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I Left It All Behind

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Korra's screams could be heard for miles as she kept bringing her ice blade down into the man's chest. He'd been dead for over thirty seconds, and blood had already pooled around him, staining Korra's pants as she tore into him without mercy, but she didn't care. Her chest and arms were covered in blood, some of it his, some of it hers. The mere thought of her shocked Korra into dropping the blade, the icy blue surface now coated with scarlet. Korra forced herself to her feet, but every step she took felt like treading on glass, and her legs buckled from under her by the time she'd reached her. Korra tried to reach out to her, but it felt too hard, she was breaking, she could feel the sting at the back of her eyes and every muscle in her body shake. A cold hand wrapped around hers. Korra forced her eyes open, and there were those beautiful green eyes staring at her.

"Korra, please, come here." Asami's voice was barely audible, streams of blood running from the corners of her mouth as more spilled from the wound in her chest to the floor.

Korra crawled forward and placed her hands on Asami's wound, in what she knew was a futile attempt to save her life. Knowing that she couldn't do anything just made it all the more painful. Korra tried to say something, tried to tell Asami how she felt about her one last time, but nothing could escape her mouth from between her teeth, gritted in pain, trying to hold back the tears that were already starting to fall.

"It's okay baby." Asami's hands wrapped around Korra's, and a laugh forced her to cough up more blood as she fidgeted with the diamond ring around Korra's finger. "I know you can make it through this."

"No I can't Asami." Korra stopped resisting and let her tears fall, keeping eye contact with Asami, the only thing that was keeping her sane. "I love you, I can't lose you, not like this. You mean too much to me."

"I know that's what you think Kor, but sometimes you don't realize your own strength, and that's what's going to get you through this. I love you Korra, and I know you can... I know you..."

Korra felt every cell in her body cry out as Asami's hands stopped gripping hers, and those jade circles seemed to lose all color. She was still shaking as she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see Mako, eyes glassy and hair matted with blood, trying to keep it together as Bolin openly cried behind him.

"Korra I'm so... I'm so sorry."

Korra couldn't take it. It was all too much. At that moment, she felt the Avatar State surge out and everything seemed to go white, giving her the feeling that she was falling with no bottom in sight. But that was okay. It wasn't like she had anything waiting for her. Nothing that mattered anyway.