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Party on the Bayou

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Dwyane Pride was the happiest man in the bayou right this moment. Christopher LaSalle was about to become Dwayne Pride’s husband. The two men had the biggest grins on their faces as the mayor starts to do the wedding ceremony of Christopher LaSalle and Dwyane Pride.


”Dearly beloved, we are gathered here tonight in front of family and friends to be witnesses to the beauty of love, friendship, and partnership to the fullest with Dwayne Pride and Christopher LaSalle in holy matrimony. At this time, is there anyone here that would not want to see these two men to embark on this journey of happiness with one another, speak now,” says the mayor. She paused to see if anyone had been standing to talk, but no one stood up.


“Moving on. Christopher and Dwayne have decided to right their own vows,” says the mayor as she points to Christopher.




”I have known Dwayne for about 8 years now. The first time I laid eyes on the man, I thought that I would be here with him one day. That one day has now come for us King. I love you and always will. I know that this will be a learning curve for us but I am willing to work on this curve. Dwayne Pride, you have made me the happiest man in the world today by making me your husband. I love you,” says Christopher.


“Chris, you have been the best thing in my life besides my daughter, Laurel. I loved you the first night I saw you. I was working undercover when I saw the handsome man walk into my life 8 years ago and never had turned back for anything. Christopher, I am happy that you said yes, when I asked you to marry me. With love and lots of luck, we will get through this journey that we are embarking on with each other,” says Dwayne. 




“Friends and family, do pledge to promote the happiness of these two men that are pledging their undying love to each other on their wedding day? If yes, then answer ‘We will,’” says the mayor.


"We Will!" yells the group.


"With these rings that you have picked for each other, this shows to the world the love and commitment that these two men show to each other everyday both at work and at home. With this ring I thee wed," says the mayor.


"With this ring I thee wed Dwayne Pride, my bestfriend and lover," says Christopher.


"With this ring I thee wed my bestfriend and lover. You complete me and make me a better man, Christopher LaSalle-Pride," says Dwayne.


"With the power invested to me by the state of Louisiana, I pronounce you, Husband and Husband. You may kiss you husband," says the Mayor. Dwayne pulls Christopher by his neck into a deep and passionate kiss that had everyone cheering.


"I present to you for the first time in public, Dwayne Pride-LaSalle and Christopher LaSalle-Pride," says the Mayor.  Dwayne pulls away from Christopher and grabs his hand as they walk back down the aisle. Dwayne looked and saw Gibbs grinning like a fool.


"Your next," mouths Pride. That is when Gibbs noticed Tony down on one knee with a small box.


"Tony?" asked Gibbs. "Make me as happy as Pride and LaSalle by marrying me?" asked Tony.


"I will, Anthony," says Gibbs as he stares down at the man that he loves. Tony opens the box and pulls out the ring for Jethro.


"I love it, Tony. The Shield of NCIS and the Marine Corps Logo. Thank you," says Gibbs as he sees Tony sliding the ring onto his finger. Gibbs grabs Tony's hand and pulls him up to kiss him.




Tony and Gibbs head out to the reception to see Callen and Deeks kissing in the corner of the room. "I like that idea," says Tony as he grabs Gibbs' neck and dips him for a kiss. Pride starts to laugh at the sight.


"Must be good news," says Christopher.


"Gibbs is now engaged," says Dwayne.


"Wow. I thought I would never see that in my lifetime," says Christopher.


"Same here," says Dwayne as the two men kissed again. Christopher grabs Dwayne's neck and pulls him closer so he could steal a kiss from his husband.


"I love you Dwayne," says Christopher.


"My heart has belonged to you since I first saw you, Christopher LaSalle-Pride," says Dwayne.




The two men walked over to Deeks and Callen to see what was going on. "No tonsil hockey please," says Dwayne.


"Sorry about that Dwayne. Congrats on this guys. I am happy to see that the agency is okay with this. I know that It will be interesting at the PD when I head back as an engaged man," says Deeks.


“An engaged man?” asked Callen.


“G, will you marry me?” asked Marty.


“Yes I will sunshine,” says Callen as he pulls Marty in for a kiss.




The respective groups of agents made their way up to Pride and LaSalle to congratulate them on a wonderful night. “You found a good man in him Pride. Take care of him and always hear him out,” says Gibbs.


“Thanks brother,” says Dwayne as he pulls in Gibbs for a hug.


“Congratulations by the way,” whispers Pride.


“Thanks,” says Gibbs with a shit eating grin.


“Making Gibbs an honest man I see, Tony,” says Christopher.


“I am. He makes me feel like how you guys look. I can’t wait for this day for us,” says Tony.


“We will be there for you both,” says Christopher as the two men hug.


"Did we miss the party?" asked Loretta.


"It's about to pick up with you here now Loretta," says Dwayne. Tammy walks over to the happy couple with her arm wrapped around Percy's waist.


"Stop the presses! When did this happen between the two of you?" asked Pride.


"Three weeks ago, Pride," says Sonjia.


“That would have been our last stake out," says Christopher.

"Your right country mouse," says Percy with a smile and peck on his cheek. The teams danced and drank the night away.





As the night was ending, Gibbs and Tony, made an early exit back to there hotel room. "Are you okay?" asked Tony.


"I haven't been this drunk in awhile, Tony. My thinking might be a little fuzzy but not my feelings towards you," says Gibbs as he drops to his knees and takes to disrobing Tony of his pants and boxers.


"Gibbs!!" yells Tony as Jethro starts to lick and suck on Tony's balls and cock. It was the first time in a long that Gibbs was this hungry for sex. Gibbs looks up at his fiance  with a shit eating grin around Tony's cock.


"Gibbs?!?! More, please more! Fuck me,please," says Tony as he is pushing down and holding Gibbs' head down as he cums for Jethro.


"That was the best blow job that I have had in a very long time boss," says Tony. Gibbs looks at him and bites the inside of his thigh. Tony yelps in surprise.


"No boss talk during sex," says Gibbs in a very low growl.


"Okay Jethro!!!" yells Tony as he feels his hole getting teased and stretched by Gibbs.


"It's okay baby. It will be good for you, like it will be for me. Lay back and enjoy the fuck fest," says Jethro. Tony looks at his boss and soon to be husband with a typical Dinozzo grin when he is on the verge of doing something that is naughty.


"Let me ride you all night long," says Tony.


"But I get a turn at that beautifully tasty cock that I just sucked," says Gibbs.




Tony relaxed and felt the fingers going in and out, each time a little fast than the last time. Tony started to fuck Gibbs' finger, Gibbs took that as his cue to disrobe and pull out his impressively large cock. Tony forgot about how big it was until he saw it just hanging there for them to see. "Baby, relax," whispers Gibbs as he slides down Tony's body to line up with his cock with his hole.


"Please, so empty right now. Need your cock, Leroy," says Tony as he takes a breathe in as he could feel the tip of Gibbs' cock starting to enter his body.


"OH GOD!!!!! So tight, so good, so horny," says Gibbs. He stays there for two minutes to let Tony get used to the feeling again and then starts to move slowly.


"Faster Leroy, my god faster," says Tony. Gibbs took those words to heart and stepped up his pace. It took Gibbs about 10 minutes before the two men started to cum together. Tony was nibbling on Leroy's nipples when they both cummed together. It was the thing that sent Leroy over the edge.


"YES!!! OH GOD YES!!!" yells Tony as he shoots cum on to his chest. Gibbs leans down and starts to lick up the sweet and salty taste of his lover. Tony grabs Gibbs' cock and starts to pull it out. "Let me take you now, Jethro," says Tony.


"Please suck my cock, Tony. I have been wanting you to do that to me each time we go to a crime scene," says Gibbs.


"OH...MY....GOD!!! I will definitely take you up on that someday Gibbs. I am happy to suck you off," says Tony as he kneels down in front of Gibbs. Jethro has taken off his shirt to reveal a very chiseled set of abs that the older agent has been hiding under his button down polos and long sleeved shirts. Tony's hands decide to map out the fastest route to Jethro's large cock.




Tony reaches up to the belt that was holding Leroy's dress pants up and undoes it. Tony moves closer to the zipper and uses his teeth to start to lower down Leroy's pants. Gibbs could feel himself get harder as Tony's breathe was getting closer and closer to his cock and balls. Tony slides his hand down the front of Jethro's pants to find out that the sly Marine was commando. "Really? Commando?" asked Tony.


"Yup. Easier access for you and less articles of clothing to repack in the morning," says Gibbs. Tony starts to move his hand up and down the shaft of Leroy's cock. Gibbs starts to moan just a little as Tony starts with his mouth on Gibbs' cock. Tony works his mouth all the way down to the base of the cock and back up halfway.


"So close baby," says Gibbs as he throws his head back onto the pillow as he feels the build up in his body again as he is close to cumming again. Tony moves faster and faster.


"Please fuck me!!! Make me cum again," says Gibbs. Tony listened to his boss and had him yelling as the two men climaxed. Gibbs looked up into Tony’ Eyes and saw bliss staring back at him. “I love you,” says both each man to the other.




Callen and Marty walked back to there hotel room. They noticed that the screams were coming from Gibbs and DiNozzo’s room. “I need you now!” whispers Marty as he slips his hand into the front of Callen’s pants and gives Callen’s cock a tug.


“Take me now,” says Callen. Marty opens the door to their room and pulls Callen closer to him for a kiss.


“Take me,” whispers Marty.


“Come here babe,”says Callen as he starts to lift up Deeks’ shirt. He starts to run his hands down to G’s cock to feel it throbbing through his jeans.


"Please!!!!" yells Callen as Deeks finds Callen's asshole. Marty starts to massage at Callen's balls.


"Cum for me baby," says Deeks as he starts to move faster during his thrusting of his cock into Callen's beautiful abused hole. G leans his head back as Deeks gives Callen one final thrust before cumming in his fiancé and let’s out the most animalistic groan as the two men cummed. Callen gets up and starts to suck on Marty’s nipples before working his way down to Deeks’ cock. Deek's pulled out and dropped on to his knees to give Callen's forgotten cock some needed attention. Marty licks the underside of the cock all the way to the tip of the cock. Callen flings his head back as Deeks starts to hurry up the pace and lets out a yell that should come from a person.


"MARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH FUCK.......... MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" says Callen.


"Was it good for you baby?" asked Deeks as cum was dripping down his face.


”Hurry!!!!!!” yells Deeks. Callen took that to heart as he started to move more south of the beltline. Callen opened up his fiancé’s pants and noticed that he was dripping with slick. Callen started for his partner’s cock by suck the perfectly round balls and sack. Callen’s hands were working there way up to the tip of Deeks' cock. Marty whimpers as his cock is taken into G’s mouth. “Ahahahaha!!!!!!” yells Marty as he feels his body tense up for the climax. Callen moves faster as he feels Marty starting to buck up into his mouth before cumming.


“Best one yet!!!!” Yells Deeks as he cums in Callen’s mouth.


“Glad you liked it,” says G with a wild look in his eyes. G pulls Marty up on to the bed and grabs the lube.


"Open up," says Callen. Deeks spreads his Legs open for Callen to enter his already stretched hole, thanks to a butt plug that was the same size as Callen's cock.


"It's time for this thing to come out and for me to fuck you senseless," says Callen. Marty looks up at Callen and smiles with a cheshire cat grin on his face as Callen entered the Detective.


"OH GOD!!!!!!! MOVE CALLEN, PLEASE MOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yells Deeks. Callen sped up the thrusting and the nipple biting on Marty.


“I love you, Deeks,” says Callen.


“Love you too, CALLEN!!!” yells Deeks as her cums followed by Callen. The two men collapse on to the bed for some well deserved rest.


“My ass thanks you,” says Deeks.


“Clean up in the morning,” says Callen as they embraced in bed.





Dwayne looked at his watch and noticed what time it was. “We are calling it night folks. Thank you all for coming to the wedding,” says Dwayne as he takes Christopher’s hand and pulls him in for one last public kiss. The crowd cheers as the two men leave the reception.


“Take me now,” whispers LaSalle.


“All in good time, baby,” says Dwayne. The two men made their way up to the suite that they were staying in for the week and could hear two rooms with loud screaming coming from them.


“Gibbs and DiNozzo. Deeks and Callen. Sounds like we are late to the party, Dwayne,” says Christopher with a shit eating grin on his face.


“We’ll make up for it in due time baby. Starting right now,” says Dwayne as he starts to play with Christopher’s balls as they kiss. Christopher starts to moan loudly as Dwayne moves his hand to Christopher’s hole and starts to insert one lubed up finger at a time into Christopher.


“Take me now King. Need you to suck me off,” says Christopher. Dwayne looks up at his husband with a shit eating grin on his face. Dwayne removed his fingers from Christopher to help get rid of his clothes. As Dwayne was stripping Christopher, Christopher was doing the same thing to Pride. Once both men got done stripping and feeling each other up, Dwayne’s fingers went back to work on Christopher. Dwayne gets down on his knees and starts to lick the tip of Christopher’s cock. LaSalle-Pride starts to moan as Dwayne moves his tongue up to the balls and back up the underside of his shaft.


“Taking it now,” says Dwayne. Christopher bucks up as he feels his body reacting to the feeling of both sides being used.


“,” says Christopher.


“Let me have it!” yells Dwayne. Christopher does as he is commanded by his husband and boss.


“Fuck me now King,” says Christopher.


“After you take me to the edge,” says Dwayne.




Christopher picked up Pride and carried him over to the bed and pulled out the lube. “You are going to get your brains fucked out of you, King,” says Christopher. Dwayne could feel the pressure building up as Christopher entered his husband.


“Ahaha!!!! Move hard and fast,” croaks out Pride. LaSalle-Pride grabs onto his husband’s hips and does as requested. Each thrust is faster and faster. Christopher leans down to Dwayne’s neck and bit him as he continued to thrust into Dwayne.


“Cum for me, love,” whispers Christopher. Dwayne looked into Christopher’s eyes as he starts to cum. Christopher feels Dwayne let loose. Christopher pulls out and let’s Dwayne rest for twenty minutes, before it was his turn of getting slammed by his husband.


Dwayne looked at his husband as he smiled. “Are you ready for round two?” asked Dwayne.


“Yes baby, I’m ready,” says Christopher.


“Let’s go then baby,” says Dwayne. Christopher moves to his knees and leans forward for Dwayne to enter him.


“Relax,” says Dwayne.


“Oh god.......that’s it King!!! Move, please move!!!” yells Christopher. Dwayne starts to slowly move to let Christopher used to the enlarged cock that is in him. After five minutes of slow moving, Dwayne starts to pick up the pace. Dwayne moves his hand to the neglected cock of his husband and starts to jerk him off. “Ahahaha!!!!!!! Faster King,” says Christopher. Dwayne listened to his husband and picked up the pace again.


“Almost there, sugarbear,” says Dwayne.


“Yes....yes....yes!!!!!!!!!” yells Christopher as the two men collapsed onto the bed.


"That was amazing sugarbear," says Dwayne.




About three weeks later, Gibbs was with his head in the toilet for ten minutes. Tony gets up and walks over to the bathroom to see Gibbs throwing up. “Baby, are you going to be able to go to work?” asked Tony.


“No!” yells Gibbs.


“Easy boss,” says Tony. Gibbs tries to get up off of the bathroom floor but collapses to the ground.


"My name is Anthony DiNozzo. I am an off duty SFA for NCIS. My husband is in need of medical at my 10-20. Roll an ambulance to my location for an unconscious NCIS Agent," says Tony.


"Understood Agent DiNozzo. ETA 10 minutes for EMS," says Dispatcher.


"10-4. I will have the door open for them. We are on the second floor in the master bedroom's bathroom," says Tony.


"10-4," says Dispatch.


"EMS, roll out to 1295 Pinewood Lane. I have an off duty NCIS Agent requesting medical help for his husband," says Dispatch.


"10-4. Eta 10 mins. Isn't that address for Agent Gibbs?" asked Ems Officer Tinner.


“10-4. That is the name on the history of his residence," says Dispatch.



Tinner looked at the door and noticed it was unlocked and opened just a jar. "Agent DiNozzo?" asked Tinner.


“Upstairs. Hurry he just stopped breathing!" yells Tony. The medics start to run up the stairs to see what was going on with the older NCIS AgeNt.


"GIBBS?" asked Tinner.


"Tinner?" asked Jethro.


"Usual questions that I would have to ask anyone in your case, Gibbs," says Tinner.


“Okay," says Gibbs as he grabs his stomach again.


"How long have you been like this Gibbs? when did you first notice the changes in your body? You're running a slight fever, Gibbs. Let me get you something for that," says Tinner.


"Tinner. I might be pregnant," says Gibbs. Tony looked at Gibbs in shock at what his husband had just told him.


"Really?" asked Tony with tears in his eyes.


"I didn't want to get your hopes up to high on this Tony but there's a chance it  could be twins," says Gibbs as Tinner and his team load up Gibbs.


"Thanks for the heads up Gibbs. I will have them radio it in to Bethesda so they don't run the risk of you loosing the pregnancy," says Tinner.


“Thanks," says Gibbs as Tony grabs his hand.


"Thank you for this Leroy. I know that I am unable to carry due to a couple of injuries to that area when I was playing football in college," says Tony.


"I love you too, Tony. I wouldn't trade this for anything else in the world," says Gibbs.


"I have a feeling that you will change your mind when you are in labor though," says Tony.


"Your probably right Tony. We will just have to wait and see," says Gibbs. It was 15 minutes to Bethesda from Jethro's house.


"What do you have?" yells the ER doctor.


"I have an NCIS Agent that is complaining of severe abdominal pain. He had stopped breathing just as we had pulled up and revived him on scene. One note though, he might be pregnant," says Tinner.


“He?" asked the doctor as he was questioning what he was hearing and nearly pissed himself when he saw that it was Jethro Gibbs as the father-to-be.


“You are in good hands Agent Gibbs. Wish it was under better circumstances that we saw each other again," says Tinner.


“Agreed, Jason. Tell the Admiral that we need to get the two teams together for a dinner soon at our place," says Gibbs.


"Will do, sir," says Tinner as he walks away.




The doctor rolled Gibbs into the trauma room to see what was going on with him. "Easy Gibbs," says they Doctor as she places a hand onto his stomach to comfort him.


"Thanks Coulter," says Gibbs.


"No problem Gunny. When did you and Tony start seeing each other?" asked Jessie Coulter.


"Three years ago. When did you go into general medicine?" asked Gibbs.


"10 years ago. I am happy to stay stateside with the family for now, until I PCS again but I have 30 in with the Navy. I might go into the civilian field," says Jessie.


"I will let Harm know that I bumped into you," says Gibbs.


"That would be great, Gunny, I haven't seen him in 15 years," says Jessie.


"Can you tell me what is going on with me?" asked Gibbs.


"It is severe morning sickness. It can be life threatening to you and possibly the babies if not treated correctly," says Coulter.





Tinner looked at his phone and pulled it out to call AJ per Gibbs' request. "Admiral?" asked Tinner.


“Tinner, how are you doing son?" asked AJ.


"Good sir. I had a very strange call at work today and the patient insisted that I call you and tell you about what is going on with him," says Tinner.


"Really? That's really odd. Who was it?" asked AJ.


"Gibbs," says Jason.


"What was the call for?" asked AJ.


"He had collapsed in the bathroom of his personal residence. His husband, Agent DiNozzo, was the one to call it in," says Jason.


"What was the reason on why he had collapsed?" asked AJ.


"There is a strong probability that Agent Gibbs is..........pregnant, sir," says Jason. There was a pause on the line before AJ could respond to what he had heard from Jason.


"Pregnant? With Tony as the father? Wow. What else did Gibbs or DiNozzo say about this phone call?" asked AJ.


"Gibbs wants the two teams to get together and do a dinner to announce the pregnancy, but probably not until he is further along though, sir. I was just told to mention this to you," says Tinner.


“You did your job well. I will call Tony after a couple of days to let him know that the message was received loud and clear," says AJ.


"I will see you at the dinner, sir," says Jason.


"See you then Tinner. It was good to hear from you," says Aj as they hung up. 'You lucky bastard Gibbs. I wish Tony was mine, but Harm is the next best thing,'  thinks Aj.




Harm walked into the bedroom and saw that AJ had just hung up the phone. "Who was that at this hour of the day?" asked Harm as he is rubbing his swollen belly.


"Tinner. He was told to call me by one of his patients," says Aj.


"What was that about?" asked Harm.


"Jethro, of all people. Which was weird on why he was taken to the hospital," says Aj.


"What was his cause for having to be taken to the hospital?" asked Harm as he snuggled into Aj's arms.


"The same reason as you baby. He's pregnant," says Aj.


"Really? Do we know the father?" asked Harm.


"We do. DiNozzo," says Aj. Harm just stared at Aj for what he just told his husband.


"Gibbs!!!! Pregnant!!! Wow.....he's in for a treat. Good for them," says Harm as he kisses his husband. "Aj, I......oh water.....oh shit.......just broke," says Harm in a heavy panting breath.


 "I'll call it in, baby," says Aj.


"My name is AJ Chegwidden. I need an ambulance rolled out to my current 10-20. My husband is pregnant and his water just broke," says Aj.


"Understood. Eta 15 minutes," says Dispatch.


"Harm, I have an ambulance on the way. Is there anything I can do for you right now?" asked Aj.


"Back!!!" yells Harm. Aj scoops him up and carries him to the bed.


"Easy Harm. I got you. I need to open the front door. I hear the ambulance," says Aj.


"Okay....hurry.....I push!!!" yells Harm.


"Give me a minute. It will be less than two minutes," says Aj.




Aj runs in a full sprint to unlock the front door and runs back up to Harm to see that his husband was crowning with their daughter. "Now!" yells Harm as Aj sees the pain elevate on his husband's face.


"I got you Harm. Just breathe. I got you," says Aj. Harm starts to push more and the shoulders are freed from the birth canal. "One more big push Harm and then our daughter is here," says Aj with tears streaming down his face.


"It hurts," says Harm.


"I got you. Just one more push Harm," says Aj. Aj places his hands on the baby's head and back.


"She's beautiful Harm. Let me get her cleaned up really quick," says Aj.


"Okay.....he's coming now," says Harm. Aj turns back with their daughter and lays her on the bed next to Harm.


"He's coming," says Harm. "Easy sweetheart. I got you. Just like with Sarah, nice and easy," says Aj.


"Sarah?" asked Harm.


"I have always liked that name and I know that Mac would have been honored with that," says Aj.


"Your right. I miss Mac," says Harm as two more pushes bring their son into the world.


"They're perfect Aj. I am so happy that their are here. I am so sore and tired," says Harm.


"Just rest as I clean them up," says Aj. The medics show up 5 minutes later.


"Admiral?! What do you have?" asked the Medic.


"My husband just delivered twins. Needs a transport to the hospital to see if they are okay," says Aj.


"surething Admiral," says the Medic.


It was two days later, when Harm and Aj made it back to their house with the babies. Bud and Harriet had received a call from Aj to let them know about Harm. They went over to the house to get the house cleaned up and to have food ready for them when they came home. All the babies clothing was organized with the days to use them on  and the extras that were in the baby bag. Bottles where ready for the Captain and the Admiral. The two men were surprised that they where able to do what they did in 2 days. "Bud, Harriet. Thank you for everything," says Aj and Harm.


"Let me take them and lay them down in their cribs," says Harriet.


"thank you, "says Harm as he and Aj go to their room to catch up on there sleep.





Tinner headed back home to his husband at the end of his shift. "Hey sweetheart. How are you feeling today?" asked Jason.


"I am good, Jason. Why are you all smiles?" asked Webb.


"I just found out that Jethro could be pregnant," says Jason.


”Oh my god!! GIbbs!!! PREGNANT?!?!?! Holy shit. I would never expected it from that Marine. Who's the father?" asked Webb.


"Tony DiNozzo," says Jason.


"Really? Oh good lord. That is going to be interesting, Jason," says Webb.


"I am heading back to bed now that you are home," says Webb.


"Just let me run a bath for you. You look like you need I," says Jason.


"I do need it," says Webb. The two men walk into the bathroom and Jason turns on, Clay, " says Jason as starts the water for Clayton and helps him get undressed.


"Thank you," says Webb. Clayton gets into the tub and realizes that something is wrong. "Tinner!!!" yells Clayton.


"What happened?" asked Jason.


"I think I am in labor," says Clayton.


"I thought you wanted a natural birth anyways. Here you go. I got you baby," says Tinner. Twenty minutes later Tinner helped deliver his twin girls at home.


"Clay, I love you," says Jason.