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Sober Things

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Steve sighed from where he sat perched before the kitchen phone, chewing absent mindedly on his fingernail. His mother was supposed to call from Prague, where she was currently touring the beautiful city, around four. He glanced at the oven clock, feeling his lips twitch at the neon green 9:45. He’d been doing his homework on the counter waiting, but he really doubted she was going to call.

She probably forgot. The Omega sighed, closing his history book and stashing it and his notebook in his backpack. Sunday had found Steve hung over and grumpy, and he spent most of it in his softest pair of sleep pants and an oversized pastel sweater. Even though it was early, he was already considering calling it a night. It wasn’t like had much else to do tonight. His homework was done, the house was cleaned, his book bag packed, and his clothes laid out for tomorrow. Steve made himself a cup of tea and then headed for bed, yawning behind his hand.

This weekend had been wild, but he would categorize it as a success. He’d hardly thought about Nancy at all today. No, instead his thoughts had been rather caught up on Billy Hargrove. Steve grinned as he stretched out on his bed, the Alpha’s scent faint but still present on his sheets and pillowcase. That had to be, quite arguably, some of the best sex he’d ever had. Steve thought he’d come at least five times to the Alpha’s clever manipulations.

He sighed, feeling his cock begin to harden as he recalled the wild ride of Saturday night. He rolled his hips into the mattress, letting out a breathy sound as his cock filled out completely, squeezing his legs together as he rocked. Would he see Billy tomorrow? Would the Alpha come over and speak with him? Would he acknowledge their night together? Steve readily admitted he wouldn’t say no to another repeat performance.

He imagined Billy seeing him in the hallway, watching as that cocksure smile took his lips, far too smug and sharp for his own good. He slipped his hands beneath his underwear, palming his cock as he imagined them fooling around at school. Maybe in one of the bathrooms, maybe an abandoned classroom or the library. How easily he could picture Billy rutting up against him in the dark of a closet, spearing him open with that thick cock until Steve had no other choice but to take it…

Steve was already wet between his legs, and he reached down to slide two fingers in, determined to get himself off quick and dirty, then let the sleepy aftermath carrying him off, his nose buried deep in the pillow Billy had used. It took an embarrassingly short amount of time for him to come, crying out something that could have been Billy's name as he locked down on his fingers, pretending it was Billy's fat cock inside him instead. He wiped his hands without care on the sheets - he was going to do laundry this weekend anyway, and curled up, content.

Steve wouldn’t say that he primped overly much Monday morning, but he wouldn’t deny that he’d chosen his outfit with a little bit more of a careful eye than normal. He wore high waisted blue jeans – one of his tighter pairs – and a dark grey Lacoste sweater. He paired it with a dark grey suede jacket with a fur collar and lining, and bright white Keds. He eyed himself critically in the mirror, before grinning and pulling on his Ray Bans.

He felt amazingly good compared to his norm; maybe he really did just need a good fuck, because the grey depression that seemed to rule his life was queerly absent. He pulled up to school about a half hour early and paused outside his car to light a cigarette. He inhaled deeply, then took a just as deep drink of his coffee from his thermos. Steve felt himself perk up at the sight of Billy. The Alpha’s back was too him, leaning against a blue Camaro,  dressed lightly for the chill of the morning, but maybe being from California he didn’t have anything else?

Steve hesitated, biting his lip, before locking the BMW and heading over. It didn’t make much sense to pretend they didn’t know each other, Steve reasoned, and if the Alpha didn’t seem like he was into it, Steve could keep walking and pretend that was his plan all along. However, all thought of playing it cool died when Billy turned towards the sound of his steps and Steve saw his face.

“What the hell?” Steve sputtered, eyes wide and horrified behind his sun glasses. Billy raised a singular eyebrow, seemingly unaware that his face was entirely blue and brown on one side.

“I got in a fight.”

“Who the fuck – was it Carol? Jesus, she’s such a bitch! You think she’d be used to Tommy hitting on everything with a pulse.” He reached out without thought, only to still awkwardly when Billy tilted his head out of the way.

Billy took a slow drag of his cigarette, before glancing away from Steve dismissively. “It wasn’t Carol, Steve.”

“You sure?” Steve asked slowly, eyes narrowing. Carol was a possessive Alpha in her best moments, she was downright fanatical in her worst, and pair that with the fact that Tommy found angry sex hot as hell and flirted like crazy to get it - well, she was pissed a lot. “Because I’ve got dirt on her from before she even popped a knot.”

Billy snorted, letting his sun glasses slip down to peer at him. “While your concern is…sweet, princess, you really think Carol would catch me on the fly?”

“Then who-”

“Seriously, any of this is your business…how?” Billy asked flatly, flicking the cigarette away before pushing off the car.

Steve blinked, shrinking into himself a bit. “…it’s not. I guess. Sorry.”

“We fucked, Steve. That’s it.”

“Yeah.” He agreed, shifting uncomfortably, embarrassed. “Yeah, sorry. I just…thought we could be friends?” Billy stared at him and Steve shrunk even further into himself, arms crossing defensively. He felt incredibly small all the sudden, the disinterest in Billy's gaze stripping him of his new found confidence. “Forget it. You…I’m being stupid. Have a nice day, man.”

He turned on his heel, face burning and feeling about an inch tall, and headed towards the school entrance. Why was he always so stupid? Steve’s lips twisted, hand tightening on his backpack strap. He just…he had hoped…maybe not anything more, but at least a friend. Steve hadn’t had a friend in…in a long time. But whatever. Steve had been doing this on his own for a long time. Sure, he’d always had someone. Tommy or Nancy, or someone. But he was fine. He had this.


Even if he had hoped - but god, he was stupid. Billy had even said...well, he never really said. But Steve understood how one night stands worked. There wasn't anything ever said to imply it hadn't been one. But Billy had been so sweet that morning and...he sighed. Really. He was so stupid. 

Steve was still feeling pretty down by the time third period rolled around. He did his best to avoid a gloating Tommy – who had gleefully critiqued Steve’s performance Saturday night. It seemed that Billy hadn’t been as discrete about their night together as the Omega may have helped. In fact, it seemed he’d chosen to go the opposite route; bragging about Steve in gym to anyone who wanted to listen.

To make it worse, Nancy had been given this look – one mixed with pity, worry, and barely concealed judgement – and any good feelings Steve may have had this morning was completely gone. Billy Hargrove was the talk of the school, his fight and his sex life, and now, so was Steve. The Omega grit his teeth as he shut his locker. Just three more periods, then he could home to the privacy of his home and die of shame.

He wished he just stayed home Saturday. No amount of great sex was worth this.

Steve turned, already stealing himself for the stares and whispers, only to find himself face to face with the quarterback of the football team, AJ Wilson. Steve eyed the leering Alpha, grip tightening on his books.

“Hey AJ.” Steve said quietly, moving to push past the Alpha.

AJ moved to intercept his path, a hand flying out to box him in as the tall boy leaned in. “Heya, Steve. So, I heard you’re back on the market.”

Steve took a deep, steadying breath. “Look, I’ve got history and you know how Mr. Journings gets about being late.”

“Come on, don’t be like that.” AJ purred, and Steve stiffened as the Alpha leaned in and brazenly sniffed at his neck. “I just want a minute to talk. You look extra nice today, babe.”

“AJ,” Steve managed to choke out, eyes flashing, “just what the hell are you doing?”

“Oh come on, don’t play coy.” AJ said gently, pulling back, a wide grin on his face. “I heard you’re back to the good time guy we all loved. I was wondering if you wanted to go catch a movie tonight. Or maybe go for a ride?”

The Alpha wiggled his eyebrows and Steve felt his eye twitch. He forcefully pushed the taller boy out of the way, shoulder checking him harshly. “Fuck off, AJ.”

A hand caught his arm, pulling him roughly back. “What the hell, Harrington? I was just trying to be nice.”

“No,” Steve corrected, voice glacial, “you were trying to get me to suck your cock. Which – ew. No thanks. Don’t think I forgot Annie and all that gonorrhea. Oh yeah, we Omegas enjoy our gym class talk too.”

AJ’s eyes narrowed, his lips pulling back minutely. “You don’t get to talk to me like that.”

“Whoops. Just did.” Steve snarled back, lifting his history text book to ram it into the Alpha’s face. While it was considered bad form for an Alpha to fight an Omega, it wasn’t the other way around, and Steve was more than willing to take advantage of that little social custom. Just as he was about to strike, AJ was slammed front first into the lockers to his left. Steve danced away, eyes wide.

Billy stood there, blue eyes blazing as he leaned into AJ’s space, lips pulled back into a vicious snarl. “What the fuck you doing, Wilson?”

“Get your hands off me!”

“What, you don’t like being touched like this? That’s funny, pretty sure Stevie-boy didn’t like it either.”

“Fuck off, Hargrove. He’s a goddamn slut-”

Billy slammed him harder against the locker, before ramming his knee hard into AJ’s groin. The Alpha slid down, wheezing and gagging. “I’m sorry, what was that?” AJ drew in heaving breathes, but was silent, glaring at Billy from the ground. Steve stared, mouth opened, totally blindsided by Billy’s sudden presence. Why was the other boy coming to his rescue? He'd been pretty clear in his lack of interest in having any type of interaction with him this morning. Billy brought his hand to his ear, brows raised high. “Sorry, didn’t catch that? You got something else you wanna add? No? I knew I had to have misheard that last comment.”

The Alpha spun to face the staring hallway.

“Anyone else got somethin’ they wanna add? No? Great. Fantastic. Swell. Fuck off.”

Steve let himself be lead away by his arm, trying to come to terms with the contradictory feelings he was having as Billy lead him out to the smoking pit. Once there, he tore his arm away. “You know, none of that would have happened if you hadn’t told everyone we had sex.”

Billy shrugged, unashamed as he lit up. “A fuck that good, you don’t keep a secret. Not my fault you go to school with a bunch of Midwest hicks.”

Steve’s eyes narrowed, lighting a cigarette of his own inhaling abruptly. “So what? You want a medal for fixing what you messed up? Go screw yourself, Billy.”

They stared at each other, each on the one side of the smoke pit, the air heavy with upset between them. Billy wasn’t even looking at him, apparently far too interested in counting the smokes left in his pack. What an arrogant little jerk! What was wrong with him? Going around telling the whole school their business and then acting like he’d done nothing wrong?

“Look, if I had known you were gonna be so damn sensitive about it I’d've at least kept my voice down.”

“Oh my god,” Steve breathed heavily through his nose, “why the hell did I ever let your dick anywhere near me?”

“Hunny, not many say no to my dick. I’m not gonna apologize for that.”

“Yeah, no.” Steve said flatly, “pretty sure it was all the booze blinding me from the fact that you’re a raging asshole. I understand now why someone decided to rearrange your face.”

Billy’s head snapped up to glare at him and Steve almost – almost – took a step back at the contained fury there. Okay, maybe that last part had been a bit much.

“Steve?” A soft voice called, weary and concerned. It was Nancy. Because of course it was Nancy, as if Steve’s humiliation wasn't total and complete without her presence. The Alpha looked from Steve to Billy, then back to Steve again, before squaring her shoulders. “Steve, I think you should come with me.”

Billy eyed her like she was gum on his shoe. “Pretty sure this is a private conversation.”

Nancy glared at him. “Steve. Come here.”

Steve stared at his ex-girlfriend over the irritated Alpha’s shoulder, his anger suddenly redirected. What the hell? Did Nancy think he needed her to come swinging in like a white knight? He could handle himself, thank you very much. “What? I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not.” Nancy said slowly. “Come on, me and Jonathan will walk you to class.”

Steve stared at her aghast. What part of – what part of any of that did she think would sound remotely appealing to him? Billy seemed to pick up on his thoughts.

“Oh yeah,” He said, voice nasty, “that’ll be nice for him. Just hanging out with you and your new boyfriend, aren’t you a sweetheart.”

Nancy’s face hardened, arms crossing as she jutted her chin out. “And what? Leave him out here so you can take advantage?”

Take advantage –

Jesus Christ, that was just –

What the actual –

Steve had crossed the small smoking pit without thought, hands curling forcefully on Billy’s belt to keep him from whirling on the other Alpha. “Go inside, Nancy.”


“You think Jonathan really wants me hanging out all the time?”

“Jonathan will be fine.”

Steve snorted. “You really don’t understand relationships, do you? Go inside, Nance.”

“Steve, you’re still my friend. I just want what’s best for you and-”

“You don’t get to have it both ways, Nancy.” Steve said, voice hollow and tired. God, he was doing his best, wasn’t he? He wasn’t being a dick to Jonathan, he was staying out their way out of respect to them both, all because he wanted Nancy to be happy. But it still fucking hurt, damn’t. Why couldn’t she just give him the space he needed?

Nancy deflated, looking sad and miserable, but when she spoke her voice was edged with disapproval. “I hope you don’t make a mistake, Steven. Well,” she straightened, eyes sharp as they glanced at Billy meaningfully, “another one.”

Steve let out a huff of disbelief as she went inside, the door slamming behind her. “Fuck,” Billy said after a moment, “pretentious much. Steven? What is she, your mother?”

Steve shook his head, slightly surprised someone like Billy knew the word pretentious, and flicked his cigarette into the pit. “She means well.”

But the words were hard to get out. Nancy just didn’t seem to get it, and it was really starting to put him on edge. Yeah, okay. Maybe having sex with Billy wasn’t the best idea given how it played out, but just what he did or who he did it with was none of Nancy’s business anymore. She wasn’t his Alpha. Nancy had seen to that herself.

“Those are the types that always do the most.” Billy said under his breath. Steve moved to pull away, seriously considering just ditching the rest of the day and going home, but big hands atop his own stilled the movement. “…you wanna grab some dinner tonight?”

Steve stared at the Alpha blankly.

“You…you have to be kidding, right?” Billy shrugged. Steve almost exploded. “You told everyone in the school everything we did! Why would I ever want to be around you again? Do you have any idea how many times I’ve heard ‘slut’ or ‘whore’ next to my name today? I was just – I thought you – what the hell. No, no, I don’t want to ‘grab some dinner’ with you. Ever. I don’t want you to talk to me ever again. Your just like every other Alpha in this damn school, all you care about is how many Omegas you can lock and-”

The kiss caught him totally off guard. For a moment Steve stood, frozen, then his hand was flying back in a smack. Billy caught it easily, chuckling as his other arm curled possessively around his waist. Steve bucked, trying to free himself, even as his stomach tightened pleasantly at the warm and firm touch of such familiar lips. No, Steve thought in disbelief, no, I can’t be that easy. But apparently he was, or maybe he was just that desperate for positive touch, regardless of where it came from, because Steve found himself leaning against Billy’s chest, panting when the Alpha pulled away.

“Look, I pulled a dick move. I got it. Didn’t think this little school was gonna blow that shit up so much. Things are a bit more…easy going…back in Cali.” Billy said, his hand a warm weight as it stroked up his back. “I’ll make it go away, if you want.”

Steve huffed in disbelief. Make it go away, what an arrogant little dick. As if it was that easy. “What? You just going to beat everyone who says something up?”

Billy shrugged. “Let me buy you dinner, Steve.”

“I thought you didn’t want to be friends?”

“That was before I got to see the rest of the school.” Billy said distastefully, and Steve wondered vaguely if he should be offended.

The Omega eyed the younger boy, both hands coming to rest on Billy’s forearms lightly. “…if I ever hear you did something like that again-”

“You won’t.”

“I mean it, Billy. I will fucking end you. I’ll find a way.”

Billy’s lips quirked. “Sure thing, King Steve. Whatever you want.”

“Fine. You can buy me dinner to make up for it. But I’m gonna be expensive.” Steve warned, even as he marveled at what he was doing. But still, dinner with Billy was better then just eating in front of the TV. And he never had to see Billy again afterwards if he wanted. He sure as hell wasn’t going to sleep with him again. Billy grinned, all teeth, and lead them back in just as the bell rang, his arm still wrapped tightly around Steve’s waist.

And the dark, murderous glare that Nancy sent them?

Well…that may have made dinner all the more attractive too.

To be completely honest, Billy wasn’t going to give Steve Harrington a second look. The beating he’d gotten when he’d gotten home was enough to drive any thoughts of the pretty Omega from his head and Billy wasn’t really looking to tie himself down with anyone. He wasn’t the commitment type. Nor did he really regret sharing the details of their rather intimate night together. Not with the way it made the Alphas and Beta males fall in line behind him, staring in awe and jealousy that he’d gotten Steve Harrington. While Steve had apparently been around the block a few times before he’d dated Nancy, those guys and girls had all graduated and no one of his current class or junior had had a chance to get at him. Though not through lack of trying. And when they heard of just how sweet Steve had been for Billy…well, Billy fucking owned school now.

But then he’d seen that prick – the big, dumb one – Wilson, looming over Steve, his hands all over places they shouldn’t be. And when he’d seen Steve’s face…the Omega had seemed possessed by his anger, eyes bright and hard, lips twisted in a sneer, ready to go toe to toe with an Alpha. It was fucking hot, make no mistake.

So yeah. Maybe Billy wasn’t looking for anything serious, but neither was he willing to dismiss some of the best sex of his life. Steve Harrington was a little spitfire and Billy wanted to see what else he had to offer. It was pathetically easy to get Steve to agree to a date; the Omega was clearly lonely. He didn’t have any friends from what Billy could see and word on the street was that the break up with Nancy had made him quite the pussy.


Billy wasn’t too concerned. He just wanted to be able to get his dick wet again. He pulled up to the Harrington’s at five-thirty, overly aware of the time. Max had to be home by eight, which was pretty late, but she’d aced most of her placement tests for school and Neil wanted to reward her. Of course he did, his precious little Maxine. Billy sneered in distaste. Fucking Max. She got away with everything and never seemed to care that her actions got Billy beat to hell more often then not. And she had to know. How could she not know? Even if Neil never hit him in front of her, he sure as fuck wasn’t quite about it.

When Steve came out, Billy whistled under his breath, grinning sharply. The Omega wore a pair of blue jeans that looked painted on and a orange sweater that hung off of one shoulder and was cut short to show a bit of his stomach. He had a Member Only Jacket (because of course he did, Billy had yet to see Steve in something not name brand) flung over one shoulder, and a pair of brown leather boots. The Omega slid into the passenger seat, throwing his jacket in the back.

“Hey Billy,” Steve said, almost sweetly, and leaned over the counsel. At first, he thought Steve was going to kiss him and would deny the skip in his chest till the day he died. But the older boy simply plucked his cigarette from his lips for himself. “I was thinking we could go to the diner on Main Street. Their shakes are out of this world.”

“Whatever you want, sweetheart.” Billy purred, throwing the car abruptly into drive. Steve let out a startled sound before laughing, clinging to the door handle as the Camaro burst into life. He didn’t seem scared to his credit, like most were of Billy’s driving, rather more amused.

“You better slow down, Hop will totally get you. He’s got like five speed traps set up around here.”

Billy begrudgingly slowed down, not quite sure who the hell ‘Hop’ was but took the Omega’s word, nonetheless, slowing down to the speed limit. The diner was a throwback place, all dolled out to look like something out of American Graffiti, and Billy bemoaned his wallet even as he willing paid for the most expensive items on the menu and ordered a basket of fries for himself. He let Steve prattle on, focused more on his lips than the actual words, and by the time they made it back out to the car, Billy was already half hard.

He wondered what he’d have to do to get Steve to suck him off. “I’ve still got two hours or so.” Billy said, pulling the car onto main. “You wanna go somewhere?”

Steve eyed him. “You been up to the quarry? No? Oh, you should.”


“Yeah. That’s were everyone goes to park. Take me back to my house, though. My parents aren’t home and there’s a marathon coming on soon I want to watch. I plan on staying up all night and ditching most of tomorrow.”

Fuck yeah, that sounded just up Billy’s alley. He had fond memories of Steve’s house after all. He let Steve direct him, Billy lighting a cigarette as he drove, before letting his hand slide from the gear shaft to rest on Steve’s leg. The Omega just took another hit of his own cigarette, eyeing Billy. “Really? You think that’s how this is going to go?”

“Can’t help it, babe. You’re hot as shit tonight.”

Steve gave him a knowing smile, before flicking his cigarette from the window. He leaned over the clutch, his small hands sliding up and down Billy’s thigh. “I know you think I’m hot, Billy. You told the whole school, remember?” He bit lightly at the Alpha’s ear and Billy licked his lips, fighting to keep his attention on the road. They weren’t far from Steve’s house – you were never far from anywhere in this backwards town – but he still wasn’t keen on crashing.

Steve’s fingers pressed against his covered cock, lightly petting it.

“Is that for me?” He cooed happily.

“Yeah, sweetheart. All for you.”

They were in Steve’s neighborhood now and already Billy was thinking of laying him out once they got to his house, wondering how much time he had for a good fuck before he had to go pick up Max.

“Mm, you are a thick boy, that’s for sure.” Steve all but purred. “You know what I’m going to do, Billy? When I get home?”

“What?” Billy asked, strained as Steve began to pump him, and turned on the Omega’s street.

“I’m going to go up to my room and strip. I like being naked, you know? Get completely naked and I’m going to lay on my bed,” his fingers fiddled with Billy’s zipper while his other hand gripped his swollen head through his jeans, “and I’m going to be so, so wet, Billy. I’m already wet, but I get really wet. Do you remember?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“So I’m gonna get myself really wet – really wet, because if I’m gonna put anything in me, I’ve got to be all lubed up. And I’m going to get this box from under my bed. It’s my secret box, I drove all the way into Shelbyville for it. I’ve got all my toys in them. And my favorite one is this big, fat, dildo. It’s flesh colored and its knot – oh my god, Bill. It’s so thick and soft. Feels like the real thing. It just...just forces me open," he said with a dreamy sigh, "and I’m going to fuck myself with it until I’m dripping.” Steve bit his lip, whimpering slightly, his tongue darting out to touch Billy’s neck. “And when I come, I’m going to shove that big knot all the way in me. You wanna watch, Billy? You wanna watch me lock my toy?”

Billy snarled, throwing the Camaro in park, spinning to reach for the Omega – but Steve was already climbing out the car, the door slamming shut behind him. Steve leaned into the window, elbow on the window jam, chin resting on his hand, expression innocent and questioning.

“Oh? Did you want to watch? Too bad, Billy. Boys who can’t keep their mouths shut don’t get to help with any of the fun times.” The Omega blew him a kiss before darting away, laughing as Billy cursed wildly.

The Alpha leaned into the passenger seat, hard as nails and mad as hell about it. “Think of me, princess!”

Steve laughed again, flicking him off as he pulled his front door open. “You wish, buddy. Next time, don’t be such a dick. Thanks for the meal.”

Billy glared at the shut door before chuckling to himself. Feisty little shit. Billy was going to wreck that. He couldn't wait.