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For the longest time he had dubbed himself Rabbit.


Even though he was considered nothing more than Project Nomu: Beta.03 .


But, how could he not call himself Rabbit? He looked just like one.


Well, a gaunt, long faced rabbit with a sharp pointed bottom jaw, and mouth that appeared to have no lips.


His his mouth was stretched forcefully in a smile that would send shivers down even the most terrifying villains spines.


Large bulging eyes that seemed almost too big for his head swiveled to and fro, mindlessly watching their surroundings.


His head was attached to a thin neck, that looked as if it would snap if a strong wind came and blew on it.


Small patches of scales appeared at random areas on his thin blackish green body, the most prominent patch creeps along the right side of his lower jaw.


The deceptively thin body he has is home to frightfully long and gaunt legs, with twisted and patchy flesh that eerily resembled a rabbit’s back legs.


His feet have long sharp claws attached to all five digits on his feet, and gangly arms droop lazily to rest on the ground.


Connected to the arms are disturbingly human hands, perfectly intact.


The look is completed with long, ragged, and rabbit like ears that droop downwards of the sides of his head.


And the soft noticeable smell of death that would cling to his soft leathery skin would always disturb those with a keen sense of smell.


So all in all, Rabbit , thought he looked like a rabbit- a rather scary, nightmarish version of a rabbit, but that was okay with him, because unlike all other nomus.. He could remember what a rabbit was.


He could remember animals, he could remember grass and trees. He could even remember the feeling of sun beating down on light, soft skin.


But the one thing that would always stand out in the small amount of things he could recall, would have to be the fleeting image of a small ash-blonde child who always seemed so upset .


That was the one thing that would keep him busy with the other voices in head for days , after all, noumu should not be able to remember anything, but nonetheless, Rabbit was different from the rest.


And if there was one thing he could be happy for, it would be the fact he was not as mindless as any of the others.


Hey look- Look look look! Here comes handman again!! Look look look!


A male voice excitedly chirps in Rabbit’s head, causing the noumu to focus his eyes where the voice was mentally pointing.


Sure enough the man covered in hands was back again, observing some of the other Noumu before pausing in front of Rabbit’s container, a dark smile tugging at the hand covered man’s lips.


“You would be perfect for my next game.” The man murmurs, licking chapped lips as a dark, twisted grin makes itself present on his face.


“You would be a great secondary surprise boss to throw at All Might .” He says this while scratching at his scabbed neck.

Handman turns around and swiftly walks out, muttering something about a USJ .

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Rabbit did not fully understand why he had been made the way he had been. He never understood why the doctors liked to cause harm to others when it made no sense . Why hurt someone like that when there was no real point to make something hurt if only to find amusement in their suffering?


Maybe it’s because they just want to break someone! The voice from the other day rumbles to Rabbit , causing the noumu to sigh sadly as he watched another person get dragged through past his container.


It was saddening hearing the cries and begging of people before they’re turned into Noumu, it always hurt just hearing someone scream in pain, begging and crying for someone to help, even when the help never came.


Soon enough, Rabbit felt the need to cover his ears when the screams began, begging of someone to please save them, that they didn’t want to die.


Rabbit couldn’t handle the screams .


Rabbit barely managed to take notice of the lights turning off as the last person finally left the building.


Rabbit couldn’t handle the painful screams from that person anymore


He couldn’t handle the sobs he could still hear.


He couldn’t..

He wouldn’t.


And those were his last coherent thoughts as he unlike any other Noumu before him, broke out of his container.


When Rabbit snapped back mentally, he was inside of the room that held the source of the sobbing that hurt Rabbit .


“Pl-Please.. I d-don’t want to be hurt again.” The person says when he notices Rabbit who looks down at him before holding out a hand.


“I-I help.” he manages to mutter, mentally wincing at his deep garbled voice grated at his own ears, however the soft spoken words seemed to have calmed the person down enough for them to shakily take ahold of Rabbit’s hand that was offered.


Rabbit looks tiredly at the person before he pulled them closer before he gently grabbed the person’s head, making them jerk a bit.


“H-Hey- you s-said you were going t-to help ” The person stutters out to Rabbit , still not having been able to see the noumu’s body.


“I am.” Rabbit whispers this before he twists harshly with his head that had been holding the person’s head. A loud sickening snap echoes in the room before Rabbit gently lays the now dead person onto the ground as some faint words came from a distant memory- they urged him to say something.


“Have no fear,” He whispers this softly as he looks at the corpse before he turned away and lumbered back to the door, taking one last peek at the corpse before the last few words slip through his mouth. “For I am here .”


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It was slightly chilly today outside with a twenty percent chance for rain, or at least that’s what Inko had heard from some of the doctors here at the hospital she had been living in for about nine years now.


Inko had been living at a mental hospital for nine years, nearly one year after her sweet little Izuku had gone missing due to her failure to protect her child. It was her fault her baby was gone. She should have just insisted that her little Izuku and his childhood friend Katsuki stay at her home to play, but she didn’t.. She let them go to the park about ten minutes away from home and the last thing she had ever told her son wasn’t I love you . It was ‘Come back home before it gets dark okay Izuku?’


The loss had torn at her from the seams, leaving her nothing but a hollow shell until she had tried to take her life almost a year after her little sunshine had disappeared, only for her suicide attempt to have been stopped by her best friend from her own childhood, Mitsuki Bakugou, who had planned a surprise visit to her best friend, only to have found Inko attempting her own life with a knife to her wrist.


Which is how Inko had ended up in the mental hospital for the last nine years,  but the doctors say her depression was getting better lately, there’s even been some talk about letting her be checked out of the mental hospital too.


A soft knock draws Inko’s attention from the window she had been lifelessly staring at, turning to look at the doorway where a tall teen stood, messy ash-blonde hair pointing in every direction possible. A basket in one arm while he held a foldable table in the other, the boy having used his foot to make some sort of sound as to not startle the green haired lady.


“Hey Auntie Inko..” The red eyed teen says this as he walks into the room, finally having gotten his secondary mother figure’s attention, her previously dead, glazed over eyes had instantly lit up when she say the teen.


“Katsuki! You’re back.” Inko says this, a smile on her face as she gently pats her bed, gesturing the middle schooler, (or was he in high school now?)  to sit down next to her, smiling kindly to the teen.


“My stupid old hag sent some food with me for us to eat while I’m here.” Katsuki says this, his red eyes soft as he looks at the frail woman before he gently set down the basket next to her so he could set up the foldable table he had rented to use here in Inko’s room.


“How have your grades been? Have you been keeping up with your grades sweetie?” Inko says this softly, a gentle tone in her voice as she spoke to the blonde setting up the temporary table by her bed.

“I’m top in the class Auntie.” Katsuki says this softly as he finishes setting up the table before he grabs the basket of food,  gently setting the bentos of food down on the table. “The old hag sent some Katsudon with me this time, and it’s still warm since it was just made before I left home to come here.” Katsuki says this gently as he opens Inko’s bento, smiling gently before he handed her a pair of chopsticks.


“Katsuki dear.. You shouldn’t call your mom an old hang.”  Inko says this, shaking her head slightly in amusement due to the way the boy spoke about his mother.


“Sorry Auntie.” Katsuki says this, blushing sheepishly at the light scolding he had received. “I’ll try not to do it again.” He says this softly to Inko who just smiled back at the boy.


“No worries sweetie.” she says this before they both began to eat their cooling dinner in a comfortable silence.  Sadly, soon enough it was time for Katsuki to leave or else he could miss the last train back home.


“I’ll come back again tomorrow okay Auntie?” Katsuki says this after he backs everything up. “I was told I could leave the table here when I leave since they’re going to come check up on you soon anyways.” Katsuki says this, smiling slightly to his aunt.


“Alright Kastuki- Oh! But before you go.. Could you tell me something sweetie?” Inko says this, as if she had just remembered something.


“Sure thing. I have another twenty minutes before the train gets there, but it’s about a ten minute walk from here to the station.” He says this softly before looking back up to Inko.


“I couldn’t help but notice that you forgot to mention Izuku and his grades again sweetie.. You two are still in the same class right??  I know he’s been terribly busy lately where he couldn’t see me during your visit again… so I’m worried about his grades.. Is his grades fine?? Is he fine?” Inko says this, worry in her voice as she rapid fired these questions to Katsuki, who gave Inko a slightly strained smile.


“O-Oh.. Yeah… Deku’s second in class- right after me of course… and I’m sorry he’s been too busy to come see you Auntie.. He’s been studying really, really hard for finals. He told me that he wished he could make it with me to these trips but he’s just a little too busy right now… Sorry Auntie.” Katsuki says this softly, voice cracking a bit as he blatantly lied to his secondary mother figure who just smiled and nodded.


“Alright.. Well, please do remind him that I would love it if he could come and visit his poor old mother alright dear?” She says this before she shoos  Katsuki. “Now go on, you should leave now or else you’ll get stuck with traffic dear.”


Katsuki nods before he slowly walked out the room, barely making it outside to shut the door to her hospital room before the tears started to fall from his eyes as he leaned against the door to Inko’s room.


Katsuki covered his eyes with his free hand as he cried there silently in front of the closed door to Inko Midoriya’s room.


Katsuki did not make it to the train on time that night and ended up having his dad come and pick him up.


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It was dark again silence roaming through the dark and dead building, no one around anymore due to everyone having gone home for the day, and as always at this time.. Rabbit wondered just like anyone would do when they were alone.


Rabbit wondered what the point to life is if it was filled with nothing but pain, is that perhaps why people kill themselves?


Either that or they just gave up on life Little One A soft voice chimes in, making Rabbit tilt his head.


“Ah.. yeah maybe. I don’t think I would know.. Unless one of you tried before you ended up here.” Rabbit mutters this back softly to the voice as he gently pushed open his container, (or at least, Rabbit’s version of gentle.) taking a slow step out of the container.


Are you going to finally leave this place Little One ? The same voice whispers to him, causing the noumu to stop in mid step, having not even thought of that, he lets out a soft strangled noise at the thought of even leaving the building.


It both terrified and thrilled Rabbit at the thought of going outdoors- but he knew he shouldn’t because he was Noumu , meaning he lived here and only here.


Oh come on, have some courage for once you fucking coward. Someone snarls in his head, making Rabbit wince and whimper at the pure anger and hate in the deep grouchy voice that continued to urge the large noumu to leave the building and all the pain behind.


“I-I can’t…” He whispers this as he takes a few timid steps away from his container, before he stopped, making another strangled noise before he felt himself being pushed back mentally.


Let me take control then you fucking coward. I’ll get us the fuck out of here so you don’t have to keep your stupid sniveling up and annoying me so stop fighting back already you stupid brat, you’re just a walking skin suit for us so shut up and let me have control.


The voice demanded as it pushed again at Rabbit who growled a bit as he held his head in both hands, growling and whimpering. “Stop stop stop stop- I don’t wanna nearly kill anyone again p-please.. I don’t wanna suffocate someone…” He whimpers before the feeling suddenly disappears.


Its okay kid… The mean man is gone for now.. The soft calm voice whispers as the pain Rabbit was feeling slowly went back to normal levels as he whimpered out thank you to the kind voice. No worries kid.. So don’t worry alright? So just take deep breaths and get up alright?


The voice was kind and understanding to Rabbit, that voice was the voice Rabbit liked out of all the others-  she was always very nice and not screaming at him like one of the other voices did, and due to this, she reminded Rabbit of.. someone that he had known before he was like this .


Rabbit leaves the containment area to slowly wander the halls for something to do, as he walked through the halls, he silently kept a muttered conversation with kind voice in his head, feeling happiness as he continued the pleasant conversation until something caught his eye on the left, making him freeze up and snap his head in that direction.


There before him sat a monster that looked like some sort of mutated Rabbit- it made Rabbit’s heart leap to his throat before he forced himself to calm down and slowly approach the mirror, his large eyes staring at the form in front of him, slowly raising a hand upwards before gently putting the human like hand on the glass, a small unhappy noise leaves the noumu’s maw as he stared at the monster in front of him.


“Unnatural.” He whispers this softly before he hissed. “Not natural.. Freak.. Monster.” He whispers this as he stares unforgivingly at his reflection.


His stomach was twisting painfully  as he stared at himself through the glossy mirror like glass. “Just.. who am I?” he whispers this softly, the reflection he stares at gives no answers.. But neither do the voices in his head, for once.. Everything was silent as Rabbit stared at his reflection.


Rabbit ends up staring at his reflection for hours until the humans for the morning appear.

Rabbit almost doesn’t make it back to his container in time before the humans got there to check all the other noumu.


For once.. Rabbit was thankful for the strange quirks he had, after all, had he not had them.. He probably would have never made it into his container and shut it before any of the other humans got there.


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Rabbit should have thought more before he had done what he did a few days prior, because of the sudden death that had happened in the middle of the night, the whole pace was on lockdown and security was rather tight- especially after his container had been found unlocked.


This fact had saddened Rabbit, but nowhere near as how sad he was when he watched someone drag a large garbage bag out that obviously had the corpse of the stranger he had helped.


It hurt to see the way the body was treated after it was no longer animated, but the swift death that Rabbit had delivered was much more merciful than what the human would have endured if he had not intervened and helped.

Sometimes Rabbit wondered if it was okay that he just sat here and watched it all happen when he could be out there helping people


Or your worthless ass could be robbing banks for me. The bold, dark voice hisses at Rabbit mentally, making the Noumu shift slightly.


I think I would much rather him help people and show them that he is here to help. The soft feminine voice whispers to Rabbit, sending a rippling wave of comfort through his body.


I’d honestly prefer it too- but it would be even better if he could figure out a way to split us all up into individual bodies again.


Rabbit blinks a little bit at the somewhat deep male voice, having not heard that one in a while- or at least not since ‘handman’ had shown up about two weeks ago.


Of course, Rabbit shouldn’t be that surprised by the fact that the third voice had finally shown back up again,  after all it was a little unusual if he was ever left in complete silence from one voice for too long.


Sorry I took so long to actually speak up- I was trying to figure out some way we could split up but.. Nope. Not possible until we find out how exactly we were made- but that's fine since we can just search for the notes when security loosens up again.


Rabbit shakes a little bit at this, of course the other male voice was trying to figure things out again - but that was fine  Rabbit guessed, as long as he didn’t act like the mean voice.. Then again, Rabbit was fine with anything the other had decided to do in its free time (which was all the time but still)


Leave it for that idiot to get lost in thought for two fucking weeks. You’d think he’d at least know this chromedome a little better but I guess fucking not.


And there goes the joyful mood as always, let it be known that the rude male voice never let any of them be happy for very long.


Oh hush it- Both of you, can’t you two see you aren’t exactly helping the poor kid?


Of course when the feminine voice spoke up, the other two quickly shut up, making Rabbit rumble slightly in gratitude as he felt his eyes get a little heavy before the world drifted away as his eyes closed.




When Shigaraki had been told of another Noumu that was designed to go up against All Might , he was ecstatic about the hidden boss that he could add to his game against All Might.


The thought of two noumu being able to withstand All Might was enthralling to Shigaraki- especially after he was told what quirks the other mysterious Noumu had, and all of them just sent pleasant shivers down the villain’s spine when he thought of the havok the Noumu could cause.


Not only had the noumu been built to withstand All Might , but it was also  built to be able to handle the number two hero as well,  and that was what really made Shigaraki ecstatic about the beta Noumu.


The quirks the noumu had were simple but amazing when combined, as simple as the quirks were, they had many uses, especially the strengthening quirk that was on par with All Might’s own quirk, or at least that’s what Sensei kept telling Shigaraki.


“Kurogiri.” Shigaraki whispers this as he looks away from the papers he had been fiddling with while he thought of the ‘new’ noumu Sensei had let him see two weeks prior.


“Yes Shigaraki?” The wispy bartender says this as he cleans yet another glass that had been used previously, however even as the bartender spoke to the pale blue haired man, his eyes did not leave the glass once.


“What do you think of my new secret boss that I’m adding to our lineup for the next game here soon?” the man asks the wispy villain before taking a sip of his drink while he waited for the older villain to respond.


“You mean the noumu correct?” Kurogiri says this softly, humming a bit as he thought. “Well… I think the quirks it has will be useful in combination with the newer Noumu that your Sensei gave you to fight All Might with.” Kurogiri says this before he gently set the glass down.


“I can hear a ‘however’ in your voice Kurogiri.” Shigaraki says this as he sets his glass down without real care, making a loud clunk when it was set down on the wooden counter.


“I was getting to that.” Kurogiri says this calmly as he pulled another glass out to clean, before he continued to speak. “You see.. I am more concerned for what Sensei had told you about this Noumu you’re so.. Enticed with… The fact that it was never used in the first place due to it not fully listening to commands is slightly worrisome. It makes me worried about bringing it on the playing field during such an important fight, especially when we will not be able to constantly watch over it.” Kurogiri explains this gently to the man child, who growls a bit.


“If Sensei says that it will be no problem, then it will be no problem .” Shigaraki hisses this out as he began to scratch at his neck in irritation. “Sensei said that there would be no issue with Noumu since it normally will just observe instead of partaking action. I’m sure it won't be too hard to force it to fight with us against All Might Kurogiri. It's just a mindless beast like the rest of them… meaning it won’t be hard to tame the beast and use it to our advantage. Even if it kills some of my pawns somehow, it won’t be too hard to replace them. After all, they’re just supposed to be feeder so we can get to the main boss.” Shigaraki says this as  his neck began to bleed a bit from how much he had been scratching it.


“And what if that so called ‘mindless beast’ you plan on taming… ends up turning on its master … What would you do then?” Kurogiri says this, finally looking up at Shigaraki who pauses in scratching his neck before a large, terrifying smile forms on the pale haired man.


“Easy… I’ll just remove it from my party if it does that.” Shigaraki lets out a dark laugh after he says this, wrapping all five fingers around his empty drink glass, watching it decentagrate, as if using it as an example to what he would do with the new noumu if it attacked him.


Kurogiri let out a soft, mournful sigh. “That's the twentieth glass today Shigaraki.” At times like this.. Kurogiri wondered if being a villain was really worth it.


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Sometimes Rabbit could hear people and objects outside if he sat and listened hard enough, if he only stretched his quirk out past its limits just to hear something other than the screams of pain that echoed, something other than the deafening silence that would follow once the screams stopped for good.


Sometimes he could hear other people talking on the phone, or even cars honking with muttered curses hidden under the loud honking that belonged to the cars owners.


Sometimes he could hear the distant sound of the rivers (Or were they oceans..?) right on the edge of his hearing, causing his body to slightly sway with the sound of the soft currents that always managed to help him calm down when none of the voices could.


They were strange and beautiful sounds, but he couldn't hear them as often as he wish he could.


Rabbit wondered how many people would cower because of how strange and disgusting he was, he wondered if he would be locked away for just being a monster.


“B-but you’re not! You’re not scary at all Mr. Rabbit!”


A voice that Rabbit hadn’t heard before- it made him blink slowly before humming slightly “But I am…” he gurgles softly.


“Nuh-uh!” The voice denies. “A monster is someone who does really, REALLY bad things- like a villain! And they do it for fun, and they make people hurt cuz’ they think is okay and fun.”   The voice says, happily reassuring Rabbit that he is not a monster.


“But if I am not a monster… then.. What am I?” Rabbit whispers softly to the voice, a slight pleading tone in the Noumu’s voice as he spoke.


“Well.. You’re a hero! A big strong Bunny hero!” The voice chirps. “ You’ll beat all those bad guys up and make em’ become good guys too!”  The child’s voice happily cheers to Rabbit, who had forgotten how to breathe momentarily when the child’s voice had told him that he was a hero , because it was.. Unfathomable for Rabbit to ever have considered it.


“But.. Heroes aren’t terrifying.. Heroes don’t look like monsters..” Rabbit mutters softly to the child, and said child gives the blackish green skinned noumu a short giggle.


“No! Not all heroes are friendly looking!!! Just look at Mr. Gang Orca! He's pretty scary too, but he’s still a hero! There’s lots of scary hereos, but they’re still really nice and they’re still heroes! There’s even some Villains that seem like really nice people.. Or even look normal.. But they.. Really aren’t that nice…  One of my friends wanted to be a hero really bad, but he acted more like a villain cuz’ he always picked on quirkless kids! But I think Kacchan is gonna be a really cool hero when he grows up! Not as good as you though!”


The kid explains to Rabbit, and.. Rabbit has the impression the kid was probably smiling from how happy the child sounded.


“I.. Didn’t know heroes could be scary like that..” Rabbit whispers softly, humming slightly as his body sways gently in the tank.


“I should really go though….. It was really nice talking with you Mr. Rabbit! I’ll really try to say hi again to you soon!” the kid says happily, and Rabbit lets out a soft whine.


“Oh! I forgot to say my name- My name is Izuku but you can call me Deku! Everyone else does… I’ll see you again really soon though Mr. Rabbit! Please stay as kind as you are!” And just like that, Rabbit no longer could hear the child's voice, and so.. Yet again Rabbit was left alone to his thoughts, but this time his thoughts weren’t as dark as they normally were.


No, because for once they were filled with curious thoughts about the child’s voice that sounded so familiar and yet he couldn’t remember, no matter how hard he tried.

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Rabbit had been removed from his tank earlier today along with another noumu that had just been completed earlier this week.


Rabbit however didn’t know how to feel completely surrounded by others, for it was something that he hadn’t had the real chance to actually do, you know.. Being a noumu and living in a tank and all that is.

It was strange, unsettling and terrifying, so of course he would follow Shigaraki rather quickly- he saw no real reason why he shouldn’t follow the hand covered man, he had no reason why he shouldn’t- that and he knew it was better that he follow the man as he was ‘instructed’ to do (and by instructed, Rabbit meant that he was given an order. Then again, he never really followed them completely per say)

So when they had stepped through large black inky portals that lead them to a new area, Rabbit was somewhat confused as he looked around before his eyes swiveled to where he saw a large group of terrified students and two lone pro heroes that looked shocked about masses of Villains appearing out of thin air.


His large eyes swiveled around to look over at the pale blue haired man standing nearly out of his sight before his eyes swiveled back forward to the front of his face to look back at the mass of children hanging out on the steps of the large domed building, his stomach twisting slightly as he looked at each horrified face belonging to the teens.


This isn’t right… Why would they just attack innocent students ? The only female voice says to Rabbit, making the noumu grimaced a bit at that thought.


Probably because these are students from UA, and its from the hero course. It would make sense that they try and break own the next gen of Pros before they really even start. The kind male voice speaks up with rationality and pity in his voice, making Rabbit  frown a little at that fact. It was sad but it was most likely the exact reason why the villains were there in the first place.


But didn’t hand man mention something about killing some sort of symbol- Peace or whatever. The normally vicious voice speaks up, obviously treading his words carefully as he spoke to Rabbit and the other two voices.


Symbol of peace - what do you me-  the female voice starts to speak, however she’s swiftly interrupted by the other male voice who seemed rather scared and worried at that fact.


Symbol of Peace- You mean.. They’re here to try and Kill All Might? -  That must mean he’s a teacher at UA now.. But I didn’t see him anywhere, the only heros I saw were those two in the front of the students… but.. If they were after All Might.. Then they obviously plan on using both that other Noumu and us to try and kill him. The voice speaks up, fear laced in his voice as he told the others, Rabbit felt a bit sick as he heard this from the usually cheerful voice.

Rabbit never wanted to kill anyone - he didn’t want to hurt people. He hated hurting people, it always made him feel so sick afterwards.


Sometimes you can’t make it through life without hurting anyone kid… The soft voice gently tells him as Rabbit felt ill at the thought of hurting someone who did not deserve or need the unnecessary pain.


However the sudden shout of a command from Shigaraki that was aimed at the black noumu who had stood imposingly next to Rabbit and the pale blue haired man, its muscles went taunt. The black noumu turned to look at a scraggly man who looked as if he hadn’t gotten a decent amount of sleep in years, before it lunged and attacked the black haired man.

The long eared noumu felt ill as he watched the brutal one sided fight between the human and other Nomu before his ears twitch as he heard something coming from the direction where the large lake was, and so the noumu turned his head to look at the water. His eyes landed on a dark green haired girl and purple haired boy stood, completely soaking wet from having been in the water. However both of the teens eyes met the large unblinking orbs belonging to Rabbit, both freezing up when the large eared Nomu had turned to look at them.


However, Rabbit.. Didn’t want to let Shigaraki notice the kids, so the noumu just nodded slightly at the kids, small bits of worry in his eyes before he slowly turned his head back to where the Pro Hero was fighting the other noumu.


The sight left Rabbit feeling completely ill at the fact that the man had done nothing wrong but try to protect his students, it was wrong - what the villains were doing was wrong and it left a bitter feeling in the greenish black noumu’s heart.


I’m sorry you have to see this Rabbit… The kind voice whispers to him softly, regret in her voice as she spoke to the noumu, gently whispering apologies to the noumu and completely distracting him from the fights that were happening around the rabbit like noumu.

By the time the noumu was calmed enough to notice what was happening around him, the villain who had helped portal everyone to the USJ, was being held down by a spikey blond haired boy that made his head suddenly start hurting.


Memory flashes of the small little blonde child who was always so upset and angry - Rabbit felt like his head was going to explode as the memories force their way through his head, soon enough the ghostly image of the small child overlapped with the teenager who held the black mist of a villain down against the rocky terrain.


“Now first… Lets get our gate back.” Shigaraki’s voice startled Rabbit, causing dread to fill Rabbit as everything seemed to just slow down as the black Noumu lunged.


Before Rabbit could even think, he was moving , nothing but a blur as time raced against him- he couldn’t let that noumu hurt Kacchan - the name had easily slipped into the noumu’s mind as he raced forward.


A loud boom echoed through the USJ, dust flying from the source of the noise. Shock filling everyone’s body as the dust cleared enough where they could see both of the inhuman creatures in front of the blond teenager who kept Kurogiri down.


Rabbit had a somewhat feral look in his eyes as he looked down at the other noumu, who's whole arm went completely through Rabbit’s lower chest, firmly stuck  in the pliable body of Rabbit’s.


Rabbit felt words dance on his tongue as he thinks of what the kid voice had once told him. Rabbit felt like he had to say it, he needed to tell them that it was okay,  and so, the noumu let out a soft growl before he opened his mouth and began to speak, reciting the exact words that the kind voice had once told him.

“Wh-When there's someone you need to save, its given that person’s had to face some terrifying feelings.” Rabbit growls out as he digs his nails of his left hand into Noumu’s arm that was stuck in his lower chest, before he continued to speak.


“Saving not only a person's life.. But also their heart.. That's what it means to be a real hero.” Rabbit continues what he had once been told, pulling back his free arm and balling the hand into a fist, green lightning starts to dance around his arm as he condensed a deep rooted power inside of him.

“No matter how scary it gets… you must always wear a smile that says, ‘I’m fine!’ … Because in this world, the ones that smile.. Are the strongest of all!” Rabbit roars out, completing what the kind voice had once told him, before he brings the fist that was powered by one of his quirks, right down onto the other noumu’s head. Rabbit's fist had easily sunk into the other’s exposed brain, causing the other noumu screech a bit from the near fatal blow.

“Th-that’s what one of the voices told me once.” He whispers softly to the other noumu before he could feel his body start to melt- Rabbit had only one chance to do this right. One chance is all he would ever get.

“NOW HOLD STILL SO WE CAN DROWN YOU!” Rabbit roars before he lurches forward and uses the same arm that was still embedded in the other Noumu’s head, to cover the other’s face before the rest of Rabbit’s liquidated body followed.