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Decent to hell beckons

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Three months after the possession, Casey had unsurprisingly not recovered from her torment. Upset was an understatement. She barely slept, she awoke with a gasp every night, sometimes multiple times a night, sweat running down her face and neck, pooling in the hollow under her chin, her night wear saturated. It was the same nightmare every night. The sales man, demon, Pazuzu, what ever he, it was, sat irritated in the corner of a hospital room. The room was unnaturally dark despite the overhead lights. She lay strapped to the bed, an IV drip hung next to her. The liquid in the bag began to turn the most disturbing colour of red, green and amethyst, it flowed down the tube, into her veins, turning them black, visibly crossing like vines under her skin. Her breathing became shallow, she choked, unable to breath, blood ran from her mouth, it tasted coppery and sour. He stood and walked to her "It can stop" he said his voice cold and uncomfortably human. Don't pretend to be someone your not. "just say yes. Yes it's not hard it all can stop. NO NO NO." No, never to you!!"she screamed. The room shifted and they were in a renervated basement, a wooden table stood in the middle, a Ouija board sat proudly in the centre ,the demons painted on it mocking her grief. They moved. Their clawed hands grew from the board, flailing attempting to grab her. "Come here Casey" they hissed "Come join us"

She shot up then, an inhuman scream rattling her head. Her breathing was ragged, always, and her crucifix bit into her palm. Composing herself she kicked the sheets from her feet and stood. Her hand still had a death grip on the pendant, she forced her fingers to open and stared at the cross making out small intricate markings decorating it's golden surface. She dropped it, letting it hang on it's chain before walking out of her room down the dim corridor to the kitchen. There being careful not to injure herself on the corner of the laminate table, she shifted around pieces of furniture and stood before a white cupboard and picked a glass from cabinet, Side stepping to the sink she filled it and drank. She hated demons, she hated everything about them. Their appearance, their powers, their realm. Everything. It made her angry that they had immortality and the power to shake continents and she had to use tiny talismans and prayers to make a dent against them. God dame, piece of shit rampaging, unholy H- Kat found her

"Lets go for a walk" That was random "What why?"

"I heard you scream" She said dully " You had a bad dream, I think you should get some air"

"I screamed?"

"A little, I was the only one that heard you" Casey found that a little unbelievable, but the idea of a walk was a fine idea. The forest was beautiful and the sunrise was an amazing amber, but most of all ,it made her peaceful, hopeful even. She wasn't going back to sleep anyway. She rarely did. Usually she sat on the porch to watch the sun rise. However the sun was always obscured by the trees, casting dark shadow that didn't help. This nightmare felt worse somehow, and she did not enjoy that realisation. She needed a stronger method to forget the dream, a walk was actually perfect"

"What about mum and dad" "I'll leave a note" raising a piece of lined paper and pen.

"ok" She said joyfully

with that they retreated to their rooms and change into t-shirts,pants and adequate foot wear.


The gemstone leaves swayed in the trees as they wondered through the forest. The greens stood out against the amazing orange of the sky. I was amazingly calm. Then Casey noticed a strange purple-black glow from a far, about 60m away. Grabbing her sibling she dragged her behind an ancient elm. Nails digging into the bark, she peered around ,what is that? She ducked back and looked to a baffled Kathrine. "What is it?" Kat asked "take a look" Casey answered changing places with Kat. "I think we should have a look "she said. Casey was gob-smacked. How the hell did Kat think going to checkout a weird glow would be a smart idea? Kat glared at her " We are only going to have a look, plus it's our property and its probably campers, we need to kick em out" Casey was still confused but Kat had a point, if they were strangers they needed to leave and they were only going to have a peak and report back. so despite her best judgement she agreed. They began darting between the trees, there steps becoming more cautious and silent as they came closer. Reconvening behind a tree. They crouched behind its red trunk. A fallen log in front of them, as well as some bushes, they were adequately hidden. They leaned forward and were shocked.

The glow had been a bon fire. A giant bon fire in the middle of a clearing. Surrounding this was 13 black robed and hooded figures. The hoods were so heavy it concealed every facial feature. By their stature they were all woman, evidenced further by the dark sashes around their waists. They were standing in a circle and were chanting in a strange language, arms extended to the sky. Behind them an intricately carved stone alter. On top was a collection of candles, carved trinkets and symbols, female winged effigies, a golden painted stag skull , several knifes, spell books and a jar of crested moths. There was also a smaller table in front with a kind of meat and a goblet of blood. Next to the alter was the statue of a woman. She was tall, athletic and beautiful. She wore a lose dress that fell to mid thigh, secured of one shoulder and by a thin belt. One of her breasts were exposed, covered only by some stick strait strategically carved hair. In one hand she held a staff. A long spear with a pointed jewel at one end, growing from a hissing snake mouth. The other hand was holding, what could only be described as, a disk with a handle, it reminded Casey of a gong, but this one had an elemental symbol carved on it. A pair of dragonic-bat wings folded behind her. Proving she was demonic.

"Well shit" whispered Kat "I say we bolt". Casey whole heartedly agreed but for some unfathomable reason Case felt like they should stay a few minute to try and make head or tails , well horns or wings apparently, of this situation. " We need more info". Kat blanched "what". The flames grew in an explosion of crackles into the sky and two black shapes materialized. The first flew high up above the ritual, like a vulture circling a dead animal. The other black mass gathered in front of the woman. One very short figure extended her hands forward, taking a piece, she smiled, uttering some spell and the darkness transformed into a spear the same as the statues. She lifted her hand back preparing to throw it. She threw it , it flew through the air with an arrow like ease, it struck a tree and darkness snaked into the trunk, where it touched the wood began to shatter and decay, it continue growing for a few moments before stopping. The tree had a chunk taken out of it. What would happen to a human? A cheer irrupted from the crowd, the other shadow still floating.

"We need to stop this" said Kat, "o yeah" Case admitted " but how" they scanned the clearing, both knowing the longer the this continued ,the more power would be drawn up and the damage those spears would cause. Kats eyes fell upon the statue and alter " If we can knock the statue onto the alter it will destroy the set up and the spell will be ruined", "lets ruin her face". The two crouched to the floor and began to crawl. The alter was 30m away on the other side of the clearing, therefore they were required to crawl in a semi-circle. They crouched and began crawling on hands and knees, ignoring the uncomfortable feeling of stones and sticks on their palm. Constantly making sure to stay hidden from the eye in the sky. Midway Casey's hand fell on a twig. It snapped. She inhaled sharply, Kat paused looking, behind her. If the cult heard they'd be dead, but the risk was necessary to stop evil. Maybe Casey would sleep better if they did this. They both held there breaths, they stayed deadly still. There was a scuff of boots to there side, Casey began to sweat. Would they hear them? Nothing .They began moving again. They then reached the statue with no more issues and stood. They were behind the statue now. They step back a few steps and then with heavy strides, slammed into the stone.


The statue fell with a crash. The alter table crumbled under its weight, the skull disintegrated, knifes clattered on the stone shards, the jar broke, the moths took to the air in a panic, but most importantly the black mass imploded on it's self with a great gust of wind stinging everyone's eyes, then an invisible force flung all to the ground. Kat and Casey lunged for the woods, sprinting before the cults had anything idea what had happened. But the circling shadows had noticed them and began perusing them, it whipped through the air, gaining ground on them. It was inches away now and it extended a wispy clawed hand. With nothing else possible Casey grabbed Kat and threw her to the side, she rolled down a ditch and scrambled under a group of plants, nestling her self between a space in some boulders. Casey wasn't so lucky. The creature grabbed her by the throat, Kat moved some leaves and peered through the gap. Casey stared the creature right in it's empty green eyes.

"Stupid little girl" it hissed, it was no more than a vagally human shape shadow.

"you think you can interrupt a ritual dedicated to a noble?"

"You disgusting monsters will never have earth!!"Casey roared, she may die but she would die satisfied, Kat was hidden and she had stopped an evil act. She knew where she was going!

"You really hate us, hmm?" it questioned

"How could anyone love you!!" It smiled then,a wicked, knowing thing, it was planning something. " You think us dark and you are right. Exorcist, priests and most of this planet, but their are other earths, other dimensions, some have us as the dominant religion. They envy us. What emotions dose that call forth? "

"DAME YOU!!!!"

"Well woman" It smiled it's cruel smile. It lifted its hand, a golden light began to form around its fingers" you will be as I am". With that it slammed its hand into her chest, the light shooting the light strait into her heart, and the thing then disappeared on the wind.

Kat, as if released from a spell, fell over herself to get to her sister who was curled on the ground, chocking, a black substance dripping from her mouth. "CASE , CASE YOU OK!!" But Casey wasn't ok. Casey had turned grey, her face had also change, her teeth had extended into sharp fangs. Her senses were much sharper too. If she concentrated she could hear the moths wings flapping and the moths were 30m away. "Casey" Kat breathed. Casey screamed, her shoulder blades swelled, moving like a monster was crawling under skin. The same happened to her skull. Kat leaped back in shock as Casey writhed in pain on her hands and knees. Kat crashed into a tree with rough bark. Her head span from the impact, she had no idea how to help Casey, and she hated it. Suddenly the swells burst, dark blood exploded from them, coating Kat, the dusty ground and all surrounding brush. Backward curving silver horns and a pair of demon wings of the same colour, had sprouted from where the swelling had been. They both screeched in horror. NO. This isn't possible, how am I- However Casey had no time to comprehend her new limbs as a circle of fire formed around her. The earth yawned open and she plummets through. Leaving her shrieking sibling.

Down in hell.

The arch flame demon Thayex, sat on a comfortable outdoor chair, idly playing with a dagger, his drink lead forgotten on the marble and glass table. Akealix was leaning back in her chair opposite him, her feet resting on the table. She was wearing her usual dark boots, jeans and crop top. " So, there was a ritual in my honour this evening" she admitted. "what of it?" Thayex asked running a hand threw his short marron hair, he didn't see anything unusual with the situation. He was very broad. "Well apparently it was destroyed by two girls" "Excuse me"

The patio they were in was shields by walls of a tall chasm, the red rock contrasted from the cool coloured vines and wide alien leaves of a jewel aquamarine, growing on the chasm wall, offering some shade and relief from the blistering heat. It was a heat wave, even for hell. Hells landscape and climate was an anomaly, some places were tundra cold and a few miles away it would be dessert dry. The same contrasts happened for all environment ,from mesa terrain to jungle humidity, frigid deep ocean to misty wooded mountains. But the main difference from the other inhabited planets and dimensions ,was the colours ,the colours were richer and almost inverted. It was not unusual to have purple grasses or blue sand. It was surreal but fun. At least Akaelix thought so.

A sudden presence above drew their attention sky ward. It crashed into some of the titanic, alien leaves slowing its decent. The branches snapped and it plummeted, the two arch demons leapt out of the way with their inhuman agility. The presence made contact with the corner of the table. It buckled under her weight. A wet crunch echoed as her ribs splintered on impact. And her body lay sprawled across a pile of rubble. A river of black blood coated the fractured marble and glass.

"Umm" Akealix muttered. They both stood there, staring in disbelief at one another. Casey's gasp snapped them out of it "Kat" she breathed before falling back unconscious. Thayex lunged for her falling form, catching her before her head hit the floor again." What the hell".