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Anything that is beautiful People want to break

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                                  College by Me 


After a bystander found Sam mumbling to himself on the street about the devil following him around and with his left wrist broken. The bystander called 911 and had Sam taken to the hospital. It becomes very clear to the doctors and nurses that they couldn't discharge Sam back onto the streets. So they transferred him to a mental hospital to get him some help.

The morning after his wrist is treated Sam is transferred to the nearest psych hospital. The second he's admitted, the nurse filling out his paperwork takes his shoes, his phone, his wallet and other things not allowed on in the ward like his pocket knife. He's happy the nurse lets him keep his wallet photo of himself and his brother Dean (Who was notified about Sam's admission to the original hospital but hadn't responded to the voicemail yet). The nurse snapped a hospital bracelet to his good wrist as she left the room. When the nurse left the room she was quickly replaced with a smiling woman with long red hair and legends of Zelda lanyard with her Id tag at the end. She offers her hand out for Sam to shake. Sam accepts it by returning the smile with a small half smile. After their handshake, the woman finally speaks, "My name is Charlie, I'm your case manager. I'm the person you come to whenever you need something or have a problem. I'm available for you from 9 am to 5 pm, if you have an emergency after dinner speaking to one the nurses would be best. Ready for the tour?"

Sam isn't sure if he's ready for a tour of this place but he isn’t sure he has any choice. Sam shrugs, “Hi nice to meet you, Sure show me around”. Sam is shown several open lounge rooms half full of people just seem to be sitting around, the cafeteria, the showers, the washrooms, and the medication counter. Sam frowns at the seeing that counters he’s been off his meds for awhile now, and isn’t sure how he feels about going back on them. Charlie sees his frown and skims through the file in her hands.

Charlie turns to look Sam in the eyes it’s a sincere look. “Sam, you haven’t filled out your prescriptions in close to two years, they were helping, weren’t they? Why’d you stop taking them?”

Sam shakes his head before looking down, “My Dad kept taking the bottles and selling them.”

Charlie looks sympathetic she squeezes his shoulder and trying to reassure him, “Well he can’t do that here. I’m going to ask that you start taking them again.” Sam just nods. “Okay let’s finish off the tour off with your room,” Charlie says trying to lighten up the mood. Sam swallows and nods again. He’s shown to a room with two beds, two desks and a cabinet between the two desks. Half the room looks empty, the other half further away from the door looks lived in. The bed is made and has sock monkey plush on it. The desk is empty other than a few sketchbooks and pencils. Taped the wall are few drawing, not the kinds of drawing you’d assume to see on the wall in psych hospital but beautifully detailed nature scenes. Charlie notices Sam seeing all of the belongs of the other side of the room. “You do have a roommate his name is Castiel, he’s really nice.” Sam nods again. He tilts his head when he notices the sock monkey again. Charlie says from behind him, “Oh we do allow comfort objects if you have a visitor that drops one off.” Sam turns back to her, he wants to ask how young his roommate is if they still need a plush animal to get to sleep at night. He decides against it when he realizes that a teddy bear might actually help him and that asking Dean to bring him one might be an idea. Charlie waves, “Well I need to go back to my office now, Castiel should be back in here in a little bit, he’s in group therapy right now. He’ll help you the Schuele and stuff if you need me my office is next to Lounge two. You missed breakfast but lunch starts at 12:30, see you later Sam.” With that, the woman left the room. Sam sighs he pulls his photo out of his pocket setting it on his desk. Maybe he can get some tape from this Castiel person to stick it to the wall. He isn’t really sure what to do with himself but he really doesn’t feel like hanging out with anyone in lounges right now. So he sits on his bed. It doesn’t take him long with being alone for the voice to start again. The laughing taunting voice. He ignores it choosing to fixate on his cast instead. It’s itchy against his wrist. He wonders why did that car have to hit him? He wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t. The voice of the devil he hears uses that to mess with him even more.

Finally, after a while, he can’t take it any longer. He shouts, “Why won’t you leave me the fuck alone!”. When he looks up he sees a slender young man in the doorway of the room, with jet black hair looking as if a hurricane was used as his hairbrush, and deep blue eyes with dark bags under them, pink chapped lips, and wearing a baggy light blue sweater with black jeans and fuzzy honey bee socks. This must be Castiel. He looks confused and that makes sense, his new roommate just yelled at him for no reason.

The young man strides into the room still looking at Sam. “I can’t leave you alone this is my room too if you have an issue with that you can ask to be moved” Castiel sounds annoyed. Great Sam thinks to myself he’s already made a bad first impression.

Sam Sits up turning towards Castiel’s bed to apologize. “I’m sorry I wasn’t telling you to leave me alone. Sometimes I hear and sees things…” Sam trails off he really hates having to talk about that.

Castiel sits down on his bed putting his sock monkey in his lap. “Oh okay, there are a few people in here like that. I’ll have to keep that mind if you start yelling again.” He hugs the plush doll in his lap close to his chest. “Is this your first time here? It’s my first time here. Usually, I go to the Paediatric ward at Green Valley, but I’m too old now.”

Well, that answers Sam’s question about how old Castiel is or at least gives him a better idea. Sam answers Castiel’s question, “Yeah It’s my first time here.” He pauses now is his chance to settle his curiosity about Castiel’s age, not it really matters he’d just like to know. “So Castiel if you aged out of going to the Paediatric hospital how old are you?”

Castiel sits up a bit better, “You can call me Cas, I’m 18, I turned 18 a few months ago. How old are you? I still don’t know your name.”

Realizing he never introduced himself gives an apologizing half smile, “My name is Sam, I’m 22.”
“Nice to meet you then Sam,” Castiel says.

Things stay quiet for a few minutes before Sam thinks of something else to say. “Does your sock monkey have a name?” He asks the blue-eyed man across from him.

Castiel looks at him clearly he had been spacing out until Sam spoke again, “Yeah he does, his name is Misha.” Sam thinks that’s somehow a fitting name. Castiel speaks up again, “So Sam what do you like to do when you’re out and about in the real world?" he questions.

Sam shrugs, “I read a lot, I help Brother take care of our Dad, I help my Brother run our family's mechanics shop. Stuff like that. What do you like to do?”

Cas frowns clearly that kind of life sounds boring to him, “I like drawing, painting, I like being creative, It helps clear my mind especially when..” Cas doesn’t finish his sentence. Instead, he starts a new one. “I keep my home clean and I really like cooking as well.” He finishes. Before getting up and walking over to his desk, “I don’t feel like talking anymore, I’m going to draw now.”

Sam frowns he isn’t sure what made Cas decide against speaking. Clearly, there’s something he doesn’t want to talk about. The two sit in silence after that. Until Castiel pops his head after his desk to look at the small clock on the wall between their beds. “It’s almost lunchtime, Do you want to head down to cafeteria now?” Castiel sounds a lot happier than he did earlier. Sam is happy drawing seems to have cheered Castiel up. He can’t help but think how cute Cas is when he’s happy. He shakes that thought away, he has no idea what Cas into or if he’s taken or not.

“Sure let’s head down there.” Sam replies. When they exit their room they both turn their heads to a yelling man at the front nurse's desk.

A man standing there in a deep brown leather jacket demanding to see his brother. Sam questions out loud, “Dean?”