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Love Maze

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Chapter One: Saturday's Starter

-TaTae created a Group Chat-

-TaTae added; C00kiE, Chiminnie, Mangseok, Koyamjoon, RJiN and Sho0ka.

-TaTae changed the subject to "PURPLES"-

Mangseok: Lol you really did it.

TaTae: It was the only solution, of course I did.

C00kiE: 'Sup.

RJiN: Taehyung, what is this.

Mangseok: The creation of a lifetime.

TaTae: It's my group chat full of my most precious peoples :D

RJiN: I don't suppose you considered letting anyone know about this prior to adding them?

TaTae: Oh. No, not really. I only just told Hobi & Kookie...

RJiN: Adding a bunch of random strangers, what ever could go wrong there.

Mangseok: Sounded fun to me.

TaTae: It's a necessity at this point, hyung. I can't talk to you all separately any more. I promised to introduce you all to each other any way, this was long overdue.

RJiN: I love how your mind works.

TaTae: Me too. So you should introduce yourselves.

C00kiE: Hi, I'm Jeon Jungkook.

TaTae: You all know me anyway, but Hello, I'm Kim Taehyung! Kookie, heads up you're the GC's Maknae.

C00kiE: Aha OK.

RJiN: Since I'm here anyway, Greetings. I am the one & only, Kim Seokjin.

Mangseok: Hi, I'm Jung Hoseok :D

Sho0ka: …

What the hell is this, Taehyung. You know I don't do group chats.

TaTae: This ones important! I need you here! You're one of my purples!

Sho0ka: Don't care. I don't do group chats. Once I exit this, you dare add me back. I'll block you if you do.

TaTae: Wait D:

Mangseok: Yo, hold up.

You the dude who did that mix-tape Tae sent me?

TaTae: Yea he's Agust D.

Mangseok: !

Duuude that mix-tape was lit! You're so cool! I was inspired to do my own after listening to it!

TaTae: You can't leave now, you have a fan :(

Sho0ka: Mangseok, did you?

Mangseok: Did I what?

Sho0ka: Make your own?

Mangseok: O:

I've started it. I have got a few tracks written up, I'm still learning how to produce it's still a work in progress, but yeah.

Sho0ka: Cool.

Send me some of your stuff some time, I'll give you some pointers.

Mangseok: Really? Thanks! I wouldn't wanna be a bother though, I'm really bad at this stuff.

Sho0ka: You're fine. Nice to know my music inspired someone.

Thanks for listening to it, btw.

Mangseok: You kidding me? It's my default album to listen to! It's nice to meet you, Agust D!

Sho0ka: Min Yoongi

or Suga.

Mangseok: O: Min Yoongi-hyung! People call me Hoseok or Hobi.

C00kiE: xD Cute.

TaTae: lol Hoseok-hyung. He's right though, it's an awesome tape.

RJiN: I want to hear it now too.

C00kiE: Me too.

Mangseok: You need to! It's amazing!

TaTae: I'll send it to you guys later- if that's okay, Suga-hyung?

Sho0ka: Sure.

Koyamjoon: Another Group Chat, Taehyung?

TaTae: Hi Joon-hyung.

Koyamjoon: Well, I guess I'm late. Hi, I'm Kim Namjoon.

RJiN: Nice to make your acquaintance; Hoseok, Yoongi, Jungkook and Namjoon.

Another Kim, aye?

Mangseok: Three Kim's. We're going to have our hands full.

Sho0ka: Leave me out of that 'we'. I'm watching from the sidelines.

TaTae: Is that everyone?

C00kiE: It says seven in the member list...I'm only counting six of us actually talking here.


Mangseok: Who be Chiminnie?

RJiN: An additional poor soul that Taehyung has dragged into this GC.


Koyamjoon: Tae, text-screaming his name won't make him reply lol. His phone would have blown up from the amount of texts any way. Maybe he's busy or something.

C00kiE: Maybe he's sleeping?

TaTae: Chimmy doesn't sleep. He's either reading, in class or deliberately ignoring this chat. Knowing him it's the latter.

Sho0ka: Why didn't I think of that.

Mangseok: D:

RJiN: You're hurting your no.1 fan boy.

Sho0ka: …

I would never.

Mangseok: My heartu ; u ;

TaTae: :/ well that sucks. I really wanted him to meet you guys.

C00kiE: Hey, I'm sure he'll text when he can.

RJiN: Least you got us in one place finally, so he can find us easily :)

Koyamjoon: RJ's right, he'll text when he's able, I'm sure. GC isn't gonna vanish anywhere.

Mangseok: Neither are any of us now that you put your plan into action.

...right? Yoongi-hyung? ;~;

TaTae: x'D

C00kiE: LOL

Sho0ka: …


RJiN: That settles it.

Koyamjoon: Guess we're here for the long run lol.

(Next Day)

TaTae: -sent an image-

The storm wrecked the fence :/ guess what I've been doing all morning.

Sho0ka: jfc

C00kiE: That's pretty much what ours looks like too :/

RJiN: Neighbours got it bad as well. Luckily we have a brick wall bordering our garden. I've been giving them a hand today.

Koyamjoon: Hope everyone's okay. It was pretty bad here too, the streets a mess.

TaTae: Guess we're all in the same boat.

RJiN: Today was not smooth-sailing, that's for sure.

Mangseok: -sent an image-

We didn't get hit so bad here! Sorry for you guys though, that sucks :/

RJiN: Wow Hoseok, little warning please.

Mangseok: Ahaha :D

TaTae: Yeah, Hobi is literally the sun.

C00kiE: You weren't joking lol.

Koyamjoon: Wow. I should've worn shades before opening that.

Sho0ka: My eyes are burning.

TaTae: Red hair suits you, Hobi.

We should share selfies, put faces to our names.

Sho0ka: No.

Mangseok: Hell yeah! I shared mine, only fair y'all share yours!

Sho0ka: No.

RJiN: -sent an image-

C00kiE: -sent an image-

Koyamjoon: -sent an image-

C00kiE: Whoa O: Jin-hyung is so handsome!

O: Joon-hyung too.

RJiN: I am Worldwide Handsome for a reason.

Jungkook, you look like trouble. Cute, but trouble.

C00kiE: :)

TaTae: He is a lot of trouble.

RJiN: Also how many games do you own, Jungkook. My god. I'm going to need to borrow from you.

Namjoon has dimples, I'm-

Koyamjoon: Is that okay?

RJiN: Boy, it's perfect.

Koyamjoon: Like you, then.

RJiN: You have my full attention.

Mangseok: Jin-hyung, I wasn't expecting you to be blonde. That suits you hella well.

C00kiE: I was more surprised by Namjoon-hyung. I wish I could rock purple hair.

Sho0ka: -sent an image-

Why am I doing this.


Mangseok: Also Mint Yoongi xD

C00kiE: My hyungs are really cool & handsome.

Koyamjoon: It's nice to know what you all look like, that's for sure.

Tae? You okay?

TaTae: Yeah xD Just sat here grinning like an idiot as you all fanboy over each other. I'm happy you all met, finally. You all mean the world to me so, seeing you all like this makes me feel happy.

RJiN: I'm glad to hear that.

Mangseok: Me too. I hope we can become friends, since it means so much to you.

C00kie: Hearing Tae always talk about you guys, really made me want to meet you all.

Koyamjoon: I dunno about wanting to, if I'm honest, but I'm glad I'm here.

Sho0ka: Y'all aren't the worst people I've met so far in life, guess you guys are okay.

TaTae: We're fabulous.

Sho0ka: Sure.

Mangseok: Wait aren't we still waiting on the other guy?

RJiN: Who?

Koyamjoon: Oh. Chiminnie.

TaTae: Chimchim :/

C00kiE: Have you heard from him outside the GC?

TaTae: That's the thing, I haven't heard from him since Thursday. Normally we talk every day.

Koyamjoon: He didn't say anything about being busy or away?

TaTae: He was still at his dorm as far as I know.

C00kiE: Most have gone home for the holidays.

TaTae: He doesn't go home for the holidays. Ever. Not once in the three years I've known him.

Mangseok: Three years? Wow. That's as long as I've known you.

Sho0ka: Same here.

RJiN: Here too.

Sho0ka: When's the last time you saw him?

TaTae: Three years ago...when I first met him.

C00kiE: O_O

RJiN: Uh...

Sho0ka: The hell does that mean?

Mangseok: Wow. That's unexpected.

Koyamjoon: So out of us he's the only one you don't really know?

TaTae: I know him very well, just haven't spent a lot of physical time with him.

Sho0ka: 'A lot' - I think you mean 'none what-so-ever'.

Koyamjoon: Hold up, you know all of us minus him, personally, right?

TaTae: Yes. Me & Yoongi-hyung were neighbours for a year. Jin comes to the farm to buy stock for his store, Namjoon works at the gas station I get my paper round from, Kookie & me are gaming buddies, we met at my college & I know Hoseok from Hope on the Street.

Koyamjoon: What's that?

Mangseok: My YouTube Channel, but we didn't meet there. The local school Taehyungie's cousins go to have me doing a mini dance class. I know Tae because they used to take my class & he picked them up a few times.

Koyamjoon: You teach Street Dance to kids? That's cute xD

RJiN: That's something I'm checking out. I didn't know you danced.

C00kiE: I checked it out with Tae ages ago, I'm so jealous.

TaTae: Chiminnie's also a dancer, that's one of the reasons I wanted you to meet him.

Just type in 'Hope on The Street' it'll come up.

Mangseok: He is? O:

C00kiE: Jin-hyung, I can send you the link if you like?

RJiN: Please, lol.

Sho0ka: How'd you meet him?

TaTae: Meet who?

Sho0ka: This Chim-guy, who else?

RJiN: Wow I wish I could move like that, how even. All my talent went to my unearthly handsome looks, not complaining though.

Koyamjoon: I don't know where mine went lol

Not complaining either, your handsomeness is a blessing dw.

RJiN: I've decided I like you.


Sho0ka: Tae? Ain't got all day & I'm not hanging around those two being gross for longer than I need to.

C00kiE: I second that...

TaTae: Kinda by accident, actually :/ not like you guys. I may have only ever met him once in person, but we've talked every day. I mean every single day.

Until 3 days ago.

RJiN: You're really talented, Hoseok.

Mangseok: Thanks, I try.

Sho0ka: I'm asking one more time before giving up on this GC – How. Did. You. Meet. Him.

TaTae: Sorry, there's like two convo's going on :(

I left my wallet behind at the cafe he was working at. He didn't wanna leave it behind with just anyone so he handed the Manager his number & when I went back I called him & arranged to collect it at the comic-book cafe. We ended up chatting & I just didn't stop texting him after that.

C00kiE: O-o

Chiminnie is Jimin-ssi?

The guy we game with?

TaTae: Yeah

C00kiE: I was wondering where he was! I need him on my team :(

Mangseok: I'm still stuck on the fact you've only met him ONCE in three years.

RJiN: Do you have his address or anything? Just to make sure he's okay?

TaTae: No, I don't.

Sho0ka: jfc, do you know anything about this dude?

Koyamjoon: Last name?

TaTae: Park. Park Jimin. He's literally only a couple months older than me. He's not at my college though, I already checked.

Koyamjoon: Not a name I'd easily forget either, haven't come across him at the station I'm afraid.

Mangseok: I haven't heard his name before either :/

Sho0ka: I wouldn't bother to remember anyone.

Outside of work or this GC, anyway.

TaTae: He IS part of this GC.

RJiN: Selfie? Maybe we've seen him about?

TaTae: He's never sent me pics of himself or anything. He doesn't even have his photo up on his profile. It's been the same pic of a cat since I got his number.

Sho0ka: This guy sounds shadier by the minute.

Koyamjoon: I wouldn't worry over it. I'm sure he'll get round to it when he can.

TaTae: He's never just vanished before. He wouldn't without a word, either. He's the most attentive person I know. He always checks in, always checks up on me & would never keep me out of the loop if something was going on.

RJiN: Taehyung, things happen though.

C00kiE: I don't have much to do with Jimin myself as I've only spoken to him in-game, but I know he drops everything if Taehyung needs him. He always has his back. He knows Tae worries, he'd never ditch him, just as none of us would. Three years is a long time to be talking to someone everyday.

Mangseok: True. It's not like pen-pals are less valid just because you don't see them face to face regularly.

Koyamjoon: Long distance relationships, also.

Sho0ka: Do you know the success rates for those? They're bullshit.

RJiN: Not always, geez. Pessimist.

TaTae: Jimin has spent hours on the phone with me whilst I've been a crying mess. He's always there for me no matter what. This is 100% not in his personality.

Koyamjoon: Not to be awkward or anything, but why didn't you mention this earlier? If he's that routinely in touch with you then how come you didn't tell us straight away?

TaTae: I told my Dad but he said to wait a few days. I always get told to wait because everyone says I assume the worst too quickly.

RJiN: Honestly, I've never heard you mention this Jimin guy before.

Sho0ka: Ditto, I've heard of all of you except him.

Mangseok: Yeah, it's kinda weird knowing you've known him as long as you've known all of us & yet I've never heard you talk about him.

TaTae: He just doesn't come up in conversation & I don't see him like I see you guys so it's different. He's also really private.

C00kiE: I know him, though. He's not someone I've ever felt suspicious of or anything. He's bubbly & shy, really giggly too. He's always struck me as the type to get bullied because he's super preppy in how he talks but he's not a wet lettuce, he gives as good as he gets if me or Tae tease him. He's someone I've always thought to be genuinely nice.

TaTae: Yeah he is. I don't know about being bullied but he's deffo not that social. He lives alone in his dorm & he sticks to his own routine of work & classes. He's always said I'm his only friend.

RJiN: So to sum this up, he's someone isolated & he's gone off his only contacts radar.

Sho0ka: Great.

Mangseok: Well I'd rather not take the risk of it being serious & us ignoring it.

Sho0ka: I hate you all for making me worry about a guy I don't even know. One that sounds shady af, too.

RJiN: This is even giving me...AnxieTAE.

TaTae: I'm ignoring that. I don't know what to do, I feel bad leaving it & Hobi is right, what if something bad happened?

C00kiE: OK I actually laughed.

TaTae: :(

C00kiE: Sorry.

Koyamjoon: You got the name of his college or anything?

TaTae: No, but I know he's a Dance Major.

Koyamjoon: That's...not exactly helpful. I'm happy to help you make sure your friend is okay, but you gotta give me something here.

Sho0ka: Am I the only one wondering what you two even talk about since you know shit all about him?

RJiN: Language, come on :/

TaTae: We talk about comics & stuff, he helps me understand crap I didn't get in my classes. I talk to him about daily stuff but it's not like we get into eachother's personal lives or anything.

Mangseok: There's only a few colleges round here that do Dance Courses & two that have local dorms. Try calling the Performing Art's College, maybe?

RJiN: Well, I can try calling up the Hospital, see if anyone by the name of Park Jimin is or was, in their care. You know his date of birth, at least?

TaTae: Jin-hyung, you'd really do that?

RJiN: It's a phone call, Tae. I can manage a phone call.

TaTae: 13.10.95

RJiN: Wow that's really close to yours. Okay let me give it a go.

Mangseok: Wow nice thinking, hyung.

Koyamjoon: I'm not getting anywhere here.

Mangseok: What happens if you try to call him? Like does it just ring or...?

TaTae: Straight to answer machine, so his phone is either off or broke. I'm worried because he doesn't go out much at all & I don't think he saved my number anywhere else so if his phone broke then he'd have no way of contacting me.

Mangseok: When we find this guy, lets make sure he writes our numbers down somewhere as back up.

Sho0ka: When we find this guy, lets make sure he suffers just as much as I have in this GC.

RJiN: Okay, there was a Park Jimin admitted into A&E, Thursday night.

TaTae: What?

Koyamjoon: :/

Mangseok: Crap, I'm sorry.

Sho0ka: Well shit.

C00kiE: :(

TaTae: What happened?

Is he okay?

How do I contact him?

RJiN: Hold up, Taehyung.

She couldn't give me any personal details obviously, but what she did say was that he discharged himself only after a few hours. She said he looked like he'd been roughed up a bit, but that it wasn't anything serious so they couldn't keep him from leaving.

Koyamjoon: Sounds like this is a case of a broken phone.

Sho0ka: Or stolen. She said roughed up.

TaTae: What do I do, I don't know his address or anything.

C00kiE: Have you checked your DM's in game? Maybe he messaged you there?

TaTae: CRAP!


Mangseok: Seriously? We rang hospitals & searched college registries before Taehyung checked the one other place you guys contact each other?

Sho0ka: I'm so done at this point. Jfc good news won't even matter to me.

RJiN: Don't be so salty, it was a concern to Tae.

Koyamjoon: No-one would want Taehyung to be distressed, lets be honest.

C00kiE: No & it would really crush him to lose Jimin :/

I also need him in my Team.

RJiN: Might wanna reconsider your priorities there.


Mangseok: Phew, well that's good news!

Sho0ka: Yeah, it didn't matter to me at all.

TaTae: The relief! Thank you all for trying.

C00kiE: He joining us?

TaTae: Yes, I gave him my number & said we'd been trying to find out if he was okay.

Thank you for trying even though you didn't know him.

Mangseok: It's what family is for, Taehyung.

RJiN: Well it was just a couple phone-calls. It's better safe than sorry.

Koyamjoon: Am I the only one not feeling stressed over this? Though, Taehyung, your dad is right. You do panic before you think straight. Let's try to make sure we check ALL known platforms in future, yeah?

C00kiE: That's partly on me, I didn't think of it till now. We've had to catch up on homework so neither of us have been online.

RJiN: Let me guess. That's due to you guys gaming instead of studying in the first place.

TaTae: No.

C00kiE: Of course.

Koyamjoon: Seriously, that's not a good habit lol.

TaTae: I'm so relieved he's okay.

Mangseok: We're all happy that your friend is okay, Tae. :)

Sho0ka: Speak for yourself, I'm back off to bed.

Taehyung sighed, idly watching as the chat he'd created scrolled up steadily. Hoseok had instantly attempted to keep Yoongi from leaving, despite knowing that it was all in vain to do so. Yoongi left the chat as Taehyung knew he would, promptly abandoning everyone else to deal with a myriad versions of sad emojis from Hoseok. That was okay, Seokjin was quick to end the depressing emoji-spiral with questionable replacements that had both Hoseok and Namjoon in clear dismay.

Taehyung exhaled heavily, teeth worrying at his bottom lip as he waited for Jimin to contact him on his new phone. His large, dark eyes gazed imploringly at his message list as he held his breath. Any minute now he'd receive a text from an unknown number that he would add to his contacts and everything would be perfect.

He'd immediately ask what happened, he'd find out if Jimin was okay and he'd absolutely make an effort to spend actual, physical time with the friend he'd leant on for three years. Three whole years!

How had that time flown by so quickly?

If only Jimin had kept the same number, then everything could have been on his side and he wouldn't have been anxious at all. This was plain torture.

The minutes ticked by until an hour had passed and his contributions to the chat became more and more lacking. He watched as Seokjin threw in the towel, bidding everyone goodnight. He felt his heart sink as the others followed suit, wishing him well and promising to return in the morning.

With little else left to do with the nerves biting at him, trying not to feel hurt over Jimin's silence, Taehyung gave up and dropped his phone onto the side of his pillow. He thread a hand through his dark blonde hair and rolled over.

As Jungkook always told him, sleep was the quickest way to skip an 'in real life' cut-scene.