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Mateo's Denial

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It all began when Mateo turned 13 years old and had his first erection. His evil aunt, Morgan Fey, found him in bed with morning wood. She woke him up and and brought him to a private room, filled with beautiful young women with revealing footwear. Mat felt himself throb at that.

"Mystic Mateo." Morgan started. "As you are destined to be the second male Master of Kurain, it is only fitting if we go through the same treatment, like we did with the first male master many years ago. Ladies?" She turned to look at the many young women, who were taking their sandals off. "Remember, play with him for an hour, but don't let him finish." The ladies nodded in understanding. Morgan had Mat sit against the wall, putting his legs in a lotus position, tying his ankles together and tying his knees to make sure he couldn't move them. She also tied his arms to his back to make sure he wouldn't masturbate.

"Aunt Morgan? What's gonna happen?" The 13 year old Mat asked worriedly.

"I'm sorry for this, but this is for the good of the village." Morgan turned around to leave the room, hiding an evil smirk. Naturally, she wanted to watch him suffer, but since family wasn't allowed to watch their relative go through this, it seems she did not have a choice.

Back at the edging room, Mat was scared, obviously. "Calm yourself, young one. We are not here to hurt you." A young black-haired woman, who seemed to be 20 years old, assured him as she moved closer to him and examined the bulge in his kimono. The woman undid his kimono and revealed his young hard 5 inch member, throbbing helplessly between his legs. The woman sat back and placed her lovely foot onto his hard-on. The young boy gasped at the newfound feeling of pleasure. The woman starts stroking her foot against his helpless member, making Mat gasp and moan at the feeling. The woman would gently curl her toes on his tip, causing Mat to moan more and squirm to no avail. The stroking continued for a couple minutes before Mat felt an odd sensation in his groin. "I-I'm feeling funny... d-down there..." The woman, hearing this and feeling his dick twitch rapidly, put two and two together and pulled her foot away, leaving him on the edge. The boy whined. He didn't know what that was, but it felt so frustrating. The woman waited a few minutes and placed both of her feet on his cock. Suddenly, all of the other women joined in, placing their feet on Mat's face for him to smell, rubbing their soles and toes against his body, and some even teasing his dick and balls with the woman.

The boy was experiencing so much pleasure. The divine smell of their feet, their smooth soles on his body, and the sensations on his 'thing.' He felt the funny feeling again, but the women denied him for the second time. Then the third time. Then the fourth time, all within the span of 30 minutes. He still had another half hour to go. Mat was starting to cry. Their feet on his body felt so good... what is that funny feeling? Why was it frustrating him so much when they stopped?!

"Do not cry, young one." One of the women said. "It is a frustrating feeling, but it is custom." She told him as they denied him again, making the young boy thrash and whine.

"Please keep going, don't stop again!" The boy cried in frustration. The women felt bad for him, but they knew it had to be done. Another 30 minutes of edging passed, and the women all stopped their assault on the young boy. Mat was sobbing and panting, his cock dripping and covered in precum. Another woman, a brown-haired one this time, walked over to him with something in her hand, which Mat saw. "Wh-What is that?"

"Another necessity for you to become the next master." It seemed to be a ring, but it had a green glow on the front and back of it. The woman kneeled down in front of the boy, and slowly slides his cock into it. The ring tightened, not to the point of stopping the blood flow, but to the point of stopping him from cumming. "There. Now then..." The woman began rubbing her feet against his member, making Mat moan again. He felt the funny feeling for the umpteenth time, but she didn't stop. Mat was relieved, as he moaned and waited for all of the teasing to pay off.


Huh? Why wasn't the funny feeling going away?

Mat burst into tears away. "No! Why?! Why?! Why?! Why?!" He repeatedly yelled and cried.

"That ring will not push you over the edge, young one." The woman stopped the stroking. "We are very sorry, but it needed to be done. However, this can be undone if you decide you do not want to be the master?" He wanted to. He wanted to not be the master if it meant ending this, but he didn't want to disappoint his family. He shook his head. "Alright then." All of the women left the room after untying him, leaving Mat to cry alone.

5 Years Later...

"Ohh... L-Lucy..." A now 18 year old Mateo moaned. The girl named Lucy was stroking his pent-up cock with her beautiful feet. Lucy was assigned to be his caretaker once the ritual began, and she was around the same age as him at the time. In order for the ritual to be accurate, she must edge and tease his cock for an hour daily unless something important comes up. For five years, Lucy has teased Mat's backed up cock with her gorgeous feet for an hour each day. Lucy had long blonde hair tied into a bun, hazel eyes, and the usual Kurain clothing for women, and that included sandals. "L-Lucy, I can't take it, please!"

"I am sorry, Mystic Mateo. If I could make you cum, I would. But the ring does not allow that. On the bright side, your hourly teasing is done for the day." Lucy pulled her feet away, making Mat grunt and whimper. His balls had gone from their normal color to a deep shade of blue. She felt terrible and wanted to help him, but there was nothing she could do. "By the way, I have received news that someone named Turner Gray was coming here, along with Mr. Wright."

Mat bolted up. "Nick's coming here? Really?!"

"Indeed. Once they come here, we must make sure to greet them. They are in need of a spirit medium." Lucy explained while Mat tied his kimono back up.

"Alright, I've got this!"