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Invisible (But Not To You)

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He was in the middle of a flip when it happened again.


Jimin grumbled as he felt the familiar tingling flood through his veins, warmth spreading right from the top of his head to the tips of his fingers and toes. He still made the landing, in fact it was the best one yet – not that anyone could see it.

“Don’t worry, Jimin!” Hoseok called from the other side of the room. Jimin turned to see him coming over, then glanced down at his hand – or where his hand should be. Great. He sighed, turning his palm over and seeing nothing but the wooden floor of the dance studio.

Hoseok, of course, ran right into him.

Jimin squeaked, hands coming up to protect his chest right as Hoseok barrelled into his shoulder.

Hoseok, predictably, screamed.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s me!” Jimin said hastily, reaching out to pat Hoseok on the shoulder and steady him back on his feet. Lucky they were both dancers and as a result had good balance. (Jimin wished he had as good control over his quirk).

“You’d think,” Hoseok panted, “That after knowing you this long I’d be used to the random invisibility. But no. No, each time, you manage to surprise me again.”

Jimin nodded miserably, forgetting that Hoseok couldn’t see him right now. “It was my best landing, too.”

“I’ll believe you,” Hoseok laughed, and peered in the direction of Jimin’s voice. “Can you come back now?”

Jimin heaved a heavy sigh, but closed his eyes and focused. The energy from his quirk was still flowing in his veins, filling him with a familiar tingling warmth. He reached out to try and grasp it, to rein it in, but it was a fickle thing and slipped through his fingers three times before he finally managed to pull it towards his core, and then he started to flash into sight again.

Hoseok watched as Jimin slowly reappeared, starting with his fingers, then his arms, then his legs, and finally his face, and let out a laugh at Jimin’s disgruntled expression.

Jimin pouted. “It was my best landing, I swear.”

“I’m not going to doubt you,” Hoseok agreed, still grinning. He patted Jimin on his shoulder. “Go on, get home. It’s time for the end of a session if you’re quirk’s starting to show through.”

“I’m fine,” Jimin argued, ignoring the ache in his muscles. “I want to nail this move.”

“You can nail it next week,” Hoseok waved him away. “Or tomorrow, if you sweet-talk me into letting you in after hours again.”

Jimin immediately perked up.

Hoseok saw his expression and rolled his eyes. “Calm down. We’re not even working towards a showcase right now.”

“I still want to nail it,” Jimin said stubbornly.

“And you will,” Hoseok answered with an airy flap of his hand. “I have every faith in your talent and work ethic, you’re my star student, etc. etc., but please go home and rest now.”

Jimin sighed, but obediently followed Hoseok towards the locker room. The rest of the class members had already gone home, the lockers quiet as Jimin went to the corner where he’d dumped his bag earlier.

He changed out of his outfit quickly, but opted to wait until he was home to take a shower, seeing how antsy Hoseok was getting standing in the corner holding the keys ready to lock up. Jimin threw his hoody on over his thin shirt and strode over to Hoseok, following him out of the building.

“Did I really do ok, though?” Jimin asked as he waited for Hoseok to lock up. “I messed up the footwork on the spin, I know, but I landed the jump so well right after I turned invisible—”

“You’re doing good, Jimin-ah,” Hoseok interrupted. “Your technique is great.”

“But is there anything I could improve on?”

Hoseok sighed, turning to meet Jimin’s eyes. “You’re good. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Your timing could use a little work, but you’ll get that with practice.”

Jimin gnawed on his lower lip. “Timing. How do I practice for that?”

Hoseok tilted his head, giving Jimin a searching look. It was the kind of look he got when he was trying to see more than what was right in front of him. “Have you ever done music theory?”

Jimin narrowed his eyes. “Like, in class? Or…”

“In class, yeah.”

Jimin bit his lip. “A little, in vocals, maybe? Why is that relevant?”

“Because,” Hoseok let out a sigh, “To really feel the dance, you gotta feel the music, you know?”

Jimin looked at him blankly.

“The beat is important, sure,” Hoseok continued, “But so is the melody. So are the harmonies. You’ve got to be able to feel all of it if you want to be one of the best, and you definitely have the potential for that.”

Jimin glowed a little at the praise, knowing it meant a lot coming from Hoseok, but still let out a frustrated sigh. “Well, how do I do that?” Music theory had never been one of his greatest talents. He’d just about scraped a pass in his vocal training course last year, but now he was in his final year things were getting a little more serious.

Hoseok was still giving him a considering look. There was that familiar distance in his eyes, his expression a little vacant, a little void, like he wasn’t quite there with Jimin. “Hm. How would you feel about a tutor?”

Jimin paused, surprised. “A dance tutor?”

“Yah, you saying there’s someone better than me out there?”

Jimin grinned. “I mean, probably if I searched around a bit…”

Yah.” Hoseok whacked him on the shoulder, but Jimin just laughed. “See if I help you again, ungrateful brat.”

“No, but really,” Jimin answered. “A tutor? Can you see that helping me with my timing? I really want to nail dance this year, it’s important.”

Hoseok waved him away. “You’ll nail it either way.”

“Yes, but do you see a tutor helping me?”

Hoseok frowned at him. “Jimin, what have I told you about trying to use my quirk for your own gain?”

Jimin pouted. “OK, but just a little bit. I’m not asking you to read my fortune, hyung, just tell me whether or not getting a tutor is going to make things better.”

“It’s not that simple,” Hoseok grumbled, but Jimin continued to look at him pleadingly. He knew Hoseok’s quirk was imperfect, that more often than not he just got a glimpse, or an impression, of something that might happen in the future, rather than a full vision. It wasn’t perfect, because the future wasn’t fixed, according to Namjoon when he’d been doing some research into quirks like Hoseok’s.

Hoseok wasn’t really bothered by it, apart from when Jimin bugged him to say whether or not he was going to pass a test or ace an audition.

“Come on,” Jimin wheedled, pulling out his best puppy dog eyes. He knew he had a good face for it, sweet and soft, it made people want to help him. He wasn’t against using that to his advantage on occasion. “I really want to do well in dance this year.”

Hoseok let out an exasperated sigh, and Jimin knew he had won. “OK, fine. Yes. A tutor could help you, I think – or at least increase your happiness.”

Jimin frowned. “My happiness?” He didn’t say it, but honestly, Jimin couldn’t see it. He wasn’t against hard work, but a tutor was only going to be giving him more to do. Not exactly a fast-track to happiness.

“I don’t know,” Hoseok said, tone thoughtful.

Jimin snorted. “Helpful.”

Hoseok cuffed him on the back of the head. “See if I ever do this for you again. But seriously. Music theory tutor. Try it.”

Jimin hummed. He weighed up the pros and cons in his mind; extra work but better dance skills (apparently), plus maybe some added revision for his vocal theory. He’d have less time for dance practice, but he already did too much of that, Hoseok was always telling him to rest. Maybe an extra hour a week of sitting at a desk wasn’t such a bad idea.

“I could get behind it,” Jimin answered finally. After all, ignoring Hoseok’s impressions had never done him any good in the past, because the thing Hoseok had seen usually just ended up happening anyway. “Who do I ask? Can I, like, put an advert on the internet?”

“I might know someone, actually,” Hoseok intervened. “One of the guys I rap with is a producer. Graduated from here a couple of years ago but he’s a wizard at anything music related. Min Yoongi. I could give him your details.”

Jimin squinted. “Not Namjoon-hyung?”

At that, Hoseok snorted. “You kidding? Namjoon’s a great rapper, doesn’t mean he’d be any good at teaching someone. You probably wouldn’t even make it through a single session alive.”

Jimin bit his lip to hold in his laughter. Hoseok had introduced Jimin to Namjoon ages ok and Jimin held him in very high regard, but he couldn’t deny that upon further thought Namjoon would be the worst person to ask for help. This was all relating back to dance, after all.

“So, this Yoongi.” Jimin asked, “You reckon I’d have better luck with him?”

“Yeah.” Hoseok’s voice grew a bit distant again. “Just have a good feeling about it, you know?”

Jimin had learned to trust Hoseok’s feelings.

He thought it over again, weighed up the idea of giving up his time to a total stranger against the possibility of improving his dance. It was worth a shot, right? The worst that could happen was an awkward hour and then he could just never go again. He and this Yoongi hadn’t crossed paths yet, if the worst happened and they didn’t get along then it shouldn’t be too difficult to avoid him.

“Alright then,” Jimin finally agreed. “Give him my number. Tell him to text me, if he’s fine with doing it, I mean.”

“Already have, actually,” Hoseok admitted with a wink. “He should be texting you later.”

Jimin squawked. “Hyung!”

“Like I said, I had a feeling,” Hoseok nudged him with a grin, then swung an arm around his shoulder to lead him out onto campus. “And it’s a good one. I think this could be really good for you, Jimin-ah.”

Jimin went along with him unwillingly, grumbling under his breath. “That still doesn’t give you the right to just give some random guy my number!”

“I won’t do it again,” Hoseok promised, “And Yoongi-hyung isn’t just some random guy, he’s my friend. Plus, I already knew you’d say yes, so.”

Jimin huffed. “Still, run it by me before you go ahead and make things happen next time, yeah?”

“You’re assuming there’ll be a next time that I help you,” Hoseok answered with a wicked grin.

Jimin whined, and hit him.

“Alright, alright, yah, you brat.” Hoseok relented, loosening his arm around Jimin’s shoulders as he dodged away. “I promise. Now please go home, before I feel guilty for working you too hard.”

“I could always go back and do another hour—”

“Go home, Jimin.”


Jimin did, indeed, get a text that night.

It was from an unknown number, and all it said was Tutoring. Meet at 5pm on Thursday at this coffee shop. Text back if inconvenient.  Attached to the message was a map pin for a café just outside campus. That was it. Proper punctuation, no emojis; hardly the most auspicious of starts.

Jimin lay upside-down on his sofa, phone in front of his face. He squinted at the screen, still unsure if this was even a good idea. Jimin liked people, but he could be awkward around someone he’d never met before, especially in a setting where there was no one else around.

“What do you think?” He asked without looking up.

Taehyung, from the other side of the couch, hummed. “What exactly did Hoseok say to you again?”

“Nothing very useful,” Jimin grumbled. He rolled over onto his stomach, almost sliding off the sofa in the process. “Just that he had a feeling, mostly.”

Taehyung hummed again. He reached out to prod Jimin’s leg with his toe. “I don’t think there’s much reason to be as nervous as you are. It’s just tutoring, loads of people do it and nothing awful happens to them.”

“You don’t know that,” Jimin answered. “People can get murdered when they’re alone with a perfect stranger.”

“So meet him somewhere public,” Taehyung shrugged. He prodded Jimin’s leg again, but this time the touch was meant to be soothing. “Seriously. It’ll be fine. Text him back.”

“You’ve never even met Hoseok,” Jimin whined. “These could be strange men setting me up for a disaster and you would never know.”

“Blink three times if you’re being kept under duress,” Taehyung answered without missing a beat. He even looked away from his book to face Jimin directly, peering into his eyes.

Jimin rolled them. Heavily.

“Well, you look fine to me.” Taehyung grinned, sitting back and throwing his legs across the back of Jimin’s calves.

Jimin huffed, then turned back to his phone. The text still sat there, innocently, like it wasn’t causing Jimin trouble right now. He trusted Hoseok, and if this guy really was a friend of his then Jimin supposed nothing could go too wrong.


There was a weight in his chest, something like nerves, or trepidation, maybe. But Taehyung was right, there was no reason to be nervous about this. He could go, feel things out, and if it didn’t work out then he’d never have to see the guy again.

Jimin caught his lower lip between his teeth, then sighed and texted back. Cafe at 5 works for me!! See you Thursday :DD

A reply buzzed in a couple of minutes later. See you then

No full stop, but still no emojis. Well. It was a slight improvement.

Jimin sighed, then saved the number as Tutor (Yoongi??) seeing as the guy hadn’t even introduced himself. He rolled back over onto his back and put his phone down next to him, grumbling. He had an essay to be working on and some reading to do for a seminar waiting for him in his room, but he was tired from dance practice and sleepy from the shower, his hair still a little damp. The temptation to just crawl into bed was strong.

“Hey,” Taehyung nudged him again, “Pass the remote?”

“What’chya watching?” Jimin reached for it on the floor, but withheld passing it over, shooting a narrow-eyed gaze at Taehyung.

Taehyung’s eyes widened innocently. “Nothing.”

“If it’s that weird anime again—”

“There’s a new episode!” Taehyung whined. “And I need to watch it so I can text that hot guy from your dance class about it.”

“Jeongguk’s a nerd, and so are you,” Jimin grumbled, but he gave up the remote anyway. Taehyung immediately turned the TV on but Jimin tuned it out, picking his phone back up instead. Maybe he could just distract himself with an app game or something.

“Go to bed,” Taehyung told him. “You’re tired, you’re allowed to sleep.”

Jimin grumbled. “I’m not that tired.”

“Yes you are,” Taehyung disagreed, “And it’s affecting my ability to watch this show, so go to bed.”

Jimin sighed, but his limbs felt heavy and thinking was growing slow, so he obediently rolled off the sofa onto the floor and dragged himself to his room.

His head had barely hit the pillow before he was falling asleep.


Thursday rolled around, and Jimin was having one hell of a hectic day.

Morning started off with a jog and some stretches, naturally, but he’d miscalculated and been late to class so he’d had to stay behind to get the worksheet off the lecturer, which delayed him going to lunch, which delayed him to dance practice, and then when he’d been racing across campus to get to the dance studios he’d accidentally let slip on his control and turned invisible mid-step, which made a first-year girl scream.

Jimin hated when that happened.

He’d just barely had time to yell an apology behind him before he legged it the rest of the way to the studios. He was the last one into the practice room, and flickered back into sight to mouth an apology to Hoseok, who’d simply rolled his eyes.

Jeongguk jumped when Jimin appeared out of nowhere right next to him. “Fuck’s sake, hyung, give a guy some warning.”

Jimin just laughed, leaning against Jeongguk’s side. Dance practice was one place Jimin no longer felt so self-conscious about his quirk; his teammates were too used to him flickering in and out of sight to be surprised by it anymore. Plus, most people in dance had some kind of physical quirk, which Hoseok tried to make the most out of when he choreographed their dances. Jimin had been thrilled when Hoseok had been kept on by the dance team after he graduated to continue to coach some of the teams, as Hoseok had a knack for putting the best people together (probably something to do with the fact that he could predict anything going majorly wrong, and so knew who to put together and who to keep away).

Last year, Jimin had been teamed with a guy named Jeongdae who was in the same year as him, but this year Hoseok had paired him with Jeongguk instead, who was a new first-year who’d got onto the team on his first audition. He was annoyingly good, but Jimin liked him so far, finding him kind-hearted beneath a slightly rough exterior.

Plus, Jeongguk had caught one look at Taehyung once when Tae came to meet Jimin after practice and promptly turned bright red and attempted to hide behind a pillar, so Jimin also found him ridiculously endearing.

“Did I miss much?” Jimin asked as he stretched.

Jeongguk shook his head. “Hoseok-hyung just finished the introduction. We’re working in pairs today, so we should try and get the jump down.”

Jimin groaned internally. Hoseok had choreographed something that had the potential to be really breathtaking for him and Jeongguk, but it was hard. It involved Jimin vaulting off Jeongguk and leaping through the air, flickering invisible just as he landed so it looked like he simply disappeared. It was awesome, but it took the kind of control that Jimin still struggled with. His quirk was fickle, much more so than Jeongguk’s, who only had to click his fingers and he stopped feeling pain until he clicked his fingers again.

(It was great in dance, because it meant he could execute some pretty brilliant techniques, including lifting Jimin, but it was also easy for Jeongguk to accidentally overdo it. Jimin resolved to keep an eye on him).

With a sigh, Jimin finished his stretches and got to his feet, beckoning Jeongguk over to an unoccupied space in the busy practice room. “Come on, then. Get ready to throw me.”

Jeongguk rolled his eyes. “You weigh nothing, hyung, I barely even need my quirk.”

“Still, be careful.” Jimin eyed him closely. “We’ll only run it a few times, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You literally can’t,” Jeongguk grouched, but sighed when Jimin only narrowed his eyes. “Ok, ok, I’ll be careful.”

Jimin nodded, satisfied, and moved into his starting position.

Jimin loved dance, but damn was this move hard. He gripped onto his quirk with as much control as he had, but the sharp bursts of power that warmed his veins were hard to predict and it took an inordinate amount of concentration to get it to act at the exact moment that he wanted it to. Mostly, his quirk was just very happy that he was giving it some free rein to bop out and turn him invisible, and as a result grew very excitable.

Out of all seven times that he and Jeongguk ran the lift, he only managed to turn invisible at the right time once. The rest of the time, he flickered in and out of sight almost at random, and once even managed to turn Jeongguk invisible with him, which made Jeongguk let out an indignant squawk.

“Sorry, sorry!”

Hyung, I hate this, you know—”

“I know, I know, I’m sorry!”

“Turn me back now!”

“Working on it!” Jimin huffed, jumping back to the ground and letting go of Jeongguk. Instantly, Jeongguk came back into view, huffing and looking extremely unsettled.

Jimin stifled a laugh.

“I hate you sometimes,” Jeongguk grumbled, but there was no real ire behind his words. “Looking down and not seeing yourself is really disturbing, I couldn’t even see if I was standing right, I could have twisted my ankle!”

“I’m sorry,” Jimin apologised, still giggling a little. “Want me to check?”

“Yes please.”

Jimin was already crouching down. He beckoned Jeongguk closer and carefully felt around his ankle, looking for any swelling or sign that he might have done something without realising. Jeongguk’s quirk was great, but it meant he couldn’t rely on pain to tell him if he’d overdone something. As a result, Jimin was always meticulous about checking him over at the end of every practice.

“Having fun down there, Jiminie?”

Jimin jumped and cursed, spinning around on his knees. There was a figure looming over him, and a quick glance up told Jimin it was Jeongdae, his old partner.

Jimin smiled a little ruefully. “Gotta look after the fresh blood, that’s all. How are you doing?”

“Not bad,” Jeongdae answered, folding his arms and leaning against the wall as Jimin went back to checking Jeongguk’s ankle. “New partner isn’t as light as you, or as happy to be leaping all over the place. Saw your move though, looks awesome from the bits I could see.”

“Thanks.” Jimin beamed up at him at the praise, but Jeongguk snorted behind him. Jimin elbowed him before getting back to his feet. “Think you’re all good, Gukkie.”

“Yeah, now that I’m visible again,” Jeongguk muttered. He flexed his feet a couple of times and then clicked his fingers, followed by an immediate wince.

Jimin cast him a worried once-over. “Where are you sore?”

“Nowhere,” Jeongguk answered quickly.

Jimin levelled him with a look.

Jeongguk sighed. “My calf aches a little bit. Otherwise I’m really fine, hyung.”

“Promise me you’ll take a salt bath when you get home.”

“Promise,” Jeongguk said with only minimal eye-rolling.

Jimin nodded, satisfied, and Jeongguk turned to start packing up his bag.

Jeongdae laughed a little when Jimin turned back to him, still leaning against the wall. Jimin smiled back, leaning beside him. He was a little sore himself, still needing to stretch out, but he hadn’t seen Jeongdae properly since the winter holidays ended and they’d got on well the year before.

“So your quirk,” Jeongdae started.

Jimin raised his brows. “What about it?”

Jeongdae shrugged. “You still seem to be having trouble controlling it, that’s all.”

“It’s a bitch,” Jimin said vehemently, making Jeongdae laugh again.

“I don’t mind helping you try and figure it out,” Jeongdae offered slowly. “We were making progress last year.”

Jimin pursed his lips. “I still turned you invisible way more times than necessary, I’m not really sure how much that can be called progress.

Jeongdae laughed again, edging a step closer. Jimin took a step back and found himself in the corner, but Jeongdae stayed looming over him. “Still, I enjoyed it, Jiminie. Miss dancing with you.”

Jimin smiled back a little uncertainly. One quick look over Jeongdae’s shoulder showed that the practice room had emptied, apart from Hoseok packing away the music player in the corner.

Jimin swallowed.

“Yeah, well, it was fun,” Jimin answered, keeping a pleasant smile on his face. “Still, I have loads of practice with Jeonggukkie now, and that’s going well. I’m sure you and your new dance partner are doing great, too. It was Seongwoo, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Jeongdae answered, but he made a face. “He isn’t as small and cute as you, though.”

Jimin tittered nervously. “Yes! Well! I have to go.”

Jeongdae lifted a brow. “Oh?”

Jimin nodded determinedly, racking his brains for an excuse. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Hoseok picking up his bags. “Um, you know, important essays drowning me, the usual.”

Jeongdae grinned. “Just as disorganised as ever, huh? That’s my Jiminie.”

An unpleasant shudder ran down the back of Jimin’s spine. He gestured behind Jeongdae, seeing as he was still trapped in the corner by his broad shoulders. At times like these, he wished he could just flash invisible and disappear for real, finally put his quirk to some good use.

But that was rude, and Jimin might be uncomfortable, but he prided himself on always keeping his manners. “Anyway. Uh. I’ve really gotta go, Jeongdae.”

Finally, Jeongdae seemed to get the hint, and backed up a step. Jimin still had to dodge out under his arm to get away, though, and there was an unpleasant tingling at the back of his neck as he made his way over to Hoseok.

Hoseok looked up at the sound of his footsteps and grinned when his eyes alighted on Jimin.

Jimin smiled back. It was almost impossible not to smile back at Hoseok, who was just about the smiliest person Jimin knew. He had a warm personality that went with it, too, exuding comfort and a trusting air. No wonder he was such a good coach.

“Hey!” Hoseok looked at Jimin, then glanced over his shoulder. “No trouble, I hope?”

“No, no, it’s nothing,” Jimin dismissed, and hooked his thumbs around his bag, “Just came to say I was leaving. Good session today, though!”

“Yes, I thought so,” Hoseok said with another brilliant smile. “You and Jeongguk looked to be making good progress.”

“Thanks, hyung. He needs to watch himself, though.”

“Agreed. Oh, and Jimin?” Hoseok put down the music player and turned to face him. “You’re meeting Yoongi for that tutoring later, aren’t you?”

Jimin blinked slowly, but then his eyes lit up with recognition and he nodded. “Oh! Yes! Yes, he texted me.”

“I knew it,” Hoseok said smugly.

“I’d be more worried if you didn’t,” Jimin grumbled, turning to leave.

Hoseok stopped him with a hand to his shoulder. “One thing, though. Give Yoongi a fair chance, yeah?”

Jimin turned back to him, brows furrowing. “Uh. Yeah…?”

“He’s just.” Hoseok grimaced for a moment, then sighed. “Ah, you’ll see. He’s a bit prickly at first, but underneath it all he’s really genuine, you know?”

Jimin didn’t know. But he nodded anyway. “Sure. I’m looking forward to it.”

That was maybe a white lie. Jimin had slightly forgotten about the arrangement, which was only leaving him very minimal time to race back to his apartment with Tae, grab something to eat, and then race back to the coffee shop he’d agreed to meet Yoongi at. He was going to need to double-check the text from him to make sure he got the right place, too.

All in all, Jimin was a little peeved. But Hoseok said this would be worth it, so he was going to go, however much his body ached for a rest right now.

He bid Hoseok farewell, grabbed his bag, and started the trek back to his apartment.


The coffee shop was busy when Jimin arrived.

He paused in the doorway, glancing around at all the tables flooded with students and families and a couple of excited children, then to the queue formed by the counter with a harried-looking businessman and a couple who seemed to be all over each other.

Jimin side-stepped out of the way of the doorway and glanced around again, slowly. He realised the problem with not being properly introduced to whoever he was supposed to meet – he had absolutely no idea what this Yoongi looked like. He should have made Hoseok send him a photo.

Jimin did another careful scour of the café – the boy with headphones hunched over a laptop sitting opposite a small family; the man who was bundled up in a scarf and jumper and gloves and hat when it wasn’t that cold, sure it was January but the sun was out; the only other person sitting alone was a young woman searching through a folder in front of her covered in papers. Jimin might have seen sheet music among her things? Was Yoongi a girl, and Jimin had just misheard the name?

Frowning, Jimin slid his phone out of his pocket and typed out a text to Tutor (Yoongi??): Where are you? I’m here but idk what you look like lol oops

He looked up again just in time to catch the guy bundled up in all the scarf-hat-gloves combo extract his phone from his pocket.

Jimin’s phone buzzed.

From: Tutor (Yoongi??): Are you the guy hovering by the door looking completely lost?

Jimin swallowed. He could feel heat rising to his cheeks and typed back savagely Well are you the one wearing the ridiculous amount of layers?? The sun is out you know??

When Jimin looked up, the guy wearing the scarf and hat was staring right at him.

Their eyes met.

The guy smirked and lifted two fingers, beckoning Jimin over.

Jimin felt it like a pull, the way his feet just automatically moved closer. He approached the guy’s table and stood over him, enjoying the way his eyes had lifted to meet Jimin’s, the way the smallest of smirks was still present on his face.

“Yoongi-ssi?” Jimin asked, tilting his head.

The guy moved his scarf enough out of the way to nod. “Jimin, I presume?”

His voice was deeper than Jimin had expected, a low rough rasp spoken in a lazy drawl. He was holding Jimin’s eye-contact without breaking for even a moment. It was intense.

Jimin pulled away and bowed quickly. “Yes! Hello, Yoongi-ssi, sorry, I didn’t know who to look for.”

“That was apparent.” Yoongi’s low drawl was tinged with amusement.

Jimin frowned down at him, pulling out the chair opposite him and taking a seat. It wasn’t like Yoongi had made any effort to tell Jimin to look out for him, he’d only given the barest of information possible. In fact, Jimin really had no idea what to expect, or even how long he’d be here.

Yoongi was still looking at him with amusement colouring his dark eyes. Bleach blond hair flopped onto his forehead, mostly hidden by the black beanie, and a grey scarf covered the lower half of his face so that all Jimin really had to go on were his eyes.

“Well,” Jimin grumbled, “You could have just told me to look for the person dressed like he comes from the ice age.”

A low, rumbling chuckle emanated from somewhere behind the scarf. “Says the kid in shorts. It’s winter.”

“I run a lot,” Jimin defended.

“Not enough to warrant shorts.” Yoongi’s lazy drawl was a bit hard to read, but Jimin thought there was still amusement in his eyes.

Either way, Jimin rolled his eyes and leaned forward. Yoongi’s stare was intense, and Jimin shifted in his seat, trying to remember whether or not he’d even put on decent clothes and if he still smelled from the quick shower he’d taken after dance. His orange hair colour was fading, he knew, so at least he looked less like a beacon now. Not that it seemed Yoongi would mind bright hair, considering his own bleached hair that peeked out of the bottom of his beanie.

“So,” Yoongi broke the short silence, and reached up to begin unwinding his scarf. “Now that you’re here. You want music theory tutoring?”

“Sort of.” Jimin examined the table, the notebook spread open in front of Yoongi, writing so illegible that Jimin had no hope of reading any words, the pen strewn lazily across it. “I mean, yes, I want music theory tutoring, but I was kind of put up to it.”

“What a surprise,” Yoongi said dryly. “So was I.”

Jimin grinned. “Hoseok-hyung?”

“Hoseok,” Yoongi agreed

Jimin looked up, and the grin fell off his face. Yoongi had unwound his scarf, and now Jimin could see the rest of his face, and – and oh.

A cute button nose, soft thin lips, a roundish jaw but broad shoulders, hands that were bigger than Jimin’s and long-fingered, attractive – help, he looked so soft

Jimin’s heart stuttered in his chest.

“Fucking Hoseok.” Yoongi was still speaking. Right. Focus, Jimin, focus on the words in that rough rasp, such a contradiction to the softness of his features. “Always poking his nose in. Still. You’re here now, so show me what you know.”



Ok. Jimin could do that.

“Uh,” he said eloquently, and forced himself to look away from Yoongi’s neck (his adam’s apple and paler skin, help) back to his eyes.

They were trained intensely on Jimin, and Jimin lost his focus again. That dark gaze pinned him, and fuck, he hadn’t come to terms with his potential tutor being so attractive yet.

“Show you what, exactly?” Jimin managed around a suddenly dry throat.

Yoongi smirked. (Help him. Why the fuck was he so attractive). “Whatever you’ve got. Hoseok said you were kind of hopeless, so I’m not expecting much.”

Jimin should be offended by something in there.

A second too late, Jimin squawked. “Hey! Hoseok-hyung wouldn’t say it as blunt as that.”

“He’d still be saying you know fuck all,” Yoongi shrugged.

Jimin squawked again.

“Look, I don’t mind,” Yoongi said, straightening a little in his seat. “You knowing fuck all is kind of the point of this whole thing. I’m not going to be frustrated at you, I just need to know where we’re starting from if we’re going to do this.”


“Right,” Jimin managed, clearing his throat. He nodded. “Ok, yes. That sounds sensible.”

“Good.” Yoongi leaned down to his bag on the floor, and his oversized hoody slipped slightly to the side, revealing a collarbone and a wide, broad shoulder.

Jimin tightened his fists on the edge of the table and swallowed.

When Yoongi sat back up again, he made a surprised noise, and then looked straight into Jimin’s eyes. Which. Jimin was not prepared for.

“Uh.” For the first time, Yoongi sounded just a little unsettled. “Uh, is this what Hoseok warned me about you?”

Jimin blinked at him. “What?”

Yoongi gestured to the floor. “This.”

“This what?”

“The table’s fucking gone, that’s what.”

Jimin blinked again. Looked down.


His fingers were still gripping onto the table, he could feel the table, but… but the table was no longer in sight. He’d made it invisible. On his first time meeting Yoongi, Jimin had made the fucking table invisible.

“Oh.” Jimin slowly looked back up to meet Yoongi’s curious gaze. “Oh, yeah. That’s me. Sorry.”

Yoongi raised a brow.

“Happens when I’m nervous,” Jimin said, trying to ignore the frantic pounding of his heart because it also happened when he was incredibly distracted by an attractive face and a low, drawling voice.

Yoongi made a low sound of amusement. “Think you can un-do whatever it is that you did? I kind of need my notebook.”

“Oh.” Jimin flushed, desperately trying to will his cheeks not to turn too red. “Right. Yeah.”

Yoongi was still pinning him with that dark, amused stare.

Jimin forced himself to look away, and slowly unclenched his hands. The minute he wasn’t touching the table anymore, it flashed back into focus, dark wood and notebook and pen all still intact.

Yoongi hummed. “Interesting quirk.”

“It’s a lot more bother than it’s worth,” Jimin told him with a grumble.

Yoongi gave a short laugh. “I can imagine. Does that happen every time you meet new people?”

Jimin levelled him with a look. “Are you judging me, Yoongi-ssi?”

“I’m just wondering how it can be possible for you to walk into a classroom for the first time,” Yoongi answered, that smirk playing about his mouth again.

Jimin huffed. “Honestly. You know a guy five minutes and you’re already getting judged, I cannot believe.”

Yoongi laughed again, and this time his lips turned up in a true smile. A small smile, but Jimin could see a hint of warmth to his features, and it instantly made him look completely soft again.

Jimin was at great risk of melting.

“Right, so,” Yoongi sat forward and passed Jimin a lined journal that he’d picked from his bag. “Got this for you. Show me how much of fuck-all you know and we’ll go from there.”

Soft, but hard at the same time. Help. Jimin didn’t stand a chance at all.


By the end of an hour, two things had been determined.

One: Jimin really did know fuck-all about music theory, and Yoongi was having to take him through the very basics (although he’d been pleased that Jimin at least knew how to read music).

Two: Jimin was very, very hopeless when it came to being around people he developed instant crushes on.

He’d turned invisible at least three times, and turned the table and notebooks invisible for one of them too. Yoongi seemed to find it more amusing than anything, as Jimin had earned more smiles and chuckles and the occasional smirk than frowns and displeasure from Yoongi.

“Ok, we’ll call it a day there,” Yoongi said once Jimin had thrown himself back in his chair in frustration after still not understanding what transposition meant.

Jimin grumbled. “I’m not completely hopeless, I swear.”

“I believe you,” Yoongi answered easily. He paused in packing away his notebook to lean his chin on his fist, regarding Jimin with a lazy stare. “You actually know a fair bit more than I was expecting.”

Jimin let a wry smile tug at his lips. “Hoseok-hyung really sold my talent, huh.”

Yoongi huffed another laugh. He pushed back the journal when Jimin tried to give it back to him. “No, you keep that. Homework for next time is to look over those key signatures again, you seemed to get them pretty well.”

Jimin perked up a bit at the praise. He couldn’t help it, hearing praises in Yoongi’s low drawl sent a bit too much of a thrill through him. He tried to keep his cool as he asked, “Next time?”

“Sure. Next week, same time?” Yoongi looked at him again, blond hair falling into his eyes.

Jimin smiled, eyes curving. “Yes, Yoongi-ssi, that works for me.”

Yoongi held his gaze, regarding him for long enough that the back of Jimin’s neck started to tingle.

“Hyung,” Yoongi murmured finally.

Jimin blinked. “What?”

“Call me hyung,” Yoongi said, and then got straight to his feet, scarf wound around him again, bag slung over his shoulder. “See you next week.”

Jimin watched him leave with his heart pounding a bit too hard.

Despite now sitting at the table alone, Jimin felt warm and full of coffee and hopeful that actually, these tutoring sessions might be worth it. He’d learned quite a lot even in that hour, though he still didn’t really know how it was supposed to help him with dance. He’d have to ask Hoseok next time he saw him.

Speaking of Hoseok, Jimin was a bit confused by Hoseok’s earlier warning to give Yoongi a chance. There’d been nothing Yoongi said or did that worried Jimin at all; even if he was a bit sharp-tongued on occasion it had always been in jest. In fact, Jimin had almost the opposite problem. He definitely liked Yoongi a little more than he should after just one meeting.

Jimin’s fingers lingered over the soft black cover of the journal Yoongi had given him, and he wasn’t even surprised when it flickered out of sight along with Jimin himself.