are still friends.


-Fine actually! But I need your help for something.- There was a bit of embarrassment.- I just... start having feelings for a guy and...-


-Jer, Chris!- A dancing guy walked towards them with a smile, he was a bit taller than Jeremy, tan skin and a hoddie covered with different type of patches.


-Michael!- Jeremy extended his arms to hug his best friend since thirthteen years.


-How was your day?-




-What about you Chris?.- Michael put one of his arms around Christine.-How was your day?- He asked with that nice smile he always have.


-It was fine.- The asian girl replay it in what sounded more like a whisper, she was playing with her fingers awkawdly.


-Well... What were you talking about?- There was a silent between the three, and the air seemed tense.


-Hum..- Jeremy started.- Christine was telling me- 


-See ya later guys!- The suddenly scream of the short girl take by surprise the two guys.- And Jer.- The tall boy looked at her.- Can we talk after school please, just the two of us?- There was begging in her voice and her eyes looked directly at Jeremy's blue eyes, how he can say no to such a cute girl, is like when a little kid do that and Jeremy always fall for that.


-Sure, sure.- Jeremy give her a small smile and then Christine run off of the places. Leaving the tan boy confused.


-So.. what were you two talking about?- Michael asked curious.


-Well... apparently Christine have a crush in someone.-


-Thats cool!- Michael was thinking in who could be that person, for him it wasn't that hard to guess.- Maybe is someone she already knows, someone who she already have history and maybe she want to continue it.- The boy get closed to Jeremy, really close to him, Jer looked away blushing a bit.


-What.. What do you mean?- He asked.


-Dude is obvious!- Michael said.


-Not is not! I don't get what are you talking about.-


-She want to come back with you!- He maked sound like it was the obvious thing in the world.


-Bro did you get high today? Thats stupid! Chris and I tried and fail it, I don't see her like that anymore and she don't see me like that too.-


-Jer, none belive that you and Christine stop to have feelings for you.- Michael explain it.- Everytime the squad get together she act nervous around you! Don't tell me you didn't notice it? And when we invite her to play video games with us last week she hardly pay attention and she was sheaking all the time! She wants to be with you again!-


Jeremy think a bit. Christine wanted to be with him again? really? He felt bad about it, because if what Michael said was true, he will have to reject her, he just... couldn't be with her again, the only feeling he have when he think about her is like a sister.-I have no choice but reject her, I already have a person who I want to be with-


The philipino boy looked at him.- Dude are you okay? I though you would be more excited about that.- 


-Sorry, but I don't love Christine anymore, is like a sister to me, but nothing else.- Michael looked a bit confused, but then nodded.


-So you will have to reject her, right?- He questioned and Jeremy nodded.


-Sadly yes.- The tall boy sighned.- I just hope I don't hurt her feelings.

It was the end of the school day and Jeremy was anixous to face Christine, even though he wasn't completly sure if what Michael told him is true, he was still scare. He was waiting for her in the school exits.

Not much time later a girl show running to him.-Sorry for taking so long!- Christine apologize.- I couldn't found my history book.- She looked at the guys faces.-What's wrong?-


-I.. Told Michael about our conversation in the morning.- He noticed how Christine tensed.


-You... You did?- She looked away from him.


-Yeah and sorry Christine.- They looked into each others eyes.- But... I don't feel anything for you anymore, more than a friendship and-


-Wait? What are you talking about?- Her voiced sounded confused of what Jeremy was saying.


-Well... Michael told me that you might still have feelings for me so... God this so embarassing, I'm so sorry Christine.- Christine laughed a bit.


-Don't worry is okay Jer. But you are not the guy I been into...- She looked away blushing.


-Wow she must like him really much if she is beging so nervous to just talk about him.- Jeremy though.- Humm well... who is the lucky guy then?- He asked smiling a little.


Christine give a long sigh.- The guy that I kinda be into is...- She looked at Jeremy blue eyes.- Michael...-