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It’s been eight months now since Kevin I saw began seeing each other. I’ve chosen to keep our secret because my family can pry into my personal life. My friends are few but of the ones I have they often tell me I have poor choices in men. This Kevin is special though. He’s unique. He can alter my mind. I haven’t expirenced anything negative about that yet. I actually enjoy that about him. There’s something enjoyable about that power he has. Although he can be persistent. That day back at the house I stupidly let him stay. After he did not contact me for over a week. I hated to admit it then and I hate to admit it now. But I was becoming addicted to him. He said he'd make it up to me, you remember that I right? Oh he sure did that night not once, not twice, by three times., he romantically, if that's what's you'd call it.. * sighs. I hate the word romance, it's just what a sticky word. The word is like the nuisance of gum., it tasted good until you stepped your bare foot in some on a hot summers day. He romantically made my body yearn for him. So where what had we done.
I remembered him the next morning I had stepped into the shower. The warm water saturated my hair turning it from dry to a heavy wet mass. It weighed my head down making my lean my head back. I felt his hand massage my shoulders. His face against mine he kissed my ear telling me he loved me. Kevins accent induced my sexual desire for him. He gradually moved his hands down my body. I leaned back against him as he lit up my senses with his hands and lips.
Eventually I heard him inside my head. Kevins voice.

" I know every quaint part of your mind. "

The statement intrigued me the very fact that he was beside or rather, behind me. Physically he was there no words between us. Kevin's lips against mine yet, I heard his voice clear as a pin drop of silent room.

" I'll even be in your dreams. "

His lips pressed against my ear he breathed a invigorating sigh causing my body to shudder against his. His voice in a low harsh breathy whisper.

" you'd enjoy that wouldn't you . "

For a moment his fingers caressed my chin before he pulled me face towards his.

"I'll be within you forever."

He kissed me deeper with passion with every stroke of his fingers on my body.

5 Weeks on

I began to wake up to his voice.

" My sweet sweet .,,"

At night he would speak softly as if he were next to me.

" Are you still awake? Don't go to sleep yet ..."

His lips at my ear. Hearing his voice in head I wanted to hear is voice. I needed to feel his breaths caress as he blew in my ear hot and soothing moisture leaving his lips to rest against my ear.

" I want to be with you for a moments.. will you let me ?"

I wanted to sleep since not having slept for over 26 hours. I rolled over on my stomach. Annoyed I responded.

" yes.. Kevin I'm here... just for you ..."

I groaned in aggravation under my breath.

" fucking shut up .,Kevin."

He was silent had he taken the hint? A very obvious hint?? Stupid fuck who now rented space in my head.. No he hadn't taken the hint.

" you know I heard that .. don't be brash now."

I heard Kevin laugh lightly. I covered my ears with a pillow to drown him out.

" that won't work .. it won't do.."

Rolling over on my back I glanced at the time. I said passively to his incessant voice.

" you have my full attention. Go on Kevin ! Give me all you've got."

His voice dropped going deeper in my mind.

" you know what I'd like to do to you?"

I screwed up my eyes.

" where are you going with this ..."

He drew out a deep sigh penetrating my eardrums. He made something quake inside me. I shouted at him tension in my voice.

" ok. Kevin .."

He breathed again a shorter sigh. He was fucking with me and I actually was getting a thrill from his breathing.

" yes?.. tell me .... what do you fantasize about. Tell me a story."

I paused my finger at my lips. I thought for a moment about Kevin and what he thought about. What could he do for me in his physical absence.

" are you focused and comfortable? ... perhaps I could tell you .. "

I lay my hands at my sides above the covers. Soft thick blankets wrapped around me like an embrace. I breathed airily into the darkness.

" you.. could teach me as you tell me.,"

Kevin sat at the foot of his bed. His head tilted back watching her through his laptop. It rest on top of his legs stretched out in front of him. Kevin had made a command to placed a pinhole camera in the upper right corner for bedroom overlooking her bed with a partial view of her washroom.

" tell me something ., to excite me?"

I tried to sound sensual.

" no .. tell how you'd please me."

Kevin's hand rest against his inner thigh he rubbed his pointer finger finger against his denim trousers. He had not planned on going to bed anytime soon.

" I can tell you but.,"

I heard him lick his lips as he paused briefly.
I bit lip feeling turned on by sound of his breath.

"Let's take this further.. I want you really enjoy yourself. Ah. Yes, I want to feel me on your skin. "

I knew he what he had in mind still, I played coy.

" how can I feel you when your not in my bed next to me."

Kevin thought about what he wanted to say.

" listen carefully and follow my every word and there I'll be."

I listened waiting for him to tell me what next would be coming.

" if your comfortable. I'd like to tell you how first I would stroke your hair. Run my fingers slowly up your jaw moving past your ears down your neck. "

" mm sounds pleasing... tell me where you'd kiss me."

Kevin watched her face relax. He breathed deep long heavy breaths between saying.

" First I'd kiss your lips slow and tender. My hands would caress you arms. I'd grasp your hands raising them above your head, my fingers between yours. Then I would tenderly feel your breasts in my fingers. Then once you're erect I would smoother you with the tip of my tonuge flicking gently. Next I'd run my fingers down your palms, past your wrists further down your arms. Then I'd kiss you tenderly between your thighs so that you feel my lips open against your center. Then i'd slowly slide my tongue up inside you swirling deeply making a slow ascend until I sharply flick my tongue on that tender spot. Taking extra time to suck against the nub of your passion. I'd continue sucking as my fingers slide along reaching up into you. I'd thrust my fingers in you getting faster and faster with each stroke. Then once you drip on my tongue I'd savor each drop of that sweetness. Now what I'm going to tell you next I want you to use your hands exactly as I'm describing. I want to become your fingers for you to feel my touch."

I place my hands under my blankets which got in my way so I pulled them down to my hips. I listened as Kevin murmured into my ear how he would love to feel my skin against his lips, tasting my kiss with his tongue.

" Are your fingers against your skin ? "

I slipped my hand up my black faded tank top.

" I would run my fingers across your collar bones then, down your chest. So light that I wound tickle against thighs making you crave a deeper pressure in my fingertips on your skin. Can you feel me reaching between your thighs ?"

I nodded drawing out a low breathe

" yeah.."

His wanted to hear me moan.

" let me hear you. ., just a bit louder..moan for me."

I sighed my reddening face feeling hot.

" ah. .. Kevin ..haa.."

Kevin continued breathing a little heavy. I swear he was right there his face at my ear.

" yes.... now how about you move lower now."

I wanted him to be detailed.

"Tell me... instruct me .. mm ."

Kevin's hand now at his hip.

" I wound slowly caresses your hips then smoothly run my hand down the crease in your thigh. Not so slowly.. smooth swift .,now, Go inside, thrust those fingers deep inside for me. does that feel good., let me hear you ."

I moved my hands how he directed feeling massively turned on.

" mm you feel irresistible.. ooh .,"

Kevin stood up placing the computer on his desk grabbing his car keys.

" do you want me .,, to feel me., in real ,,"

I wasn't fully listening to him when I blurted out.

" Kevin. I want you., I want to feel you close ., I need to feel you. Your hands not mine., oh. Come to me . Now!"

Kevin was in his car driving to my apartment massively turned on.

He pushed the door open to my apartment. He walked down the hall slowly opening the door to my room. He crawled over on top of me.

" I'm here.. I'm right here.. "

He kissed my mouth deeply his tongue delved deep into my mouth swirling against mine.
I breathed

"don't go tonight ., stay .. just stay with me."