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The Double Agent (Yoonmin Soulmate!AU)

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“Ya Yoongi, I want those reports on my desk by 4, okay?” The Chief of Police yelled, before returning to his desk.

“‘Course boss!.. you fat piece of shit,” Yoongi tried to mutter the last part under his breath, but ‘accidentally’ spoke too loud, causing Han Jisung, the newest understudy, to laugh a bit too loud.

“Keep your voice down! We don’t wanna attract too much attention from him!” He tried to scold the boy, but ended up smiling too much to be taken seriously.

Checking the clock, he saw he had 30 minutes to finish the reports and leave the building. Sighing, he continued to write the report of the recent gang attack on businessman Park Jungsoo.

What a fake. Park Jungsoo was a fraud, started his empire by selling drugs. Now he was at the top of a ‘clothing’ company, and sold drugs, women and mercenaries under the name of Leeteuk. Leader of the Super Junior gang, he had killed his way to the top.

He thought for a second about adding all that information in his report. He thought about exposing Leeteuk for his crimes. But in doing so, he would expose himself.

The fact that Jungsoo was Leeteuk wasn’t common information. The only way you could know was if you yourself were involved with the mafia. And Min Yoongi, calm policeman who’d never broken a single rule, couldn’t possibly be apart of the mafia right?


He was Suga, the sweet talking double agent who could kill someone without batting an eye. He was Suga, the angry hyung who nobody ever dared cross for fear of what he could do. He was Suga, the one who could talk his way out of every situation, no matter who the accuser was.

He was Suga, the second in command for Bangtan, the second largest mafia group in all of Korea.

Looking around the police stations, he only wished he could tell them. That he could scream from the top of his lungs about it, and about how he couldn’t sleep at night for fear of the nightmares, the nightmares of the things he had done.

Instead, he wrote his report in record time, smiled at the chief as he gave him the report, and asked about how golf was on the weekend. He didn’t even like golf,  barely knew anything about the sport other than golf clubs were excellent weapons.

Jisung, the new kid, was still waiting on him when he left the office.

“So hyung, got any cool stories from being out in the field?” he asked, still filled with childlike enthusiasm about his new job. .

“Kid, i would drop it if i was you, you don’t wanna know these stories.” He tried to be as blunt as possible, hoping -praying that he would drop it.

“Tell me please, i wanna know so i can prepare myself for when I’m out there, ya know. ‘In the field’ as they say,” Jisung almost yelled, begging for a tiny bit of information.

“Y’know what? Fine,” Yoongi said, stopping in the middle of the pavement.

“Do you wanna hear about the time we had to stop a school shooter? Or the time we visited a mass suicide and almost everyone had jumped from the top of the fucking building? Or how about the time i saw my friend get shot right in front of m-” he stopped suddenly, realising he was about to tell him a mafia story.

Jisung looked pale and like he was ready to throw up.

“Hey kid I’m… I’m sorry okay? Let’s keep walking, I’ll buy you a muffin or something. I’m sorry kid, I’m so sorry…” Yoongi was genuinely apologetic, he didn’t mean to scare the kid, he just lost his temper for a second.

Jisung finally got some colour back in his face after they got some food and a coffee, much to the relief of Yoongi.

They continued walking around for awhile until Yoongi’s phone beeped 3 times.

“fuck this…. can’t be bothered man…” Yoongi muttered under his breath, before pulling out his phone and seeing the messages from Namjoon.

Text from Namjoon: Yoongi

Text from Namjoon: We need you.

Text from Namjoon: HEIST ON SJ

Crap. They had been planning this for some time now, it was finally in action.

“Hey kid, you okay getting home alone? Yeah? Good. I gotta go…. do things…” He tried to come off as nonchalant as possible but failed miserably as another text came through.

Text from Namjoon: Car at corner for you, stocked with ammo. HURRY

Looking around, he saw the grey car waiting, ready to go. Apologising once again to Jisung, he ran towards it and got in.

Hoseok was already inside, waiting for him to get in. As soon as Suga was settled, he dove into the plan.

“So, when we arrive, we’re gonna have to go as silently as possible. No amount of sweet talk will get you out of this one.

SJ building has 3 entrances, all of which are guarded. We are gonna attack the front one, Namjoon and a new kid are getting the left wing, and Jungkook and Tae are getting the right. We strike at the same time, and if anyone stands in our way, we shut them down. Got me?” Hoseok asked, pulling on his spiky mask in preparation.

“Ready.” Suga replied, checking to make sure his gun was loaded, and the silencer was on. This wouldn't be pretty.