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When The Wind Meets A Whirlpool

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"We just had to arrive during a sandstorm.’ Was her only thought as she stares down into the village of Sunagakure, beside her was her faithful companion and war veteran Kuro.
She was well into her 20’s with crimson red hanging in a braid down her back and feral golden eyes. Her skin is pale, and her face is considered masculine with how sharp it is. Upon her cheeks were two raven black fang marks that were reminiscent of the Inuzuka. On her form is a simple red fur-lined coat with mesh armor underneath, and a black skirt meant for battle with short underneath.
This is Kazane Uzumi, a survivor of the fall of Uzushio.

“Why are we, here again, Kazane, I thought we were going to go get that Uzumaki brat from Konoha?” The tall raven furred wolf, Kuro, questions gruffly, his golden eyes narrowed in contempt.

“We are, however, there’s a jinchuriki here that I wanna see” Kazane speaks out, calling forth her midnight chains to stick to the tall sandstone wall. Kuro grunts before crouching down, ready to follow his mistress down into the village.

They descend with no sound, onto a brittle roof that would have caved in if not for the use of chakra.
They move with speed across the roofs, keeping their eyes out for their target.

“I smell raccoon five meters east of our location.” Kuro states shifting his body to the right, ready to spring towards a tower with the word ‘Kaze” on it.

“He’s up there,” Kazane tells her companion, her eyes trained onto the small figure shadowed by the moon. Kuro narrows his eyes at this figure as he notices a foul chakra seep from their form. He snorts and rolls his eyes already knowing that he can’t convince his mistress to turn back and just head for the Uzumaki brat.
Their ascent is quiet as they wall jump up and behind the pale small boy who looked no older than four. He was clutching a teddy bear that looked worn from constant use and he was staring wide-eyed at the assassin in front of him. The assassin didn’t even get a chance to attack the small boy before Kuro was upon him, savagely attacking the man as his mistress protected the redhead from any stray attacks.
Kazane stares at the boy in front of her with something akin to motherly love, a feral grin was pinned onto her blood red lips showing off her sharp canines.

“Hey there pup, you look like you needed some help there,” Kazane tells the boy, frowning internally as the boy shrinks into himself.

'Those fucking villagers.’ She thinks angrily, as she crouches down to be eye-level with the young pup. She smiles reassuringly before requesting to know the young boy's name.
“G-Gaara…” He meekly answers, his eyes filled with sadness as he assumes the worst. The only thing he receives in response was a goofy grin as Kazane lays a hand on his head and ruffles his hair.
"Nice to meet ya, Gaara." She responds, shocking Gaara to the core as not only was she not running away from him in fear but she was also ruffling his hair and not getting crushed by his sand!

He stares in wonder at the wine red-haired lady in front of him.


He sits alone in his dark and barren room, the scent of salt and betrayal wafting through it like death and sickness does a hospital. Whatever was in the room was crushed into oblivion, everything but a picture of a blond haired man with a gentle smile on his face, next to a woman with long blond hair and the same smile on her face as the males. Gaara stares at the picture in anger, why does he always get the short end of the stick? Why does everyone betray him!

'If they're going to fear you anyways, why not give them something to fear?' A sickeningly sweet voice coos, their voice echoing like raging wind, in his mind. He felt a vicious sense of pleasure at this thought. The idea of making them suffer for his pain was intoxicating.

"Gaara?" A rough feminine voice calls from behind him. His sand jumps from the ground and rushes towards the voice. With a swift turn of his heel, Gaara watches with morbid fascination as the sand wraps around the wine-haired lady. Said female only grinned at his attempt to murder her and replaces herself with a very disgruntled, transparent wolf. The wold disappears with a small flash of iridescent light, leaving Gaara blinded.

"What happened to your room Tanuki-chan?" Kazane questions, crouching to be eye-level with the small boy. Gaara looks into her eyes with distrust, his sand spinning around him in warning. The Uzumi chuckles at his cute attempt of intimidation and ruffles the blood red locks that adorn his head.

"You've got a long way to go before you can intimidate me, pup." She tells him, straightening to her full height of five feet and two inches. Gaara stares at her with wonder in his seafoam eyes.

"What are you doing here?" He questions, hopeful yet cautious at the same time. Before she could respond, a brilliantly mysterious wolf jumps in from the window, it's raven fur glinting blue in the mid-morning light and its golden eyes staring into his own seafoam eyes with a calculating glance. It stands tall, towering over the small child by meters.

"Kuro, you finally deem us worthy enough for your presence!" The red-head sarcastically cheers, annoyance shining on her face. Kuro (the now named wolf) snorts at her sharp words, letting them roll off his fur with ease.

"I was making sure our tracks were covered. Wouldn't want the Kazekage to know we're in cahoot's with his weapon." Kuro rebuttals, his golden eyes piercing daggers into her own golden hues.

"Who are you?" Gaara ponders out loud, flinching as two intense stares bring their full attention onto him. The burgundy haired woman grins at him, her two impossibly sharp canines glistening in the darkened room.

"I'm Uzumi Kazane, Jounin of the Village Hidden In The Whirlpool." Pride was leaking into her voice as she points towards a Hiate that was placed strategically around her neck. Her wolf companion snorts at her introduction before nodding his head gruffly at the tiny jinchuriki,
"Kuro of the ancient Mayonaka clan. I'm bonded with this idiot." He gruffly greets, snorting as Kazane makes indignant noises.

For the first time in a while, Gaara feels a ray of sunshine on him.


A few weeks pass since the incident in his room, and Gaara has come to yearn for the visits Kazane pays him, it was always fun and exciting (Plus it's really nice to hold someone's hand without the sand getting in the way)
"Pup, you home?" Comes the gruff voice of Kuro into the echoing room, Gaara scrambles away from his new desk (Which was mysteriously placed in his room a week or two ago) and towards the now open window.

"Kuro!" Gaara greets happily, his eyes sparkling with joy as he adorns a bright smile. He looks around excitedly for the signature red-haired independent female, frowning when she is nowhere to be seen.

"Kuro...Where's Kazane-nee?" Gaara questions shyly, dreading the answer as he assumes the worst. Kuro rolls his eyes, brushing past the panda-like child to hop onto said child's bed.

"Idiot decided to go on a research mission last night, left me here to take care of you, gaki." Kuro remarks, laying his head onto his paws. Gaara looks down in disappointment, tears pricking at his eyes, fearing that another person decided to abandon him. Noticing this, Kuro grunts quietly in annoyance, moving towards the distressed child. Gaara giggles quietly through his tears as Kuro nuzzles him.

"She'll be back soon, pup." Kuro reasures him, laying his head onto the small boy's lap. Gaara buries his head into Kuro's fur, feeling a sense of safety as the gigantic wolf guards over him.
Days dragged by as Gaara waited for Kazane to return. As the days pass by his world slowly starts returning to it bleak gray, slowed down by the constant presence of Kuro who without fail, makes Gaara laugh, even if it's short and too quiet to hear, every day.
Gaara sits on his bed and sobs loudly and grossly, the pain in his heart unbearable. The day was going terribly, some villagers chased him into an alley and hurled terrible words at him with such deep hatred, His father denied his request at seeing his siblings, and worst of all...
Kazane was still missing.

"Pup." Gaara doesn't respond to Kuro's deep gravely voice, only moving when Kuro lays his head onto his lap and wraps around him like a protective barrier.
"She's coming back right?" Gaara inquires hopelessly, his voice muffling into Kuro's fur.
Kuro let's air pass from his nose as he watches over the kid that slowly grew on him like moss on a tree. While it makes Kuro feel guilty for not telling Gaara where his mistress was, he knew that it was important to keep it a secret until she appeared.
"She will, I promise Pup, just wait a little longer." Kuro promises, his eyes glaring at the blurry figure tinted red. Said figure was slowly growing bigger than an ant, as they grew closer to the village.

The next day, was greyer than normal, a sandstorm was raging outside and any chance for Kazane to arrive that day, grew slim to none. Gaara sat at his desk absentmindedly drawing a picture of a raccoon towering over Sunagakure.

"Yo, Tanuki-chan did you miss me?" A gruff feminine voice calls out into his room. Gaara drops his crayon in surprise, tears pricking at his eyes as he turns to spot the red-head he had desperately waited to return for the past week.
"Kazane-nee!" Gaara shouts excitedly, hurling himself at her with great speed. Kazane catches the small boy, with ease, hugging him back with relief in her eyes.

"Hey pup, sorry I was gone for so long I had to go searching for something before I came back." Kazane states, placing Gaara onto the ground delicately

"Please...don't leave me again.." Gaara pleads, looking up at Kazane with heartbroken seafoam orbs.

"I'd have to kidnap ya, if I were to do that kid, I'm a foreign-nin after all." Kazane states bluntly. She internally smirks as she watches Curiosity, fear, then determination, flicker across the precious five/ six year-old's face. Gaara feels fear for a moment before the rush of determination fills his veins.

He wasn't going to be left alone again.

"Pup, you've gotta let go, it's really late and ya need to sleep," Kazane tells him exasperatedly. Gaara shakes his head no before burying his face into her neck. Kazane looks towards the sky, knowing this was going to be her life for a long time.
"I don't sleep," Gaara replies stubbornly, his voice muffled by her neck.

"I can fix that seal of yours so that you can." Was her response, already knowing where this was going.

"But, you'll leave me again if I do fall asleep...I won't let that happen!" He responds with childlike stubbornness, causing Kazane to sigh.

"What do you want me to do about it kid?" Kazane questions, challenging Gaara's resolve.

"Take me with you." He replies bluntly, pulling her signature move, the blunt talk. Kuro snorts at this, before pushing his nose into Kazane's palm.

"Just take him with us Kazane. That Uzumaki brat needs a friend anyway." Kuro states, staring Kazane dead in the eye. Kazane sighs in defeat before adjusting her grip on Gaara.

"Fine, But remember kid, this life won't be easy." Kazane warns Gaara, before walking towards his window, "Pack whatever you want to take with you and hop onto Kuro's back when your ready, we'll leave when the sun's fully set, I'll fix that seal of yours on the way to Konoha." With that, she sets Gaara down and waits for him by the window. After picking up his bear and grabbing his favorite crayons, Gaara gets onto Kuro's back with slight difficulty.

All three of them vanish with the wind after the last glare of light vanishes.