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Bakugou's (WikiHow) Guide to Making Friends

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Katsuki decided it was time to become friends with Deku in third year. By then, they’d saved each other’s lives multiple times; been forced to work together enough that they made a formidable team, and buried just enough of their old resentments that Katsuki could say with certainty that although he didn’t like Deku, he also didn’t want to blow his face off every time he showed any sort of concern for Katsuki’s wellbeing.

Frankly, as long as Deku went along with it, they were already on track to one of the most functional friendships Katsuki had ever entered into. Besides Kirishima, obviously, although he maybe didn’t count because he’d just kind of refused to leave Katsuki alone until one day he realised they were best friends. Katsuki still wasn’t sure how that had happened.

Still, it did indicate that Katsuki was capable of actually having friends, which wasn’t really a clear thing up until then. Cronies, sure. He’d had plenty of those in middle school. He supposed he and Deku might have been friends, back when they were four. He’d certainly liked Deku enough back then, had even been round his house a few times. But he wasn’t sure if four-year-old friendships counted, particularly when he mostly made Deku follow his lead, and play “Bakugou Hero Agency” and nothing else.

It wasn’t sentiment that made Katsuki decide that now was the time to finally befriend his childhood friend turned rival. Well, maybe a little. But it was mostly strategic. As much as Katsuki hated to admit it, Deku was well on the way to becoming the next Symbol of Peace. And while there was no way in hell shitty Deku was going to take Katsuki’s number one hero spot, it wouldn’t hurt his reputation to be on good terms with All Might’s successor/adopted son.

And even if (entirely hypothetically, it could literally never happen) Deku did overtake him in the hero rankings, then the last thing he wanted was to be Endeavour 2.0, bitter and taking it out on his hypothetical future wife and child. Wait, who was he kidding, there was no fucking way he’d end up married to a woman, but taking it out on his theoretical future husband was no better. (Kirishima absolutely wouldn’t put up with it, though, and would probably beat him up right back. Not that he was marrying Kirishima. But if he were to get married, it would be to Kirishima. Hypothetically.)

So, his plan was basically fool proof. Make friends with Deku now, and then never have to worry about looking bad to the public for not getting along with their Symbol of Peace. Also, by doing so, he was making sure that he never ended up as a two-bit Endeavour clone.

There was basically only one problem with it, which was that Bakugou Katsuki had absolutely no idea how to go about making friends. But that was where WikiHow came in.


  • Determine why that person was your enemy. Did you do something bad to him/her or a close friend of that person? If so, prepare yourself to apologize, even if you don't feel like everything was completely your fault.


Katsuki was already fucking struggling. The article he had found, “How to Make Friends with Your Enemy” sounded pretty straight forward at first. But the first thing he had to do, literally part one, step one, was to apologise.

Katsuki didn’t fucking apologise. He’d never apologised in his life. But even he could admit that apologising to Deku was solid first step, though if he’d been hopeful he could wait a while before that particular hurdle.

He considered googling it, but reading the WikiHow on how to apologise because a different WikiHow told him to do so felt like he’d officially fucking failed at being a human. So he decided to do it his way, which meant waiting until almost dark and then asking Deku to meet him outside the dorms.

“You better not be about to challenge me to another fight,” said Deku when he turned up, looking wary. He was holding a first aid kit, and waved it at him. “Iida made me bring this just in case.”

“I’m not challenging you to a fucking fight, how old do you think I am?” said Katsuki irritably.

Deku shrugged. “You challenged Shouto to fight literally last week.”

That was, technically, correct. But Todoroki was his designated new rival now he and Deku were chill, so he’d challenge the fucker to as many fights as he wanted. Sometimes Todoroki even took him up on them, because he seemed to think “fight me” meant “lets engage in some good-natured sparring practise.”

Todoroki was actually an excellent sparring partner, Katsuki had learned a lot from those sessions. It made him furious.

“Whatever,” he said, “I didn’t call you out here to fight you, I wanted to apologise.”

Deku blinked. “For what?”

“Let’s just say all of it, yeah?” said Katsuki, “It’s kind of a long list and I don’t want to be out here long enough we get in trouble for breaking curfew again.”

“Ok, wow,” said Deku, “You’re serious?”

“Would I have called you out here if I wasn’t?” Katsuki said, kicking the ground.

“Don’t look so angry! You have to admit this is out of the blue. Can you even remember everything you should be apologising for?”

When had Deku become such a little shit? His eyebrows were quirked like he was enjoying this, and Katsuki was practically a fucking saint for not punching him. “How about you make a list?” he said sarcastically.

 “Giving me the nickname ‘Deku’,” said Deku, immediately, holding out his thumb as if to count things off his fingers, “telling me to commit suicide; bullying me for like the entirety of middle school; practically trying to kill me in our first ever hero lesson; almost making me fail our first end of term practical exam-”

Katsuki interrupted him before they really did break curfew. “Ok, point fucking taken. Yes. I’m apologising for all those things.”

Deku was still smiling at him, it was deeply disconcerting. “That’s so nice of you, Kacchan! Does this mean you’ll stop calling me ‘Deku?’”

“That’s your fucking hero name.”

“Well, yeah, but it’s not nice when you say it.”

Katsuki crossed his arms. That made exactly zero sense, Uraraka was literally his best friend and she called him Deku. “I’ll call you Midoriya if you call me Bakugou.”

“But I’ve always called you ‘Kacchan.’”

“I’ve always called you ‘Deku.’”

“But Deku is mean, and Kacchan isn’t!”

Well, he was right. “Fine. But I’ve literally never called you Midoriya, and I’m not about to start using your family name if you won’t.”

Deku frowned. “So what, you’re just not going to call me anything at all?”

“Nope,” said Katsuki, “We’ve known each other since we were kids, I’m going to call you Izuku.”

Izuku turned a bright enough red it was visible even in the rapidly darkening light. Katsuki figured it was because almost nobody in their year called Izuku by his first name, not even Uraraka or Iida or his precious ‘Shouto.’ 

When it became clear that Izuku was now a stuttering mess, Katsuki figured he should take his leave. He patted Izuku on the shoulder as he passed. “Good chat, Izu-kun. See you later.”

He could distantly hear Izuku repeating “Izu-kun” to himself in a horrified voice as he left, and had to stifle a laugh. It was good to know he could still torment Deku and make friends with him. Really, it made everything a lot easier.


  • Get to know some of your enemy's friends.  It really won't help if you just walk up to them and offer them a lollipop while saying, "I know you've hated me for the past seven years of my life, but let's be BFF's!" Talk to some of their friends. That way, you can get to know more about why your enemy doesn't like you and what their true personality is like. Moreover, if you can become friends with these people, it'll be easier to become friends with your enemy too.


Katsuki skipped the rest of part one because it was about what to do if the other person was the one who needed to apologise, and moved right on to the next section, “approaching reconciliation from a distance”. He wasn’t exactly sure what the point was off backing off now when he’d already made the effort to apologise, but who was he to fault the order of a WikiHow article? It was really his fucking fault for not reading ahead.

His next mission, then, was to work out which of Izuku’s friends was the least unbearable. Todoroki was an absolute no-go:
1. Katsuki hated him with his entire fucking soul, the guy was awkward as hell and unbearably earnest, and;
 2. He would probably go on and on about how amazing Midoriya was, and while Katsuki might be queer himself, he couldn’t fucking handle listening to Todoroki out-gay him.

Iida was another option, and less outright repulsive than Todoroki. But he was also loud and annoying and Katsuki saw exactly zero long-term benefits to calling Iida a friend, so he threw that idea out pretty quickly as well.

Izuku was friends with probably most of their class in some capacity or another, but of his close friends, that only left Uraraka. Katsuki kind of liked Uraraka. She was annoying, sure, but she was also skilled as fuck. Every time they’d been paired up to fight one-on-one, she’d almost beaten him, and in their third and final Sports Tournament, she and Izuku had fucking crushed him in the team challenge so thoroughly he’d barely made it into the one-on-one fights. He respected her skill if nothing else, and he figured she wouldn’t be totally horrible company.

Luckily, he didn’t even have to come up with a bullshit reason to start a conversation with her, because she approached him in the common area pretty soon after he’d decided she was a worthy choice.

“I heard you apologised to Deku. That was good of you, I’m impressed.”

“I’m not actually a completely fucking terrible person, you know.”

Uraraka tilted her head. “Are you sure about that?”

“Fuck off,” he said, but it lacked some venom. She was smiling at him, after all, and he had the distinct and disconcerting feeling he was being teased.

“It’s my turn to make snacks for our study group,” said Uraraka cheerfully, “Want to help me out?”

Katsuki was fucking excellent in the kitchen. Uraraka couldn’t make instant noodles without setting off the fire alarm. They both knew this, and they both clearly knew that Uraraka was using him for his skills right now. But an opening was an opening, and he agreed to help her chop vegetables to dip in her (store bought) hummus.

“Next time I’m teaching you how make that shit from scratch,” he told her as she pulled the plastic tub from the fridge and pulled off the lid. “It’s way cheaper and tastes better.”

She beamed at him. “I would love that! Do you want to come study with us, then?”

He thought about it. He usually studied alone because all his friends were fucking idiots, or with Kirishima because he, Katsuki, was gay and weak. “Who do you study with?”

“Iida, Deku, and sometimes Todoroki and Yaomomo.” Well, that fucking settled it. If he wanted the top spot in the class rankings he needed to knock Yaoyorozu off her pedestal, and what better way to do that than to see how she studied and potentially use that knowledge to beat her?

“I’m in,” he said.


  • Smile and be nice whenever you're around him/her. Everyone appreciates a friendly grin; even a nemesis! This might be hard for you especially if your enemy is unpleasant but try not to scream at them.


Katsuki skipped the rest of the “approaching reconciliation from a distance” section as well, because not only did he see Izuku literally every day in the dorms and in class, he now had weekly scheduled study sessions with him. He was so fucking far from “reconciliation at a distance” it was laughable. Better move right on to more direct action.

That being said, this pointer was fucking laughable. What, all he had to do was bare his teeth in Izuku’s direction and that would apparently clue him in to the fact he wanted to be his friend?

Still, he gave it a go when he walked into homeroom the next morning. Evidently, he did something wrong, because Izuku immediately turned pale and leaned towards Kirishima to ask, in somewhat too-genuine tone, why Kacchan was smiling like he was plotting a murder.

He decided to give up on smiling and instead focus on not actively yelling at him. Baby steps.


  • Try consciously and gently bumping into your enemy once or twice. If they call you a name, retort back with something like, "Yeah, at least I have the nerve to be strong about it." That may shock them a little bit and might change their judgment of you.


Yeah, this one was a fucking dead end. His attempt to gently shoulder-check Izuku in the hallway almost ended in a trip to Recovery Girl when Izuku activated his quirk automatically and Katsuki suffered a brutal fucking reminder not to sneak up on heavily traumatised heroes-in-training.


  • Try talking with your enemy, just a bit. Always having your head down when you walk past them is not going to help. You need to be brave. If their friends told you some things that they are really into, you can try having a conversation with them! Talk to your enemy about things that he or she likes, you never know, you may have something in common, and that could start a neutral friendship.


This step, in hindsight, was obviously where the apology was meant to come in. But since Katsuki had already done that, he focused on trying to engage Izuku in actual, normal conversation. He knew what he had to do, but he really, really didn’t want to do it. It would potentially mean admitting he had a fanboy side, and it would require listening to a patented Deku info-dump. He had no other choice.

“So, Izu-kun, I have a challenge for you.” He said, turning around in his chair. They were in the classroom, waiting for Aizawa to turn up.

Izuku’s eyes widened at the nickname. No doubt he thought Katsuki would give up on it, but screw him, Katsuki didn’t give up on anything. “Yeah?”

“Tell me something I don’t already know about All Might.”

Izuku was doing that deer-in-headlights thing. “Um, ok? He only had one sidekick his whole career, Sir Nighteye.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Weak. You fucking interned with him in first year, of course I know that. I said something I don’t know.”

“He says he was born in Japan and raised in America, but he actually only lived there for a few years.”

“Still weak. I know that as well.”

Izuku was giving him a weird look. “Most people don’t. Kacchan, are you a fan of All Might?”

“I mean I don’t go on about it like you, but of course I’m a fucking fan. He’s the greatest hero in history.”

Izuku sat up a little straighter in his chair. “Ok. So how about this: The most people he’s carried to safety at once is nine people.”

“Yeah,” said Katsuku, “That was like twelve years ago when that shopping mall collapsed, right?”

Izuku leaned forward, “Yeah, but how did he carry them?”

“Two under each arm, three clinging onto his back, one on each shoulder.”

Izuku fucking clapped with delight. Katsuki tried not to preen a little. Izuku wasn’t wrong, he did tend to keep his extensive All Might knowledge under wraps, because he wasn’t a fucking nerd. But it was fun to show off now and then.

“You two talking about All Might?” asked Kirishima, sidling over and leaning against Katsuki’s desk. “Crimson Riot once saved seven people at once, you know.”

“Crimson Riot’s your favourite hero, right, Kirishima?” asked Izuku.

Kirishima nodded eagerly, even though everyone fucking knew that. “Yep! Who’s yours, other than All Might?”

Izuku seemed to think about it. “Probably Hawks,” he said.

“You’re so fucking predicable,” said Katsuki.

“Not Endeavour?” asked Kirishima.

Fuck Endeavour,” said Katsuki. Izuku shot him a surprised, but appreciative, look.

“Kacchan’s right I don’t… I don’t- uh. Like Endeavour very much. He’s not a hero for the right reasons.”

Kirishima looked puzzled.

“He’s not very manly,” Katsuki helpfully translated for his idiot crush. He turned back to Izuku. “Figures your second favourite hero would be the current number two, though.”

Izuku shrugged. “He’s cool, and I respect his morals. Don’t pretend like he’s not one of your favourites, too.”

“Don’t have to,” said Katsuki, “He’s not. My second favourite is Best Jeanist, fucking obviously.”

Izuku looked surprised, which kind of pissed Katsuki off. Best Jeanist’s quirk was simple but effective, and Katsuki loved interning with him even if he made him wear terrible clothes. Also, he was one of the only openly gay heroes, which Katsuki respected for obvious reasons. “He’s powerful as shit,” is all he said.

Izuku looked like he wanted to ask more questions, but Aizawa finally fucking turned up and Kirishima sloped off back to his own seat. Katsuki turned back around as Midoriya promised that they’d finish the conversation later.


  • Try calling your enemy after you've broken the ice. If you weren't enemies for too long or neither of you ever did anything too bad to each other, chatting with them on the phone once or twice a month won't hurt. If you don't know their phone number, you can ask one of their friends that, too.


“Yo, what’s Deku’s phone number?” asked Katsuki, because tact was for losers.

Todoroki tilted his head. “Why would I tell you that?”

“Uh, because I’ve known him longer than you and it’s bullshit you have his number and I don’t?”

Todoroki looked unimpressed. “Ask him yourself.” He walked off. What a fucking asshole.


  • Tell your enemy that if they ever need something, or someone to talk to, that they can call you. By doing this, you're letting them know that you no longer want to fight. Offering to be an emotional support can be an important step in building a solid friendship.


Well, he needed his number for that one, too, so Katsuki went upstairs and knocked on the door of Izuku’s dorm room. Izuku opened it almost immediately, dressed in All Might pyjamas. It was only like eight in the evening, Izuku really was an absolute shit-faced nerd. Katsuki had no idea why he wanted to be friends with him so badly.

“Kacchan? Is something wrong?”

“What’s your phone number?”


“I need your phone number. So I can call you.”

Izuku scratched his head. “One second, I don’t know it off the top of my head, let me get my phone.”

Katsuki followed him into the room, shutting the door behind him and looking about. Unsurprisingly, there were a bunch of All Might posters, but there was also a lot of merch for other pro heroes, too, including a fair amount for Hawks. Endeavour was predictably absent, his name even having been covered up on the Hero Rankings chart above Izuku’s desk with a strip of colourful tape.

Katsuki’s eye was caught by a particular notebook on the desk though. It was half red, half white, with an ice and fire design. “Is that fucking Hero Shouto merch?”

Izuku jumped, looking to where Katsuki was pointing. He turned bright red. “Uh– um. You can find merch for a lot of our classmates now if you know where to look, Kacchan.”

“Yeah, I know,” said Katsuki, whose mum had already bought a fair bit of his own merchandise, “But why did you buy it?”

“Um... That’s…” Izuku looked panicked.

Katsuki sighed. “If you don’t want everyone knowing about your crush on Icy-Hot you probably shouldn’t leave that lying on your desk where anyone could see it.”

“I don’t have a crush on Sho- Todoroki!” said Izuku, his arms flailing. “Did–  who told you that?”

“No-one,” said Katsuki, sticking his hands in his pockets. “You two are just fucking obvious.”

“Oh God,” said Izuku, hiding his face in his hands, “What gave us away?”

There was a very long pause. “Wait,” said Katsuki, “Us? Are you two dating or something?”

“Er–” said Izuku, peeking out from between his fingers, “yes?”

Katsuki felt a strange desire to punch something. How the fuck did Midoriya and Todoroki get their act together before he did? He sat down in Izuku’s desk chair. “How the fuck did you manage that?”

Izuku copied his movement, sitting down on the bed. He had his phone in his hands, obviously having retrieved it to give Katsuki his number, but he was just fidgeting with it, pulling at the rubberised case and letting it snap back into place. “We started dating earlier this year, I asked him. We didn’t tell anyone besides Uraraka, Iida and Yaoyorozu because we don’t want Endeavour to find out about it.”

Katsuki whistled. “Well, fuck me. Congratulations, I guess.” He thought of his WikiHow article. “If you ever need to talk to someone about it, I’ll listen or whatever.”

Izuku’s smile was pensive. He was staring at Katsuki, eyebrows furrowed. “Can I ask you something?”


“Why is Best Jeanist your favourite hero, really?”

Fucking Midoriya Izuku was too fucking perceptive for his own good. He already knew, he just wanted Katsuki to confirm it. “Because he’s like absurdly strong and the number three hero.”


“Yeah, ok, fine. It’s partly because he’s out and proud about it.”

Izuku exhaled loudly, leaning back a little. “Wow, ok. It’s one thing to guess, it’s another to have it confirmed. So you’re…?”

“Gay as shit, yeah,” said Katsuki, “But you’re like the only person who knows other than Kirishima, so don’t go spreading it around.”

Izuku shook his head. “You know I wouldn’t! So are you and Kirishima…?”

He laughed. “I fucking wish.”

“Oh,” said Izuku, “I’m sorry. Do you want to talk about it?”

God, the fucking WikiHow said that he was supposed to be the one offering support, not the other way around. But here he was, airing his dirty laundry.

“To be honest, I can’t imagine anything worse,” said Katsuki, “But, uh. Out of curiosity, how did you ask Todoroki out?”

“Oh,” said Izuku, “I just invited him to see a movie then halfway to the cinema blurted out that I wanted it to be a date.”

Katsuki snorted. “Smooth.”

“Well, it worked, didn’t it?” said Izuku. “If I were you, I’d just ask Kirishima out. The worst thing he can do is say no.”

Katsuki had never seriously considered asking him out. He always felt like he had to know for certain that Kirishima felt the same before he could. But Izuku was right, Kirishima was a good guy. The worst thing that could happen was that Kirishima would let him down gently, which would be mortifying, but not actually the end of the world.

“Thanks,” he said.

“Anytime, Kacchan,” said Izuku, and he sounded like he meant it. This was fucking progress.


  • Initiate hang out time. Invite your enemy to your home to play video games, go shoot pool, go to an arcade, go shopping, or see a movie. This gives you a time to bond and have fun together and you might end up friends in the process!


The second to last step of Katsuki’s WikiHow was to ‘initiate hang out time’ and he was woefully underprepared. He could invite him out to go shopping or see a movie but Katsuki hated both of those things. Also, he’d never really ‘initiated hang out time’ with anyone before. He hung out with Kirishima a lot, and sometimes Kaminari, Sero and Ashido, but they usually initiated it. He just went along with them.

“You alright, dude? You’ve been staring at your phone for a while now.”

Katsuki looked up. Kirishima was standing in the doorway of his room, which meant he’d either knocked and Katsuki hadn’t heard him, or Katsuki had left his door wide open like an idiot. “I’m fine. Just trying to work something out.”

Apparently, Kirishima took this as in invitation to come into his room, shutting the door behind him and sitting down heavily on the bed next to him. Katsuki was hyper-aware of the fact that their bare arms were now touching, and he absolutely hated himself for being such a weak bitch.  

How to Ask a Friend to Hang Out,” Kirishima read over his shoulder. Katsuki locked his phone screen. Kirishima laughed. “Is that a WikiHow article?”

“They can be helpful,” said Katsuki defensively, which just made Kirishima laugh harder.

“Bro, if you want to hang out with me, you just have to ask. I’m literally always down.” He nudged his shoulder with his own.

“Right,” said Katsuki gruffly, not sure how to correct him.

“Do you want to do something this weekend? We could go get ice cream at that new place?”

Katsuki kind of hated going out with “the squad” as Kaminari put it. As a group, his friends were loud and obnoxious, and he’d much rather have Kirishima’s attention all to himself. But an opening was an opening.

“Can I invite Izuku?”

It was almost imperceptible, but the smile seemed to slide of Kirishima’s face for a second before coming back a little strained. “Sure! You two are proper friends now, huh? So you, me and Midoriya, then?”

Katsuki’s stomach lurched. Kirishima had been inviting him out alone, and he’d just fucked it up. He needed to fix this. “Actually, fuck that. Let’s go together to see if it’s any good first. Then we can invite Izuku and maybe Todoroki.”

Kirishima cocked his head. “You hate Todoroki.”

 “Yeah, but Izuku doesn’t, and he might not come otherwise.”

“Hey, Bakugou?” asked Kirishima, shifting a little on the bed.


“Why are you trying so hard with Midoriya?”

Katsuki turned his head to look at Kirishima, which was a big fucking mistake. He was staring right back at him, and the eye contact made his stomach flip. He looked straight ahead again. “I’m trying to be a good person for once.”

Kirishima elbowed him in the side. “You’re always a good person.” Katsuki glared at him. “You are! You’re good deep down. You’re good when it counts.”

Katsuki had no fucking clue what to say to that, so he stayed silent. Kirishima was quiet too, slowly tipping sideways on the bed so that they were leaning shoulder to shoulder. Katsuki could feel his hair against his cheek, and he thought about what Izuku had said.

“So about that ice cream place,” he started, surprised at how soft his own voice sounded, “is that a date or what?”

Kirishima stayed quiet for a long moment, but before Katsuki could seriously start panicking that he’d fucked up, he spoke. His voice was weirdly hoarse. “If you’re ok with that.”

“Idiot. I wouldn’t have asked if I wasn’t.”

Still leaning against his side, Kirishima shuffled even closer. “Then yeah. I’d like that a lot.”


  • Repeat each step of getting closer to the enemy as a friend once or twice a month. This may help you to build trust and worthiness. Ideally, this will mean hanging out’ as a group or by yourselves just as often.


It took Kirishima about ten minutes into their second trip to the ice cream parlour to realise that Izuku and Todoroki were dating. Frankly, it was surprising it took him that long, considering the idiots came in holding hands. After that, he wouldn’t shut up about it being a double date.

Katsuki didn’t hate it. Todoroki was the worst, but he was also kind of good company in a deadpan humour kind of way, and Katsuki didn’t feel the urge to blow something up even once. (Although that might have had something to do with the fact Kirishima took his hand under the table and didn’t let go for almost the entire outing.)

When they went to leave, Izuku grabbed his arm and hung back. “Hey,” he said, as Todoroki and Kirishima walked ahead, “I see you took my advice.”

“It was solid advice,” said Katsuki, shrugging off his hand.

“Well, I’m glad,” he said, “Kirishima’s liked you for ages, you know.”

What? “He told you that?”

“No,” said Izuku, glancing at Kirishima and Todoroki, who were waiting for them at the door of the parlour. “But Shouto and I weren’t the only obvious ones. I’m happy for you. You deserve good things.”

Jesus, first Kirishima telling him he was a good person and now Izuku. Katsuki absolutely wasn’t tearing up, fuck off. “Are you this exhaustingly nice to everyone?”

“Nope,” said Izuku, “only to my friends.”

“So we’re friends?” blurted Katsuki, and wanted to die at how hopeful he sounded.

“I thought so, recently,” said Izuku. “I mean, we haven’t exactly confirmed it, but your friends are my friends, and you’re in our study group, and you even kind of got along with Shouto today? And recently you’ve actually been mostly really nice to me, and you did apologise, and stop calling me Deku, and it seemed like you wanted us to be friends, but if I’m misreading this then –”

“Oi, Izuku,” said Katsuki, speaking over his mumbling, “We’re friends, ok? I want us to be friends. Now let’s catch up with the other two.” He walked on ahead without waiting for Izuku to catch up.

“Everything ok with you two?” asked Kirishima with raised eyebrows as they finally left the parlour and started making their way down the street.

“Yep,” said Izuku, “We were just having a friendly chat.”

“An actual friendly chat or a Bakugou ‘friendly chat?’” asked Todoroki, the little shit.

“An actual one,” said Izuku happily.

“Oh, cool,” said Kirishima, “Because me and Todoroki were just talking about it, we thought we should make this a once-or-twice a month thing.”

It was like Katsuki didn’t even need the WikiHow.