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Vennesetiid (Currents of Time)

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Deep in the Earth, past the core and the heart; rests a cage. One made fragile and brittle through time, many tried to learn what it was. What it held, and many tried to get it to open. They were newlings nobody could really blame them for their curiosity.

Only one however was able to wake the beast inside.

Gaea was always a lonely girl, and the core was her home. It was where her power came from, so when she learned of the cage that was nestled deeper within. She grew curious, to curious for her own good most would say.

She was a gentle soul, kind and helpful. She helped those that were injured, she feed those that were hungry, and she even stepped in when the fighting between her brothers got to be too much.

Yet still she was lonely and tired, so she ventured to the cage.

And woke the dragon that slumbered within. Their friendship lasted years, but the dragon was still very weak. “Humans destroyed my kind.” It said, corrupting Gaea with few words, “I am the last one left.”

The last one left of what?” Gaea asked one day.

The last child of Akatosh. Created to protect and nourish Lorkhan’s creation.”

Lorkhan?” Gaea asked.

The dragon laughed weakly, “The Earth little one. The heart of all creation.”

So, he’s Chaos?”

The dragon laughed again “If that is what you are calling him nowadays then yes.”

Gaea never really stayed long enough to see the sinister glint in the dragon’s eyes, never stayed long enough to hear its promised words of revenge.

She never stayed long enough to learn that Alduin, the dragon, was not a creature of protection but a creature of destruction. That he was a dragon created for the sole purpose of eating deteriorating worlds, she never learned that he was out to destroy the very thing she is.

And as she watched as the world aged around her the dragon’s words echoed in her head, and she came to a conclusion. Humans destroy the Earth and as such the only way to protect the Earth would be to destroy the humans.

The day that Gaea let evil rule her heart was the day that Alduin started gaining strength, and Fate watched and prayed that someday soon someone strong enough would be born. To stop the World Eater.

Fate wasn’t expecting a reincarnation of the very Dragonborn who put Alduin in his cage to be put where she could have a hand in his growth. Fate also never expected Alduin to break his cage, never expected she would have to use what little power of Akatosh she had left to save the world.

Never would have thought she would have to use the time paradox surrounding the boy’s soul to send him back to a time he already lived, back to a world he had already died for.

She also never expected the spell to be powerful enough to send not one soul back, but two. The resounding wince of fuck what have I done? Was felt by all, and two boys woke up in a world unlike their own.