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Alteran Seraphimian Aliance

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Chapter 1


Disclaimer: I have no property of Pokémon, Harry Potter, Stargate or any other Titles that are used in this Story.



"Bla"    Talk

Bla       Thinking

#Bla#   Seraphim language

'Bla'     Telepathic Communication




An Explosion was heard as a golden glowing Energy Ball detonated in one of the secret team Rocket bases. Only seconds later hundreds of the Energy Balls were fired from behind the hills around the base and were flying high into the night sky only to fall back down upon the base. Then a shout was heard in the base. An emergency shout.


"Ghost Division!! Ghost Divi-!!"




The shout was stopped in its tracks as a direct hit and the following explosion of one of the Energy Balls destroyed the Watchtower from where the Team Rocket Soldier was shouting. Panic was now running rampant in the base. The Ghost Division was not known for their mercy against known criminal organizations. And Team Rocket with known contacts with Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galactic, Team Crypto. Team Flare, Team Dim Sun ,Hunter J and Phantom has the Title more than earned.


The first hits destroyed the Guard Towers and Turrets around the base. After they were destroyed the other buildings of the base were taking hits. One of the flat office buildings were under those hits. The Energy Ball crashed through the roof and detonated inside the building. All the windows were torn out and the ceiling arched up by the force of the explosion, only to collapse directly after it. Another ball of energy struck the façade of one of the other buildings, tearing a 12m hole in its outer wall. Another hit several parked trucks that exploded directly on impact and / or went up in flames.


Some of the Team Rocket soldiers tried to escape with the help of various vehicles parked on the grounds. Their bad luck was that the entire complex was watched from the mountains by Shadowbeasts, who immediately passed on what they saw to their masters. These then gave the Rockets "gifts".


"Into the vehicle! Gogogo!" called one of the Team Rocket soldiers. No sooner had he screamed than one of the energy balls hit the side of the vehicle, exploding and hurling the vehicle into the adjacent warehouse. The vehicle was just a wreck and the Team Rocket soldier had the misfortune to be crushed by just this wreck.


Another group of Team Rocket soldiers ran to a jeep parked on the compound when it hit the jackpot and exploded. Reflexively, they threw themselves on the ground just to be hit directly by one of the energy balls that brought their lives to a premature end. All that remained were craters and a red cloud.
The Other Team Rocket soldiers now understood that t was suicide trying to escape while the shelling was still going on. Their only chance of survival of this blast with good luck was one of the fortified bunkers that were on the site. And that is exactly where they entrenched themselves and waited and prayed. They could not do anything else anyway.




Main research lab, deep below the base


In the base itself was the scientist, who was under the leadership of this Rocket base (he was lovingly called Toilet Head by the Ghost Division) to secure his documents. He just wanted to get away from there.

"Professor, they destroyed the outer defenses." one of the Team Rocket soldiers shouted, panting and stumbling into the lab with a tattered uniform.

"I know!" roared the panicking professor. "Get that into the maglev!" he called directly to one of his other people. Specifically, it was Attila and Hun, his two bodyguards. These two knew better than to quarrel with their superiors and took the box, which was on the table and filled with files and memory disks and immediately made their way towards the magnetic train, which was deep below the complex. Meanwhile, the professor was preparing something for his uninvited guests.

"Congratulations, you will be the first to experience this Dimensional Bomb on your own body." He laughed scornfully. He pressed some buttons and the cylindrical device that was on one of the tables started flashing while the timer on the computer screen counted down the set 60 minutes. He had no time left to set a shorter countdown. As soon as he had done that, he ran after his bodyguards.




Meanwhile outside.


"CEASE FIRE!" A thunderous voice sounded through the valley. There were still a few impacts in the now completely destroyed buildings, but there were no more energy balls in the night sky. Shortly thereafter, from the base of several giant figures were visible, which now came slowly from the mountain and went straight to the base. They were real giants. All five had a shoulder height of 50 meters.

The leader, obviously the tallest of the five, with a shoulder height of nearly 60 meter, reminded had a coarse physique reminiscent to a wolf. Only he had wings and also several tails. His head was adorned with several horns very reminiscent of a dragon. The others looked something like him. Rather, in the darkness of the night they were not easy to be seen.

"Get your shadows back." The command came from their leader. And that's exactly what happened. Only a little different than the Team Rocket soldiers who had cautiously crept out of their bunkers, thought it would happen. The creatures were not sucked into poke balls but into the bodies of their masters themselves. Dragons, wolves, and other creatures they had never seen before suddenly became visible for a short time, when their bodies were transformed into a white light, just to directly disappear in the bodies of their respective masters. Then they came out of the woods that lined the side of the mountain. Each step made the ground beneath them quake.

The ruffians who had come back from their bunkers did not know what to do when they saw these massive giants. The decision was taken away pretty quickly as the military came out behind them.


"ON THE GROUND! ON THE GROUND!" The first soldiers who came out from behind these beasts' legs shouted. The ruffians did not hesitate and immediately threw themselves to the ground and surrendered. What else could they have done against an enemy that was many times bigger than them, and had virtually leveled their base in a matter of minutes?

"You take it from here Commander?" asked the leader of the four other beasts. His voice was saturated with power. You could literally feel them and some of the soldiers as well as the Team Rocket soldiers made this goose bumps.

"Yes, we'll take over from here Anoth." the Commander confirmed.

"Then let's take a look at the inside of this base." was Anoth's answer as he walked toward the buildings. Just to be surrounded by a bright light shortly thereafter, which made the whole area appear as if it was in bright daylight. When the light disappeared seconds later, a human was in its place instead of the beast. He wore a combat suit that was almost completely black. The exception was the red-colored rank insignia on the shoulders. But even these were only just visible when light fell on it. This also happened with the other four. They, too, took their human forms and they, too, wore an almost completely black battle suit. Shortly after the completed transformation, you could see that the beasts were four women and one man. The five went through the ruins to a lift shaft that led deep into the ground.

"Our target is down there, who goes first?" Kagami asked, holding her rifle with the flashlight turned on. The flashlight light was not enough to reach the bottom of the shaft.

Their rifles consisted of so-called aura weapons. These used, as the name suggests, aura energy as ammunition and fired light blue luminous energy projectiles in quick succession. And since the five bearers of these weapons were virtually immortal, they had virtually unlimited ammunition available. These weapons were usually black. But when energized, stripes on the rifle glowed a dark blue.

"I'll do it." Kagami said and slipped the gun onto her back. Immediately she began to climb down the shaft. Of course, it would have been easier to slide down the elevator cables, but they simply did not exist here. The elevator went up and down by magnetic force. She had turned her hands into dragon claws. These found with their claws easily stop in the metal of the shaft. Also on her feet were dragon claws, which bit easily into the metal and gave her hold.

Part of the way down, she stopped suddenly. She took the gun from her back with one hand and aimed down into the shaft. Somewhere below, she heard voices and a door being opened violently.

Team Rocket soldiers. Shot her through the head. There were two of them, now looking into the shaft. They must have heard me! she thought. They talked to each other, but she was still too far away to understand them.

'I have contact.' she telepathically addressed Anoth.

'Roger that.' Came Anoth's brief answer.


'I'll do that.' That was Mitara's voice. She took her sniper rifle and two silenced shots later, the guards were dead before they hit the bottom of the shaft.

'All clean.' came Kagami's telepathic confirmation of the two kills. 'I'm going down now. And look at where the two came from. '

'Be careful.' that was Anoth's voice.

'I always am.'

'That's what worries me.' Anoth could still hear the growl that followed that remark up there.

A few minutes later, she answered. 'That was just a security center, with no power and an armory, no weapons and a few sleeping accommodations and toilets. No connection to the lower floors from here. I'm going down now. '

 She swung her weapon back onto her back and continued the climb. A few minutes later she arrived at the bottom door. 'OK. I'm down now. '

'Roger that. I'll be next. ' Anoth answered and started to climb down. Ten minutes later, everyone was down. Anoth and Kagami walked over to the two elevator doors and rammed in their dragon claws. Mitara and Konoko had their weapons at the ready, while Kumiko set up a one-way shield. This prevented the projectiles from penetrating from the outside, but it was easy to shoot from the other side through the shield. And at a nod from the other three, Anoth and Kagami opened the two elevator doors like a sardine can. There was only one set of lift doors, which was because the lift was not much more than a simple metal platform that went up and down. There was no elevator car. On the other hand, they were already expected by several Team Rocket soldiers, who also opened the fire immediately. Their bullets hit the shield harmlessly. The seraphim responded with fire from their aura weapons. Blue energy projectiles were shot into the enemy ranks.

The first was hit in the chest and overturned on the spot. The next hit a bullet between the eyes. He tipped over like a tree. A third had the misfortune of getting the shot right in the family jewels. However, he did not have to suffer long, because the next shot hit him on the head and ended his life. After that Konoko threw a grenade, which killed the rest of them. As the smoke cleared, they found themselves in a steel corridor lit by neon lights. No doors, nothing. Just a simple, very long walk.

"Then let's go on." Anoth said and went first with the weapon at the ready. The other four close behind him. They had just gone several yards and were approaching a spot where the passage made a 90 ° crease, and then some Mightyena had already shot around the corner, only to stop abruptly when they saw Anoth and recognized the meaning of his aura.

"What do you think you are doing?!" an angry voice sounded. "You should attack them!!" His answer was the frightened whine of the three Mightyena . When he finally looked up to look in the direction of the three Mightyena , he stared straight into the barrel of Anoth's weapon. His eyes still had time to widen in surprise. A bright flash of light followed and the Team Rocket soldier knew nothing more. As soon as he was dead Anoth swung his weapon on his back and knelt down next to the corpse and began searching through it. He did not have to search long, when he not only found the three Pokéballs of the three Mightyena but also found an access card. Immediately afterwards, still kneeling, he turned to face the three Mightyena  who, as he now could see, were female and looked at him in fear. Alone by his aura, they had realized how much power he possessed and that it would have been suicidal to attack him.


"Calm down, I will not hurt you." he said softly to the three of them and started to look at them. The rest of the team meanwhile took protective positions. The wounds that the three wore were unambiguous. Lashes. And only recently. Some of them were still bleeding. There were also burn marks on her neck, which could only come from one of those damn electro necklaces. The leader of the three came forward cautiously and lay down on the floor in front of him and showed Anoth her stomach. A definite submissive act. An act that also hurt her. Anoth helped her put her back on her paws. As she stood on her paws again, he asked her a question that should change the future of the three forever. "Do you three want to stay with me?"

His answer was a nod from the three, and so Anoth rummaged through one of the healing sprays, sealing  the worst of the wounds.

"Why don't you take the three as your shadow beasts?" Kagami asked, guarding the gang with Mitara, from where the Team Rocket Idiot came. The three Magnayen looked at Anoth now hopefully.

"There are two simple reasons for this: First, they are too weak, they probably would not survive the procedure, and second, there is currently no time for the ritual."

"Good point."

"Yes, good points." joked Mitara. Her answer was that Kagami simply stuck her tongue out. Mitara giggled. Meanwhile, Anoth had finished supplying the three Magnayen and destroyed their three old Pokéballs. Let's be honest who would keep the completely black Pokéballs that sported on the upper part a big red R. He took three of his own Pokéballs and caught the three of them. He used some of his luxury balls for it. These were in fact the standard balls of the small group. As soon as that happened, he shrank the balls, pocketed them, and swung the gun forward again.

"Okay, we wasted enough time, we have to move on!" And with that, the group started moving again. Again with Anoth at the top. A few minutes later and the lighting of the corridor started to flicker and then finally failed. All 5 switched to a kind of night vision which represented their complete environment in a blue room.

"Does it not look weird that we've met so few of them so far?" Kagami asked

"Yes." She agreed with Anoth. "Down here, it should actually be teeming with them. What do the plans of the facility say?"

"We would have come to a large hall right away." answered Konoko, who had seen the plan seconds before, which was provided to them by a satellite in space, which with the help of its sensors could easily see through up to 10km thick rock. "This whole complex seems to be surrounded by an interference field so that I can only see the floor plans, I just get the telemetry from us. "

"That means we have to expect an ambush." Anoth said thoughtfully as they had all stopped in the corridor. "How much more?"

"200 meter."

"OK." Anoth said, opening a portal to his storage dimension and extracting an egg-shaped gray thing before closing the portal again. "I send a probe ahead into the room and then we will see what awaits us there." They now approached the open door at 50m and then stopped. Anoth activated the probe and switched on its camouflage system. Immediately, he threw her in the direction of the hall. Then Kagami took the probe, which she now controlled with the help of a holographic screen coming out of her left arm.

"You're right." Kagami was staring at her screen. The probe had an infrared system and therefore showed very clearly what was in the dark room in front of them. There were about 100 Team Rocket soldiers with their Pokémon waiting for them there. Overall, the systems of the probe displayed over 350 life signs. As it was a holographic screen you could see the picture on the other side as well.


"We cannot come by quietly." Kumiko said. "We will probably have to fight our way through that room."

"We also have some on the balconies." Kagami stated.

"I'll take the balconies." said Anoth. "The room is big enough that we can take on our smaller beast forms." Anoth stated.

"Then we'll heat them up a bit." Kumiko said with a grin.

"Then let's go." exclaimed Anoth. He dropped his weapon into his storage dimension and headed straight for the open door. The others did the same. No sooner were they out the door than they took on their little beast forms and attacked. No sooner had that happened than Anoth sprang up to one of the balconies. Apparently this was not designed to hold a 3-meter-high and almost 6-meter-long Drago-Seraphim, a multi-ton Apex predator, attached to it and was simply torn out of the wall. Bad luck for the Team Rocket soldiers standing on the balcony trying to coordinate their Pokémon on the ground. They had not even noticed the attack. They did not notice him until literally the floor was torn from under their feet. A warning call from one of the Team Rocket soldiers immediately sounded and the main lights of the hall were turned on. That's how the fight started in earnest.

Konoko had chosen one of the corners that was secured with a makeshift barricade by the Team Rocket members with tables and other stuff. She had lowered her horned head and just stormed across the blockade. She sent people just as Pokémon flying.

Kumiko faced a similar situation. Only that, instead of breaking through the barricade, she hit them with an energy ball that flew over the barricade and detonated behind them effectively clearing the blockade.

Mitara and Kagami, on the other hand, just jumped over their blockages and then started to take the enemies apart with their claws.

"Golbat, Hyper Beam!" One of the Team Rocket soldiers ordered his Pokémon. Anoth had felt the accumulation of energy and had jumped out of the way and the beam went right past him and met another team Rocket agent, who had the misfortune to stand in the way and sent him involuntarily flying into the nearest wall. Anoth, meanwhile, had landed on an extremely surprised Arcanine, who was knocked out on the spot by the force of the impact.

'Kill only the Team Rocket members! Send the Pokémon into unconsciousness if they attack you. Once we have Arceus, they can send them all back to the wild without them remembering what Team Rocket did to them. ' Anoth ordered telepathically. It was the surest way to transmit in the midst of the chaos of battle. 'And the soldiers up there can do something for their money when they arrest this trash.'

'Understood' came Mitara's answer.

'Will be done.' that was Kumiko.

'Roger.' Kagami's voice answered.

'Yes.' came from Konoko.

This continued the fight. A Golbat attempted to catch Anoth with a tackle attack, which dodged and made a quick 360 ° spin, sending the Golbat a fierce blow with one of his tails as he passed him, sending him into a group at breakneck speed from three other Golbat inside.

Kagami noticed a stabbing pain on her left hind leg and when she looked there she noticed that an Arbok had bitten her there. Bad luck only for the Arbok, who wanted to poison them, that the Seraphim are immune to almost all poisons and thus this attempt was doomed to failure. Even more, Kagami let one of her tentacles emerge from the side of her neck, wrapping it around the Arbok and using it directly as an improvised cudgel she used against some attacking Rattata. And to shoot some Weezing around.


Kumiko found herself in the Telekinetic grip of a few Alakazam again. They tried to crush her with their combined power. What they had not considered was the aura wave, which Kumiko then released and thus not only broke the grip on her but also made the Alakazam, in a rather unpleasant way, friends with the walls.

Mitara was dealing with an Onix instead. She had all tentacles extended from her neck. All in all, the 10 pieces each Seraphim had on their necks and had completely wrapped the Onix with them. To keep this Onix in the way of several downed Hyper Beams that were fired by some Houndoom. This attack was strong enough that Mitara was pushed several meters backwards by the force. But besides that, nothing happened to her. The dog monsters immediately made the acquaintance with the Onix as it came flying with high speed at them and sent all 6 dog monsters into unconsciousness.

Another Onix sent Konoko in an involuntary somersault. However, she managed to land so neatly that she found herself on her nine tails with which she then immediately used to catapult herself high to the ceiling, where she then used her claws to cling to the ceiling. No sooner had that happened, several Hyper Beams crashed in each other exactly where she was less than a second ago, which discharged in a massive detonation and hurled the attacking Pokémon and Team Rocket soldiers through the blast into the walls. As soon as that happened, she let herself fall down again, sending several Ratticate into unconsciousness as she landed right on them.

The fight went on for less than 10 minutes, after which all Pokémon were unconscious or incapacitated and the Team Rocket soldiers were either no longer living or unconscious. As soon as the fight was over, all five Drago-Seraphim regained their human form.

"Ok, look around which Pokémon you want to have, use the Snagballs and then pack them into the Stasis Balls, so we can take care of their wounds later." said Anoth. Anoth approached the 6 unconscious dog monsters. He took out 6 Snagballs and caught the 6 Houndoom. Snagballs can catch a Pokémon, even though it has already been caught by another trainer. They are completely white and glow in a golden light as soon as they are activated. As soon as the Pokémon are caught, they can then be transferred from the Snagballs into normal Pokéballs by simply holding the Snagball and the Pokéball in which the Pokémon is to be transferred, with the buttons touching each other. The transmission then takes less than a second. Each of them carried six of these very special Pokéballs with them and also around 30 Stasisballs were in the arsenal. Each of these Stasisballs was completely gray and had a computer display on the front. This indicated the battery power and remaining time that the Stasis field can be sustained. As a rule, they have enough energy for 120 hours of continuous operation. They opened like any other Pokéball in the middle, only the Pokéball was inserted in order to close the capsule directly on it again. As soon as it was closed and the ball realized that there was a Pokéball in it, activated the Stasis field. As a result, severely injured Pokémon could be kept alive for a significantly longer period of time without their condition worsening, so that they could later be treated in a Pokémon Center. This was especially handy when there was no Pokémon Center nearby.

When he had caught (stolen) the six Houndoom, his implants came forward and told him that all six Houndoom were female. Why do I always catch so many girls? He thought and then simply shook his head. The next ones he caught were the two Arcanine. They too were both female. He barely transferred them into normal Pokéballs when he put them directly into the stasis balls, whose display immediately after he had closed them lit green, Stasis field was active and enough energy was available to sustain it for another 120 hours.


Kagami walked over to the Arbok and caught the Pokémon who were there. A total of 16 of them, as well as the two Onix. Unfortunately, the Arbok who had made the mistake of biting her had died. She had poisoned herself with the seraphim blood. Drago-seraphim blood as well as seraphim blood has several properties. It contains, on the one hand, a component which gives it an excellent healing property but it was also highly toxic. In addition, it acts like a mutagen. If you are injected with the seraphim blood and then surviving the toxic part of the blood you can mutate yourself to a seraphim. In fact, every seraphim comes from the Drago-Seraphim. In order to use the individual ingredients effectively, the blood must be broken down into its components. Each of the Drago-Seraphim is injected with nanites that have the task of destroying the blood when it reaches the outside of the body, be it by spraying, wounds or the like. So it cannot be used by anyone. Because the nanites destroy each of the usable parts until there is only one substance left, from which nobody can become smart anymore. The nanites are controlled by the implants that are located in their backs. They consist of a powerful computer, which allows them to assess the situation quickly and also has a highly intelligent friend enemy detection. It was also possible for them to hack via neural interface directly into various computer systems.


The other three did not find a Pokémon they wanted to keep, so the mission continued.

"Which way?" asked Mitara. As she looked at the doors out of the hall. And got all their weapons out of the storage dimension again.

"Have you found them?" Anoth asked

"Unfortunately not, but I found one of the sources of the jamming signal." answered Konoko, who had opened the hologram with the layout of the Underground Complex, which now showed a red blinking dot. "The spring is right there, behind this wall." She pointed to the other end of the hall. Seconds later, they were standing in front of a heavy steel gate that protected the entrance. It was a bit dented because one of the Onix had hit the gate when it tried to ram one of them and failed. Anoth pressed the control panel next to the gate. But that did not move the gate a millimeter. You could only hear a crunching and screeching followed by a loud bang as the engine responsible for opening the gate exploded. The gate was completely wedged.

"That would have been too easy." said Anoth. "Then I'll drop that door." One of the blades came out of his right hand until it was almost 50cm long (as in Wolverine). As soon as it was completely out, it  took on a red color as the temperature of the blade rose. When it finally glowed bright white after a few seconds, he rammed it into the door. "3000 degrees Celsius, even the best steel will not last." The blade slid through the steel like a soldering iron through warm butter. Anoth led the blade along the frame and only a few seconds later a square piece was cut out of the gate, which he kicked into the passage behind it. Just to dive for it when a hail of bullets and a rocket hailed him. A stun grenade and some rifle bursts later eliminated the problem. That was close. "Ok next!"

"The source of the interference field should be behind the second door to the right." said Konoko. The corridor in which they were was only five doors. They all included some systems for operating the underground facility. Power supply, water supply, water treatment, network and just this field generator. Next to the door to the field generator was a card reader.

"Try the access card you took from the guard." Kagami suggested.

"It's worth a try." She agreed and took the card from Anoth and draw it straight through the card reader. The red light over the reader jumped to green and the door was pulled into the ceiling. With raised weapons, they entered the room.


"Room secure!" cried Mitara.


"Good." Anoth said and looked at the generator. A rather unadorned gray cylindrical device that flashed at regular intervals through the slits in the case. "Turn it off." Konoko swung her weapon on her back and walked over to the computer console on the wall, where she immediately started typing. Only for the console to shut down.


"Damn it!" she cursed and thumped her fist on the now switched off console. "Someone does not want us in the system, they shut down the console, I cannot shut it down."


"Then we'll do it the old-fashioned way." Kumiko said and got a good two kilos of C4. Which she promptly popped on the generator and wired. "That's how we turn it off."


"Yeah, they know where we are now and we're sure to get unfriendly reinforcements." she reminded Konoko. And right enough. Seconds later, the clatter of feet on the floor was heard as more Team Rocket soldiers headed for them.


"Then let's welcome them." Anoth said, throwing a stun grenade out into the corridor. As soon as it exploded, another, albeit short, firefight broke out, at the end of which a further 12 Team Rocket soldiers found their way to their deaths. "Are you ready?"


"Yes, I've wired the explosive charge with a subspace detonator simple radio is too unsafe."




"Maybe we should take a look in the server room." Konoko suggested as she pointed to the door labeled Network. Anoth retrieved the access card and pulled her through the slot. Only this time the card was rejected. They had apparently noticed that they were using one of their access cards.


"Then I'll just drop her." Anoth said and pulled out the blade again and barely a minute later, the door was on the floor. There was a room crammed with servers. But that was not what attracted Anoth's attention. It was the screen that stood in the room. On it stood.





And apparently he was not the only one whose attention lay on the screen. "Quickly pull out the hard drives!" called Konoko. And just under 2 minutes and 48 hard drives later, they stood in front of the screen, which now showed a different message.






"Well done, this data could be helpful to bring down Team Rocket once and for all." Anoth said, while Konoko took the 48 Harddrives to put them in their storage dimensions. With that, Anoth grabbed his gun again and walked out of the network room. The others close behind him. A little later, they entered the hall, which was still empty except for the bodies. As soon as they had entered the hall, the whole group stood to the left of the felled gate against the wall. "Okay, let's crack it!"


Kumiko did not need another call. She took out the detonator and squeezed the trigger with a grin. Immediately there was a massive detonation, followed by flames that struck through the gate when the generator was destroyed in a fireball. "Wuhu !!" Kumiko's cheer came straight to it.


"You love that too much." Anoth said dryly. Kumiko just grinned.


Immediately thereafter, the five saw how in their HUD, the already long-missing function of the close-up life signs recognition went online again. Also, there was finally a clear picture of what was going on in the complex, of their heaps of electronic scrap in orbit.


"Destination found." Kagami said as she played with her controls. "It's two floors below us, and the rest of the people still in the complex seem to be fleeing, heading for an Underground train station."


"Looks like Toilet Head wants to get away." Konoko said.


"Yes, but not if we're faster, so keep going." Anoth said and with that they were on the move again. They went through one of the other doors. These could be opened easily. The corridors were empty and a little later they found themselves at the end of a staircase again. Here now they looked at  locked a door that was neither open nor could they simply cut through it.


"Damn it!" cursed Anoth. "The door is made of an adamantium tritanium unobtanium alloy, so we cannot get through, on the contrary, if I tried to burn myself through it, the unobtanium would just make the door even stronger and not enough, the walls are unfortunately also from this material."


"We passed a security office earlier, so maybe I can open that door from there." said Konoko.

"All right then." said Anoth. "Then back up." With that, they climbed the stairs again. And right enough. On the wall was a sign saying Security Office. The arrow pointed to the door in the office area of the complex. "What does the satellite say?"

After Konoko had looked briefly at the image of the satellite, she said: "No soul, the rooms are deserted."

"Ok, forward." ordered Anoth. "The satellite says that there is nothing alive here, but it does not mean that there are not a few other surprises waiting for us here." Anoth should be right. No sooner had he opened the door to the office complex as a shot of shotgun crashed into his stomach, causing him to fall on his back. "Ouch. That hurt." he groaned as he straightened up again.

"They set up traps." Kumiko stated.

"Are you alright?" Kagami asked as they helped him back up with Konoko.

"Yes." said Anoth. "The vest stopped the crap before it could do any damage." He held his stomach, the blow was not unbearable that he had got. "Kumiko, you're the explosives expert, you go ahead, we back up." Anoth said after a brief recovery.

"That's okay." confirmed Kumiko. and so they walked very slowly across the offices. It was almost half an hour before they finally arrived at the security office door. On the way there, the way was peppered with landmines, which were hidden under scattered papers and folders. Claymores, and hand grenades connected with tripwires and several rifle traps. In addition, there were three mines with proximity fuse, which were particularly tricky to defuse. But they made it and finally stood at the door to the security office. Kumiko slowly opened the door and examined the gap exactly. She found two tripwires that she could easily cut with the razor-sharp blades that came out of her hand. Then she opened the door carefully. She now took a mirror to help to look behind the door, because her feeling told her that there was something else lurking. And she was not disappointed. If she had opened the door even further, she would have triggered a pressure switch connected to a barrel crammed with C4. "Damn it!" she cursed.

"What do you see?" Anoth asked.

"A barrel. Completely stuffed with C4." came Kumiko's answer, whose face was now clearly visible, wondering how to remove that obstacle. Seeing the questioning glances, she decided the problem was closer to the Lords. "I cannot open the door any further, otherwise I activate the pressure switch, then not only we but the half complex will go up in a fireball."

"Can you not grab the switch with your psychic powers and just pretend?" Kagami suggested.

"Unfortunately no, if I try, the switch trips."

"Maybe you cannot change the switch, but what about the barrel itself?" asked Mitara. Kumiko looked at the barrel again with the help of the mirror. At the barrel was nothing special. It was a completely normal barrel that was filled to the brim with C4.


"Yes, yes, that should work." Mitara had given her an idea. With the help of her psychic powers she started to carefully pull the primers out of the explosives. As soon as she had done that, she moved the barrel to the far end of the room and put the primers in the corner where the door would swing. "So that should go, cover!" With these words she kicked the door. The pressure switch went off and the detonators went up. More did not happen. The explosive effect of the capsules was stopped by the door and so they were able to enter the room safely. "Well, that's a nice supply of C4, I'll keep it." Kumiko said delighted and immediately started to ship the C4 into her storage dimension. In the barrel was really nothing but the C4. Kumiko had half expected that there was another trap in the barrel. But that was not the case. A brief examination of the computer consoles in the room revealed no further unpleasant surprises and so Konoko sat down at the computer and began hacking the security system. To do this, she left her hand, similar to the Borg from Star Trek, small tubes that drilled into the console and thus connect to the heavily encrypted system. It took almost 10 minutes to break the encryption.

'Okay, I have a way to open the door, but I triggered a secondary security system that I cannot access from here.' Konoko's voice telepathically sounded to Anoth. His gaze inevitably turned to several of the strange shapes in the ceiling.

"Automatic guns." He cursed softly. "Find cover!" Within seconds they were all gone in cover. 'We are ready.' he telepathically sent to Konoko.

'Open the door now.' As soon as she said that, an alarm went off. The main lighting in the offices switched off and was replaced by several red flashing lights. And out of the ceiling drove 4 automatic turrets, every turret was equipped with two Gatling machine guns.

'Oh damn shit. Gatling weapons. They have turrets loaded with Gatling machine guns. ' Cursed Anoth telepathic. Konoko disconnected from the computers and came crawling over to Anoth. Only the beeping and the sound of the revolving turrets were heard in the room.

'What now?' Konoko asked telepathically.

'What target system do the weapons have?' asked Mitara.

'Acoustic and infrared.' was Anoth's answer, now looking at one of the guns and their target systems with a mirror.

'We need a way past those or we are sieves.' said Mitara.

'Another interference field has activated.' Konoko stated. 'Teleportation does not work. Shadow migration also not. '

'How the hell did they find out how to block our forces ???' Kagami asked.

'Probably they do not have that.' said Konoko. 'The same interference fields also works with Pokémon.'

'I could break a path across the walls of the offices. Enough explosives for that I have. ' Kumiko said telepathically, after thinking for a few minutes and looking at the room's plan. 'The walls between the offices are very thin.'


'We come over to you.' said Anoth telepathically, who was on the other side of the corridor with Konoko. He peered around the corner with the mirror and waited for the gun to turn in the other direction. 'Attention ..... now!' With that, both quickly sprinted over the almost 5-meter-wide corridor to the other side. The cannon noticed the sounds and turned much faster towards the source than expected. And since the Gatling was already rotating, the gun could fire immediately. They had just arrived on the other side, when a hail of bullets went down just where they had been less than a second ago.

'Phew, that was close.' Kagami said telepathically.

'The guns are turning faster than I expected.' Anoth said telepathically. And immediately nodded to Kumiko. That was the sign she could begin with. She clapped a little C4 to the wall, and a short bang later there was a hole big enough to crawl through. The guns turned in the direction of the bang and fired against the wall, which the bullets smashed, but since they were still in cover, the bullets destroyed only the furniture, the equipment in the office and made some nice holes in the wall. This pattern repeated itself several times. Blast, wait until the gun stops firing and then on. until they were finally in the last office in front of the entrance to the stairwell. There they had to wait for the right moment to finally sprint through the open door into the staircase. "Close the fire door!" Anoth and Kagami ordered as Mitara smashed the button right next to the door to the staircase much harder than needed and the almost 50cm thick, red white painted fire door slammed shut. "Well that was something."


Anoth looked at the button for the fire door that now resided arm deep into the wall and then looked to Mitara. His look asked if that was really needed. Mitara only shrugged and grinned and Anoth sighed.
With that they went down the stairwell again. And right enough, the door that was previously locked shut was now open. It opened there eyes to another corridor. They took cover to the right and left of the door and peered into the corridor with mirrors. This corridor looked clearly different than the previous ones. It had a more hospital-like impression. It consisted almost entirely of steel, only on the last part of the corridor were the walls transparent and shining. They were now in the laboratory complex of the installation. Actually not quite. A good 150 meters long downhill passage led down to it. There was only one problem. There were more of these guns in the corridor and Anoth could feel energy patterns from the walls that matched the signature of a plasma mesh (Resident Evil). These could literally cut a person to pieces if they were activated.

"They really want to make it as hard as possible." Anoth growled. "Can you switch off the power supply for this?"

"Unfortunately, no." Konoko answered. "Each floor is technically separate from the others."


"Anoth, I've discovered a ventilation duct in the ceiling." said Mitara, who also looked at the corridor from the other side of the door with a mirror. Mitara and Konoko briefly changed position and Konoko peered through the mirror into the corridor and found shortly after the ventilation grille, which Mitara had discovered.

"That's a good 15 meters." Konoko guessed and gave the mirror back to Mitara. "I need a distraction if I'm to get there."

"I think I can take care of that." said Anoth. "The stairwell is big enough that I transform-"

"You're not going in there yourself!" Kagami interrupted him.


"I'm not going to do that, I'm going to send my three-eyed wolves in. They should give the system enough to do, so that Konoko gets into the shaft. "

"Yes, yes, that could work." Kagami agreed.

"Too bad we do not know what's behind that door, so we could just teleport there." Konoko muttered as she got ready and Anoth went back a bit to become the small version of the Drago-Seraphim.

"That's the problem with unknown terrain." Kagami shrugged. "I do not feel like teleporting myself into a wall."

"I'd rather teleport behind the door or simply walk through it in our Astral form." Mitara agreed. "But one thing is made impossible by the fact that, as you have already said, we are in unknown territory and the other prevents the radiation of the rock in which this complex was built, not to mention the interference field."

'Ready?' Anoth asked telepathically. Konoko nodded in response. With that Anoth turned in the direction of the corridor. For a moment, as if he were about to vomit, when his cheeks expanded massively, forty three-eyed wolves sprang out of his mouth and ran down the corridor. The security system responded immediately and started firing at the wolves who, as soon as they were hit, first made a loud whine before dissolving into smoke (similar to Naruto's Shadow Doppelganger). Some of them made it to the glass walls area. As soon as they reached this part of the corridor, the corridor became dark, as the plasma lattice briefly collected energy, then two bright spots could be seen on both sides, which were directly connected to a beam and chased up the passage. The wolves hit by the beam were literally disassembled. Anoth sent another group of forty of the three-eyed wolves into the hallway as Konoko ran. As soon as she stood below the ventilation grille, she jumped up, broke through the grating and found herself in the ventilation shaft again. Anoth turned back and waited for feedback from Konoko.

It took several minutes before she answered. 'OK. I am now in the security center for this floor. ' Shortly afterwards, Anoth heard the guns shut down and the plasma lattice lost its energy. But before they could run, Konoko's voice came again. 'Do not start yet. There is a secondary system. ' she had barely said that the guns and the plasma mesh were online again. A minute later, both switched off again. 'OK. that was it. Security system offline. You can now. ' A short time later they were standing in front of the closed door. As soon as they approached the door automatically opened. Behind the door was Konoko, who had hacked the console near the door to open said door.

"Where is our target now?" Anoth asked as he looked down the three aisles that now revealed themselves to him.

"The whole complex is abandoned, toilet-head has escaped us, Arceus is here." Said Konoko. "The satellite not only shows me the signal from Arceus, there is another one next to it, much weaker than the other one. "

"Are the signals real or fake?" Anoth asked.

"Yes they are real, I also found an interfering field generator here, but I was able to deactivate it from the security office." Anoth now focused on his own systems and skills to track organic living nearby. And he could confirm Konoko's observation. Besides Arceus, there was a signal that was not only weaker, but also getting weaker and weaker. And he spotted another signal down another corridor. Also very weak, but stable. The signals were weak but he recognized both of them. One was from Mewtwo, the other at Arceus was the signal from Arceus's chosen one: Ash Ketchum. And as the signals weakened, it could only mean one thing. They were both dying.


"We split up, Konoko and Mitara take this corridor." With that, he pointed to the corridor that led straight on. "Take the third door on the right, where is Mewtwo, we'll take this one." He pointed to the left aisle. "And get Arceus. So the five split up and ran.

A little later, Anoth was standing in front of a door secured with a code board. The red light above the board lit up and told him that the door was locked. 'Konoko, the code for the door.'

Konoko's brief reply came in '1234'. Anoth asked no questions and just typed this in the code board. Immediately the light jumped to green and a click was heard when the lock was released. Immediately after that, half the door went up into the ceiling. and the other half sank in the ground. 'I have set each door lock in the system to this code.'

What they saw when the door was open was an unconscious Arceus in a tank filled with a bluish liquid. At Arceus himself, various hoses were fastened, shining in a strange light. Obviously her energy was pulled off. There was a computer console on the tank, which Anoth was bothering about. As soon as he stood in front of it, he put his right hand on the keyboard, from which immediately two tubes came out, allowing him a neural connection to the computer. It only took a few seconds, because he had cracked the password and began to drain the liquid from the tank. Password ?! A really original password. He also had disabled pulling off the energy of Arceus. As soon as the liquid was drained off and de-energized, Kumiko could begin removing the tubes that had drained Arceus' energy.

Meanwhile Kagami tried to gain access to the cage in which Ash lay unconscious. She typed the 1234 into the number pad, but the door did not move. It probably is not connected to the system. Good. Then we just do it differently. With that, she jerked out one of her claws and rammed it into the number field, into which she only chased a massive electric shock moments later. The electronic and magnetic locking overloaded and switched off. Then she could open the door easily. As soon as the door was open, she knelt down next to Ash and felt his pulse. He was very weak. As she took a closer look, his body showed clear signs of torture. Stripes of lashes, burned skin of electric shocks, and other unsightly things were clearly visible on his body, for these were only badly covered by his tattered and blood-soaked clothing. She immediately began healing the worst of the wounds using sprays that were actually meant for Pokémon. What few knew was that they worked in humans, but not quite as efficiently. However, two of the wounds were so big that they had to close them with their own healing powers. This happened by holding her hand a few inches above the wound and then applying healing energy to the wound. From the outside, this was seen through a blue light. The wounds themselves closed within seconds.


Five minutes back with Konoko and Mitara


Shortly after they broke up, they were standing in front of the door behind which Mewtwo was supposed to be. Konoko entered the code into the code board just to see that it had no power.

"Damn it." cursed Konoko. "Give me a minute." Within seconds, she had the code board, rewired and connected to the power supply of the lighting and only a few moments later the door was open. "There you go."

When the door was open, she opened her eyes to a completely dark room.

"Luminus" cried Mitara. Immediately a white glowing energy ball came out of her outstretched hand, which came to a halt in the middle of the room and easily lit the entire room. As soon as that happened, they heard a groan and discovered the inhabitant of this room. Chained to the wall, at the far end of the room, was Mewtwo, who had just closed his eyes. He must have been blinded by the sudden light in the room.


His condition was miserable. His body was littered with long-healed wounds that could only come from prolonged torture. He was very emaciated, as he probably had nothing to eat for a long time apart from water. He lifted his head tiredly and looked at the two of them. He could feel the power the two emitted on his skin. They looked like humans, but they were definitely not. Her aura energy level was far too high for a mortal. They fit more to one of the Legendary Pokémon. But somehow they were different. For a long time he could not think about this subject, he still got with how one of the people raised her hand and drove a gold-colored light fan over his body, then he fell back in to the darkness of unconsciousness.

"How is he?" Konoko asked Mitara, who had just scanned him.

"He is severely malnourished and very weak." answered Kagami, who soon took out a medical Pokéball and Mewtwo was caught in it without any problem and then immediately put in one of the stasis balls and then let it disappear in their storage dimension. "Let's go back to the others." With that both of them ran out of the room again to meet the others only seconds later and to see how Kumiko did the same with Arceus as she did just seconds before with Mewtwo.

"You have Mewtwo?" Anoth asked, who had noticed her invade.

"Yes we have got that." confirmed Mitara.

"Good, we have Arceus." said Anoth. "How is Ash?"

"He is stable." answer Kagami. "But he has to be treated in a hospital."

"Toilet Skull has gone through the rags, but we have Mewtwo, Ash, and Arceus, and then we should now-" Anoth was interrupted by a massive increase in energy at Dimensional Energy, at the other end of the facility. "What the-?!"



A few seconds before. Escape train from Team Rocket facility


The train was leaving the facility at high speed.

"Dimensional Bomb detonation in 10 seconds." said a computer voice. "5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... explosion." As soon as the computer was finished, the scientist, together with Attila and Hun, came up with champagne.

"At the end of the Ghost Division." said the scientist happily.

"At the end of the Ghost Division." repeated Attila and Hun.


Back to Anoth and his troop 5 seconds back


"DIMENSIONAL BOMB!" Anoth roared his warning as his implants recognized the energy pattern. Immediately after, four of them built shields around themselves to protect themselves from the massive discharge of Dimensional Energy. Kagami stood in the middle while the other four held the shield upright. As soon as it was built, a massive blue wave of energy thundered into the shields, designed to block this dimension energy. But it was clear that the discharge was so strong that cracks formed in the shield fairly quickly. The hammering on the shields seemed to last forever, which in reality was not much more than a few seconds. Then the energy stream ebbed away. The energy flow should have lasted only a second longer, then the shield would have collapsed and she who knows where was sent. "Damn, that was close." said Anoth, who was on his knees and completely out of breath. "Did you feel that too?"

"Yes." said Mitara, who was in the same condition as Anoth. "That felt like an Alteran."

"But they have died out for more than ten thousand years." said Kumiko.

"Obviously not." Kagami stated.

"What's this?!" cried Mitara, who had noticed that a high-pitched alarm was sounding. This question was answered when each monitor in the room switched to red and issued an alarm message.

Overheating in 60 seconds


"The dimensional bomb must have destroyed the cooling systems." called Konoko.

"Everyone out here!" ordered Anoth. "To the train station!" He switched to the subspace radio channel. "Anoth to commanding officer, we have a reactor melt here! Pull your people out of here!" he called into the radio in the middle of the run. He did not wait for an answer and closed the channel again. All five had started running, meanwhile. Mitara had Ash in her arms. Seconds later, they had arrived at the tracks of the maglev, transforming into their little Drago-Seraphim figures, and Kagami carried her valuable cargo, albeit a bit clumsily, onto her back and ran down the tunnel. A few seconds later, they felt a massive heat wave behind them. The shockwave raced down the tunnel and lifted all five of their legs. They were carried through the tunnel by the blast wave, like a cannonball through a gun barrel. Only seconds later they had reached the terminus of the line where the escape train had been parked. All five, during their unsightly and involuntary flight through the tunnel tube, were able to activate not only their impact damping fields but also their ablative armor.

The impact damping fields appear around them in the form of an aura of a yellowish light. They redirect impact energy, ensuring that they do not suffer physical damage from high-speed collisions. Instead, the energy is subtracted from its magical reserves to absorb the force. The ablative armor is practically a substance that spreads from its back from its back in the form of plates over its entire body. It protects in combat, as well as in vacuum. However, this is only available if they are in one of their beasts. In human form, the substance is more like a metallic-looking coating over their bodies. This is also suitable for space but does not offer as good protection as the beast variant.

The ablative armor as well as the impact damping field were urgently needed as they collided at full speed with the standing train. Anoth was the first to destroy the first car before he came to a standstill. The others followed shortly thereafter.

Mitara had wrapped herself protectively around Ash and extended her impact cushion to him and also turned around during the flight so that she would be the first to collide with the train. The force was massive, with which she collided with the train. The impact absorption field took away a portion of the force with which it collided against the train's metal, while the ablative armor prevented it from digging metal parts of the train into its flesh. A short time later, they came to a standstill.

#All OK? # Anoth asked.

#Yes. Just a little shaken up. # Kagami replied.

#I'm good. # answered Mitara and now checked the condition of Ash. #Ash is fine. # She used her tentacles to lift him back onto her back. This time a little gentler.

#Kumiko? Konoko? # Anoth asked.

# Were still in one piece, Anoth. # Answered Kumiko, who was helping Konoko to stand on her paws again.

# Does anyone know where we are? #

#No connection to the satellite. # answered Konoko. #I don't know. But there has to be a way out of this. #

#Then we are looking for this exit. # Anoth said and looked first at the station where they had landed. There was only one wreck left on the train. There was nothing left except for the chassis, which made him appreciate how the impact would have gone without an impact cushion and Ablative armor. The station itself was not a gem. Gray concrete in a rectangular room with a heavy steel door in one of the walls. That's it. Anoth drove in the ablative armor and turned back. Through the door they would not fit in their beast form anyway. The door was too small for that. The others did the same and Mitara carried Ash in her arms.

Anoth opened his bearing dimension and brought out his aura weapon. Kagami, Kumiko and Konoko did the same. They gave Mitara cover as Anoth opened the door and they took the corridor to the surface. They came to another door at the end of the corridor. Anoth confirmed the switch on the wall and the door opened. Anoth, Kagami, Kumiko and Konoko went through first. They found themselves in a warehouse. Which was completely empty. Shortly after, they stood outside the hall. They found themselves in the middle of the industrial area again. after the skyscrapers in the distance to judgments in the industrial area of Virbank City.


"We are in Virbank City." Anoth stated. The weapons were no longer needed here and found their way back into the camp dimension.

"Then we can get Ash to the hospital and our Pokémon to the center." said Kagami.

"Correct." said Anoth. "Anoth to General Cardwright, can you hear me?" Anoth said in his radio.

"This is General Cardwright I hear you Anoth." the answer came from the radio.

"Look at our position and send us an ambulance and we could use a van here."

"I'll send them to you right away.

"We've got the hostages, but we've lost toilet-heads."

"No, you have not, he was shot down by the air surveillance 5 minutes ago and arrested."

"Good to hear." Anoth sounded relieved.

"Full debriefing then in the base." Cardwright end. " Thus the radio conversation was finished. They only had to wait a few minutes. Not only did an ambulance arrive, but also a bus drove around the corner. A little later Ash was in the ambulance and Anoth and his girls headed for the next Pokémon Center. Ten minutes later they were in the Pokémon Center of Virbank City.

"Welcome to the Pokémon Center of Virbank City." She greeted Sister Joy.

"Hello Angelica." Greeted Anoth back and put his Pokéballs, as well as those who were in the stasis capsules over. The others did the same.

"It will take a while." Angelika said and handed the balls to one of the Chansey who took the balls to the back of the center. Where already two Audino waiting for her.

"Then we'll wait until she's done." said Kagami. "I need a shower." she noted as she felt her armpit sweat stretch after stretching.

"I think we could all use that." said Anoth, who had noticed that too.

"Room 41 is free." Angelica said and handed over the key. "Five beds."

"We take that." Anoth said, took the key and went straight down the hall to the rooms. The others followed him. "We have to be in the base tomorrow to report, we all need a shower, and then we'll hit each other's ears. Good night people."