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Shotgun Betterments - a business beyond expectations

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She was getting mad. How dared he to shrug it off like that?

“But I did all the work!! Raymond and Jethro messed everything up!! It’s not MY FAULT they’re such idiots! I DESERVE to be Senior Deputy!”

Shannon’s wires were literally fuming, while Lord Cowboy Darrell watched it rather unimpassioned. There was a hint of a smile on his face.

“If so, I guess you’ll have to try a little harder Shannon.” Darrell said shrugging, having an arch smile on his face.

“That bibble has MY NAME ON IT!!” His robotic sister yelled, as two lesser Darrells were starting to take her out of his office with unimpressed expressions on their faces “No WAIT! You can’t just kick me OUT! I’m not done with this! AARRGH!”

He uttered a sigh and leaned back in his chair. “Back to the important stuff!” He soliloquized cheerfully, grabbing a crayon from the table, when he was interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Hello Darrell.” Startling a little, he accidentally drew a line on his paper

“…Dang!... Oh! Hi Cosma!” Darrell responded in a friendly way, seeing the reptilian woman on the videophone.

“Am I intruding?”

“We don’t have a meeting…” He replied unsuitably plain while putting one of his fingers on his chin “sooo…yeah, kinda.”

“I’m calling for a reason.” She explained calm yet firmly “You know we are very satisfied with what you did with this company.”

“I know! We are actually selling since I took over.” Darrell said smugly, pointing both his thumbs towards himself as the robot placed his feet on his office table.

“The most successful business concern on the market is V&V Industries at this point. Boxmore takes the second place…” Darrell didn’t feel that confident anymore all of the sudden. He got a tiny bit smaller in his chair. He opened his mouth to say something, but Cosma kept going.

“They have been market leader for years. We think there might be a possibility of a merging.”

„…Merging?!” Darrell put his feet back on the ground rapidly, sitting straight up in his chair…Why?? Boxmore is running perfect on its own! The sales are better than ever!...You…said that yourself!”

Cosma kept a straight face. His reaction was no surprise to her.

“There’s very good chance a fusion would increase the potential of this company a lot more.”

“Bu-uh!...” “I would urgently advice you to avoid potential competitions like these, IF you want this company to stay efficient, Darrell.” Cosma added with a particular emphasis in her voice that made it clear she wasn’t actually advising.

Even though he didn’t like that idea at all, the robot also knew contradicting Cosma could end up…messy. So he just crossed his arms, pouting, staring stolidly into space. The corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

“I arranged an appointment with V&V at twelve tomorrow.”

“…W-WHA?!-” Darrell stuttered dumbfounded, staring at Cosma big-eyed “But-! You-!!”

“Keep up the good work.” She added with a hint of a smile and ended the call.

Leaving him with these words, Darrell just sat there bewildered. He clawed the elbow rest of his chair, causing a bloodcurdling screech. He hit one of the buttons on his speaker. “Ernesto! Bring me my DESSERT!!” Lord Cowboy Darrell ordered indignantly.