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Narrator (Me)


Jeremy and Michael were playing Apocolypse of the Damned, as most of these fanfics start. They were dodging and shooting and doing whatever you do in the game, I never played and have no interest. Yeah, great start for a story...

Once they died yet again, they both flop backwards into the cushion. They made noises of distress and aggravation. After their AGHs and NOOOs, they finally cooled down and the air was filled with warm chuckles. After that, the room was a bliss.

A light humming had started inside Jeremy's head. The humming grew louder until it was the only thing he could hear. The calming humming turned into buzzing... Electric buzzing...



"Fuck... Mikey, he's back..." He whispered, still shocked. He could feel his Squip's circuits buzz through his veins. Small zaps and shocks were everywhere, keeping him on his toes.

"Isn't he always there?" Michael asked sarcastically, a concerned look forming on his face, sweat forming on his forehead. He put his game controller down and walked up to his best friend. An unsteady smile was on his face now, touching Jeremy's arm. He flinched back as a little jolt went through his body at contact. "Holy shit, you weren't lying..."

"Yeah..." Jeremy smiled worriedly, looking at himself. Blue inscriptions began to glow around his eyes, elbows, knees, fingertips, chest, heels, cheeks, ears, thighs, shoulders, and some places he didn't want to have mentioned. A blush appeared on his cheeks as his smile become more nervous and embarrassed. A few moments later, his whole body was covered in the inscriptions, glowing. Th bits where the skin was replaced by blue inscription vibrated and buzzed lightly. He was being turned on..?

Godammit, he was technophilic too?

Then, without warning, his body moved. He wasn't controlling it. It makes its way up the steps without his consent. His body went to his fridge, opening it and grabbing a Mountain Dew. His body chugged the bottle quickly, putting the empty bottle on a nearby table.

 After the whole 'AAHHHHH!!' and 'OW OW OW OW OW OW!!', Squip stood in front of him, grinning, but this time more nervous.

"Welcome to your Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor; Your Squip." He bowed respectfully, looking back up and smiling. "I'm back, Jeremy~."

"Shit, shit, shit! Y-you're back!" Jeremy exclaimed, falling back. "Mikey, the overgrown Tic Tac is back!"

Michael ran up from downstairs to Jeremy's side. "W-where is he!?"

"Right here, Michael," Squip said, turning physical and not just a being in Jeremy's mind. He smiled and it seemed noncynical... "Hello."

Michael ran up to him and tried to punch him in the jaw. "The fuck?"

"Hehe," Squip chuckled, a curved catlike smile. "Forgot to mention that since my upgrades, I have three forms outside of Jeremy's head."

"I fucking hate you," Michael said, getting off of the fridge. "Wait... how many updates did you get?"

Suddenly, Squip's blue ghosty form turned a pale pink, slowly becoming scarlet before a dark red. He looked down, his lips crinkled in nervousness and his eyes darting from side to side, a blush of sorts appearing on his face. "T-that is classified information..."

Michael's questioning glare turned into a smirk. "Oooh, hit a soft spot, didn't I?"

Squip looked up, glaring at Michael with an 'I'm gonna kill you in your sleep' kinda look. "No. It is merely confidential." His dark red ghost form slowly turned back to its normal light blue.

Jeremy wiggled his eyebrows, looking at Squip with a small smirk. He rubbed his arm against ghost Squip, his arm phasing right through. "Then why'd you turn all red~?" Jeremy wiggled his eyebrows again, this time catching Squip's attention. He turned dark red again, looking at the floor, fuming silently.

"My programming bans me to tell this to anyone but my owner and only if they ask," Squip said, turning darker and darker. Inside, he was practically pleading his owner not to ask-

"So... you can't tell him but you can tell me in private, right? And what if I tell him afterward?" Jeremy asked. It took him a minute to process what he was being called. "And don't call me 'owner'. It sounds like a fetish."

"First off, my binding to you does not allow you to tell any classified information to anyone else. I will have to shock you because I know if you're trying,"  Squip answered fluidly, still staying red. "And can we please discuss these things more... privately?"

"Sure... I guess..." Jeremy answered, leading his Squip to his bedroom. "Okay, now what are your updates? Spill."

Squip sighed, turning super red now. "Um, which order? Most innocent to least?"

Jeremy gave him a confused look. "Sure..??"

"Okay, so... now I have three forms out of your mind. One is the one where I'm merely a casting from your mind, a fragment of your imagination, another is my ghost or light form, where I collect photons from around me and manipulate them to give me a visible but untouchable shape. The last is that I can turn physical, where I collect the atoms around me and use that to make me touchable. I have updated emotions and it's the full house now, not just greed and power-lust. As in love, anger, sadness, disgust, joy, hate, and everything else. They also made me change color depending on which emotion I am emitting. I also have been given the power to use my owner's body to my need even when deactivated for a limited amount of time. My mental link to you is now much stronger and can be used at any time necessary and wanted. I have been given choices instead of goals. My vocabulary has been expanded in namecalling, for example, my ability to use pet names. I can now..." Squip started strong, stopping quickly once he got to this part. He turned away, his whole body literally radiating heat.

Jeremy looked at him impatiently. "Come on, spill!"

"I-I can now perform sexual acts for my owner if wanted or granted by my owner and can change my body shape to anything needed for their desire... a-and that's why I'm touchable now... Also with this update, I am not allowed to use my owner's actual name unless said sexually or seductively... I-I must call you by what you want me to call you, owner..." Squip scratched the nape of his neck worriedly, a concerned smile on his lips. He looked down, the weight of embarrassment crushing him.

"O-oh," Jeremy said, looking down at his hands. "So, I basically have more control over anything sexual I might want you to do and you have more control over, well, everything I guess," Jeremy said, chuckling. "You have to follow my requests, don't you."

"Y-yep..." Squip answered, hugging himself.

"Squip, call me pet names, Jeremy, and Master at whenever you deem appropriate," Jeremy said, blushing brightly.

"A-as you wish, Jeremy," Squip said, looking down.

"Hey hey, I won't make you do anything you don't want to," Jeremy said, hugging the more dominant male.

"Thank you," Squip answered, melting into his soft embrace.