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Picture Postcards From Planetos

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"Life is like wine," Thoros insisted. "Sometimes it's sweet, sometimes it's sour, sometimes the cup is half-empty, sometimes it's half-full. Some days, you can't get enough of the flavors and it makes you merrier the more you indulge. And on other days, it tastes pungent and all you want to is stay in bed and only lean over on occassion to throw up in a bucket."

"Life is a gamble," Danyal corrected. "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but most days you just place a few small bets to get by. If you're lucky your big bet pays out and you live like a king for a while, and if fortune doesn't remember your name you spend your days like a beggar instead. Politics, love and life in general, you need to know which risks are worth it, but in the end you're always just playing the odds."

"Life is a conquest," Loras said. "It's a constant battle against outside forces. Some challenges make you succeed and grow stronger, others show what skills you lack and throw you back in the dirt. Sometimes you know your foe's weakness, sometimes you can predict where he'll attack and face him with an advantage. Other times he takes you by surprise or outsmarts you and you suffer defeat. But no matter the outcome, if you don't get back in the saddle and keep on fighting, you're a dead man either way."

The three of them looked to Beric who had quietly listened and sipped his ale during their discussion. "What is your stance on the issue?" Thoros asked. "Which of us is right about life?"

"None of you is 'right'," Beric gave back, took another sip and appraisingly regarded his companions. "Nor is anyone 'wrong' either. Nobody can be 'right' or 'wrong' when you're all saying the same thing."