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Keep your eyes on the PRIDE

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Chapter 1


As the whole city of London buzzes with life with just a few days to the Highlight of the pride month, the annual pride parade, Harry Potter buzzes around nervous for his first pride march, and first truly public appearance as an out member of the gay community. Hes been out a few weeks and even if he's not totally sure what he is, he sure isn't straight. He kind of likes girls too, so maybe he is bisexual, but for now the overall term "queer" feels good. He says it out loud at home while looking trough his closet to find something to put on for the parade,
"I am Harry Potter and I am queer"
Yes, that's right.

Growing up without any kind of love or affection has surely left a mark in him, finding it hard to identify the different feelings and emotions of himself and especially other people. Thankfully, he thinks, he has had some really close friends helping him figure this whole sexuality and romance thing out. And now, with a lot of support and late night talks with the persons closest to him he can proudly say he is queer. Leaning towards gay but he can't rule out every possibility for love, not after the emotionless childhood he has had, and the fact that he has dated girls before and actually loved them, physically and mentally. Ginny being one of the girls in his life. Harry thinks he always knew they weren't meant to be but he sill thinks they had the best relationship he has ever been in and is truly happy for Ginny finding the true love she deserves in Luna. Now that is a couple meant to be, he thinks and chuckles tossing another shirt on the bed. Not that one either.

He looks around at the pile of clothing on the bed, the few jeans scattered on the floor and the almost empty closet and decides it is time to give up and go shopping. With the two girls in mind he sends them a text asking them to join him at the mall. They set up a shopping-date for the next day and Harry starts putting away all the clothes he just took out. He just has to find something wearable tomorrow or it's gonna be too late, it is already Wednesday and the parade is on Saturday.

He is going to have some brunch with Ron and Hermione on Saturday and probably wont have any time over for, well just about anything, his calendar is smacked. Harry thinks about his best friends, the others of "the golden trio" and can't help but feel a little jealous. They have been together since the fifth year, gone trough hell as individuals and as a couple and is probably the strongest people Harry knows. Now they're expecting their first baby and couldn't be happier. It stings even if Harry doesn't like to admit it. Harry knows especially Ron is freaking out about the baby but who wouldn't be? They're gonna be alright, Harry just knows it. They've already asked Harry to be the godfather to the baby and of course he said yes, but with a heavy heart as the matter always reminded him of Sirius. His own godfather who were killed just a year after Harry learning about his very existence. Hurtful memories like this only accentuates the fact that he has no one by his side, for better or for worse, and he knows deep down he hates to be alone, but hasn't really met his soulmate. And not to mention he is sick of looking for that person, not one place seems fit to meet the someone special. Maybe the parade will take care of that Harry wonders, feeling hopeful, while he puts the last t-shirt back in the closet.


-Oh my god! Harry you have to get this one! The red headed girl seems way too cheerful for it to be a good thing Harry thinks when he turns around to look at what Ginny found for him. "oh my" is his initial response to the sleeveless white shirt with a unicorn, a rainbow and a little white kitten riding the unicorn.
-You just have to get that. Luna tunes in taking Ginny's hand and kissing it proudly. Harry groans loudly.
-You have got to be kidding me! He exclaims an sighs.
-It's not really... my style. He tries to come up with some excuses but the girls wont listen.
-Just think about how good this would look on you with a pair of black ripped shorts! Ginny says exited focusing way more on Luna than Harry.
-Oh yes! Luna exclaims and Harry knows he don't stand a chance to the girls when they set their mind on something.
Harry sighs dramatically and smiles internally for he really is grateful for the help and support the girls have given him.
-Fine, I'll try that thing on then.

Harry walks to the fitting room and tries on the shirt. "It actually does look good on me", Harry thinks looking in the mirror. He is quite well built after many Quidditch years and working out in the gym. His well sculpted shoulders look even broader in the narrow shirt and his pecks get the attention they deserve. Harry turns around to look at his ass when Ginny pushes the curtain away to take a look at Harry.

-Hey! He yells and blushes a bit.
-Oh come on Harry! She sighs loudly and rolls her eyes.
-I've seen you naked, we dated remember!? Harry sighs and throws his arms to the side, strikes a little pose and asks,
-Well, what do you think? He can tell by the giggles of the girls that the shirt is spot on, for the parade at least, and smiles.
-Well that settles that then. He says and turns around to take the shirt off.
-Not so fast! Luna screams and gives Harry a minor heart attack.
-Try these on as well. She adds, throws a pair of black jeans shorts with mostly holes on the thighs, at Harry and walks away.
-I'll look over here! She says while her blond hair disappears around the corner. Harry sighs but turns around to try on the shorts.
-A little privacy, please! He says to Ginny when she doesn't close the curtain.
-Fine. I'll just stand here, then. She pulls the curtain and Harry checks its surely closed before he takes his pants off.

Its weird to be half naked around Ginny, especially after everything they had. Harry sometimes misses her, or maybe just to have someone around. Ginny truly was his rock after the war and he just can't be mad for how things turned out eventually. Ginny started seeing Luna before they were officially over, and even though Harry sometimes is bitter about it he knows it was his actions that pushed her into Luna's lap. After all Ginny gave him, he gave nothing in return, shutting her out of his life. He tried to protect her of unnecessarily grieve but after Fred's death he realized nothing could protect anyone from the war and the pain it caused. He should have been there for her more and stronger but couldn't and now he is alone and Ginny is happy. Harry swallows hard and fights the tears. A voice brakes his string of thoughts asking "what's taking him so long". Harry buttons the shorts up and draws the curtains away.

-Wow! Ginny gasps.
-Luna you got to see this! Harry is nervous, what does Ginny mean "see this"? He looks at himself in the mirror and is quite taken away by the way he looks.
-Ah! Harry! Luna sighs and claps her hands.
-You look gorgeous like that! She smiles her heartwarming from the heart all love smile and Harry melts a bit inside.
-Thanks I guess. He says blushing.

Both girls hug him and he is glad he went shopping with these two. Just before the moment gets too emotional for all three of them Harry breaks apart and says, with a small shiver on his voice,
-Well then, lets go get these bagged an go get some ice cream.
The girls giggle again and leave Harry to change back into his own clothes.

Harry stands there by the mirror a while just looking at himself. "I am quite handsome" he thinks and smiles to himself. And the girls were right, as usual, the clothes look great on him. He would normally never dress like that but its a very special occasion, and maybe he does need to update his wardrobe. Harry takes off the clothes and leaves the fitting room smiling from ear to ear. He has a feeling in the pit of his stomach that this is gonna be a good weekend.