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Reese has nothing on you

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Sonny had been gloomy since Raf left. Blind date after blind date sucked. He sighed as on his birthday, Liv had conspired with Bella and Amanda to put together yet another blind date. It was February and snowing hard. Amanda and Bella distracted him with embarrassing things as Tommy and Declon continued to buy rounds.

"I'm gonna text the lieu, ask her what's taking so long." Amanda said as she did so. Meanwhile, Liv and Rafael were walking in the deep snow.

"Rollins is getting antsy. We better hurry." Liv said as she checked her phone.

"Are you sure I'm what Sonny needs, Liv? He might hate me for what I did." Rafael was unsure.

"Rafa, he's been miserable. Plus it's his birthday. You'd be the best gift ever." Raf sighed as she explained this. "Look-" Liv didn't get to finish her sentence as a kid running fast to make a delivery knocked into Raf's leg, making the older man lose his footing and crack his head on the sidewalk. Liv called 911 and then texted Amanda to abort the mission.

"Liv just texted, Bella? Can I see you for a minute?" Amanda asked. They walked into an inaudible corner.

"Rafael's in a coma. They were almost to Forlini's when some kid knocked him into the pavement in a rush to deliver an order." Amanda explained.

"Fuck, Amanda. What do we tell Sonny?" Bella asked.

"Just call a friend and tell them to make an emergency blind date thing." Amanda said. As she did, Amanda went to Sonny.

"Where's the Lieu?" Sonny asked.

"She couldn't make it." Amanda said. "She lost the present she wanted to give you." Amanda gave a disappointed grin as he said he could get it later and they continued to celebrate as the emergency blind date came over.
One month later
Yet another bust in the blind date thing. Sonny was done. He was at least gonna try and find a new place. Even now more than ever since his lease was running out. Surprisingly enough, the realtor was helping a nice lady with an apartment she was taking care of.

"The place is in excellent condition, you'll love every space. There's even a roof area." She said.

"You have a lovely place and I'm sometimes good with my hands when it comes to pet projects. The roof area might be good for gardening and woodwork." Sonny said.

"Oh I'm glad you have ideas already. And this isn't my place. No, this is my son's. He suddenly went under a coma last month." She said no more and all Sonny could do was offer a hand on her shoulder as she pulled out a handkerchief and blew her nose on it.

"I'm sorry about your predicament." Sonny also offered. "If there was something I could do, I'd do it for you."

"Then I insist you take this place. I'll let you keep it a month. I doubly insist." The nice lady said as she gave the nod to the realtor to let him do this. Sonny accepted this offer and moved some of his stuff into a storage garage, not wanting to disturb anything that belonged to the nice lady's son in the case he came out of the coma.
The day he moved in with his clothes, everything was normal. He turned on the TV and checked out the kitchen. He noticed the person who previously owned the apartment didn't eat a home cooked meal. He barely had anything in the apartment for food. Sonny made a mental note to go grocery shopping when he got back from work. He was trying to work the radio in the kitchen when he jumped after hearing a familiar voice.

"Hey, you better have a good explanation why you're in my apartment or I'm calling-" Rafael stopped dead in his tracks when he saw who it was when the assumed intruder turned to face him. "Carisi?" Rafael was holding a bat when Sonny turned around and faced him.

"BARBA!" Sonny ran to Raf, but fell to the floor when he lost momentum, as if Rafael was a hologram. He could've sworn he had ran to him and hugged him. He tested this and after getting up, he ran his hand over the older man's body. It was almost as if he were...a...ghost? Sonny started to cry.

"Carisi, get a grip." Rafael said as he rolled his eyes.

"You can't be dead, this would be the worst start to the new year ever. You can't be." Sonny said, now hyperventilating.

"What are you talking about, Carisi? I'm not dead." Rafael said as he felt for himself, solid as a person should be. That was how he felt until he saw in the mirror in his dining room that he was walking through the couch. What the hell happened to him?