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NSFW OTP Challenge: Erasermic

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Yamada Hizashi has two main modes when it comes to clothes: he either wears loads of layers and thick leather, or he wants to be stark naked. This is because of his sensory issues, meaning he basically swings between being hyposensitive and needing lots of layers for the pressure to being hypersensitive and wanting to just have his skin uncovered completely.

Obviously, he can’t go naked at work even if he wanted to, so it is very common to find him stark naked at home. Hizashi frequently walks around the apartment he shares with Shouta totally naked, enjoying the sensation of the air on his skin and whistling.

Of course, he wouldn’t do this is Shouta found it uncomfortable. To be honest, Shouta doesn’t seem to care; if anything, he finds it kind of amusing. Although most of all, he just wants Hizashi to feel comfortable.


When they have sex, Hizashi is always naked. But Shouta usually goes naked too, loving the sensation of Hizashi’s sweaty skin against his own as they fuck, and this skin-on-skin contact makes sex far more enjoyable for Hizashi than if they were clothed. It doesn’t turn him on, but this act of stimming makes him a lot happier, leading to feeling more turned on. So they both love having sex naked.

One night, they are fucking in bed, their sticky skin pressed together as they move. Shouta is on top, grinding against Hizashi as they fuck, his mouth pressing kisses against Hizashi’s collar bone as Hizashi thrusts his hips upwards, letting Shouta slip further inside of him. Shouta’s dick hits his prostate and Hizashi cries so loudly he has to bury his face into Shouta’s shoulder to stop his scream rupturing Shouta’s eardrums. Even so, the noise he makes is so loud it makes his ears ring.

“Fuck, do that again, Shouta,” he gasps.

Shouta looks down at his husband, taking in how amazing his flushed, sweaty face looks right now. But instead, he pulls out completely.

“Shouta!” Hizashi moans, pre-come leaking out of his erection as he wriggles on the bed, so horny he just wants to come right now.

And Shouta smiles, resting his hands on Hizashi’s knees. “Let’s swap places.”

“What?” Hizashi says.

“You go on top. Then you can come.”

“You want me to ride you?” When Shouta nods, Hizashi licks his lips and says, “Okay.”

And so they awkwardly swap positions and soon Shouta is on his back, his erection throbbing as the sweaty damp patch on the bed where Hizashi was laying sticks to his skin. And he gets the post amazing view as Hizashi straddles him, lining up his hole with Shouta’s dick, and he grins at Shouta as he lowers himself onto Shouta. Moaning, Shouta closes his eyes and leans his head back against the pillows, losing himself in the sensations as Hizashi lowers himself right down, until Shouta is balls deep inside of him.

Hizashi starts to rock, squeezing so tightly the pleasure is overwhelming, and shuffles until Shouta’s dick presses into his prostate. Moaning, he clamps a hand over his mouth as a precaution and proceeds to pound his husband’s dick against his prostate again and again, rocking as hard as he can against Shouta, listening to his husband’s beautiful moans as he struggles to suppress his own, but he can’t quite stop the cry when he comes, spraying come all over Shouta’s abdomen.

But his cry doesn’t break the windows, suggesting… yes, when he opens his eyes, he sees Shouta’s hair floating in the air and knows his husband erased his Quirk just in time.

“Thanks,” he says.

“Anytime,” Shouta says.

Hizashi continues to rock until Shouta climaxes too, feeling the heat as he comes hard inside the condom (and grateful for the condom, as it feels so horrible when someone comes inside of him; he had a meltdown the first time that happened), before Shouta relaxes, letting out a long, contended sigh.

Slowly, Hizashi moves so Shouta can pull out, flopping down on the bed beside him. He lets Shouta get rid of the condom, and then Shouta lies beside him again, both naked and sweaty and covered in Hizashi’s semen. And he knows they can’t just fall asleep like this, but it’s nice to just lie here for a while. So they cuddle up together, naked bodies pressed together, feet intertwined as Shouta presses a gentle kiss to Hizashi’s face.

And Hizashi sighs, humming softly, and lets his eyes closed, so content to cuddle up with his husband. He loves post-coital cuddling. It’s just perfect.