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The Crow's Song

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Chapter 2.

Okay, Shinichi was really fed up with Gin’s preemptive strikes. It was like the silver haired man thought he knew what was best for the organization and knew what the boss and Rum wanted even before the order was out. And considering that Shinichi’s intentions were absolutely not aligned with Gin’s… Yeah.

Shinichi had tried to take out two flies with one hit. He wanted the research on APTX4869 to be halted so no other scientist would figure out what had happened to him. Sherry already knew. She was the one to sign the confirmation of his death after all. Shinichi was very aware of the clues existing and lacking at his own house that the young woman had checked out twice. He had also hacked her computer to see the previous results of clinical test and lo and behold, there were shrinking mice. So, there was no way that Sherry didn’t know about his fate.

On the other hand, Shinichi wanted to let the two daughters of Miyano scientists free of the organization. Akemi more than deserved better life. She was honestly a good person and had been trying to barter with organization before. And while Shiho had done dubious experiments at organization’s behest for the last five years, she was still young and could do some good for this world.

(Not to mention that with Akemi’s connection to Akai Shuichi the two could get to FBI’s protection and thus get more information to the Americans.)

It had been going fine. Shinichi had contacted Akemi personally and given her free hands to organize the heist. She hired two people from outside organization thanks to networking she’d done during the years. Laxer watch and life meant more outside contacts to call upon. Handy.

The heist itself went fine too… until the driver got away with the money. Which in turn had Akemi appear on the Detective Agency’s doorstep. Unexpected. Especially when Shinichi didn’t realize to look beneath her school girl disguise until she showed the photo of her ‘father’, Hirota Kenzou.

Looking for the man was almost fun. They found him thanks to the ridiculous naming scheme on his cats of all things. And thus Akemi had the chance to get the money.

Of course things weren’t that simple. The other hired hand had gotten another detective to tail Hirota as well and the detective in question appeared at Mouri’s.

(If Shinichi watched in awe when Ran jumped out of the second-floor window and confronted the other man, it was his business.)

Hirota was found dead soon after. And then the thug was too. Shinichi knew Akemi had killed the latter. Those two were liabilities after all and thus he’d assigned Gin to help Akemi to get rid of those two and be her contact in general since he had been Sherry handler as well.

But he hadn’t expected the man to kill Akemi. They met at the docks as planned. Akemi didn’t have the money with her but that was a good thing. Organization didn’t need that money.

“Who are you?” Akemi asked when Shinichi had told her how they’d found her.

“Edo- no, Kudou Shinichi…” Pause. “I really wanted you to get away, you know.” Shinichi sighed when kneeling next to the dying woman. Ran had run to call for police moments ago. He wanted her to know. Everything. To have some peace of mind.


“Both you and your sister, I offered you this chance to get away… But it seems I underestimated Gin’s hate for your ex.” The boy continued.

“Then you… Rum? But how?” The woman’s eyes widened.

“My father inherited the organization. We both want to take it down. I thought… I thought by letting you and your sister go, it would be a significant step to that.” Shinichi smiled sadly. “I’m sorry.”

“Pl-Please… Please keep Shiho safe.” Akemi took a hold of his wrist with one bloodied hand. “If you truly are telling the truth, please keep her safe. I’m counting on you, little detective.”

She was the second person to die because he tried to save them. Shinichi stared at her corpse impassively while Ran hugged him from behind. She was shedding enough tears for both of them.

Yes, he’d look after Sherry. As soon as he found out just how she’d react to the news of her sister’s death. That was all Shinichi could do about that matter since Rum would have no reason to scold or even punish Gin for his actions.

Running into Gin and Vodka at shinkansen was a complete coincidence. Shinichi had known about the trade and intellectually he knew that there should be no loose ends… But hearing about the bomb had been a surprise still. Especially considering that they’d arranged the bomb to be blown up while on train.

So he’d set on tracking down the business partner and dispose of the bomb. Ran interfered a lot but in the end, he’d succeeded. On the last second though.

The satisfaction of saving numerous innocent lives was immense.

He was kidnapped. By his parents. He was not surprised. He’d been in contact with them exactly once after shrinking and even then, it was only a mail to Yusaku’s – Anokata’s – phone. Coded of course, but telling them not to worry, he was still alive no matter what Gin reported. There had been a reply that they’d need to approach the matter carefully since Agasa was in the know.

So they hatched a kidnapping plan with the professor. How nice.


In a sense it was fun. Cracking the clues left behind by Yusaku and Yukiko and chasing down their location at the hotel. The offer they made about taking him to abroad and have Yusaku’s Interpol contacts handle the organization was mostly for show for Agasa but it was real too. Technically Shinichi didn’t need to stay in the country as Rum handled everything via mail or phone with voice changer. But he wanted to stay. He wanted to be with Ran and on the lookout for the Organization’s men. He needed to see through Sherry’s situation. Not to mention all the murder cases that were too tricky for ordinary police officers. Some of them might hide unsanctioned dealings within and Shinichi needed to be there to gather data and evidence or otherwise witness.

He told them as much when they were in the safety of Kudou mansion. Yusaku agreed. Yukiko was more reluctant but didn’t protest much either. They knew that Shinichi was now more vulnerable. But at the same time his current form was his best protection.

“I’ll be fine.” Shinichi smiled. “The situation might’ve been different if we weren’t already involved but I actually know what we are capable of so…”

“Do be careful, Shin-chan.” Yukiko crushed the boy to her chest. “We’ll visit every once in a while.”

“Not too often though.”

“Of course not.” Yusaku chuckled.

And so Shinichi was dropped back at the detective agency by ‘Edogawa Fumiyo’ and his life could go on.

Shinichi stared at the blazing inferno. Inside, Asai Narumi… no, Asou Seiji, was playing the grand piano. Moonlight Sonata. The music piece that had dictated the entire case, that had haunted and taunted them all for the past days. And to think it had been the person who’d become a close confidant and ally to Shinichi, that had committed the murders.

And he’d cornered the young man. Though Shinichi could understand that Seiji hadn’t planned to live after killing his father’s murderers, the detective still wished he could’ve prevented this. A detective who drove criminals to suicide were no better than murderers themselves. For a long time Shinichi had sent out orders for others to kill and in that progress soiled his own hands too but… This blood was much more vibrant crimson.

“Arigatou, chiisana meitantei…” Spelled the last notes. And Shinichi vowed to be better. To prevent things like this from happening.

Shinichi was in flu when certain dark-skinned Osakan high-school detective barged into his life. His head was so stuffed that he hadn’t thought much of the ‘cold-remedy’ the other teen gave him… and then he was tipsy.


Alcohol that blessed him with his former body temporally and allowed him to solve the case in which Hattori Heiji was in his haste about to have wrong person arrested. On top of all the said person was ready to confess and shoulder the blame.

Shinichi’s fever was burning high and he needed to leave post haste. Hattori was there though, smiling and congratulating Shinichi for being the better detective. This would not do. Solving cases was not a competition no matter how enjoyable the brain-stimulating mysteries were. These were actual people and actual lives on stake. Both in matter of getting justice for the killed as well as ensuring all details were dug up and the complete truth presented.

There was only one truth.

Shinichi did not know when he’d meet the other high school detective next but he was already waiting for it.

He wanted to asses him as a potential ally.

Kisaki Eri was as intelligent and terrifying as always. Sometimes Shinichi wondered just how she and Yukiko were best friends but then remembered that his mother was quite terrifying sometimes as well.

Shinichi didn’t even need to actually solve the case, just point out some details for the lawyer to piece together. Good, her intuition and focus was scary even without her knowing who he really was.

And on other matter… Why an earth had Ran been so secretive about her meeting with her mother? Saying she was going on a date with Shinichi himself, geez. While Kogoro and Eri kept dancing around each other, it was strange how Ran kept sneaking around both of them. Shinichi could see that Ran wanted to keep contact with both of her parents and even get them back together but… It had been ten years already. Hopeless situation was hopeless and it would ease tension around both adults if they finally got that divorce through. Given the way Kogoro eyed other women and… appreciated Okino Yoko, it would cause one less reason to have strife between the couple and even Ran could breathe easier.

But, well, it wasn’t Shinichi’s problem really.

This time Shinichi was prepared. He knew that Tequila would be making an exchange with Mantendo company’s employee at the game convention. He even knew that contact’s name, Nakajima Hideaki, so he could accompany the man and learn how the exchange was made.

By bumping into Tequila and apparently exchanging the coatroom tags. Simple but working.

Shinichi was also lucky that when Ran sent him to get juice for hangover Kogoro, he had the chance to hear Tequila’s conversation with Vodka via payphone. Well, one half of it. And then plan a bug under the man’s shoe.

Shinichi was not prepared to have the man get blown into smithereens by a bomb. A bomb that was apparently in the suitcase. Was Nakajima suicidal? Other part of Shinichi’s brain was idly satisfied that now the programming branch would stall to halt with lack of more information as Tequila had been the main contact with their dealings with outsiders. Now they’d lack the names of programmers from Nakajima and the person who’d dealt with Itakura Suguru most… He probably should get Vodka to contact Itakura when the man’s deadline was approaching.

Now though, he had a case to solve.

It turned out that Nakajima had been targeted by his colleague whose girlfriend had committed suicide when Nakajima had left the university boxing club. How stupid… What sort of reason was that to get rid of one’s own life?

Oh, a bit too much detachment here. Shinichi blinked and demanded Nakajima to confess what he’d been dealing with by using Kogoro’s voice.

There wasn’t much new info. Other than the meeting place Le Cocktail at the building opposite the convention center. Oh shit…

The meeting place exploded ten minutes later. Shinichi only barely managed to hack into the building’s security system and trigger fire alarm in order to evacuate the place. There still were some burns and scrapes though.

Well, at least no more lives were claimed that day.

Shinichi was no way prepared. He’d been planning on having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend at the villa named Mycroft with like-minded Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts. Kogoro might’ve complained and Ran wouldn’t completely understand aside from comparing him to… well, himself, but that would be secondary. Shinichi wanted to enjoy himself for a change.

But then there was that seer whose words left him off-kilter. And then Hattori Heiji was there too. And murders. Let’s not forget those.

While Shinichi had wanted to meet Hattori again, preferably when his head wasn’t full of snot, he didn’t mean this. Now he had to watch his steps sot he other teen detective wouldn’t figure out anything.

But of course it didn’t work. Shinichi made an amateur mistake in assuming that Hattori remained asleep after Kogoro hit him on top of the teen’s head. And thus…

“You’re Kudou, aren’t you?”