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Three Princes

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There was a castle perched on top of a hill at the outskirts of the village. Everyone knew that.

Everyone knew there was a prince who lived in there as well. Someone as charming and kindhearted as a prince should be. Just looking at his silver hair and eyes, hearing those regal words come out of his lips, it was instantaneous to know that he was a prince

But what everyone didn't know, was that prince Souji had two other brothers.

An older one who was quiet and could never leave his quarters. He sleeps on without a care, waiting. For what reason? When will he awake? No one's really sure anymore.
There was a time when Minato ruled the kingdom. There were joyous feasts and parties every week. Cups were never empty, bellies were always full, music swam through the kingdom. It's said that he gave up his life for this kingdom. It's said that he was a great prince, even greater than Souji himself. Everyone missed him, but has moved on since. Souji still visits and talks to his big brother when he can. It's a silent conversation, but he never leaves without feeling clear headed.

There is one more prince who hides in the shadows. One who lurks amongst the common folk, hidden in plain sight. Donned in blacks and reds, Prince Akira doesn't mind doing the dirty work of the kingdom. You see, prince Akira was never of true royal descent, just a poor boy someone took pity on. He never did find himself a home in the castle. Of course, everyone disapproved of it, but Souji and Minato had always encouraged his brave behavior. And when Akira took down his first targets, well

No one did dare say a thing after that.