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Omega 74B

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Only the highest ranks of society were the ones who Bonded with more than one Omega.

The Royals and Socialites who paraded their wealth and power by keeping several Omegas, having litter after litter of Pups, proving just how good of a breed they were.

They were the ones who believed Omegas belonged at the feet and mercy of their Alpha.

Being kept as a trophy, beaten, raped and broken. The only purpose given was to raise pups.

It was a pathetic reality.


They kept me drugged a nd locked away in one of the far too small cages, just like all the other bitches they kept on this fucking farm. They didn't suppress our heats, didn't let us ride them out with toys, didn't let us touch ourselves or be touched. They just kept us like dogs.

Instead of teaching us to sit and roll over, they trained us to beg and hump, conditioning us to crave an Alpha Knot without having ever experienced one. The constant gnawing want trained into our body, the heavy emptiness in our bellies from being empty of Knot or babe driving our need to please our Alpha.

Omegas betrayed by their own biology as it was being used against us.

I knew today was different for me, the handlers being careful as they took me from my cage and into the bathrooms, restraining me without the force that would leave marks on my body. They were under orders not to harm me, I suppose it made sense if I had been brought.

I was a particularly rare breed of Omega.

A virgin, Purebred, level B, fertile Omega was nearly the rarest you could find, without going into Omegas especially bred and kept for Royalty of course.

I knew they had found an Alpha for me. They had been keeping me from the rest of the Omega bitches for weeks now, having me groomed more frequently, fed nearly triple the amount of food I had been used to.

It was clear that I was being sculpted to the Alpha's specifications.

Fattened up for the slaughter.


"Alpha, Alpha, Alpha." I begged over and over again as his hand molested my aching balls, rolling the heavy red sacks around his fingers as I gripped the edge of the sink I was bent over for dear life, whimpering as his fingers squeezed each ball tightly in his palm, tutting disapprovingly besides my ear as I squeezed my eyes shut and held my breath to try to keep from cumming.

"Little cock slut!" He seethed into my ear as he dropped my balls and grabbed my stubby cock.

"The moment your little sister arrives," He began, tugging at my cock as it wept precum from the cockhead.

"I'm going to remove this worthless clit and then I'm going to make you watch me fuck her little pussy while you are left empty and cumless." He squeezed the base of my cock and I came, shooting my pitiful amount of cum onto the underside of the sink while sobbing at the threat of mutilation, ashamed that it had been the driving force pushing me towards such a painful orgasm.

"Fucking worthless bitch, such a dirty whore for dirty words." He spat at me as he shoved me to my knees, the ashamed tears falling down my cheeks as left me to recover on my own.

The knowledge that he had brought a new, younger, Omega had been revealed to me this morning and I had stupidly challenged him on it, thinking for a moment that he cared for me and how I felt but I was proven wrong when he had been me over the sink and shown me my place and his dominance over me in less that two minutes.

I recovered myself a few minutes after he'd left me, cleaning the cum from the sink and changing before I dared leave the safety of our bedroom, I scoffed at myself.

Our bedroom, it had never been our bedroom.

And it never would.