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May I Have All Your Eyes And Ears To The Front Of The Room

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“Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Tonight we will astonish your senses, make you doubt what is real and what is just a simple illusion”, he took a short breath, letting his audience take in the scenery, “and after the show you will leave this theatre, with your mind perplex, rethinking what you just saw and not being able to solve the riddle of this performance.”

All eyes were set on the man who could capture your attention, how short your span may be, in the first four words he spoke. He roamed the big stage —that looked less small under his feet then it did when someone else preformed there— waiving his arms around softly, making him look like a conductor showing his musicians the tempo of their playing.

“Let is begin!”, the red curtain fell before him with the audience clapping their hands furiously, wanting more after their first taste of this phenomenon called: a Magic Show.