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another normal day for class 2-A

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a Totally Normal™ class chat

Kirishima Eijiro has added Aoyama Yuga, Mina Ashida, Asui Tsuyu and 16 others to the chat

8:00 am

Kirishima Eijiro: second year of UA lets go! made a group chat now that we're starting our second year!

Bakugou Katsuki: oi shitty hair who thought this was a good idea hah

Iida Tenya: I for one think this is a fantastic idea!! What better way to bond and help one another than to use a chat? Surely this will come in handy when it comes to study groups and other school-related activities!

Mineta Minoru: o ho it'll come in handy for sure if you catch my drift

Mineta Minoru has changed their name to grape balls

Midoriya Izuku has kicked grape balls

Midoriya Izuku: sorry, littering isn't allowed in this good chat :(

Midoriya Izuku changed their name to midoridead

Kirishima Eijiro: midoriya!! is that really you?

Kaminari Denki: shgfeniiivne i can't believe midoriya actually did that

midoridead: what can i say, its a crime to leave trash where it doesn't belong

Kaminari Denki: ahhhhhhhHHHH

Kaminari Denki changed their name to portable battery

portable battery: much better

portable battery changed Kirishima Eijiro's name to its HARD to decide
portable battery changed Bakugou Katsuki's name to bad explosion child
portable battery changed Sero Hanta's name to cellotape
portable battery changed Ashido Mina's name to asSHITo
portable battery changed Jiro Kyoka's name to ear plug

bad explosion child: what in the name of all FUCKS did you do, do you want to die

portable battery: come on bakubro it isn't that bad

its HARD to decide: yeah bro this is all just for fun!

Iida Tenya: I do not think these names are very school-related! Perhaps you should change them?

midoridead: iiiiiida theres no fun in that

midoridead changed Iida Tenya's name to emergency exit

emergency exit: ...I was under the impression that everyone forgot about that

its HARD to decide: don't worry class pres, we wont be forgetting anytime soon

Aoyama Yuuga changed their name to twinkie
Koda Koji changed their name to Anima
Sato Rikido changed their name to cake daddy
Ojiro Mashirao changed their name to aipom
Hagakure Tooru changed their name to another one bites the dust
Yaoyorozu Momo changed their name to Creati
Asui Tsuyu changed their name to froppy
Uraraka Ochaco changed their name to uravity

midoridead: uraraka!! tsuyu!

bad explosion child: why are you all here, could've been better without shitty deku and his shitty friends

midoridead: kirishima let us join in kacchan, stop being salty :p

its HARD to decide: yeah bakubro, don't worry about it!! it'll lighten up!

Todoroki Shoto changed their name to Shoto
Tokoyami Fumikage changed their name to thats so raven
Shoji Mezo changed their name to kakashi

thats so raven: what mad banquet of darkness
thats so raven: i hope we all know what we're getting ourselves into

uravity: well its only the first week back, whats the worst that could happen?

----------several hours later----------

4:30 pm

uravity: deku
uravity: what the fresh fuck did you do to yourself this time
uravity: the first training session this year and already you're seeing recovery girl

Shoto: what did you even manage to do this time

midoridead: shrugs
midoridead: gotta drink that hurting juice i guess


this nightmare of a school

4:30 pm

running on no sleep: sometimes i hate these fucking kids
running on no sleep: yagi your kid has already gone to see recovery girl
running on no sleep: the first day back training and he's already done something

small worm: what
small worm: what did he do this time

running on no sleep: ripped the skin off his knuckles
running on no sleep: how? i dont know
running on no sleep: and frankly at this point
running on no sleep: i dont care enough

michael with a b: just yesterday you were saying you'd totally adopt those kids
michael with a b: what happened

running on no sleep: my existence