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Lost in You

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“What’s its name?”


“I wanna see! Lemme see it!”


“I am Groot!”


“He says congratulations. NOW LET ME SEE IT!”


“Is my grandchild a guy or a girl?”


Gamora smiles softly, looking at the child she held in her arms. She looked up at her team, smiling. Apparently children make me soft .


“It’s a he Yondu, and yeah Rocket you can hold him. Thank you Groot, and his name is Samuel “Sam” Alexander-Quill, Drax.” Quill answered for her.


Gamora handed the child to Rocket, who smiled before poking his nose. Sam grabbed his finger, staring at it before looking into Rocket’s eyes, intensely, “Hi kid. My name’s Uncle Rocket. And I’m NOT a raccoon! When you’re older, I’m gonna teach you everything I know.”


“Yes Uncle Rocket, teach him how to use Quantum Guns and fly spaceships, versus using that last Nova helmet like we hoped he would.”


“Don’t worry Gamora, I’ll teach him about that too!” Rocket handed Gamora Sam back. He immediately started crying.


“Honey, how ‘bout you sing him a lullaby?” Quill suggested, smirking. Bastard. Of course he’ll make me sing in front of the family-yeah I guess family does work. This team really made me soft. Well, at least now I can embarrass him with one of his songs.


“Sure.” She changed her grip on Sam, smiling down at the crying infant. She then started singing softly;


You tried to lie and say I was everything
I remember when I said "I'm nothing without you"
I'm nothing without you


Somehow I found a way to get lost in you

Let me inside

Let me get close to you

Change your mind

I'll get lost if you want me to

Somehow I found a way to get lost in you


In you


The pain of it all, the rise and the fall

I see it all in you


Now everyday I find myself say

"I want to get lost in you"

I'm nothing without you


Gamora, Peter, Yondu and the rest of the Guardians smiles as the child fell quit, asleep in his mother’s now loving arms.