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Storm or Fire

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Jocelyn was waiting for Luke in the dark behind the stables at the Morgenstern manor.

After she gave birth to Jonathan and discovered that Valentine had experimented on him, she had made him promise not to do it again. But when she told him she was pregnant for the second time Valentine broke his promise.

She had no solid proof, but her second child, Clarissa, was not normal, even by Shadowhunter standards. It’s only been 6 months since she had given birth, but Clary had already been speaking full sentences at 2 months and walking at 4 months. She couldn’t confront her husband, since she had no solid proof, so she confided in Luke.

“Jocelyn,” Luke whispered. “What’s wrong?”

She turned to face Luke and smiled. Jocelyn hadn’t been able to see Luke out in the open since he became a werewolf and Valentine banished him from the Circle.

“Luke. I-I can’t,” Jocelyn hesitated. “I can’t stay with him anymore. He experimented on Clary, just like he did to Jonathan. He broke his promise.” Jocelyn let everything out at once, explaining everything that had happened since Jonathan’s birth.

When Luke opened his mouth, she cut him off. “I don’t know what to do,” she said desperately. “Jonathan is a demon but Clarissa – she’s my daughter. I don’t know what he did to her, but I might be able to help her - save her!”

“Jocelyn, it’s just as you said. You don’t know what he did to her. It’s best for you to leave, with cup, while you can.” Luke explained.

Jocelyn deflated when she realized that Luke was right. She could take Clary with her, but she’d never be able to raise her as a mundane. She would eventually succumb to whatever was runner through her veins, and Jocelyn wouldn’t be able to hide them both from Valentine. Bringing Clary would only bring danger to herself and her daughter. It would be safer for Clary if she let her be raised by Valentine.

Luke waited a minute to let Jocelyn collect her thoughts.

“How do I get away from him? I could only meet you because he’s in a meeting.”

“You need to leave now then. Clary will be safe with Jonathan, you know he’d do anything to keep her safe, and you’ll never get this good a change to leave again.”

“But I-”

“I’ll come with you,” Luke cut her off. “I know of a warlock in New York that might be able to help us.”

Jocelyn looked torn but eventually agreed. Luke didn’t expect her to agree so easily. He expected her to be stubborn about Clary, but he knew that he was right.

“We need to leave now, to give us as big of a head start as possible.” Jocelyn seemed stunned, like she couldn’t believe that she was getting the chance to leave Valentine.

“I’ll need to change before-.”

“We don’t have time. Every second we wait, it’s less time that we have to get away.”

“You’re right,” Jocelyn sighed, “we need to leave now.”

Luke started at a light jog towards the edge of the property with Jocelyn only steps behind him. She glanced back to the house one last time then met Luke’s eyes as she grabbed his hand.

Same time as Jocelyn went to meet Luke 

Jonathan was surprised by how quiet Clarissa had been. She’s only cried once and that was when Jocelyn had tried to feed her avocado. Jocelyn completely deserved it when Clarissa spewed it onto Jocelyn’s face and then proceeded to cry.

He refused to refer to Jocelyn as anything but her name because even though she had given birth to him, she most definitely was not his mother. He knows that she feared him but that she was more afraid of what he might do to Clarissa.

Clarissa was the only person in the Manor that Jonathan actually liked, but Jocelyn would never leave him alone with her. She’d try to keep them apart as much as possible or come up ridiculous excuses as to why he couldn’t stay with her, and then she’d hover at the door during the rare times that he would be with her. I was like Jocelyn was afraid that he’d kill her, which was something that he’d never do. He’d be more than happy to kill Jocelyn though, the only thing holding him back was that Clarissa liked her and father would be very angry with him if he did.

Jonathan knew that something was weird after Father went for his meeting and Jocelyn left him alone to play with Clarissa. He probably should have followed her to see what she was doing but he couldn’t be bothered, and he wanted to be able to be with Clarissa without Jocelyn hovering over him.

A few hours later when Jocelyn had still not returned, Jonathan heard his father return home. He could hear his light footsteps come up the stairs and pause in front of Clarissa’s room before entering. Clarissa looked up at Father from Jonathan’s lap and smiled brightly at him. Father smiled lightly at Clarissa then addressed Jonathan.

“Where’s your mother?” Jonathan’s smile dropped at the mention of Jocelyn. Father knew that he hated when he called Jocelyn his mother. Clarissa patted Jonathan’s chest to regain his attention. Jonathan smiled down at his sister as he answered Valentine.

“I don’t know Father. She left after you went to your meeting and has been gone for a few hours.” As Jonathan spoke, Clarissa grabbed his left hand and started to play with his fingers. Valentine started muttering to himself and pacing around Clarissa’s room but looked back at his children when Clarissa let out a delighted squeal.

“Shouldn’t you be asleep by now?” Jonathan lifted Clarissa from his lap and set her on her feet as he stood up himself. As Jonathan went to leave his sister’s room, Clarissa hooked both of her hands in his shirt and pulled.

“NO,” she screamed! “I want Jonathan to stay.”

Valentine sighed and closed his eyes.

“Take her to your room and let her stay with you tonight Jonathan. Goodnight children.”

“Goodnight Father.” They both replied obediently.

Valentine turned and walked out of the room. Jonathan took Clarissa’s hand and led her back to his room. They fell asleep side by side, with Jonathan on his back and Clarissa on her stomach. When Jonathan woke in the morning, he was still on his back, but Clarissa was draped across his chest, still dead asleep.