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For the longest time he had dubbed himself Rabbit.


Even though he was considered nothing more than Project Nomu: Beta.03 .


But, how could he not call himself Rabbit? He looked just like one.


Well, a gaunt, long faced rabbit with a sharp pointed bottom jaw, and mouth that appeared to have no lips.


His his mouth was stretched forcefully in a smile that would send shivers down even the most terrifying villains spines.


Large bulging eyes that seemed almost too big for his head swiveled to and fro, mindlessly watching their surroundings.


His head was attached to a thin neck, that looked as if it would snap if a strong wind came and blew on it.


Small patches of scales appeared at random areas on his thin blackish green body, the most prominent patch creeps along the right side of his lower jaw.


The deceptively thin body he has is home to frightfully long and gaunt legs, with twisted and patchy flesh that eerily resembled a rabbit’s back legs.


His feet have long sharp claws attached to all five digits on his feet, and gangly arms droop lazily to rest on the ground.


Connected to the arms are disturbingly human hands, perfectly intact.


The look is completed with long, ragged, and rabbit like ears that droop downwards of the sides of his head.


And the soft noticeable smell of death that would cling to his soft leathery skin would always disturb those with a keen sense of smell.


So all in all, Rabbit , thought he looked like a rabbit- a rather scary, nightmarish version of a rabbit, but that was okay with him, because unlike all other nomus.. He could remember what a rabbit was.


He could remember animals, he could remember grass and trees. He could even remember the feeling of sun beating down on light, soft skin.


But the one thing that would always stand out in the small amount of things he could recall, would have to be the fleeting image of a small ash-blonde child who always seemed so upset .


That was the one thing that would keep him busy with the other voices in head for days , after all, noumu should not be able to remember anything, but nonetheless, Rabbit was different from the rest.


And if there was one thing he could be happy for, it would be the fact he was not as mindless as any of the others.


Hey look- Look look look! Here comes handman again!! Look look look!


A male voice excitedly chirps in Rabbit’s head, causing the noumu to focus his eyes where the voice was mentally pointing.


Sure enough the man covered in hands was back again, observing some of the other Noumu before pausing in front of Rabbit’s container, a dark smile tugging at the hand covered man’s lips.


“You would be perfect for my next game.” The man murmurs, licking chapped lips as a dark, twisted grin makes itself present on his face.


“You would be a great secondary surprise boss to throw at All Might .” He says this while scratching at his scabbed neck.

Handman turns around and swiftly walks out, muttering something about a USJ .