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Cadence of His Last Breath

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Minato hides in the shadowed area by Dojima’s house, hidden by the darkness as well as the tin roof overhead, he had heard from Ryoji that another wild card had awakened recently and after using Mitsuru’s contacts, he had tracked the kid -whose name he found out was Narukami Yu- to where he was waiting. As Yu was about to enter the house, Minato grabs his arm and drags him into the shadowed area.

Yu startles and begins to struggle, dropping the jersey he had gotten from Morooka, but is held fast by Minato's frigid hand wrapping around his wrists, his kicks rendered ineffective by Minato's lack of response. Minato drags him closer, his breath causing goosebumps to rise on Yu's skin. Yu shudders, feeling Izanagi rising within him, causing the hair on his arms and legs to stand straight up on end.

Messiah reaches out to Izanagi and calms him down. Izanagi melts back info Yu's soul, to sleep until he is needed once more.

As Yu's eyes slowly open, the moonlight softly touching his lids, he wonders just why he's awake. After all, didn't he die? And why does he feel satin under his fingertips?

Yu hears the door open as an unfamiliar person enters the room carrying a goblet. The scene is unknown but also welcome as he feels his throat is bone dry, he reaches for the plain pewter cup eagerly.

The man chuckles, calling out to someone else. “Mina, love, our new guest is awake.”

Minato enters the room then, carrying a more ornate goblet. This one in gold.

“Thank you Ryo, love.” He plucks the pewter goblet from Ryoji's hand and carries both over to the bed, handing the plain one over to Yu, who has by now raised himself up to a sitting position.

Yu drains the goblet quickly, while Minato sips his. He looks down at it as if surprised there isn't more. Ryoji chuckles, remembering how Minato was back when he first woke up just over a year ago. He takes the goblet from Yu's hand and goes to refill it. Meanwhile, Minato hands his over. “Drink, Childe. I still remember how hungry I was at first and it's been just over a year since then. I'll explain things while you finish.”

Yu, gratefully, takes it and sips at this one slower. He's still thirsty, but not as parched as before.

“After my own rebirth, I asked Mitsuru to keep an eye out for any strange happenings. She caught wind of the two murders that have already happened and Ryoji also felt your own awakening. I immediately came to make sure that what would have happened to me, didn't to you and also to give you an edge. One I wish I had before the events of January 31st of 2010.

Yu nods uncertainty, feeling his own heartbeat in his chest but slower than a normal person's. It doesn't make any sense, but he'll go with it for now. “So, what now?” He asks as he finishes off the goblet.

Ryoji comes back into the room, this time holding two steaming cups. As he hands one to Yu and the other to Minato, he answers Yu. “Now, you finish off this mug and sleep some more while Mina and I talk.” Yu drains it wordlessly before handing it back as Ryoji and Minato leave the room. He draws the covers over him and tries to get some more sleep, he is out as soon as his head hits the pillow.

Ryoji rounds on Minato as the door to the bedroom closes behind the latter. “Was kidnapping and turning him really necessary? I thought the plan was to watch him for now.”

Minato looks guilty before quietly speaking. “You gave me a chance to survive, with the murders that have already happened, could I not do the same for a fellow Wild Card?”

“And if his uncle finds him missing?” Ryoji snaps. “He’s a detective, he’d be looking for him and have a better chance than a layman!”

“Fine, I’ll take him back and leave him a note so he can contact me if he needs to.” Minato sighs and opens the door softly before picking Yu up gently in his arms and carefully shifting him on to his back before jumping out the window to swiftly head back to Dojima’s house. As he reaches the place, he looks up at the closed window. Minato grimaces and carefully sets Yu down before shaking him awake. As Yu blinks up at him sleepily, Minato presses a finger to the other’s lips. “Shh... “ He slips a piece of paper into Yu’s pocket. “Don’t mention me or anything about tonight, if you get thirsty, call or text me. Also, be sure to wear sunglasses tomorrow, your eyes will be sensitive for a few days yet.”

Minato goes to leave but is stopped by Yu’s hand on his arm. “Thank you.”

He smiles gently, unseen by Yu. “We’ll talk again soon.” He leaves the younger male to figure out what he’s going to tell his uncle.

Later, Yu sighs, lounging on his bed after the long grilling session his uncle had given him for coming back so late. He carefully pulls out the slip of paper and inputs the number written into his phone before shredding it into little bits and letting the wind carry them away out the window. He closes it and heads to sleep for the night, even though he doesn’t feel tired, he has school the next morning.


Yu wakes up with a moan as the sunlight lances into his eyes like red-hot pokers. He clenches them closed, flinging an arm up over his eyes and squints at the window, trying to get an idea of its size. He dresses quickly, searching the closet for a hoodie, hoping that it’ll be enough until he can get a pair of sunglasses on the way to school. He heads out the door after finishing the breakfast Nanako made despite not feeling hungry, choking it down as to not disappoint her.

On the way to Yasogami after getting rid of the food via a nearby trashcan, Yu is stopped by a young blue-eyed man wearing a yellow scarf. He recognizes the guy from last night but strangely no one else sees him, as Yu looks confused, Ryoji winks at him and hands him a black pair of sunglasses with gold lenses.

Yu smiles gratefully and slips them on. Ryoji slips into the shadows cast by a nearby building and vanishes as Yu continued walking to school. After the day ends, Yu calls Minato while walking away from the building. “I think we need to talk tonight.” He pauses as Minato replies, giving Yu directions to his place on the outskirts of Inaba. Yu nods, mentioning that his uncle might have a problem with it. “Don’t worry about it, if he gives you any problems call me and hand the phone over.”

Yu nods once more before returning home, stopping by Junes on the way, after this morning he decides some blackout curtains are in order. He notices that Dojima isn’t there that evening and grins internally before seeing that Nanako is engrossed in a quiz show. After dropping the package upstairs and setting the curtains up (finding out he got a size too large), he goes back downstairs, telling her you’ll be gone for a bit and getting her agreement. Yu slips out of the house and starts to walk towards the address given. He gets there, surprised to find that it’s a rather large house. Yu knocks on the door, still surprised that someone could afford a place that luxurious.

Minato opens the door, beckoning Yu inside. As he steps in, Yu looks surprised at how cozy the place looks despite being so large; the various paintings on the wall as well as other nicnacs brighten up the place, something he isn’t expecting from what looks like a two-story mansion, going by the sweeping staircase. Minato leads Yu to the kitchen area, where Ryoji is waiting with two bottles in his hand. Ryoji hands them to both of them. “I’m sorry it’s not warm,” Ryoji apologizes to Yu. “But someone,” and here he scowls at Minato. “Didn’t warn me you were coming until I heard the door open.”

Minato just looks at Ryoji blankly as his lips twitch into a small smirk. Ryoji just sighs and beckons them to follow as he makes his way to the living room. After Yu finds himself a seat on a recliner, Minato and Ryoji settle themselves on the couch facing a 40-inch tv and state of the art sound system with a Bluray player and two shelves filled with DVDs and Blu Ray discs. As Yu and Minato place their bottles on coasters, the slightly older man looks up at his junior. “You wouldn’t have come all this way just for a drink, what did you want to know?”

“To begin with: Why me?” Yu asks, point blank.

Minato shrugs as Ryoji scowls. “Minato was only there to watch and observe you, I don’t even know why he did what he did, but what’s done is done.”

“After 2010, can you blame me, love?” Ryoji looks resigned. “I suppose not, but the fact remains that you were meant to observe and report back so that we could decide on what to do next.”

Yu looks like he wants to scream, “I need to get home. I will be calling you after school tomorrow so we can meet the day after.” He leaves, barely stomping out of the house after putting his shoes back on.


Yu calls Minato and tersely informs him that they should meet at the floodplain, he hangs up after hearing Minato’s agreement with him telling Yu that both of them will be there. Yu tucks his phone into the pocket of his jeans and continues walking home.

The next day Yu gets ready to head out, slipping his sunglasses on as he steps outside, thankful to Ryoji again for providing them. As Yu arrives at the floodplain he sees Minato and Ryoji standing side by side staring out at the river. Minato turns around, feeling Yu’s distinct aura. “Hello,” he greets followed by Ryoji’s own “Good day!”

Minato looks at Yu impassively for a few minutes before speaking. “So what did you want to know?”

Yu pauses, a million and one questions running through his mind. “Everything,” He finally decides.

Minato nods as Ryoji looks around, concerned. “We’re far too open here, would you mind coming back to our place? I know Minato’s actions before have you concerned, but please give him a chance.” Ryoji entreats Yu.

For his part, Yu just sighs. “Ok.”

Ryoji beams, tugging on Yu’s arm and chattering aimlessly on the way to their car while Minato just follows them sedately.

On the way back Minato turns and apologizes for his rash decision while Ryoji keeps his eyes on the road. “If it’s any consolation, I slept alone that night.”

Yu just stares. “Not really…”

The rest of the time is spent in silence, the low background noise of the radio filling the car.

After arriving back at the small mansion, Minato and Yu settle themselves in the living room while Ryoji grabs two bottles with his right hand and a can of soda from the kitchen. He carries said bottles in between his fingers with his other hand holding the can. Ryoji
extends the hand gripping the bottles towards Minato and Yu, who take them gratefully.

Ryoji cracks open his can while the other two twist the caps off their bottles, taking a swig,

Minato looks at Yu. “First, our senses are higher than humans consider normal; you’ve experienced this already from what Ryoji told me.”

Yu nods, letting Minato continue. “Second, don’t eat-” Yu cuts him off. “I figured that out, I had to force myself to eat in front of Nanako even though I wasn’t hungry and regretted it a short time later.”

Minato grimaces, remembering finding that out himself. “Third and hopefully last, we need blood. Bagged or bottled helps in a pinch, but you’ll have to hunt at some point. Especially with how new you are, much like a baby needs food.”

Yu looks contemplative. “Will I age?”

Ryoji and Minato glance at one another before the former answers, “We doubt it, Minato hasn’t grown even a few centimeters taller since last year.”

“What about my Uncle? He’ll notice if I start to go out every night, especially while he’s at home and I don’t know about my cousin…”

“Let us worry about that, I have a feeling things will be getting busy for everyone; when it comes time for you to graduate, Mitsuru can help out with things.”

Yu smiles, but it looks more like a grimace as he finishes off his bottle before standing. “Thank you for the information and the drink, I’ll see you around.”

“Take care of yourself,” Ryoji replies as Yu pulls his shoes on and leaves the house, making his way back to town and from there, back home.


Yu, Yosuke, and Chie get to the top of Yukiko’s Castle, only to find the young woman in question battered, bruised, and horribly wounded. Yu orders Yosuke to cast Dia while keeping his mouth tightly lipped to hide the fact his fangs have dropped, trying to ignore the smell of blood oozing out of open wounds, and his eyes cracked open just a touch so that his teammates don’t see the slight redness which has entered his irises, this helps close some of the more minor wounds but they still need to get her to a hospital quickly. After a boss battle which takes ages or so it seems, Yukiko is barely hanging on. “Yosuke, keep casting Dia; she can’t die!”

After everyone leaves the TV world, Yu looks at everyone, including Chie who has Yukiko slung over her back. “We cannot afford to waste time, not after what happened to Yukiko; we got lucky that we were able to get there in time, and even then just barely!”

They all nod and split up with Chie mentioning she was going to take Yukiko to the hospital.

Yu arrives back at his Uncle’s before heading up to his room, telling Nanako that he wasn’t feeling hungry and just wanted to sleep. She looks worried but says nothing. Yu pulls out his phone and calls Chie, hoping she can give him an update on how Yukiko is doing but he ends up getting her voicemail. He leaves a message and collapses into bed exhausted.