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Kiss me on the lips, lips

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their conversation died down, the two of them just sitting comfortably in the silence. yoongi swung his legs back and forth slightly. jungkook thought it was adorable. the sun was at the perfect height, casting a soft, warm, golden-pink glow through the bedroom window, bathing them in its beautiful rays. unexpectedly, yoongi felt jungkook take his hand in his. jungkook brought it into his lap ever so delicately, as if it was something fragile, precious. lightly, softly, jungkook turned his hand over, traced along the lines of his palm, down his fingers, across his knuckles. yoongi’s breath hitched. his eyes followed the movements of jungkook’s fingers, as he hooked his underneath yoongi’s, bringing their joined hands up to his mouth. jungkook gently, gently kissed each of yoongi’s knuckles. yoongi stared at the soft, pretty lips as they continued to press kisses down his fingers, back to his knuckles, up to his wrist.

yoongi was already feeling light headed from the sensation, but then jungkook looked him straight in the eyes, and slowly slid his tongue down the length of his finger. yoongi shuddered at the feeling, letting his eyes flutter closed, allowing jungkook to swirl his tongue over each of his fingers, to close his soft, soft lips around them, lingering at his sensitive fingertips. yoongi moaned ever so slightly, jungkook taking this as a cue to move further up, pressing more soft kisses up the length of yoongi’s arm, along his collar bone. he continued to shower yoongi’s body in kisses while he unbuttoned his shirt. jungkook pushed yoongi back onto the bed, swinging his leg over yoongi so that he was straddling him. jungkook kissed yoongi’s now exposed chest, sometimes softly, gently, sometimes forcefully, desperately, always lovingly. yoongi arched up into jungkook, the feeling of jungkook, jungkook, jungkook everywhere sending him into a daze. he grabbed at jungkook’s shirt to pull it off - jungkook helped. yoongi marvelled at his smooth skin and defined muscles for a moment, before jungkook tilted his head up gently from under his chin, drawing his eyes up to look at jungkook’s.

“honey,” jungkook breathed, taking in the pink splashed across yoongi’s cheeks, his lidded eyes, shirt opened and hanging off of one shoulder, exposing his beautiful skin.
“you’re. beautiful.”

jungkook took one of yoongi’s hands in his own again, this time bringing it up to cup yoongi’s face, jungkook’s tan hand on top of yoongi’s pale one. he stroked along yoongi’s cheekbone using yoongi’s thumb, jungkook’s other hand resting under yoongi’s chin. his eyes fluttered closed as he let go of yoongi’s hand to lean closer and brush his lips along the path he’d traced. he could feel yoongi’s erratic breath fanning his neck, feel yoongi’s hand, still slick with saliva, gripping his back. jungkook kissed yoongi’s nose, before nipping at it softly, then finally moving to yoongi’s lips.

yoongi was dizzy, jungkook’s soft kisses sending his mind spinning, making his heart go haywire. jungkook’s lips lingered at the corner of yoongi’s mouth, kissing slowly until finally he took yoongi’s lower lip between his own. yoongi moaned into the kiss, tangling his fingers in jungkook’s soft, curly hair.
without breaking their kiss, jungkook lifted yoongi up to a sitting position, bringing him into his lap so that yoongi was the one straddling jungkook, fingers still entwined in jungkook’s curls, tugging at them gently. jungkook pulled yoongi impossibly closer, needy for more, more, more. after an eternity, or maybe a few moments, yoongi pulled away just enough to disconnect their lips. he rested his forehead on jungkook’s, their noses brushing, breaths mingling, eyes still closed.

yoongi slid his hand down from jungkook’s hair onto his shoulders, massaging them gently. jungkook, in turn, swiped his thumb under yoongi’s lips, wiping away the saliva. yoongi’s lips were beautiful, doll-like - soft and pink. the corner of his lips was always ever so slightly upturned, even when he wasn’t smiling. cute.

“kiss me again.”
jungkook didn’t need to be told twice. they kissed and kissed and kissed until both their lips were swollen and red, shining with saliva. jungkook slowed the pace down, moving to kiss at the cute corner of yoongi’s mouth again, and then back. he took one of yoongi’s hands off his shoulders and guided it to his own face, keeping yoongi’s hand there with his. yoongi caressed jungkook’s cheek with his thumb - jungkook leaned in to the touch.

jungkook pushed yoongi down onto the bed again, yoongi’s legs still wrapped around his waist. yoongi’s breath hitched for the millionth time, as jungkook gazed down at him, wet lips parted, cheeks flushed, and those stunning, stunning eyes, eyes that held the sun, the moon, and all the stars, looked at him with the most intense, most loving stare.

they kissed once more before jungkook pulled away, kissing down yoongi’s neck, collar bones, chest again, as if coming back full circle from where they started, ending at his hand again.

“yes, baby?”
“i...i love you.”
“honey...i love you too.”

jungkook lay down next to yoongi, the latter curling into him, pressing his face into jungkook's warm chest. jungkook wrapped an arm around him, noticing how small, how delicate he looked. he pulled him even closer to him, tangling their legs together as if they were one being. the sun had set by now, the sky outside a soft blue fading into black, leaving their room in near darkness. the two of them lay there, cheeks still tinted pink, still panting for air, until they fell asleep in each other’s arms, whispering those three words again.