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The Flash 4x23 Season Finale Rewrite (Good as Gold)

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(Present day)

Team Flash has just witnessed the Enlightenment happen. Barry is in his suit at star labs looking up at the sky as Iris and Joe and the others along with Marlize. The sky turned purple and all the technology was down. DeVoe has won, Barry felt his heart explode with fear he didn't know what to do now. He put his hands on his head as he curled up on the ground. Iris came over to Barry as she kneeled down to him and put her hand on his shoulder. His eyes welled up with tears as the world was about to be rebooted of its intelligence. "Barry, what happened?" Iris asked him, Barry was breathing heavily now "DeVoe he used the STAR Labs satellite this was his plan all along, he won Iris, he was right he did win and I didn't even know it." Barry anxiously breathed out to her. "Barry what do we do now?" Iris waited for a reply, he then stood back up and went back to the Cortex. "Cisco get the power back on now!" Joe yelled as he ran across the room. "I'm working on it Joe but the facility is kinda blacked out at the moment so give me a second please!" Cisco yelled from down the hallway making his way to the cortex. Suddenly the lights and power came back on in the building. A few minutes later everyone gathered together in the room. Barry sat on the steps as the room filled with complete silence, as the looks on everyone's faces were filled with grief. "It's happened the Enlightenment!" Cisco said breaking the silence in the room, "It's all my fault guys I wasn't fast enough to see this coming!" Barry said in a low voice as he stood up, and saw a tube that Cisco was holding, "Cisco what's that?" He asked, Cisco walked over to him and let Barry inspect the tube "I found this in Gideon's drive in the time vault." He told him, "I'll bet DeVoe must've predicted that Harry would try to out think him by making his own thinking cap and power it from the dark matter from that tube!" Barry looked back at Cisco with a surprised with a surprised look on his face "The dark matter that he could use to siphon off from STAR Labs to affect the whole world!" Barry concluded, "DeVoe used Harry as a lab Rat, he knew if he could reboot Harry's mind he could reboot the minds of every person on this planet." He said getting a nod from Cisco. "What do we do now?" Barry thought for a minute but came up with nothing, "I don't know anymore!" He said regretfully. "Actually guys I think I found someone who might know what to do?" Iris said as she got up from her chair and walked off into the hallway as the others in the room were giving curious and confused looks at one another. They saw Iris come back in with a unlikely person that they'd least expect to get help from. It was none other than Marilze DeVoe. Barry's face turned to anger as he looked upon her. "Hello Mr. Allen!" Marlize said in a regular tone, Cisco gave his usually goofy smile to everyone and his chuckle, "OoooK, Iris what is she doing here." Cisco asked sarcastically, "She's here to help us!" She responded. "Really huh that's weird because wasn't it yesterday and the last 6 or so months she's been helping to destroy us!" Cisco yelled eyeing Marlize down. "If you must know Mr. Ramon, I was influenced by Clifford to help him but drugging me to make sure I'd stay in love with him!" Marilze argued back, "Drugged you what do you mean he drugged you." Joe asked, "The Weeper!" Iris concluded out loud, Marlize nodded, "I myself didn't understand at first why Clifford wanted Weepers powers but I soon realized to late that he never want his powers he only wanted his tears!" She explained to the others in the room, "So he used the tears to make sure I would love him enough to the point where I would do whatever he wanted without having a second thought!" She finished. "But apparently to Clifford the mission is more important to him than his own wife." Marlize said with a look of sadness on her face. "Please let me help you!" She said, "You really want to help us!" Barry said as he walked,up to her, and she nodded lightly, "Okay let's get to work." Barry said, a couple minutes later team Flash was working with other possibilities to stop Thinker. "You want Barry to enter DeVoe's mind that's like committing suicide." Cisco argued, "There is a chance of Mr. Allen succeeding, but also runs the highly likely risk of his mind being trapped inside Clifford's forever." Marlize told them, "Is there any other way!" Cisco asked. "No!" Marlize said regretfully, "I wish we had more time!" Cisco said, at the sound of those words a lightbulb went off in Barry's mind. "That's it, what if I go back in time and rescue the bus metas before I came out of the speed force." Barry said, everyone in the room went silent with shock. "Barry you know you swore never to time travel again and we know you broke it to save me last year but if you do it again then the speed force will know that your not in it anymore!" Iris told him, "I know but this isn't just about me it's about everyone on the planet." Barry said, "Clifford predicted that you might try to turn back time to change things and plus your wife is right given your history of time traveling through the speed force and how your so called time wraiths will come after you." Marlize added, "What if it wasn't me that went back what if it was someone else." Barry said, "Clifford also predicted that you might send one of team Flash's members back as well." She explained, "But this persons not a part of team flash he's a Meta that I knew a while ago I met him when I was on a trip to Minnesota before I was The Flash and before DeVoe was The Thinker, I know he's gonna help us!" Barry told everyone in the room. "Who is he?" Joe asked "You guys will see soon!" Barry said and with that he took off leaving a trail of lighting behind him.