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Whispered Words - A Drarry Fic

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A/N: Welcome to yet another terrible fanfiction written by yours truly. At this point, I don’t know what I’m even trying to accomplish by putting my stories on the internet. As always, you can message me with ideas at the email listed in my about/bio/whatever you call that thingy. So, before I begin, this fic will cover some triggering topics such as abuse and depression (and a lot more later in the story), so if those bother you, don’t read! This has been your trigger warning, if you continue to read even though I have warned you, don’t come for me. I tried to warn you. I’ll be writing a fluff fic soon, so you can have something nice to read. I might change a bit as to who has died/dies so please don’t comment saying “[name] dies in [book number]“.
Whispered Words – A Drarry Fic
Chapter One
Harry laid on his lumpy mattress in his room on Number Four, Privet Drive. It was a hot and humid August day, and Dudley was out with his gang, Petunia and Vernon were out having a nice lunch date, giving Harry no reason to get up and do something. He stared at the ceiling, a cold feeling deep in the pit of his stomach. He’d been feeling that way a lot lately, but he usually could ignore it as he did chores and yard work. Today, however, he was alone with the strange cold feeling and he didn’t know what to do with it. He was beginning his 6th year at Hogwarts soon, a time where he should have his career picked out and a clear idea of where he wanted to go in life, yet he had never felt more unsure of himself. He stood and stretched, shaking his messy black hair out of his face and beginning to pack for school. He still had an entire month to wait before school started, but somehow the Weasley’s managed to get permission to pick him up for a week before for school shopping. Harry could not wait for the opportunity to get out of Privet Drive, he hadn’t been able to leave all summer.
A few hours passed, and Petunia and Vernon returned home from their date and movie. Vernon came stomping in, grumbling about traffic and having to pay for their outing. Petunia followed behind him, carrying a large purse and their lunch leftovers. They moved to the living room and the TV was turned on, blaring loud golf commentary. Harry winced as the loud noise reached his room, it was only a matter of time before he would be called down for chores. His whole body ached from the yardwork he did the day before, any movement he made increased the aching. Sure enough, not even ten minutes after the TV was switched on, a loud yell came from downstairs. “Boy! Get down here!” Vernon shouted, his bellow nearly shaking the house.
“Coming!” Harry yelled back, scampering down the stairs and into the living room. Vernon turned to face him, lowering the volume of the TV so he wouldn’t have to shout.
“You are to go clean the upstairs bathrooms. Once you finish, begin cooking dinner. I expect a lovely meal.” Vernon said, his voice deadly calm, sending a chill down Harry’s spine. Harry nodded and went to the closet and dug out all the cleaning supplies, mentally grumbling. There were three bathrooms upstairs, a tiny, cramped one in the hall for Harry to use, one in Dudley’s room just for him, and one in Petunia and Vernon’s room just for them. The master bathroom had both a jacuzzi bath and a shower, increasing the amount of work it took to clean. He lugged all the supplies up to the bathrooms and set to work, beginning in the master bathroom. He then cleaned Dudley’s bathroom, and finally, his own. He didn’t mind cleaning his own bathroom, it gave him a chance to make sure all his things he had stored in there remained hidden. At around 4:30 pm, Harry had finished his bathroom cleaning chore, so he made his way downstairs with the supplies. He tucked them away in the closet and washed his hands, beginning to prepare dinner. Vernon was thankfully asleep on the couch, a relief to Harry. Petunia was off at her computer, gossiping with her friends. Dudley would be spending the night with his gang, so Harry was pretty much alone again, with the cold feeling looming over him. He brushed it aside and started chopping vegetables for dinner. The house was silent except for chopping noises and the occasional snore from Vernon. Harry cooked quickly, knowing if dinner was still being prepared after 6:00, Vernon would throw a fit. He shuddered at the thought, quickening his pace. He finished right at six, placing the meal on the table. He had prepared a meal of beef stew, and the smell was wonderful. He had set the table beautifully, even adding some flowers in the centre for decoration. He did not set a place for himself, as always, since he was not welcome at the table. He went out to the main hall and called to both Vernon and Petunia. “Dinner is ready!” He called, careful to not be too loud, his voice hoarse. Petunia rose from her computer and gently woke Vernon. She nodded silently in Harry’s direction, allowing him a chance to escape up to his room before Vernon was awake. She and Harry had come to a sort of silent agreement; Harry would remain obedient and not challenge Vernon and Petunia would do her best to protect him from Vernon’s wrath when she could. Harry scurried off to his room, hungry but grateful to have avoided becoming a punching bag, at least for now. He could hear the clink of silverware against dishes and soon he fell asleep, the cold feeling creeping back to him like moth to a flame.
Several hours later, Vernon came stomping upstairs, preparing to go to bed. Harry was still passed out on his bed, being overworked and hungry taking its toll on him. Vernon went stomping past Harry’s door heading into his own room and getting into bed. Not even 30 minutes later, Hedwig screeched, triggering a long string of language from both Vernon and Harry, as Harry jolted awake from the noise. Harry heard Vernon come stomping down the hall and he braced himself, cowering in the corner on his bed. “Keep your bloody bird quiet!” Vernon shouted as he burst through the door, stomping over to Harry and grabbing his hair roughly, forcing Harry to look at him. Harry clenched his jaw as Vernon slowly raised his fist, bracing himself for the blow. The first blow hit him right in the jaw, knocking him back. Vernon grabbed his legs and dragged him to the floor, pummeling him. Harry focused his thoughts on Hogwarts as each blow knocked the wind out of him and made his head spin with pain. After what felt like an eternity, Vernon left the room, leaving a crumpled Harry on the floor. Harry tried to sit up, but the pain in his chest was entirely too strong, and he fell back, passing out on the floor, his body at an unnatural angle.
A/N: SO! The first chapter is always a bit rough to write, but I think it’s alright. It moves a bit quickly since nothing can really start until the Weasleys come to get Harry. There will be a lot heavier stuff covered so please, if the bit that I’ve written in this chapter upsets you, please stop reading. I want all my readers happy! Much love to you all, and don’t forget to vote and comment!