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Friday Night, Club Alpha

                The Alpha was pulsing with music as Rey and her fellow bartenders rushed behind the bar to keep up.  The Alpha was packed tonight with hundreds of patrons, the bulk of which were Alpha males and females looking for a mate.  A mate for the night or a mate for life, it just depended on the Alpha.    In this world, the Alphas reigned supreme.  They were the strongest of the strong, the elite and had been bred to rule.   The Alphas ruled the world and as a Beta, well Rey just worked in it. 

                “Finn!  Get the runner, we need Ice – NOW!”  Rey had taken the lead behind the counter, calling out orders to her team of bartenders.   At only 5’4 Rey was slight in stature, lean but muscular.  She had to be in order to throw cases of liquor around.    Stepping back up to the raised step behind the bar, she jumped back into the orders waiting.  She quickly filled a series of orders the Alphas shouted out to her, keeping pace with them all.   After pumping out several drinks, she reached in with her scoop for more ice only to come up empty.  With a sound of disgust, she threw the scoop back into the cooler.  Jumping down, she moved quickly to the end of the bar.  She stopped behind Finn, shouting up at him.  “I don’t know where the runner took off to, but I’ve gotta fill up or we’re toast.”

                “I’ll go Peanut, let me!”  Finn started to step down off the platform when Rey stopped him.  Finn was one of the most popular bartenders, as a Beta Male he drew a lot of attention with his laugh and big smile.   He was a crowd favorite and had a line a mile long.

                “You stay, I won’t be long – I promise!”   Rey hurried through the crowd toward supply room when she was stopped by a handsy Alpha.   With several inches of height and at least 100 pounds on her, he crowded her against the wall.   Rey was overwhelmed by the smell of alcohol permeating from his body, his whole smell turning her stomach. 

                “Hey sweetness, you can come and dance with me now that you’re done at the bar.  C’mon!”  He pulled her into his arms, his hands running over her the skin on her back left bare by her uniform. 

                Rey pushed against his chest, shaking her head at him.  “I’m not done at the bar, big guy!  Maybe later.”  She groaned as he dipped his head down to hers, trying to sniff against her neck.  “Seriously!   I’ve got work to do Big Guy, you’re just gonna have to find someone else to stink up.”  She pushed harder against him as she fought against the gag from his smell.   Suddenly, she stumbled back a step as Poe intervened twisting the arm of the Handsy Alpha up behind his back.  With a grin she moved past them listening as Poe maneuvered the Alpha out through the side.   Poe may have been smaller in stature compared to the rest, but he was all Alpha Male and he could take down the biggest of them all.    Quickly she loaded the barrels of ice onto the cart.   As she started pulling the cart through the hall, Rey was stopped by the Club Manager.

                “Where is your runner and why haven’t they handled this?  Your place is behind the bar Rey.”  The Alphas manger Phasma or Phas as the employees called her, was the epitome of Alpha Female.  She dominated every room she walked into and ran a tight ship here at the Alpha.   “There is a line wrapping around the bar, we don’t want Kylo to think we aren’t managing the crowd.”

                “Yes ma’am.   I sent the runner, I’m not sure where he ended up.  I’m on the way back now and I will have that line down in no time.”   Rey called over her shoulder as she pulled the ice to the bar.  Wasting no time, she dumped the barrels into the coolers and jumped back onto the platform to fill drink orders.   With a bright smile, she shouted out to the Alphas calling for the orders.  Within no time, she had the line down to manageable. 


From the balcony level of the club, Kylo Ren looked out over the railing at the bodies dancing below him the same that an Emperor would survey his kingdom.  At 6’5 Kylo stood tall even among the other Alphas crowding the club.   His shoulders broad and muscled, he filled out the long sleeved black t-shirt.  Kylo exuded dominance no matter where he went, his power and authority ringing with every step he took.   His office was a wall of mirror dominating the second floor of the club, only the office for his club manager joining him on the floor.  With a restless shrug he pushed away from the railing, rolling his shoulders.   

He hadn’t been to the Alpha in months, choosing to let his manager run the operation while reporting to him.   He had been increasingly restless and temperamental the last few months to the point that the board members had pulled a meeting.  The Chairman of his Board, Snoke had insisted that due to the blockers prevent him from going through his Rut, Kylo was creating issues within the companies.  He had insisted that Kylo wasn’t thinking like an Alpha in control, but rather a Beta looking to make everyone happy.  Snoke insinuated that if Kylo insisted on maintaining the blocker regimen that the board would be forced to take a vote to determine confidence.  Snoke was an old school Alpha, one who had fought for the freedoms and privileges that the Alphas now enjoyed.   He maintained that a “true” Alpha would embrace their Rut and draw from the power that came with it.  The power that would enhance their standing and exert their dominance in all aspects, personally and professionally.  Faced with the possibility of being voted out of his own company, Kylo made the decision to end the blockers.   Taking time away from his other business interests had been inconvenient, but at least if he spent time at the Alpha he could find a suitable female and he could get through this Rut and get back to business as usual.  Within the next few days, the blockers would be out of his system and could find an Alpha female to get through his Rut.  Once it was passed, he went back to work as normal.

Phas caught his attention as she worked her way up the stairs to the offices.   Meeting him with a kiss to both cheeks, she stepped back to look him over.   “What brings you to the Alpha?  You don’t normally spend a lot of time here.”  She frowned as he spun away from her, storming into his office.

His door bounced against the wall as he strode through, frustration evident in every move he made.  Phas closed the door behind them as he stormed over to the low table across the room.  Kylo poured himself a whiskey before sinking onto the couch.   “Snoke is threatening me with a ‘No Confidence’ vote if I don’t stop the blockers.   He says that I’m showing weakness by not going through Rut.  I’ve stopped the blockers, maybe have a day or two before they’re out of my system and then I can find someone.   Figured this was the best place to get it done.”   He threw back the whiskey before dropping his head back on the couch with a sigh.

Phas chuckled as she sat down next to him.   “C’mon Kylo, it’s not that bad.   So you go through a Rut, you get laid – A LOT, and you move on.   What’s the problem?”

“Seriously?  It doesn’t bother you to be controlled by, by your biology?  A drive to fuck and impregnate someone else with no care as to whether you even care about them beyond fucking them?  Kylo looked at her in surprise.

“It’s just fucking Kylo.  You’re too hung up on the control of it all!  Who cares about the rest?  You only need them for your Rut, bang it out and move on.  You’ll feel better for it.” 

Kylo shook his head as he watched for some sign of joking.  “But Phas, don’t you ever just want more?  To feel like you aren’t alone in everything?  Even when I was with Bazine, it was a constant war.  Non-stop Alpha crap!  Always a fight for control.  Don’t you just want more?  Like an actual connection with someone?”

“Really Kylo?  The Omega crap?  Don’t tell me you believe in that nonsense.  The Omega is a myth, created by the same people who sell flowers and candy every February.   How do you balance the idea of an Omega who is triggered by your perfect biology without believing that it is perfectly OK to obey your biology to get through Rut?  Even if the Omega myth was true, they’ve been bred out of existence.  Nothing is equal to the Alpha.  Loosen up Boss.” 

Kylo shook his head as he jumped to his feet.  “Come on, give me a tour and show me what’s new since the last time I was here.  I noticed you made a change to the uniforms for the bartenders.”

Phas led him down the stairs pointing out the improvements that had been made over the last year including the DJ booth and the new bar.  As Kylo approached the bar with Phas, Rey moved past Finn to set the tray for bottle service.   Kylo motioned to Rey as Phas rattled off the list of improvements.  “I know Finn and the Rose, they’ve been here for sometime now.  Who’s the new one?”

Phas looked over at Rey setting the tray.  “She’s fairly new, been here for a few months.  Came as a recommendation from Finn.   She’s solid.  She’s quick, tough and she works hard.   For a Beta she handles her self pretty well, doesn’t let the Alpha’s push her around at all.”  She looked up at Kylo who was watching Rey intently.  “Kylo, she’s a Beta.  You know they can’t handle an Alpha Rut.”

Kylo scowled at her, “Get of it Phas.  Show me the new bar setup.”  They moved around behind the bar, Phas showing off the new bar set up.   With the raised platform behind the bar, the bartenders could stand slightly taller than the bar allowing for better visualization of the crowd.  In addition, they had created displays behind the bar highlighting the top shelf liquors.  Steps leading up to the display allowed the bartenders to make a show of selecting the liquors.  This also made for more money when offering bottle service.  As they moved behind the bar, Kylo and Phas stopped to allow Rey to move past them to climb the few stairs to retrieve one of the top shelf bottles for bottle service.

                Rey climbed the few steps glancing down curiously at Phas and the Alpha next to her.  He stood head and shoulders over most of the other men in the bar, his presence alone commanding attention.   As she reached for the bottle, their runner Johnny, finally showed up with the ice stumbling as he noticed Phas behind the bar.   Johnny stumbled, knocking into the steps where Rey was stretching for the bottle.  She felt the steps shift beneath her, her hands flying out to grab something – anything to keep her from falling.   She gasped as she felt a very large, incredibly hot hand press against her bare back with its mate grasping her hip.  She felt a sudden rush of heat through her body, as goosebumps rippled across her body.  She turned her head, her mouth parted as she looked in to Kylo’s eyes.  Looking into them, she couldn’t help but notice how the deep brown resembled her favorite whiskey.    

                He leaned closer, his lips near her ear.  “Steady now?”  His deep voice sending a shiver down her back as he offered a hand to help her down the step.

                Rey’s eyes widened as she shook her head in the affirmative.   She took his hand to step down the stairs, stopping at the base.  She felt the flush rising up her chest and spreading to her face as she looked up into his eyes again.  “Thank you, I was sure that I would end up on the floor.”

                He looked past her to Phas who was chastising the runner.  Moving past Rey, he snatched Johnny by the shirt, dragging him up to his toes.  “What the hell were you thinking?  You could have knocked her off the steps stumbling around here like an idiot!” Kylo growled to the shaken runner.   Kylo released him with a shove sending him stumbling again.  “Phas!  Get that idiot cleaning toilets.  He doesn’t belong behind this bar.”   He turned again to Rey looking down at her wide eyes.   “Take a break, little one.”

                Rey shook her head.  “Thank you, but I’m fine.   They  need me on the lines.”  She turned to step back up to her place at the bar when she felt his hand take her by the arm.   She tugged at her arm, “I said I was fine.  I don’t need a break.”

                Kylo looked down at her, “You had a scare, take a few minutes.”  His eyes scanned her face, her eyes flashing with agitation.  With a frustrated growl, he dropped his voice.  “I said, take a break.”   His eyes widened as her chest flushed red and she whispered quietly, ‘Yes Alpha’.    Kylo watched as she walked away.