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Jimin hates concerts. He despises them.

He hates the pulling and the shoving, the screaming and the roaring, the smell of sweat and alcohol and the dizzying mix of perfumes and the humidity in the air. He hates it all, and yet here he is; pressed tight between a bunch of girls behind him and the railings of a short metal fence right in front of him. They keep screaming in his ear, voices shrill and sharp and downright fucking aggravating.

They're on the sixth track of their first album. Jimin stops glaring at the girl crying and shrieking right into his left ear to take a glance upwards. Jungkook's crouched down in a squat on his toes just a little to the left from where Jimin is standing, tongue curling upwards towards his nether lip and mouth stretched out into a cocky smile. Sweat glistens across his face, collecting in little droplets here and there, his entire neck wet with the stuff. Jimin licks his own lips, sucking the bottom one into his mouth, as he trails his eyes down Jungkook's body. God, he looks good; he always looks good, but right now Jimin just wants to pounce on him.

Jungkook scans his eyes across the very front row, eyes flickering from head to head until they land on Jimin's for the first time. Jungkook holds him with his eyes and Jimin's breath catches sharply in his throat, hands tightening around the grip he has on the metal fence as Jungkook sinks his teeth into his bottom lip and flashes him a toothy grin. It's gone as fast as it came, and then the singer is jumping back up onto his feet and jogging to the centre of the stage.

"Yes, thank you!" He bellows into the mic, fiddling with his in-ear monitor. "What do we want to hear next, huh?"

Jimin rolls his eyes, slowly turning his head to the side when the crying girl on his left starts up all over again — jumping and pushing and screeching at the top of her lungs. Jimin stares at her with all the disgust in the world, but the girl is so gone that she doesn't even notice. He curses under his breath as he turns back to the front, muttering and huffing to himself. They have a fixed fucking playlist. And all the fans are doing right now is screaming nonsensical sounds at them.

"If You? Yeah?" Taehyung grins into his mic, wiping at his temple with his wrist. "If You it is, then!"

Seokjin starts up again on the electric guitar, Yoongi taking a chug of water before bringing in some drums and then they're off again. Taehyung and Jungkook parade around the stage, singing and jumping and getting the fans all the more worked up. At one point, Jungkook comes over to the edge of the stage and sprays the water from his water bottle out all over the fans. Jimin's surprised his eardrums haven't given up on him and collapsed once and for all.

They work through song after song like that. By the time they're on the last song of the night, Jimin wants to cry. His head hurts, his feet hurt, he's hungry, he's thirsty and he's tired.

It's not that Jimin doesn't want to be here — he does, he loves watching Jungkook perform — it's just that he's not a concerts type of guy. And them constantly moving around from city to city meant that Jimin could no longer just get a train down to Seoul to see them every weekend like he used to for over three weeks now. He's been counting down every single day, every single hour, for their arrival in Busan. He sat his last exam a week ago, and now he's free to stay with Jungkook all summer. He tingles at the very thought.

"And we are done!" Taehyung announces, breaking Jimin's train of thoughts and jutting out his bottom lip when the crowd breaks out into a synchronised Nooo.

"You've been amazing, Busan! Thank you for coming out here tonight!" Seokjin adds, coming up behind Taehyung and hooking his chin over his shoulder to lend the mic. The crowd starts squealing and Jimin prods his tongue into his cheek, arms crossed over his chest as he gets shoved about a bit more.

"Thank you, everyone! Love you," Yoongi contributes from where he's still sitting behind his drums, holding his hands up for a second or two before letting them drop back down to his sides.

"Much love, Busan!" Jungkook beams, pressing his index and middle finger to his lips and then holding them up.

Jimin could cry from relief when they finally make their way off the stage, enduring the last of the screaming and the shoving with a bored expression on his face.

He waits around a bit until everyone has left, and the concert hall is nothing but an empty arena. As soon as they're all gone, Jimin is smiling for the first time that evening and jumping over the metal fence, smiling at the bodyguards he's become acquainted with. He heaves himself up onto the stage, jumps around a bit on the platform and looks over the place once filled to the brim with screeching, crying fans, before skipping his way towards the exit Jungkook and the others took.

Most of the staff know Jimin well by know, but Jimin still sneaks his way around backstage. There's no particular reason behind it, and Jimin giggles to himself at his own silliness as he ducks behind a stack of boxes when a member of staff makes her way towards him. He's just about to exit his hiding spot and find Jungkook once and for all when a heavy hand lands on his shoulder from out of nowhere. Jimin squeals, jumping in his shock, before he pulls himself together and twists whilst simultaneously slapping the hand off him. A new security guard.

"No fuckin' fans, kid," he grumbles, lips pulled up into a sneer as he looks down at Jimin. Jimin glares back at him, arms crossing over his chest and one leg bending at the knee. The guy is a good head and some shoulder taller than him, but Jimin's not going to let that deter him.

"Good thing I'm not a fuckin' fan then, huh?" He bites back, trailing his eyes down the man slowly as if he is disgusted.

"Look sunshine, you either get yourself outta here with your own two legs or I'm puttin' you over my shoulder and chuckin' you the fuck out."

Jimin lets his mouth fall open, his arms uncrossing and falling limp at his sides. "How dare you-"

"I'm givin' you five seconds, kid. You either skidaddle or you're over my shoulder." He holds up one hand, fingers spread out wide. "One." He folds his thumb into his palm. "Two." There goes his index finger. "Thr-"

"Listen, I seriously advise you don't lay a finger on me — unless you're trying to lose your job," Jimin huffs, hands clenching into fists at his sides. He just wants to see his Jungkook.

The security guard laughs, his ring and pinky finger still stretched out as he throws his head back and shakes through it. Jimin presses his lips together, eyes narrowing and cheeks puffing out.

The man stops laughing all of a sudden, smile completely wiped from his face when he leans in until the tips of their noses almost touch. Jimin's nose scrunches up at the foul smell of his breath.

"Two, pretty boy."

Jimin rolls his eyes, shaking his head and looking off to the side in disbelief. When he looks back into the security guard's eyes, it's to say: "Don't even think about touching me with your dirty hands."

Security guard spits out a One just as Jimin turns on his heels and makes to leave. He barely makes it a step away when he's suddenly turned around and lifted up from the ground. He shrieks, feeling his skirt fly up and reaching behind him to desperately cover his ass as he's tossed over the body guard's shoulder.

"Asshole!" He yells, clutching at the hem of his skirt and kicking his legs as best as he can with the man's arms tight around the backs of his knees. "You let me fucking go! God, just wait until Jungkook finds out about this — Jungkook! Jungkook! Taetae! Somebody!"

"You're really a delusional little one, huh?" The security guard laughs, his shoulders shaking with the ferocity of it.

"You are fucking delusional, stupid man! Jungkook will have your fucking head! I'll make sure you lose your fucking job! Jungkook, where the fuck are you?!"

The security guard comes to a sudden halt, but Jimin carries on kicking and struggling.

"Care to explain what exactly you are doing?"

Jimin pauses at that. It's Namjoon. Fucking finally.

"Sir, I was just escorting this wandering fan-"

"Put him down. Immediately."

"But, Sir, he was-"

"I said immediately," Namjoon reiterates, and Jimin can't quite keep the smug smile off his face as the guard lowers him down gently. He looks so confused and lost that Jimin almost laughs in his face as soon as he's back on his own two feet, but he manages to wipe it off in time to turn and look to Namjoon.

"Joonie hyung," he whines, making grabby hands and waddling over to him. Namjoon smiles softly at him, holding his arms out and then chuckling when Jimin latches himself onto his side. "Joonie hyung, he's mean." Jimin pouts, hooking his chin onto Namjoon's shoulder and giving him sad eyes as he points over to the security guard. The way Namjoon's soft, sweet expression morphs into a dark, angry one is almost comical.

"Give me your badge," he demands, holding his hand out, slowly turning his head to address the guard. Jimin lets a slight smirk tug at one corner of his lips as he side-eyes the still shocked security guard.

"Ah, Joonie hyung... you don't have to fire him." He sighs in pseudo sadness, turning his head to the side and resting his cheek against Namjoon's shoulder. Namjoon's not looking at him, so Jimin grins at the guard as he says the next part. "He didn't mean to throw me over his shoulder! I tried to tell him I know you guys, but he didn't believe me — but that's okay! I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt me, either."

"Minie, baby, you're too sweet. You, I asked you for your badge."

Jimin keeps grinning as the guard staggers over and yanks his lanyard off from around his neck.

"You — he — he-"

"I did warn you..." Jimin shrug, bottom lip jutted out mockingly. The man practically steams from his ears, snarling at Jimin and staring at him with his eyes full of hate and anger. "I really am not a fan, you know. I hate rock 'nd roll. Nasty stuff. Too loud. Gives me a headache. Slow R 'n' B is more my type, y'know?"

"Annoyin' fuckin' bi-"

The man reaches his hand out, poised as if ready to grab Jimin by the neck, and Jimin squeals as he hides behind Namjoon. Maybe he's playing it up a bit when he whimpers and clutches at the back of Namjoon's shirt, but it does the trick.

Namjoon steps right in front of Jimin, smacking the guard's hand away and grabbing him by the folds of his blazer. The guard is taller than Namjoon too, but he pales when he's pulled down roughly so that he's face-to-face with Namjoon. Jimin presses his lips together to hide his smile.

"Get," Namjoon says through gritted teeth, "out."

The guard is pushed away roughly, his eyes wide and his lips parted. Jimin stifles his giggles when his cheeks redden, adjusting his blazer and looking around. With one last glare, the security guard storms away, and Jimin perks up from behind Namjoon to blow him a kiss and wave at him with a wink.

"Joonie hyung is so brave!" Jimin gasps when Namjoon peers over his shoulder and raises his eyebrows at him. "You're so strong, scaring the mean security guard away like that," he coos, lifting his hands up to clutch at the dips where Namjoon's neck meets his shoulders, digging the pads of his thumbs into the skin just below his nape and pushing down in circular motions. Jimin giggles when Namjoon practically melts, face falling slack and arms hanging limply by his sides as Jimin massages his sore muscles.

"I know you've been naughty too, Jimin," Namjoon grumbles after a short while, opening one eye only to look at him disapprovingly. Jimin pouts.

"I didn't do nothing."

"You provoked him didn't you?"

"I would never!" Jimin claims, hands going down to cling at Namjoon's arm, hugging it close to his body.

"Jimin, you're a-"

Jimin cuts Namjoon off with a squeal when arms encircle his waist and lift him up from the ground out of nowhere, his hands instantly going down to grasp at the hem of his skirt as he's spun around. He can tell who it is just by the face buried in his neck, the lips only just ghosting over his skin, the weight and the warmth of the body behind him.

"Kook," he breathes as he's lowered down, Jungkook's head still buried in his neck and his arms still tight around his middle. Jimin rests his cheek against Jungkook's hair, his hands atop the ones secured around his waist.

"Baby," Jungkook mutters, swaying them gently from side to side. The whole world slows down. "Missed you."

Jimin huffs, his heart throbbing as he traces over the swirls and curls of black ink across Jungkook's arms. He missed him too.

"You smell like sweat. Yuck."

"You smell like peaches. Yum."

Jimin giggles, twisting in Jungkook's hold until they're facing each other. Jungkook barely loosens his arms around him, doesn't budge even the slightest when their noses touch. He places his lips over Jimin's just as Jimin opens his mouth to speak. His cheeks bunch up with the force of his smile when Jimin giggles again, pulling back to observe the sight.

"I missed you too," Jimin says — whispers, just for Jungkook to hear — when he's calmed down, eyes soft as he bumps their foreheads together. He traces his thumbs over Jungkook's eyebrows, past the eyebrow ring he's got on, down the sides of his face until he's cradling his jaw. "I'm gonna come with you," he announces although they both already know — stayed up all night texting, talking about how excited they were to see each other, what they'd do to each other as soon as they reunite — reciprocating Jungkook's blinding smile.

Jungkook bends his legs at the knees, squatting a little to lift Jimin with his arms just below his ass. Jimin huffs when Jungkook picks him up effortlessly, placing his hands on Jungkook's shoulders. They lean in in sync to kiss — open-mouthed, wet and deep in seconds.

They're shameless, Jungkook's hands gripping at Jimin's ass and Jimin's hands buried in Jungkook's locks, as they kiss until they're moaning and groaning into each other's mouthes. Jungkook only pulls away — with Jimin's swollen bottom lip trapped between his teeth, dragging it out before letting it slip and bounce back into place — when his lungs burn. He watches, eyes enamoured and lusty all at once, as Jimin blinks his own eyes open and runs his tongue over the swell of his bottom lip.

"Wanted to fuck you so bad while I was up there, y'know," Jungkook says all of a sudden, surprising himself with how deep and gravelly his voice is. Jimin shivers. "I could barely concentrate. Wanna fuck you right now, with everybody watching. Love when you wear all white," he murmurs, dragging his eyes down Jimin's body — the cropped white off-the-shoulder showing off his pretty collarbones and his slender waist, the white skater skirt exposing his thick thighs and smooth legs. Jungkook slips his hands under the skirt, squeezing his ass and then groaning when he feels lace. "Wanna fuck you in all this."

"Aren't you tired, big guy?" Jimin speaks softly, letting go of Jungkook's hair with one hand to flick his fringe out of his eyes and show him the quirk of one of his brows. There's a hint of a cocky smirk on his lips, and Jungkook shouldn't spoil him with praise so much — Jimin knows he's beautiful, gets all cocky far too quick — but Jungkook is a weak, weak man. And confidence is such a pretty look on Jimin.

"Never tired for you," he says, letting Jimin down gently before kissing his forehead. Jimin flutters his eyes shut, shows Jungkook the pretty blends of colours and glitter all over them, and Jungkook kisses them too. Jimin giggles as he straightens his legs out, sliding down Jungkook's body until he's on his own two feet.

"My baby's the strongest, huh?" Jimin coos, smiling as he wraps his arms around Jungkook's neck and leans back to hang off it. Jungkook doesn't even budge, just stares down at the boy with all the love in the world in his eyes.

"You're my baby."

Jimin rolls his eyes, but he doesn't respond. Instead, he stands on the tips of his toes and presses his lips against Jungkook's smiling ones.

They're only just slipping some tongue again when somebody comes up behind Jimin, arms wrapping under his armpits and dragging him away forcefully. Jungkook's hands were only loose around his waist, and they slip away easily. Jimin has the decency to blush when their lips smack loudly and wetly as they're forced apart.

"Stop hogging him," Taehyung grouses, turns Jimin in his hold and hugs him against his chest. Jimin laughs at the look on Jungkook's face, reaching a hand out for him that Taehyung promptly snatches up and pushes between their bodies.

"Taehyung, he's my boyfriend." Jungkook sighs, staggering over to them and reaching out for Jimin. Jimin laughs again when Taehyung turns them around, his back facing Jungkook.

"He's my cuddle buddy."

"Jimin, tell him to give you back," Jungkook whines, and Jimin peers up over Taehyung's shoulder to coo at his pout.

"You can have me later, baby. Hey, Taetae. I missed you so much."

"I missed you so much more-"

"But — Jimin!" Jungkook gasps, stepping over to them again in an attempt to force them off each other. Taehyung just holds Jimin tighter, buries his face in Jimin's neck.

"It's your turn to sit at the front, by the way," Taehyung reminds him, smiling when Jimin wraps his arms around his waist. Jungkook looks equal parts hurt as he does ticked off.

And maybe it's a little mean and sadistic for Jimin to be depriving Jungkook this way, but Jimin just loves it when Jungkook's all desperate and possessive. He'll make it up to him later.

"That's not fair," Jungkook huffs, shuffling closer to grip the hem of Jimin's skater skirt, twisting it around his fingers and tugging lightly at it. "Yoongi hyung never sits at the front!"

"Yoonie hyung gets carsick at the front," Jimin speaks up, words slightly slurred with how his cheek is smushed against Taehyung's chest.

"Whose side are you on?" Jungkook hisses, letting go of Jimin's skirt with one hand to grab at the meat just below Jimin's ass before smacking it. Jimin gasps, hands clutching at the back of Taehyung's shirt.

"Nobody's!" Jimin huffs, swatting at Jungkook's chest with one hand as best as he can.

"Anyways, I'm taking Jimin. See ya in the van Jungkook."

"Tae," Jungkook calls out just as Taehyung starts moving, dragging Jimin along with him. "No funny business, yeah?"

Taehyung grins. "No promises. You know how Minie gets."









Jimin gets bored on long car rides. And when Jimin gets bored, he gets horny.

It doesn't help that Taehyung's purposefully riling him up, too. His fingers — so long, so pretty — dance along the insides of Jimin's thighs, his breath fanning over his neck and collarbones where he's buried his head into his neck. Jimin's thighs have always been so sensitive, the slightest of touches making him bite his lips and squirm as goosebumps rise against every square inch of his body.

"Taetae, stop it," he whines under his breath, eyes flickering up to where Jungkook's sitting at the front beside Namjoon who's driving, his head tipped back and his eyes shut. He's not asleep, Jimin can tell by the way his upper-body moves as if he's bouncing his thighs, so it'll only take him opening his eyes to see what's going on.

It's not like Jimin's doing anything he hasn't done before. He's had sex with every member of the band — even Namjoon and Hoseok, the managers — and continued doing so even after he and Jungkook became official. It's nothing Jungkook genuinely minds. They both get off on it. They both still adore each other more than anything; and Jimin gets a second — sometimes third, maybe even fourth — round between just the two of them of rough, desperate, angry sex.

Still, Jimin likes acting coy.

"Don't wanna stop," Taehyung murmurs. Jimin can feel his lips stretch out into a grin against his skin. "Don't think you want me to stop either."

And then in the next second, he's pushing his hand up Jimin's skirt, fingers gripping the meat where his crotch meets his inner-thigh tight and latching his lips onto Jimin's neck simultaneously to suckle gently at. Jimin moans under his breath, hands flying up to hold onto Taehyung's arm as he tips his head back for him.


Taehyung hums, licking up from the base of Jimin's neck to his earlobe. He curls his tongue around the dangly earring Jimin's got on, up the shell of his ear and then back down again, flicking at his lobe with the tip of his tongue. Jimin hiccups, nails digging into Taehyung's wrists.

"Yeah? Still want me to stop?" He asks, laughing breathily into Jimin's ear when the boy whimpers and shakes his head rapidly.

"Don't tease me," Jimin whines, lifting his hips up and off the seat in a desperate attempt to try and rub his crotch up against Taehyung's hand.

"Want you to ride my thigh," Taehyung whispers, finally slipping his hand between Jimin's legs to rub his palm down Jimin's cock through the panties he's wearing. Jimin moans, slumping back down against his seat and nodding.

Taehyung grins again, retracts all forms of contact with Jimin and spreads his legs out with his hands limp by his sides. Desperately swallowing back his groan, Jimin tries to catch his breath for a second, and then he's throwing one thigh over Taehyung's hips and placing the other between Taehyung's legs before seating himself on one of his thighs.

"C'mon." Taehyung smiles lazily, hands running up and down Jimin's thighs. Jimin bites his lip, peering over his shoulder to see Jungkook with his head still tipped backwards and still immersed in bouncing his thighs with his eyes closed. "C'mon, Minie."

Jimin huffs, not knowing if he wants Jungkook to be looking at him right now or not, and then turns back around to Taehyung. Just as he grinds his hips down for the first time, Taehyung pushes up against him to tongue into his mouth.

The slide of Taehyung's black jeans against the lace of Jimin's white panties is rough and hurts Jimin's cock as he sets a steady rhythm, gyrating his hips back and forth, but that just makes it all the better. It's so easy to get lost in the pain and the pleasure and in Taehyung's soft lips and skilful tongue that it doesn't take long before Jimin is whining out loudly, fists clenching at Taehyung's shoulders for leverage as he pushes down a little harder. He has to blink a few times when Taehyung suddenly pulls away, whimpering at the loss and at the look in his eyes.

"He's looking," Taehyung says, slips his fingers into Jimin's panties and spreads his cheeks. Jimin mewls, blush prominent on his cheeks as he squeezes his eyes shut and buries his head into Taehyung's neck. He's not shy — he's rarely ever shy around any of the boys anymore, and he loves this all too much to be so — but the thought of being watched excites him too much, overwhelms him. "Looks like he wants to swallow you whole." Taehyung laughs, a middle finger dipping between Jimin's cheeks to stroke over his hole.

Jimin lets go of Taehyung's shoulders, sneaking his hands down between their bodies and lifting the hem of his skirt up for Jungkook, his ass out on display. With the knowledge that he's looking, Jimin can feel his eyes on him, making him all the more hot and bothered. He arches his back a little more than what is necessary, sticking his ass out, and thrusts slow and hard against Taehyung's thigh. The both of them moan in unison.

"Tae," he whispers, voice soft and breathy. "Spank me."

Taehyung hums, pulling his hands out from Jimin's panties and rubbing his palms over his cheeks. Jimin shivers, whimpering as he stops moving his hips. Taehyung does just that for a while — his fingers kneading his cheeks, grabbing chunks of them and shaking them in his hold, pushing them together just to pull them apart again — and has Jimin whining out before he lifts the both of his hands up only to smack them back down instantly. It catches Jimin off guard, his body going rigid as he tips his head back and moans all high-pitched and loud.

Taehyung barely gives him a break from then, only squeezing once or twice between each smack before he's raising his hands and slapping them back down again within seconds. Each smack has Jimin mewling and moaning, jolting against Taehyung's thigh. He's got tears in his eyes, his bottom lip bitten sore and his ass red and stinging, before Taehyung lets up. He coos when he's done, takes Jimin's chin between a forefinger and a thumb and suckles on his bottom lip. It tastes just a little salty, like blood.

"Little pain slut," Taehyung whispers, pushing his own cock up against Jimin's knee. The feeling of Taehyung's hard cock has Jimin remembering where he is, hands twisted around his skirt as he starts grinding his hips down against Taehyung all over again. Taehyung shoves his tongue into his mouth with a groan, the both of them using each other to get off.

Jimin comes first, body seizing up as he gasps and whines loud enough to have Hoseok waking up from the nap he was taking. When he slumps back down against Taehyung, head turned to the side, he moans again weakly at the sight of Yoongi with his cock out, Seokjin stroking at it hard and fast for him. Taehyung lets out a guttural groan, right into Jimin's ear, and Jimin turns his head to kiss at the boy's neck.

"Come, Taetae. C'mon, you sound so pretty when you come. Wanna — wanna see you come, please. Please, Tae," Jimin mewls into his ear, breath hitching when Taehyung lets out another groan and digs his fingernails into his ass, pulling him closer. Jimin pinches some of the skin on his neck between his teeth, closing his lips around it and laving his tongue over it. "Please," he whispers after pulling back, uttering the word breathily and giggling when he feels Taehyung shudder against him.

Taehyung comes with a gasp, head tipping back against his seat and his teeth gritted. Jimin kisses up his neck, to the underside of his chin and then on his lips when he goes lax again, head lolling forwards once more.

"Fuck. Shit," Taehyung breathes against once he's stopped coming, hands going limp at his sides as Jimin tugs on his lip ring. Taehyung hisses and Jimin laughs as he pulls away, forcing himself not to cringe at the sticky feeling in his panties while he snuggles up against Taehyung's chest. When he hears Yoongi groan, he sits up all of a sudden with his back ramrod straight, reminded of their surroundings. Taehyung brings a hand up to lazily rub up and down his side. "Wha's wrong?"

Jimin whips his head to the side, gulping when he sees Jungkook staring out of the front window. Jungkook must feel eyes on him, because he's turning his head and fixing Jimin with a stare in the next second. His face is blank, eyes empty as he flickers them between Jimin's face and his ass where it's still out in the air. Something flashes in his eyes — something intense, wanton — but then it's gone as fast as it came, and Jungkook's turning his head back to the front.








Jimin wakes up against something firm, his upper-body warm and yet his lower-body cold. He whines, feeling the goosebumps against his skin, and makes to shift onto his back.

"Hey, hey! Stop, relax," Jungkook says, pushing Jimin harder against his chest and tightening his arms around him.

"Huh?" Jimin rubs at an eye with his fist, blinking the other open. He feels disorientated, tired, cold. "Where we?" He whines, eyes stinging and every single limb feeling just simply too heavy.

"You're getting carried up a flight of fucking stairs to our hotel room," Jungkook huffs, even though he's staring down at Jimin fondly.

"Time?" Jimin asks, bringing his fists up to his face as he snuggles closer against Jungkook's chest. He smells Jungkook on his sleeves — he's wearing his hoodie, he realises. Explains the mismatched temperature.

"Dunno. Something past three in the morning."

"Ugh," Jimin huffs, registering the emptiness in his stomach. "Did'ou eat?"

"We stopped for food but you 'nd Taetae wouldn't wake up."

Jimin giggles weakly at the venom in Jungkook's voice, rubs his cheek against Jungkook's pec.

He's almost dozing off when Jungkook suddenly sets him down onto the ground, an arm instantly going around his waist to hold him upright when Jimin flops against his shoulder with a whine.

"Carry me," Jimin whinges when he hears the sound of a door opening, wrapping his arms around Jungkook's waist. He hears Jungkook sigh, but then he's being lifted up and carried away in the next second.

Jungkook sets him down on something soft and bouncy — bed, Jimin notes with delight — with his legs hanging over the sides. Jimin smiles with his eyes closed when he feels one of his sneakers being tugged at, slid off a foot.

"Jungkookie," he mumbles, blinking his eyes open and sitting up. Jungkook hums, not looking up from where he's pulling at the laces on his other foot. "I love you," Jimin says, pulling the sleeves of Jungkook's hoodie down completely over his hands and forcing his eyes to stay open. Jungkook looks up at him, smiling softly.

"I love you more. And I threw your panties away."

Jimin gasps, eyes going wide. "You what?! Jungkook! Those were Fendi!" He whines, picking the hem of his skirt up to his chin. His cock lies there against his thigh, soft and bare.

Jungkook laughs at the pout on his face, throwing the other shoe behind him and then instantly kissing his way up from below one of Jimin's knees to his thigh. Jimin drops the skirt to cross his arms over his chest, frowning down at Jungkook with the same pout.

"I had to, baby. It was ruined," Jungkook reasons, hands coming up to rub at the sides of Jimin's thighs.

"I loved those," Jimin mutters, hands flopping down from his chest to tug at his sleeves again. He knows it's really not that big of a deal and the sad eyes and the slouched shoulders are not really necessary, but he can't bring himself to pass up on an opportunity like this.

"Baby, don't be like that," Jungkook coos, shuffling a little closer to the edge of the bed and taking Jimin's cheeks in his hands. He lifts his face up, kisses the tip of his nose and then his lips. Jimin desperately fights the smile tugging incessantly at his lips. "I'll buy you a whole load of new ones, yeah?"

Finally, Jimin lets the smile take over his lips. He wraps his arms around Jungkook's neck, kisses him square on the lips.

"'M not sleepy anymore," he breathes over Jungkook's lips. Jungkook pulls away, quirks an eyebrow at him.

"Yeah? What do you wanna do then?"

"Want you to take off my skirt," Jimin whispers, playing with the hairs on Jungkook's nape. Jungkook smiles, leans in to take Jimin's bottom lip into his mouth for a second before he's leaning away and pushing at Jimin's shoulders. Jimin lies back with a smile, hands splayed out on either side of his head.

Kissing at Jimin's thigh, Jungkook undoes the buttons on the side of his skirt. Jimin lifts his hips up from the bed when Jungkook slides them down his thighs, breath hitching and thighs twitching when the kisses turn open-mouthed.

It doesn't take long for Jimin's cock to start stirring, becoming half-hard from just some kisses. It should be embarrassing, but Jungkook knows that his thighs are sensitive — knows how hard it is for Jimin to be patient when there's anything involving his thighs.

"Baby," he gasps, reaching down to weave his fingers through Jungkook's hair. Jungkook hums, sucking a chunk of meat into his mouth and digging his teeth into it lightly. Jimin whines, back arching off the bed. "Want you."

Jungkook kisses his way up to Jimin's cock lying against his pubis, all clean with how well he wiped it down in the van and pretty as ever. He looks up into Jimin's eyes when he runs the flat of his tongue up it from the base to the tip. Jimin whimpers, letting go of Jungkook's hair with one hand to bring it up to his lips instead. Jungkook grins, and then he's taking the head into his mouth.

Jimin's cock is small, short in size and slightly chubby in girth. It's so easy for Jungkook to take the whole thing in his mouth in one go and barely choke around it — and yet he doesn't.

"Jungkook, please, c'mon," Jimin whines, tries to buck his hips up but Jungkook easily pins them down onto the mattress. He licks up and around the head a handful of times, presses the tip of his tongue against the slit, but refuses to take it in his mouth and Jimin can't do anything but lie there and whimper about it. "Jungkook, I said please."

With one last kiss to the tip, Jungkook lifts himself up only to hold Jimin's cock up by the base before he sucks it all down. Jimin's back bows off the bed again, bottom lip trapped under his top teeth as he stares down at Jungkook. Jungkook suckles on it loudly a few times, and then he's clamping his mouth down around it to lift his head up slightly. Jimin sucks his index finger into his mouth, clenching his eyes shut when Jungkook slides his lips back down around him.

Gently bopping his head up and down, Jungkook loops his hands under Jimin's knees and then pushes up with his hand on the underside of Jimin's thighs. Jimin instantly grabs a hold of his the undersides of his own knees, holding his legs open and moaning weakly when Jungkook presses his middle finger against his rim, rubbing at it and still working his mouth up and down his cock.

"Please," Jimin says under his breath, hole clenching and unclenching desperately.

With one last, hard suck, Jungkook picks his head up. He takes Jimin's cock with him as far as he can, tilting his head back with his lips clamped around the head. Jimin moans shakily, hooking his ankles over Jungkook's neck and thrashing. His cock slaps against his pubis when it slips out from between Jungkook's lips completely, and Jimin has to lie back and just breathe for a bit.

"Fuck — f-fuck my thighs?" He offers after a short while, watching as Jungkook pulls his shirt off and unbuckles his jeans.

"Shit," Jungkook grunts, pulling his cock out from his boxers. Jimin giggles when he shoots up, kicking at his jeans until they're off him and then hurriedly doing the same with his boxers. When he looks up, Jimin's already got his legs up straight in the air, toes pointed upwards prettily and thighs pressed tight together. "Shit, Jimin."

Jimin's giggling breaks off into a gasp when Jungkook situates himself on the bed, his thighs touching Jimin's hips, and grabs chunks of Jimin's thighs. He shivers when Jungkook takes his cock by the base in one hand, teases the head up and down the line where Jimin's thighs meet.


The push in is dry and rough, but it feels good all the same. Jimin whimpers just as Jungkook grunts, their sounds becoming one.

"You're so good to me," Jungkook whispers, and Jimin wishes he could see his face. "My baby. All mine."

"All — all yours," Jimin agrees, eyes fixated on the sight of Jungkook's cock — so pretty, thick and long — disappearing and then reappearing from between his thighs.

"Not Taetae's?"

And there it is. All of a sudden, Jimin's glad Jungkook can't see his face — because he can't fight his smile off no matter how hard he tries.

"Not Taetae's. Not Joonie's, or Jinie's, or anybody's. Just — just yours, Jungkook," he speaks softly, moaning when Jungkook's soft thrusts suddenly turn sharp, his hips pulling away fast and then snapping back until skin slaps against skin and then repeating. "A-all yours, Jungkookie," he whines, reaching a hand down to curl his fist around his cock.

"All mine to kiss. All mine to fuck. All mine to love," Jungkook groans, fingernails digging into the meat of Jimin's thighs, using it as leverage as he fucks his hips forwards harder and harder. The precum he's leaking at Jimin's sounds makes the contact a little less dry, just enough wetness that it's a slide in rather then a forced push in.

"Yes," Jimin agrees, voice airy, hand gradually working around himself faster and faster.

"Wanna come all over your pretty face — mark-" he pauses, gasping, "-mark you up with my c-cum."

"Please," Jimin moans, thumbing at his slit. He wishes so badly that Jungkook's cock was in him, stretching him out so nicely, battering his insides and pumping him up with his cum. The thought has the knot in his tummy tightening — has his voice going so high-pitched that his moans just dissolve into breathy exhales while his hand works furiously over his cock again.

He comes with a mewl, legs bending at the knees as his body fights to keep from rolling onto his side and curling up into a little ball with the ferocity of it, eyes screwed shut and mouth wide open to let the high-pitched sounds he's making flow freely from him. His hand slows down around his cock, his cum spurting out in thick lines of white all across Jungkook's hoodie. Jungkook slows too, lets Jimin's legs down with a groan. Jimin blinks up tiredly at him as he clambers over until his knees rest on either side of Jimin's shoulders.

"God, you're a vision," he grunts, sat up on his knees as he holds Jimin's cheeks between a finger and a thumb whilst jerking hard and fast at his cock with his other hand. "My boy's the p-prettiest, huh?"

Jimin lets out a subdued whine at the praise, at how shaky Jungkook's voice has gotten, grabbing at the hem of Jungkook's hoodie and sticking his tongue out for him.

It doesn't take long for Jungkook to come, guiding the tip of his cock downwards so that his cum lands all over Jimin's lips, on his tongue, some across his chin.

"Mine," he pants, languidly stroking the last few spurts of cum out from himself. He groans when Jimin darts his tongue back into his mouth to swallow down his spunk with a loud gulp. Jungkook can't resist — he uses a thumb to swipe up the cum across Jimin's soft, blushed cheeks and his chin, slipping it into his mouth for the boy to suckle on. He repeats and repeats again until Jimin's face is clean, all of Jungkook's cum swallowed down just like that.

"Love you," Jimin whispers, dozing off, eyes blinking slowly. Sleepy and sated, glowing — so pretty.

Jungkook is so in love.

"I love you more."








They don't get stoned often, but it was the last day of concerts today. They've driven out to an empty beach on the outskirts of Gwangju, the inky sky scattered with the brightest stars. They've busted out some heavy duty torches, the headlights of the van turned on to drown out the darkness of the night.

It's a little chilly, and Jimin is cuddled up against Jungkook's side as they pass a joint back and forth between the two of them. They're in their own little world, leaning back against the van a few feet away from the rest of the boys.

"Should've worn some proper clothes." Jungkook blows smoke out all over Jimin's face, receives a pinch to his thigh before Jimin's taking the joint and stealing a deep lungful of the stuff.

"This is proper. It's Dolce and Gabbana."

Jungkook huffs a laugh, eyes flickering down to Jimin's bare thighs. He's wearing a black skin-tight, see-through dress that ends just above the middle of his thighs. Sequins are scattered around his nipples, more for the sake of visuals rather than decency. A strip of silk is tied nice and tight around his waist, accentuating the inwards dip which Jungkook is currently holding onto. He kicked his heels off before, his cute little toes buried in the sand.

"You're so fuckin' beautiful," Jungkook murmurs to himself, sounding so breathless — awed, disbelieving.

Jimin tilts his head backwards to rest it against Jungkook's shoulder, blowing out the fumes from between his lips up into the air. He's got shimmer all over his eyelids, brown smoked out across the outer-corners and along his bottom lash-line, the length of his pretty eyes emphasised with the thin line of black flicked out from the inner-corners of his lashes all the way to the outer-corners and then some. His skin is dewy, a golden glow of sorts dusted over his cheekbones. His lips are lined with brown, remnants of the glittery gloss he had on his lips earlier still sparkling away on them.

He looks like a picture, taken beforehand and altered endlessly to perfection. But he's not. He's real — all warm and fragrant, in Jungkook's arms. Jungkook's.

"Well, I should hope so," Jimin says cockily, one corner of his lips tugged upwards. "Dolled myself up all for you tonight."

"Yeah? All for me?" Jungkook breathes, the hand around Jimin's waist sliding down to his inner-thigh, where he grabs a chunk of the softness.

"Mm. I was hoping you'd finally fuck me. I miss you fucking me." He pouts, only to break out into a grin when Jungkook tightens the clutch he has on his thigh. "I... I want us to give them a show again, like how we used to. Miss everyone watching me take you."

Jungkook's not stoned enough for this. He takes the joint back from between Jimin's fingers and inhales two deep lungfuls of his own. Before he gets a chance to let the fumes escape him, Jimin is placing a hand on his nape and yanking him down to press his lips over his and lick across the seam where his upper-lip meets his lower-lip.

Jungkook gives easily, letting the smoke pass between the two of them while they tongue into each other's mouthes as Jimin takes the joint from him and places it on the sand. He'd say it's the weed making them so shameless and confident, but they've always been this way; always worn each other so loud and proud.

Jimin swings a leg over Jungkook's thighs, seating himself on Jungkook's lap with their lips still locked. Jungkook's hands instantly go down to grip at his hips, Jimin's own hands hooked over Jungkook's nape.

"Jungkook," Jimin moans when he pulls away, kissing down to Jungkook's jawline and then across to his ear. "Touch me."

"'M touchin'."

"Touch me properly."

Jungkook laughs, slides his hands down to Jimin's ass, groping at it through the fabric of his dress. Jimin hums, a pleased little sound, and arches his back as he kisses Jungkook once more.

It's only a matter of minutes before Jungkook gets too greedy and impatient. He slips his hands under the dress, grabbing handfuls of Jimin's bare ass. Jimin bites at his bottom lip before pulling away and then tilting his head back to laugh at Jungkook's eagerness. Jungkook's heart lurches in his chest, unable to keep the smile off his own face as he kisses down Jimin's throat, bites into his jugular.

Jimin's laughter snaps off into a whine when Jungkook uses the hands on his ass to pull him forward, press him down on his stirring cock.

"Jungkook," he whines, dropping his head down until his forehead touches Jungkook's shoulder. "Want you in me."

"Fuck — lube, Jimin, it's in the-"

Jimin leans forwards, pushing his hand beneath Jungkook's armpit and then feeling around under the rug they're seated on until he finds the small bottle of lube he'd stashed away there.

"Here, c'mon." He hands Jungkook the lube, spreads his knees out a little wider and hooks his chin over Jungkook's shoulder.

Jungkook inhales deeply, turning his head to kiss at Jimin's temple before he takes the hem of the dress and lifts it up and pulling it up over his ass. He's wearing a black thong, the thin strip of material enveloped entirely by Jimin's ass cheeks. Groaning under his breath at the sight, Jungkook quickly uncaps the bottle of lube and spreads the liquid out all over his four fingers, making sure they're dripping before he clicks the lid of the lube shut and chucks it to one side. One of the boys holler — "Woot woot!" — when Jungkook takes the material of Jimin's thong buried between his cheeks and holds it to one side. He lifts his slick middle finger up at them, eyes still trained on the sight of Jimin's outspread cheeks, before he's pressing that same finger against his hole. Jimin tenses up in anticipation, clinging onto Jungkook's shirt hard.

"Relax, baby. Lemme in."

It takes some more rubbing and cooing before Jimin relaxes and unclenches, and then Jungkook wastes no time pushing his finger right in. It's been so long since Jungkook's fucked him and Jimin is so unbelievably tight that the both of them moan in time with one another, Jimin's hole fluttering as he tires to adjust.

"Move, Jungkook. Please."

Jimin busies himself with kissing and nipping up and down the length of Jungkook's neck as Jungkook uses his middle finger to fuck Jimin open, marvelling at the pretty sight and at the small whimpers Jimin lets out.

"Give him another, Kook!" Hoseok yells over at them, grinning when Jungkook looks up and glares at him.

He does it, though; pulls his finger out completely to rub against Jimin's hole with both his index and middle finger before sliding them in. Jimin moans right into his ear, a breathy and whiny sound that has Jungkook's cock twitching, when he instantly fucks them back out and then back in again.

"You're so fuckin' tight," Jungkook grits out, taking one of his ass cheeks in his free hand to squeeze and then pull aside. "Left my poor baby empty for too long, didn't I?"

"Yeah," Jimin whimpers, breathing heatedly over Jungkook's collarbones and making him shudder. "Been — been too long, Jungkookie. Missed this. Missed you."

"Missed this too, Minie. Gonna fuck you open on my cock for all the boys to see. Gonna let them see how well my baby takes my cock."

Jimin's responds with the most darling little mewl, arching his back that much more in an attempt to push his ass out and take Jungkook's fingers in deeper. Jungkook tuts, lets go of the ass cheek he's still fondling to slap just below Jimin's ass with his fingers.


"Be good for me," he whispers into Jimin's ear, looking up to see all of the boys staring at them. Most of them have already brought their cocks out, stroking slowly, some still rubbing teasingly at their cocks over their jeans. "They wanna see you being good. Takin' my cock like a pro. Give your audience what they want, yeah?"

Jimin nods, not able to speak with how he is gasping as Jungkook curls his fingers and pushes them in deeper. The tips only just graze his prostate as he wiggles them, and Jimin knows he's doing it on purpose. Nobody knows Jimin's body like Jungkook does — nobody able to map it out, take it apart so easily by the seams only to put it together again so tenderly the way Jungkook does.

Jungkook slips in a third finger somewhere along the way, using all three to massage at Jimin's prostate until his thighs tremble and he's whining out.

"Enough, Jungkook — enough," he cries despite the way he's subtly moving back against the fingers in him.

Jungkook lets go of Jimin's thong to reach up and yank at his chin, bringing their lips together to kiss him as deep and hard as he can. It distracts Jimin enough to buy some more time just fucking him on his fingers, wanting to loosen him up a bit before he goes in.

Still, Jimin's too impatient. He pulls away with a gasp, now fully moving his hips up and down to practically ride Jungkook's fingers.

"Jungkookie. Want you."

Jungkook can't say no — not with the way Jimin's looking at him, his eyes dazed but desperate. Not ever.

He lets his fingers slide out of Jimin, puckering his lips up for another kiss which Jimin happily indulges him with. In the meantime, Jungkook squeezes his hands between their bodies to unbuckle and unbutton his jeans. He doesn't bother pushing his jeans or his boxers down, merely frees his cock from its confines and then blindly feels around for the bottle of lube.

Jimin pulls away when he hears the click of the bottle being uncapped, looks down between them at Jungkook's cock standing out in the open all thick and long.

"Wait — Jungkook," he whimpers, reaching down for it with both hands. One hand circles right at the base whilst the other circles just below his frenulum, thumb swiping over the head. Jungkook moans weakly, trailing his hands up and down Jimin's thighs. "Want you in my mouth."

"Fuck — yeah, please," Jungkook groans, sitting himself a little further up against the van.

Jimin crawls off Jungkook's lap, settling himself on his hands and knees between Jungkook's outspread legs, one of them bent at the knee. Jungkook lets a cocky smile pull at his lips when he looks up and sees all of them watching dedicatedly, hands working around their cocks. Jungkook can't blame them — Jimin's an absolute vision right now, with his back arched delicately and his legs spread wide to show off his loose, pretty hole as he gets ready to suck dick.

Jimin falls forwards onto his forearms, the arch of his spine deepening, and holds Jungkook's cock upright by the base. He licks up the underside slowly with the pointed tip of his tongue, eyes flickering up from where he's watching his own tongue to fix Jungkook with a stare. Jungkook groans, runs his fingers through Jimin's soft hair a few times before closing his fist around a handful of the locks.

"Don't tease," he warns, voice low.

Jimin giggles, eyes almost closing up entirely, and then he wraps his lips fully around the head of Jungkook's cock. Jungkook moans softly, fingers tightening a little around Jimin's hair, as Jimin instantly gets to work trying to take as much of Jungkook's cock in as he can. His eyebrows are furrowed and his eyes clenched shut, struggle written all over his features, but he pushes and pushes even when the cockhead hits the back of his throat and he chokes heavily.

"Oh — fuck, baby," Jungkook whines, head lolling to the side and then backwards until it rests against the van. "So fuckin' good for me, aren't you? My perfect boy."

Jimin moans his agreement, holding Jungkook in his mouth with the cockhead against the back of his throat for a good long while before he's pulling himself back up, lips tight around the length. He barely gives himself a breather, doesn't even let go of the tip, before he's pushing back down again. Instead of holding him in his mouth, Jimin's lifting his head back up within an instant when his lips reach the base — repeating and repeating again, fucking his mouth on Jungkook's cock.

The sounds are lewd, filthy, and Jungkook can hear the other boys groaning and moaning alongside the sounds he's making himself. It's so hard to think of anything besides Jimin's wet, warm mouth and how pretty he looks doing this — a blush on his cheeks and across his nose, tears in his eyes catching on his pretty lashes, saliva smeared all around his lips — that Jungkook almost forgets about his promises of fucking him open on his cock for everyone to see.


"Jimin," he gasps, voice raspy, "Jimin — shit, baby. C-c'mon, get up here. Lemme — lemme fuck you."

Jimin pushes his face down again one last time, throat fluttering around Jungkook's cockhead as he chokes, his cheeks hollowing to suck around the length. Jimin holds him in there long enough to have Jungkook releasing a guttural sound, his hips hovering above the rug as he forces his cock in that much deeper, before Jimin just simply can't take it anymore, lifting himself up with a sharp gasp.

He doesn't waste a second, clambering up onto Jungkook's lap and rutting his ass down on his cock. Holding Jungkook's cheeks between his hands, the first thing he does is kiss him hard. Jungkook, still feeling a little lightheaded from almost blowing his load but denying himself, lazily trails his hands up to Jimin's waist and then back down to his ass cheeks, fingers outspread to touch as much of Jimin as he possibly can.

"Baby, Jungkook," Jimin whines under his breath, shivering when Jungkook spreads his cheeks and presses the tips of his middle and index fingers against his rim. He ducks down, hiding his face in Jungkook's neck, at the sound of moans coming from behind him. "Fuck me, please."

Jungkook shushes him, picking up the bottle of lube again and uncapping it. He turns his head sideways to sink his teeth down onto the skin just below Jimin's ear, sucking and biting hard enough to leave a dark, painful bruise as he squirts out a dollop of lube onto the palm of his hand.

He wraps his hand around his cock, pumping a few times to lather himself up well, and then detaches his teeth and lips from Jimin with a wet sound. His hands find purchase on his waist once again, and Jimin shivers in anticipation, spreading his knees out that much wider and sticking his ass out just a little more. He reaches behind himself, peering over his shoulder as he slides the head of Jungkook's cock between his cheeks a few times in search of his hole. Jungkook hisses, his fingers digging into Jimin's soft skin.

When Jimin finally manages to get the head of Jungkook's cock through his hole, the both of them whimper. He turns back around with his hands on Jungkook's shoulders, face once again hidden away in his neck, as he slowly lowers himself further and further down, eventually seating himself on Jungkook's lap with the entirety of his cock inside him.

"K-Koo — Jungkook," he moans quietly, and in that moment it's just the two of them. Everything and everyone else is gone, and all that matters is Jungkook.

"Jimin, baby," Jungkook whispers back, voice sounding strained. He rubs up and down Jimin's sides as he waits for him to adjust, patient as ever despite the way everything in him is aching to just fuck and fuck and fuck.

"You're so — so big, Jungkook. It's been too long. H-hurts," Jimin whimpers, his walls clenching down around Jungkook sporadically. Jungkook nods, pecks at his temple.

"I know, baby. We'll wait it out, yeah? We got — got all the time in the world."

Jimin sits a little more upright to kiss Jungkook — feeling needy and maybe a little emotional. Maybe it's the feeling of having Jungkook in him again after so long without, maybe it's just because his emotions always act up so late at night, or maybe because of that tremor in Jungkook's voice. Either way, all it takes is the taste and the feeling of Jungkook's lips, his tongue, for it all to fade away and leave nothing but arousal in its place.

Lips still locked, Jimin gently eases himself up with a sigh. It aches a little, but Jimin can't wait any longer. Jungkook moans, hands sliding down to grab at his ass again. He doesn't force Jimin back down on his cock, doesn't buck up into him, but just holds onto him and lets him do as he pleases.

Jimin swallows down a moan when he seats himself on Jungkook's cock once again, the sensation feeling brand new and yet all too familiar to him all at the same time. Jungkook spreads his cheeks as he lifts himself back up again, pulling away from his eager lips to groan deep in his throat.

"Fu-fuck, you're so good. So fucking tight. Missed being in you," he murmurs, rolling his head backwards when Jimin picks up the pace at his words.

"Tell me — oh, Jungkook — t-tell me I look good," Jimin demands between pants, already starting to break out into a slight sweat.

Jungkook smiles as he trails his hands up from his ass, across the length of his back and then a little further up to weave his fingers through his hair. Jimin mewls, eyes fluttering shut, only to let out a high-pitched cry when Jungkook curls his hands into fists and yanks his head backwards with the hold he has on his hair. Jimin's hips still, eyes clenching hard at the pain and letting out a subdued whine as Jungkook licks up the bulge of his throat.

"Fucking beautiful," Jungkook grits out, right before he's bucking his hips up into Jimin. Jimin practically shrieks — eyes flying open as he desperately clenches and unclenches his hands where he's holding onto the shirt across the expanse Jungkook's shoulders. "My baby always looks the best on my cock. Always look like a fuckin' dream when I make you take and take and take." Every few words is accentuated with a deep, hard thrust up into Jimin, and each thrust is further accentuated by the shrill cry Jimin lets out.

The weed in their system has heightened their senses — everything amplified, so detailed — and Jimin's so overwhelmed from everything he's feeling inside and out that he just cries, teardrops slipping from the outer-corners of his eyes down the sides of his face. He's sitting up on his knees at this point, just simply letting Jungkook ram into him, into his prostate, endlessly. Each inwards thrust is hard enough that Jimin can't swallow back the pretty little sounds he's making — be it a whimper or a whine or a choked off moan — no matter how hard he tries. Despite being mind-numbingly rough, there's still a smooth, sensual glide to Jungkook's hips — and Jimin just doesn't understand how one man can make him feel so dizzyingly, otherworldly good.

Jungkook's tonguing at Jimin's lobe, flicking at the hooped earring he's got on, when he reaches down and dips his hand under the hem of Jimin's dress to take his cock into his hand. Jimin grabs a hold of his wrist, whimpering and shaking his head. Jungkook hums in questioning, right in his ear — and Jimin knows he already knows, but he just wants to hear Jimin say it.

"Wan-wanna come just on your cock, Jungkookie," he breathes, voice pitched so endearingly high. Jungkook grins, mouthing wetly at the jut of Jimin's jaw.

"Yeah? Such a slut for it, aren't you? Don't care about your little cock, just want your ass filled, right?" He moans into Jimin's ear, letting go of his hair to grip his hips with both hands. Jimin's head flops forwards, his eyes barely open and a little dazed. He stares at Jungkook's lips, watching it stretch out into a lazy grin as he licks his own. "Ride me."

Jimin snakes his arms around Jungkook's neck, pressing their chests flush against each other. They're kissing, heads tilted in opposite directions as they make it as deep as they possibly can. Jimin starts moving somewhere amidst it all, his hips rolling up and then back down with practised, familiar precision.

Jimin comes first, detaching his lips from Jungkook's to toss his head back and whine through it. It seems to go on for so long, his cum completely soiling his dress as well as Jungkook's shirt, and he's slumping bonelessly against Jungkook's chest by the time it's over.

Aftershocks are still running through him in short but strong bursts when Jungkook tightens his grip on his hips to pull them up slightly and fuck up into him again. Jimin cries out, nuzzling his face into Jungkook's pec and clutching at the sides of his shirt. Jungkook groans when he opens his mouth and darts his tongue out to lick across his nipple over the shirt, hands sliding down to his ass cheeks where he grips at them and pulls them apart once more. Jimin shivers when he presses a middle finger against his stretched rim, his cock still sliding in and out.

"So good, you're so good," he rasps, back curving to press his nipple harder against Jimin's tongue. Jimin moans, latching his lips around the hardened bud and sucking, his tongue flicking up against it stiffly all the while.

Jungkook comes whining Jimin's name. His hips hover mid-air as he keeps the entire column of his cock inside Jimin, wanting to come inside him as deep as he can. Jimin lifts his head up to lick over his lips, teeth gritted as his cock twitches weakly at the slick warmth filling him up.

"Jungkook," he whispers for no reason in particular when said male slumps back against the van, his chest heaving and his eyes closed.

Jungkook lets go of Jimin's ass, using both hands to cup his jaw, swiping his thumb back and forth against Jimin's cheeks, and then draws him in to peck at his lips. When Jimin clutches his hands, Jungkook brings them in to kiss across the both of his knuckles, his eyes still closed. Behind Jimin, the boys are groaning and moaning amongst wet noises and kissing sounds. They're only a few feet away from Jimin and Jungkook, and yet it feels like they're the only two people in the whole universe right now.

They're kissing again. Jungkook reaches for the abandoned joint, brushing off grains of sand before fishing out his lighter from his front pocket. He only pulls away to turn his head to the side and light the roll of weed up, inhaling a handful of short puffs and then one long, deep one. He uses his free hand to hold Jimin's nape, keeps his lips sealed to lock all the fumes in before he's lowering Jimin down, kissing him deep and hard, smoke curling between their open mouths, some spilling out into the air over the gaps.

When they separate this time round, they're both grinning — lips swollen, eyes lidded, engulfed entirely in each other's existence. Jimin grabs at his wrist a while later, pulls his hand up to take a few lungfuls of the joint himself — and then they're kissing once more.








It's not a sight Jungkook's not used to, it's just a sight he hasn't seen in quite a long time.

They'd stopped to grab some snacks from a seven-eleven on their way back to Seoul, Jimin and Hoseok opting to stay in the van rather than coming with, Taehyung drooling openly in his sleep. Jungkook and Namjoon were only gone for maybe ten or so minutes, leaving behind a bickering Yoongi and Seokjin — but that seemed to be enough time for Hoseok to have Jimin worked up, his front pressed against the back of the seat he was dozing away on just before Jungkook left him. The leggings he was wearing are nowhere to be seen, and now he's sitting in nothing but his white shirt. His his arms are looped around the back of the seat, his back rigidly straight as he peers over his shoulder at Hoseok who's sitting on his knees with his face buried between Jimin's ass cheeks.

"Give it a fuckin' break," Namjoon mutters groggily as he barges past Jungkook, marching over to his seat at the back to resume his nap. Jimin starts giggling, only to cut himself off abruptly with a moan.

"Hey baby," Jungkook murmurs, trudging over to them. There's a slight smile pulling at his lips, watching the blissed out expression Jimin's wearing. He pats at Jimin's head, runs his fingers through his hair a few times. Jimin hums, eyes fluttering shut as he leans in to the soft touch. Jungkook licks his lips, watching Hoseok pull back for a moment to spread Jimin's ass cheeks out a little wider before he's diving right back in. "Got you those biscuits you like."

"Th-thank you, Jungkookie," Jimin replies, his voice sounding whiny and breathless. Jungkook laughs, looking out of the window at the few people passing by mindlessly. The parking lot's mostly empty with it being so early in the morning but, still, he thanks god for tinted windows.

"Shouldn't you be thanking Hoseokie hyung, baby?" He asks in mock disappointment, looking back down at him and cocking his head to the side with a grin.

Hoseok remerges from between Jimin's cheeks to laugh, his lips and the area around them all wet, squeezing at an ass cheek and quirking an eyebrow up at Jimin.

"Thank you, Hoseokie hyung," Jimin murmurs, red cheek squished against the head of the chair as he rests the side of his face on it.

"What are you thanking me for, Minie?" Hoseok asks, tilting his head to one side and furrowing his brows. Jimin whines, tightening his arms around the seat and squeezing his eyes shut.

"Go on, baby. Answer hyung. He's being so good to you, isn't he?"

"Yes," Jimin lisps, "thank you for eating me out, hyungie," he practically moans, rubbing his cheek on Jungkook's open palm when he presses it against the side of his face, eyes still squeezed shut. Hoseok coos, giving Jimin's cheeks a firm squeeze or two before parting them and fleetingly licking over his hole with the flat of his tongue.

"It's my pleasure, darling." He grins, and then he's attaching his lips to Jimin's rim and tonguing into him once more, eyes closed and brows furrowed already in concentration.

Jungkook drops his bag of food to seat himself on the seat beside Jimin when he sees Hoseok struggling to loop his hand around Jimin's hips to grab a hold of his dick whilst still eating him out. He grabs Jimin's ass cheeks for him, spreading them apart as far as they'll go. Hoseok hums in approval, pulling away shortly. Jimin shuffles a little, sticks his ass out further and creates more space between his front and the chair to allow Hoseok easier access to his cock.

Jungkook can't help but groan out loud as he watches Hoseok trace the tip of his tongue around the circumference of Jimin's hole. Jimin whines under his breath, pushes back a little and Jungkook's quick to land a small smack to one cheek.

"Behave," he murmurs in his ear, licking up the shell of it when Jimin whimpers and shivers.

Hoseok's pushing his tongue into Jimin in time with each upwards stroke of his hand around his cock. Jungkook's torn between watching Jimin's pretty, flushed face as he makes the sweetest little sounds or watching Hoseok's tongue have his way with him.

"Hoseo-Hoseokie hyung I — ah — I think I m-might come," Jimin whines as Hoseok closes his lips around his rim and sucks, peering over his shoulder at him with his eyes slightly glassy. Hoseok lets go of his cock to place his hands over Jungkook and spread him out even wider, head bopping back and forth to fuck Jimin harder on his tongue. "Oh g-god," Jimin sobs, eyes rolling back as he slips them shut.

Jungkook can't help but lean in to suckle on the jut of his Adam's apple, teeth nipping as he laves the tip of his tongue over it back and forth, when Jimin tosses his head back. He laughs breathily when Seokjin groans and Yoongi mutters a Jesus Christ as soon as they step into the van.

"Hurry up! We need to start moving again," Seokjin whines from where he plonked himself down at the driver's seat. Jungkook pulls away from Jimin's neck with one last suck to laugh again, almost doubling over when Yoongi grumbles under his breath and actually sits at the front for once — all because of them.

"Hoseok — hyung, please," Jimin whinges, looking down over his shoulder as Hoseok stares right up at him, his mouth once again latched over his rim as he licks into him harder.

"What's wrong baby?" Jungkook coos, rubbing the backs of his index and middle fingers against Jimin's cheek.

"I wan-wanna come." Jimin flickers his eyes up to Jungkook, lower lip jutted out slightly.

"Come then, angel. Show hyung how good he's making you feel." Jungkook leans in to murmur the words with his lips on his cheek, watching delightedly as he breaks out into a shudder.

"I can't — my cock-"

Jungkook cuts him off as he reaches down to wrap his hand around Jimin's cock, wet with precum. Jimin whines instantly, hips bucking up for more. Hoseok grunts, pulling away to smack across a cheek.

"Stay still," he orders, voice gruff, over the whimper Jimin lets out before he's grabbing a hold of his hips in a death grip and tonguing at his hole again.

Jungkook shuts Jimin's whimpers and mewls up with a kiss, tightening his fist around him and finally using it to stroke up and down his cock. Jimin makes small noises in the back of his throat, barely responding to the kiss with how overwhelmed he's gradually becoming.

When he comes, it's with Jungkook thumbing over the head of his cock and into his slit whilst Hoseok stuffs him full on his tongue and sucks hard at his rim. He pules and squirms through it, Jungkook cupping his hand over his cockhead to make sure his cum doesn't land on the seats. Seokjin will have their heads if they get the seats any dirtier than they already are.

"There we go, angel, that's it," Jungkook whispers, pecking at his cheek, down to his jaw. Hoseok pulls off with a slurp, wringing one last pathetic whimper from Jimin. "Not gonna offer Hoseokie hyung some help, baby?" Jungkook grins, gaze flickering from Jimin's eyes to the obvious tent in Hoseok's pants. Jimin huffs, pouting as he looks over his shoulder at Hoseok. Hoseok laughs at the sight, cooing and pinching his cheek.

"It's okay. I'm gonna go bother Joon instead." He grins, shrugging and then walking away.

"Thank you, hyung!" Jimin calls out weakly after him, eyes blinking slowly and words slightly slurred.

"Can we please start moving now?" Yoongi grouses from the front, glaring over at them with his arms crossed.

Jungkook grins, flashing him a thumbs up with his clean hand. Yoongi rolls his eyes, grumbling inaudibly under his breath before huffing at Seokjin to start moving already.

The van revs to life, and Jungkook's observing the cum on his hand with only slight disgust when Jimin suddenly grabs a hold of it from the wrist, bringing it up to his mouth. He licks up his own cum on the palm of Jungkook's hand with broad swipes of his tongue and then sucks Jungkook's fingers down one by one, his eyes closed all the while. Jungkook's breath hitches as he watches him, cock twitching in his pants. Jimin simpers at him when he slides the last finger out from between his lips, one eye cracking open.

"Kitten," Jungkook coos, making Jimin giggle, before he tugs him onto his lap.

Jimin falls asleep lying across him and Jungkook forgets about his boner as he admires how pretty Jimin is in his afterglow.








"Let's go for a drive," Jungkook suggests from where he's lying on his back in his bed, staring up at the ceiling. He hears Jimin hum quizzically to his side, where he's towelling at his damp hair. "Let's go for a drive," Jungkook repeats, tearing his gaze away from the ceiling to drag his eyes down the length of Jimin's bare, naked body. He wants to catch the droplets of water running down the indent of his spine on his tongue, taste the scent of his coconut body wash.

"A drive? Baby, it's almost two in the morning." Jimin giggles, side-eyeing him as he pats down the side of his face with the towel. He walks over to the side of the bed, climbing up and then sitting himself on Jungkook's lap with his thighs bracketing Jungkook's hips, still completely bare. He drops the towel to the side and then fists the duvet on either side of Jungkook's head, leaning in to kiss at his nose.

"All the more reason to go for a drive," Jungkook replies, hands trailing up and then back down the length of Jimin's silky smooth thighs.

"I'm sleepy, though." Jimin pouts, eyes slipping shut as he rubs their noses together. Jungkook puckers his lips up to kiss at his pout with a loud smack. He tastes like overly-minty toothpaste and the cherry chapstick he uses all the time. Jungkook repeats twice, shortly licking across the swell of Jimin's bottom lip for more of the cherry sweetness.

"You'll live."

"Ugh. Where do we even go at two in the morning, huh?" Jimin sits up, crossing his arms over his chest and looking down at Jungkook disapprovingly. It's so cute that Jungkook grins, hands gripping at his hips while his thumbs rub side-to-side over the jut of his hipbones. He can see Jimin's skin break out into goosebumps when he shivers subtly.

"Anywhere we want." Jungkook shrugs.

"Only if you buy me new clothes." Jimin raises his eyebrows at him, a smug smile pulling at his lips.

"I'd buy you new clothes regardless."

"And lingerie," Jimin decides to add as he clambers off Jungkook's thighs. Jungkook shakes his head fondly, pushing himself up so that he's propped up on his elbows.

"Definitely and regardlessly buying you that too," he responds before licking his lips as he trails his eyes down to Jimin's ass when he bends down to pick out the brightest pair of red boxers he owns from within his boxer drawer.

"My baby spoils me too much," he coos as he steps into the boxers. They're so tight that he struggles a little pulling them up his thighs only for it to then get stuck again a little further up, rolled up under the swell of his ass to the point where he has to yank at the waistband forcibly before it reaches his hips. He snaps them down onto his skin, a slight smile playing at his lips that Jungkook can't see because he knows he's being a bit of a tease. The material of the briefs stretch out thin over his fat ass, and Jungkook has to fall back down flat on his back before he pops a boner and fucks Jimin right then and there.

"I could never spoil you too much."

Jimin just hums, sliding the doors of their wardrobe open. He spends some time sighing and huffing and puffing as he looks through shirt after shirt after shirt — only to end up picking out a lacy red bralette and one of Jungkook's old white shirts that is so worn and old everything beneath it is visible.

"Whose car we taking?" He asks from where he's sat on the floor, struggling to get his legs into his ripped, skintight jeans.

"We are taking Namjoon hyung's Range Rover." Jungkook grins, sitting up fully on his ass to watch Jimin stands up onto his feet and repeat the fiasco he went through with the boxers — only this time with his jeans.

"Does he — ah, shit — have you asked? Does he know?" Jimin asks, hopping on his toes a few times before the denim slides over the swell of his ass, allowing him to finally button and zip it up. He sighs in relief once it's done.

"Nah. He doesn't need to know."

Jimin tuts, but he doesn't push it — too preoccupied with checking his ass out in the full-body mirror, tugging his shirt to one side so that it exposes his collarbones and the strap of his bralette. Jungkook pushes himself up, standing behind Jimin to wrap his arms around his waist, nosing under his ear and watching their bodies sway in the mirror. They look good together — fucking perfect, if he does say so himself. Tall and hard, short and soft — fitting perfectly in his arms, under his chin, like jigsaw pieces.

"Love you," he murmurs, kissing at his neck. Jimin smiles, closing his eyes as he tilts his head slightly.

"Love you more."

They start kissing, somehow, and Jungkook manages to pull Jimin back in after each of the three times he makes to pull away and get going. Jimin only manages to break away from Jungkook's unrelenting hold when he threatens to not come with him, telling him to take Namjoon's keys and warm the car up while he tones and moisturises his face.

Jungkook's still pouting over being denied kisses when Jimin finally joins him in the car. Jimin rolls his eyes, landing one chaste kiss smack bang in the middle of his pouted lips before ordering a now much less pouty and much more smiley Jungkook to get driving.

Jimin manages to fish out Namjoon's stash of albums, sliding one into the player and winding his window down slightly. The summer night air is humid, but it's perfect for blowing in warm air. Alina Baraz starts playing and Jungkook smiles softly, peering over at Jimin from the corner of his eyes.

Stunning. He's sat staring out of the window with his knees drawn to his chest, the softest smile pulling at his red-tinted lips. The slight draft from the open window has his hair — curly, still a little damp — shifting across his forehead slightly, his eyes flickering quickly every few seconds to keep the wind from making them water up. And he's not doing anything particularly attractive — and, yet, Jungkook is swooning.

"Where we goin'?" Jimin asks, voice soft and a little raspy, eyes not budging from where he's trained his gaze on the moon. He's sleepy. He's beautiful.

"That's a good question."

"Jungkook." Jimin giggles, eyes closing up momentarily. Jungkook grins, his own eyes flittering from the front window to Jimin's face.

"There's this place I used to go sometimes —before I met you — when I got into an argument with the boys or just... needed some space. We're going there."

"Is it far away?"

"Just... fifteen, twenty minutes or so from here." Jungkook lets go of the gear in favour of reaching out for Jimin, his hands sliding up from his knee to his mid-thigh, fingers digging in for a slight second before he lets go.

"'Kay," Jimin says, finally breaking eye contact with the moon to reach over and turn the speakers up a little.

"Did you just replay the same track?" Jungkook asks, quirking a brow.

Jimin giggles, little pitched squeaks. Jungkook heart stutters and throbs.

"It's my favourite."

"What's the name?"

"Lavender and Velvet. D'you like it, Mister Rock and Roll?" Jimin teases, turning so that his body's facing Jungkook to prod a finger into his side. Jungkook huffs, but he's smiling.

"It's — well, yeah, it's nice. Makes me wanna eat your ass deep and slow in a dimly lit room on a bed full of rose petals."

"My romantic baby. You should."

"I will."

Jimin giggles again, body curling up and convulsing slightly. He laughs so satisfyingly, Jungkook thinks — full-bodied, giving it his all. Jungkook wishes he could bottle the sweet sound up, listen to it on repeat when he's feeling down — when Jimin's not with him.

"I'm holding you to that," Jimin says when he's calmed down, cheeks bunched up and eyes damp in the aftermath of it all.

Jungkook drives and drives and drives. Alina Baraz plays nonstop throughout the entirety of the journey — goes back to that one track too many times for Jungkook to count. He's memorised the lyrics by the time he reaches the destination.

He hasn't been here in almost two years now — and yet it's just as beautiful as ever.

Jungkook guesses it was once a park, though without any playground. It's a few miles down from the more extravagant one that was built more recently, and people just seem to have more or less forgotten about the existence of this one, leaving it abandoned and thus making it the perfect hideaway. It's small — mostly one big field, a few benches scattered here and there with thick stems and the prettiest flowers woven between the spaces in the wood. There's a tall statue of Aphrodite built in the middle of the field, a circle made of cement shaped around it a feet or two above the grass in what Jungkook guesses was a pond. That's all pretty in itself — but what makes it so beautiful is how clear and close the sky looks from here. The moon glows brighter than ever before, the stars twinkling away like diamonds.

"Wow," Jimin breathes, undoing his seatbelt to sit further up on his seat, his eyes once again trained on the moon.

"Pretty, right?"

"Beautiful. It's... wow. Beautiful."

I'll take you anywhere you say, I'll take you to my hideaway. Baby just tell me the word, I wanna give you the world.

Jimin leaves the car without another word, exploring the surroundings for a while. Jungkook stays in the car, watching him as he picks a flower from a bench to tuck behind his ear, eyes soft as he follows the movement of his hand when he strokes down Aphrodite's leg.

He only leaves the car, turning the radio off, when Jimin walks back towards it. Jimin leans against the bonnet, and so Jungkook does too.

"I love it," Jimin says, smile soft as he looks around. "How did you find it?"

"I was just... angry one night, I guess, so I drove and drove and drove until I found this."

"Do you still come here often?" Jimin asks, voice quiet as he looks back up at Jungkook.

"I don't come here at all. I don't need to. I come to you when I'm upset." Jungkook grins, and then grins harder — eyes and nose crinkling up — when Jimin coos and comes to stand right in front of him to squish his cheeks.

Jungkook leans in to kiss at his nose, legs shuffling apart so Jimin can stand between them. Jimin hums as he does, and then lowers his head down to rest it on Jungkook's chest with his arms looped around his waist.

"What do we do now?" Jimin asks, voice almost a whisper.

"Now, we admire the view," Jungkook says, taking Jimin's cheeks between his hands and lifting his head up from his chest to stare directly into his eyes. Jimin collapses into a fit of giggles, one hand coming up to cover his mouth. Jungkook takes that hand into one of his own, kissing the palm.

"Stop," Jimin whines, although he's looking right back into Jungkook's eyes. Jungkook just smiles harder, kisses Jimin's eyelids when his eyes flutter shut.

It's hard to tell which one of them initiate the kiss. It starts off chaste — quick pecks to each other's lips that gradually turn more open-mouthed and deeper after each kiss. Jimin's holding Jungkook's jaw in one hand, and Jungkook's holding onto the wrist with one of his own hands.

His legs bend at the knees, hands going down to cling to Jimin's waist to pick him up and then whirl him around, seating him on the bonnet of the Range Rover. Jimin squeaks into the kiss, his legs wrapping around Jungkook's hips. The flower tucked behind his ear falls, rolling to the ground.

"Jimin," Jungkook breathes, taking Jimin's bottom lip between his teeth and laving his tongue over it.

Jimin responds with a whine, using the grip he has on both of Jungkook's biceps to try and tug him closer. Jungkook trails a line of kisses from the corner of Jimin's mouth across to his jaw, down his neck, stopping only to suck a hickey into his jugular.

"Jungkook," Jimin mewls, eyes fluttering shut at the feeling of Jungkook's teeth digging deep into his skin. He lets out a whimper when Jungkook's hands go up from where he was holding his waist to pinch at both of his nipples, tugging them outwards until Jimin's spine is arched delectably. "Oh, please-"

"Gonna take care of you," Jungkook mutters, warm breath brushing over the saliva he's left on Jimin's skin and making him shiver bodily. "Gonna — gonna make you cry from how good it is."

"Yeah?" Jimin tries to tease, but his voice wavers and he's letting out an even more pathetic whimper than the last when Jungkook sinks his teeth back into the same chunk of flesh and twists at his nipples.

"Yeah," Jungkook says once he's finished, lifting his head up to grin at Jimin as he swipes his thumbs over his hardened nipples. The lace of Jimin's bralette against the swelling buds makes the twisting and the tugging even more painful — his nipples feeling sore and tender already. Only when he's whimpering and shaking his head, pulling at Jungkook's wrists to push the hands away from his chest, does Jungkook relent and instead trail his hands up to the boy's neck, a thumb swiping over the bruise he left there.

Before Jimin manages to think up of something witty to say in retaliation to Jungkook's cocky response, Jungkook's taking a step back and using the hold he now has on Jimin's hips to slide him off the bonnet of the car. He's grabbing handfuls of Jimin's ass in the next second, pressing their lips together to tongue into his mouth once more.

He only pulls away when Jimin stars whining and whimpering, rubbing his cock up against Jungkook's thigh. Grinning, Jungkook turns him around forcibly. Jimin yelps, his arm stretching out to place his palms flat against the metal of the car.

"Jungkook," he grits out, turning to look over his shoulder angrily at Jungkook only for his eyes to flutter shut when said boy grinds the length of his hard cock over the curve of his ass. "Oh."

Jungkook slides his hands down to the front of Jimin's jeans, fingers deftly working at the button and zipper. Jimin pushes himself upright, his back pressed against Jungkook's front, to help him along the way. The jeans are barely pushed down to the middle of his thighs when Jungkook reaches for the waistband of his boxers, tugging them down too. Jimin's still trying to push the jeans down further when Jungkook suddenly lifts him up with a slight grunt, placing him down on the bonnet of the car once again — only this time, Jimin is on his hands and knees.

"What are you-" Jimin's voice breaks off into a shaky moan when Jungkook grabs handfuls of his ass cheeks, pushing them together only to pull them apart.

At the first press of Jungkook's tongue against his rim, Jimin tenses up. Jungkook, entirely undeterred, places kiss after kiss to his hole, down to his perineum and then all the way back up the crevice. Jimin whines low in his throat, falling to his forearms, the arch of his spine deepening to present his ass a little higher. Jungkook pushes his cheeks together, licking up and down between them before spreading him out again and laving the flat of his tongue over the pucker repeatedly.

"C'mon, Jungkook — please," Jimin huffs, agitated with how slowly Jungkook's licking at him and at his inability to spread his knees out wider, the jeans and boxers around his thighs limiting his movements.

He can feel Jungkook's lips stretch out into a grin against his skin.

"Why don't you beg properly for me, angel? I know you can do better than that."

"Oh, fuck you, Jeon Jungkook. Eat me the fuck out, c'mon," Jimin whinges, unamused and desperate.

"What's the magic word?" Jungkook teases, pulling away only to press a thumb against Jimin's hole. It winks under the pressure of it, unclenching and then clenching again a few times as if trying to beckon him in.

"Don't be a dickhead-"

"Beg," Jungkook says, demands, his voice dropping a few octaves. Jimin's breath hitches, his cock twitching and something white-hot curling in the pit of his belly. He inhales shakily, squeezing his eyes shut.

"Please, Jungkook. Please — please eat me out. Just, fuck, please-"

"Good boy," Jungkook coos, pressing the tip of his tongue against the opening and flicking.

Jimin practically melts, his tense shoulders dropping as Jungkook places soft, open-mouthed kisses against his hole again and again. He's still — still — teasing, and Jimin's becoming increasingly agitated. He huffs, whines and presses back against Jungkook's tongue — but all that gets him as a firm pair of hands on his hips, holding him still.

"Jungkook — Jungkook, please," he whinges, the waistband of his boxers and his jeans digging into the meat of his thighs as he tries desperately to spread his legs out wider.

Jungkook decides to take pity, it seems, because he's using his hands to spread Jimin's ass cheeks out as far as they'll go before he's flicking the tip of his tongue against Jimin's pucker once more. Jimin unclenches with a high-pitched moan, letting Jungkook slip the tip in to lick inside of him.

Jungkook pulls back shortly to spit at the rim, his own cock twitching at the mewl Jimin lets out as he flinches slightly, before diving back in and licking firmly at his hole with quick swipes of his tongue.

"Oh, Jungkook," Jimin moans, fingers curling into fists from where they're trapped under his chest, subtly trying to move his ass back against Jungkook's face.

Jungkook lets him, his eyes slipping shut when he latches his lips over Jimin's rim and presses the tip forcibly into him, shoving as much of his tongue in as he can and flicking with it inside. Jimin lets out a subdued whine, and he swears there's drool running from the corner of his mouth down his cheek with how he's got his lips parted, moaning uncontrollably, but he just can't bring himself to care or do anything about it.

It doesn't help that Jungkook is so unrelenting and eager in his ways, pushing his tongue in a little harder each time Jimin unclenches around it, lips applying suction every now and again from where they're still attached to his rim. Jungkook's so immersed in what he's doing that he can barely register the twitching and the aching of his own cock.

"Don't stop, fuck, pl-please," Jimin mewls, leaking a string of precum down to the bonnet. "F-fuck me, please, Jungkook. You're so — so good, fuck," he blabbers, practically sobbing, barely making any sense.

Jungkook pulls away with a gasp only to spit on Jimin's asshole again, head dipping down to catch it on his tongue when it trickles down Jimin's perineum. He licks it all back up, stopping at Jimin's hole to press it into the pucker, groaning when Jimin unclenches under the touch of his tongue.

"I wanna come — I wan'-" he breaks off into a hiccup, twitching bodily as Jungkook gets to work bobbing his head to fuck his tongue in and out — and Jimin's only just realising that Jungkook made good on his promise, because he really is crying.

"Oh — fuck, baby," Jungkook grunts when he pulls back to give his jaws and tongue a rest, wiping at the spit on his chin. "Shit, he breathes, reaching beneath the waistband of his sweatpants and boxers to pull his cock out.

"Jungkook," Jimin whines out for him, turning to look over his shoulder with wet eyes and blushed cheeks. Impatient and needy, Jimin sucks three fingers into his mouth, choking around them a little before sliding them out with a slurping sound that has Jungkook twitching. Reaching behind, he rubs over his rim with his middle and ring finger, teasing himself for a while, before sliding the both of them right in with a pitched whine.

"God, fuck, you're so fucking hot," Jungkook groans, and then he's dipping down to run his tongue along what he can of Jimin's rim.

He works around Jimin's fingers just like that for a while, tongue flicking against the underside or the rim, sometimes venturing further down to his perineum — but Jungkook has never been a man of patience. He ends up grabbing Jimin by the wrist, pulling his fingers out to replace them with his tongue. There's a desperate need to have Jimin come from his tongue alone, and so he spreads Jimin out again to fuck it back into him, sheathing him on his tongue and latching his lips around the rim to suck. One of his hands grip one of Jimin's ass cheeks, pulling it to the side whilst the other works around his own cock.

"Fuck — fu-fuck, please," Jimin pules, gripping at Jungkook's hair to bring him impossibly closer, his nose squashing up against his crack.

When he comes, it's so sudden that Jungkook jolts as he cries out, his back hunching and his whole body going rigid. Jungkook battles through the soreness of his tongue and jaws to eat him out through it, head bopping back and forth once again to fuck him on his tongue.

"Oh, go-god," Jimin whimpers, slumping back down slightly as his cock squirts out the last few droplets of cum across Namjoon's Rover. Jungkook presses one last kiss to his rim before he pulls away, hand still working fast and hard around his cock./p>

"Minie," he grunts, straightening up and hooking the thumb on his free hand into the waistband of his sweats to push it down slightly. Jimin hums, voice slightly raspy, turning carefully onto his back. He shivers at the sight of Jungkook stroking at his cock, head thrown back and bottom lip caught under his top teeth.

Not giving it another thought, Jimin slides down shakily until he's on his knees in front of Jungkook. Hands on his thighs, Jimin takes the head between his lips and suckles on it, staring right up at Jungkook as he does. Jungkook lets go of his cock in favour of threading his fingers into Jimin's hair, chest heaving slightly already.

"Can I?" He asks, voice raspy. Jimin moans, eyes fluttering a little, before he looks back up at Jungkook and nods eagerly.

Tightening his grip, Jungkook takes a deep breath. He holds that breath for a while as he braces himself— and then exhales noisily as he moans when he slides the length of his cock right into Jimin's mouth. Jimin hollows his cheeks, sucking around it as he does. He sucks so hard that Jungkook almost has trouble pulling his hips back, only to fuck it all right back into him. Jimin chokes slightly, but he moans again and Jungkook knows he's enjoying this just as much as him.

He sets a steady rhythm from there, Jimin's hands gripping at his thighs as he fucks harder and harder into his mouth. It doesn't take long for Jungkook to feel the knot in his tummy tightening, his whole body going taut.

"You're so — s-so fuckin' beautiful, fuck," he moans, fingers subconsciously tightening in Jimin's hair when he fucks his cock in hard enough for the tip to press against the back of his throat, Jimin gagging around it but still keeping his cheeks hollowed as he swallows enthusiastically.

The squeeze around his cockhead and the suction along the length of his cock is enough to send Jungkook over the edge. He only just manages to pull out as he does, the first few spurts of his cum landing across Jimin's swollen lips. Jimin lets his tongue loll out by the next few spurts, catching them on his tongue as he stares up at Jungkook with red, glossy eyes and wet lashes.

Jungkook barely gives him a chance to slide his tongue back into his mouth to swallow when he squats down so he's at eye-level with him, licking up his own cum against his lips before slipping his tongue into his mouth. They both moan in sync, Jimin fisting his hands into the fabric of his shirt to pull him closer whilst Jungkook cups his face in both of his hands.

"Namjoon... will kill us," Jimin whispers after they've pulled away, their foreheads resting against one another's.

"Ah, fuck," Jungkook groans, ignoring Jimin's giggles as he looks over at the bonnet of the car — now covered in Jimin's cum.

Soundlessly, Jimin hops up to his feet. He doesn't bother pulling his boxers and jeans back up, instead pulling his shirt off and scrunching it up into a ball to wipe at his soft cock at. He hisses and whines quietly through it, but then he's pulling both boxers and jeans back up. Jungkook gets to his own feet as he watches Jimin wipe down Namjoon's car with that very same shirt in nothing but his bralette. It's honestly not all that sexy, but he still twitches slightly as he tucks himself back in too.

"All done!" Jimin exclaims, voice chirpy, turning around to face Jungkook with a grin. His nipples are hard under the red lace of his bralette, and Jungkook has trouble keeping himself from pinning Jimin to the car again and absolutely ravaging him. Instead, he shrugs off his jacket and stumbles over to place it around Jimin. Jimin snuggles up into it, pressing his nose against the collar and smiling softly.

"It's getting late," Jungkook says, checking his wristwatch. Jimin scoffs.

"It is late. Let's go."

And then Jimin's shoving the dirty shirt into his hand and turning on his heels. Jungkook can't even bring himself to be mad — not even when Jimin falls asleep during the ride home, leaving Jungkook to carry him back to their dorm room.









Sometimes, Jungkook just likes to watch.

There's something so incredibly satisfying about watching Jimin come undone under several pairs of hands. And maybe a Jungkook's a little masochistic, because there's no denying the sparks of jealousy running through him — especially when all that seems to do is fuel the lust in his veins.

Jimin's lying on his back across Seokjin's bed, head hanging off the side of to allow Seokjin to fuck into his throat whilst Namjoon plays with his hole. Yoongi's been playing with his nipples, too, pinching and flicking and sucking them sore.

"Please," Jimin breathes after Seokjin slides his cock out, his thighs twitching as Namjoon sucks lightly at them.

"What's wrong, sweetling?" Seokjin coos, tapping his wet cock against Jimin's cheeks, Jimin's eyes flickering as he does. Jungkook sucks in a breath through his front teeth, the wet slaps of Seokjin's cock against Jimin's soft skin sending a rush of arousal down his spine.

"J-Joonie hyung," Jimin whines out, looking down as Namjoon sits a little higher up, pushing Jimin's legs over his shoulders and shuffling closer until he's face-to-face with Jimin's ass. Jungkook watches as he quirks an eyebrow at Jimin, one corner of his lip tugged up into a smirk. "Touch me."

"Where are your manners, Jiminie?" Seokjin tuts, using the hold he has on the base of his cock to swipe the tip against Jimin's swollen lips.

"Joo-Joonie hyung, please touch me. I've been good so... just please," Jimin huffs, squirming slightly.

"Good boys don't whine and throw tantrums over not getting what they want." Yoongi lifts his head up from where he was licking over a nipple, staring at Jimin with an unimpressed expression. Jungkook smiles as Jimin puffs his cheeks out — so not used to not getting what he wants instantly.

"I'm a good boy," he mutters angrily only to wince when Yoongi uses his thumbs and forefingers to pinch down on his nipples and twist them slightly, his back bowing off the bed

"It's such a shame. Your mouth is so pretty and yet you use it to be rude?" Seokjin sighs, not giving Jimin a chance to reply as he slips his cock back into his mouth, pushing until Jimin's gargling around it and the bulge of his cock is visible in his throat. Jungkook barely swallows back his moan, rubbing a hand down his twitching cock over the fabric of his sweatpants at the visuals and at the sounds.

Despite their teasing, what Jimin wants, Jimin gets, because Namjoon's parting his cheeks and licking over his hole in the next second. Jimin whines as best as he can around his mouthful, squirming slightly only to slump back down to a still when Yoongi pinches harshly at the nipple he's not currently sucking on.

It's hard keeping up. Yoongi's sucking noisily on his nipples, the areoles flushing an intense shade of pink, Namjoon's moaning and groaning as he eats Jimin out enthusiastically and Soekjin's properly fucking Jimin's throat now with quick thrusts. Jungkook's only just focusing in on Namjoon when Seokjin pulls out, making Jimin gasp sharply, and then Jungkook's groaning out loud at the sight of his blushed cheeks and dazed eyes, drool leaking from the corner of his lips and tears falling down the side of his face.

"Good boy." Seokjin holds his jaw in his hands, swiping his thumbs against his cheeks. Jimin whines, tilting his head to press his cheek harder against Soekjin's warm palm.

"He's so tight," Namjoon speaks up from between Jimin's legs, now working a finger, slick with saliva, into him. "You haven't been fucking this boy right, Kook." He grins, eyes trained on Jungkook's as he licks over Jimin's rim.

"Fuck off." Jungkook huffs, small smile tugging at his lips only for it to falter when Jimin suddenly starts twitching bodily, convulsing a little. He's trailing a hand down to grab at Yoongi's hair, his thighs clenching around Namjoon's head and his mouth opening and closing repeatedly.

He comes with a shriek, eyes squeezing shut and body thrashing slightly. Yoongi lifts his head up from his chest, eyes wide in amazement as he observes his face. Namjoon and Seokjin too seem to be in shock, watching on in silence as Jimin comes all across his own abdomen and chest.

"Fuck," Jimin breathes once he's calmed down, body going lax, cum glistening away across his chest, a few spurts on the underside of his chin.

"Bloody hell," Yoongi murmurs, looking at Jungkook like he'll have the answer to some unspoken question.

"You safe to keep going, baby?" Jungkook asks instead, gripping at his cock over his sweats and grinding his hips up slightly into his own touch. He knows that if he were to bring his cock out and stroke at it right now, he would come within seconds.

"Y-yeah," Jimin mutters, licking his lips and then parting them, eyes expectant as he looks up at Seokjin.

Seokjin pushes back in with a groan, prompting Namjoon to slip two fingers into him and Yoongi to get to work on his nipples again. Jungkook decides to fuck it, reaching into his sweats and pulling his cock out. He's already wet, precum beading at the tip which he spreads around the head and then uses to make the skin-on-skin contact less dry.

Barely half a minute in, Yoongi's switching his attention from Jimin's nipples to his dick, lying soft against his pubis. Grinning, he reaches down and circles his fist around it. Jimin's reaction is instantaneous — letting out a garbled whine, thighs once again tightening around Namjoon's head and body turning to one side slightly as if to get away from Yoongi's touch. Seokjin pulls out with a wet sound, his chest heaving.

"No — hnnh," Jimin whimpers, tilting his head up to watch as Yoongi milks at his cock slightly, the entire thing engulfed in his hand. "Yoonie hyung, I-I'm sensitive."

"You can take it," Yoongi states, emotion absent in both his voice and in his eyes as he fixes him with a stare.

"No, no no no," Jimin whines, letting his head loll backwards again when Yoongi starts fucking his hand up and down his cock, stroking him to hardness. Namjoon's pressing a third finger into him, curling them upwards slightly, when Jimin suddenly jolts and cries out, one leg bending and coming down to press against his chest. Jungkook moans, fisting a little faster at his cock. "O-oh, my god."

"Baby takes it so well," Seokjin coos, now stroking at his own cock. His other hand goes down to slip his thumb into Jimin's mouth, Awwing when Jimin instantly closes his lips around it and suckles.

"Think he can take both me and you, hyung?" Namjoon asks, voice gruff, looking up at Seokjin. "Wanna stretch this baby right out."

"Is that okay with you, baby?" Seokjin asks, voice soft and sweet. Jimin whimpers again, eyes wide as he stares up. Even with his mouth so preoccupied, he still manages to pout. Seokjin slips his thumb out with a laugh. "What's that, sweetheart?"

"You have t-to — have to go slow, okay?" He huffs, trying to sound assertive but there's a shake in his voice. Seokjin smiles, squatting down to press a kiss to his lips.

"Of course, sweetling."

Namjoon slips his fingers out just as Yoongi lets go of his cock, and then all three of them help turn him onto his front gently with his ass now directly in Jungkook's line of sight, propped up onto his knees. Seokjin settles himself on one side of his hip, squirting lube out over all four of his fingers whilst Namjoon settles on the other side and holds his ass cheeks out for him. Jungkook gasps at the sight of his hole, wet and clenched up around nothing.

Meanwhile, Yoongi crawls up to Jimin's face. He uses a hold on his hair to lift his head up, Jimin rushing to push himself up onto his palms with a pule, and then sits up on his own knees to drag the head of his cock along Jimin's lips.

"That's it," he groans as Jimin opens his mouth and licks across his slit, maintaining eye contact with him all the while. "Suck," he mumbles, and Jimin instantly does so, closing his lips around the head and laving his tongue over the tip.

With how they're situated now, Jungkook's got no choice but to focus all of his attention onto the sight of one of Seokjin's long, thick fingers sliding into Jimin. He has to stop stroking himself in fear of coming too soon when Jimin instantly unclenches around it only to clench again, no doubt trying to suck it in further.

"Shit," Seokjin groans, placing his free hand atop one of Namjoon's to spread him out even wider.

Just as Yoongi starts fucking up into Jimin's mouth with his hands secured around the back of his head, Seokjin pulls his finger out and rubs two up and down the crevice, having Jimin push back against his touch with a pitiful whine before he buries the both of them into his hole. Jungkook scratches his nails down the arms of his chair to fight from touching himself.

"He's chubbing up again," Namjoon murmurs, watching Jimin's cock twitch back to hardness from the stimulation he's receiving on either ends. He has the decency to whimper in embarrassment, thighs clenching and squeezing in on themselves ever so slightly. Seokjin tuts, slips his fingers out of him and then smacks across his thigh. Jungkook almost whines himself at the sight of his thigh jiggling from the force of it, the tanned skin of it blooming a tender pink in the shape of Seokjin's fingers already.

"Stay still," Seokjin hisses over Jimin's responding mewl, this time only rubbing over his hole briefly shortly before fucking three fingers right into him.

Jungkook groans at the sight of Jimin's rim stretched around and swallowing down Seokjin's fingers, cock throbbing against his thigh. Unable to hold back any longer, he fists at it once again, stroking slowly despite the need to just fuck up into his fist until he's coming all over himself to the sounds of Jimin moaning and whining and whimpering around Yoongi's cock and the sight of him fucking back desperately against Seokjin's fingers.

"Fuck, yes," Yoongi breathes, voice scratchy and head thrown back, the sounds of his cock hitting the back of Jimin's throat wet and loud. "Su-such a good boy."

"Gonna give you four okay?" Seokjin says, smoothing his other hand down Jimin's back.

Jimin slides off Yoongi's cock with a lewd sound, taking a moment to pant before looking over his shoulder. "Yeah," he practically whines, biting down on his bottom lip when he flickers his eyes down to the sight of Seokjin's fingers buried deep inside him. "I can — can take anything."

Yoongi groans at that, turning Jimin's head back towards him with a finger on his jaw and then instantly getting to work fucking his cock back up into his mouth. Namjoon curses under his breath, letting go of one of Jimin's cheeks to wrap his hand around his cock instead, thumbing at the slit.

Seokjin slips his fingers out until just the tips are nestled inside Jimin and then picks up the bottle of lube again. He squirts directly over Jimin's hole, making him break out into a shudder. — and then he fucks back into Jimin, now with four fingers, with a loud squelch. Jungkook's breath hitches at that, watching Jimin's cock twitch and leak a line of precum down to the sheets. Namjoon's fully fucking up into his fist at this point, grunting quietly.

"Good boy. Taking it so well, aren't you, my sweetling?" Seokjin coos, fingers curling up inside of Jimin and massaging at his prostate on the process. Jimin mewls, the arch of his spine deepening as he squirms lightly.

This time round, Seokjin doesn't spend long fucking him open on his fingers. He twists them around inside Jimin a few times to ensure he's stretched out well, and then he's slipping them out, lube dripping from his hole all the way down to his perineum. Seokjin and Jungkook groan, Namjoon whispering a Fuck under his breath whilst Jimin lets out what Jungkook can only describe as a sob — something wet and desperate, almost sounding pained.

Seokjin crawls away a little from Jimin, giving Namjoon enough space to situate himself between Jimin's thighs where he slides on a condom and lubes his cock up. Jungkook huffs at having lost his sight of Jimin, holding his cock by the base and squeezing. He guesses Namjoon's teasing at Jimin's hole with his cock, because Jimin's letting out a plaintive sound around Yoongi's cock and pushing backwards. Namjoon laughs, and then fucks the entirety of his cock into Jimin with one push. Jimin moans, the sound elongated and whiny, hands curling into fists where he's holding onto the bedsheets.

"Still so fuckin' tight," Namjoon groans, grabbing a hold of Jimin by the hips.

With his entire cock still nestled deep inside Jimin, he pushes himself up onto his feet, spreading his legs out until he's in a frog-like squat. His cock pushes up against Jimin's rim, and Jungkook bucks up into his hand with a moan as it comes back into his line of sight, stretched to accommodate Namjoon's girth.

Seokjin's back at his side, lubing up his fingers once again and then pressing down at the bottom of Jimin's rim. Jungkook watches it gape slightly, cock twitching in his hand, before Seokjin pushes that single finger into him alongside Namjoon's cock.

"Oh!" Jimin moans over the sound of Yoongi jacking off, wet palm squelching against wet cock.

"You good, baby?" Namjoon pants, thighs quivering slightly from having to keep himself up whilst Seokjin stretches him out even wider.

"Good, 'm good — s-so good," he whines, falling to his forearms and pushing his ass up that much higher.

Seokjin laughs, twisting and turning that single finger in him for a short while before retracting and then carefully adding two. Jimin's pushed himself back up to suckle on the head of Yoongi's cock whilst Yoongi's hand continues to work up and down the shaft, whimpering around the tip at the added stretch.

Seokjin works carefully but diligently, and soon enough he's fucking four fingers in and out of Jimin under Namjoon's cock. Lube trickles down to his wrist and Jimin's perineum, dripping to the bedsheets.

"Gonna put it in now, yeah?" Seokjin asks, voice coming out deeper than usual. He spreads his fingers out inside Jimin one last time before sliding them all out, instantly reaching for a condom and ripping it open with his teeth.

"Yes, please," Jimin lisps, gasping slightly.

Jungkook watches on as Seokjin shuffles over until he's on his knees between Jimin's outspread thighs, huffing once again at Jimin being out of sight. Instead, he lets his head loll back, bringing his hand up to his mouth to lick at the palm before wrapping it around his cock again. The sounds of Jimin's wanton whimpers and whines seem to be even louder now that his eyes are closed, increasing in pitch as Seokjin carefully slides into him.

It's clear he's all the way in when Namjoon and Seokjin moan in unison. Jungkook grunts to himself, blinking his eyes open again even though all he can see is legs and Seokjin's broad back.

"Oh, god," Jimin breathes — and Jungkook just snaps.

He slides off his sweatpants first, kicking them to the side before tugging his shirt off too. Once he's bare, he makes his way to the side of the bed, climbing on and groaning at the sight of Jimin sheathed on two cocks, Yoongi jerking off right in front of his face as he drools helplessly.

"You good, angel?" He asks, forgetting about his cock in favour of crawling a little further towards him, smoothing a hand down his back and then up again. Jimin turns his head to the side, swallowing thickly as he looks right back into Jungkook's eyes.

"I-I'm — Jungkook," he whines, his little fists clenching and unclenching in the sheets. "S-so full."

"Want me t-to pull out, baby?" Namjoon asks, panting between his words. Jungkook looks up to see both Seokjin and Namjoon's chests heaving, a light sheen of sweat covering them from head to toe. "I can pull out if – i-if it's too much."

"No, god, just — j-just wait."

"You're so good, baby. So fuckin' tight for me 'nd Joon," Seokjin groans, hands trailing up and down Jimin's thighs as he waits.

Jungkook watches as Jimin's eyes flutter shut, hand once again working up and down his cock. Jimin's eyes snap open suddenly, his line of sight instantly trained on Jungkook's cock as he lets out a low moan. It does wonders for Jungkook's ego — even with two cocks in him and one right in his face, the sight of Jungkook's alone is enough to get him whimpering.

"Focus on Yoongi hyung, baby," Jungkook murmurs, raising an eyebrow at him. Jimin huffs, giving him a pouty glare but doing as told. He pushes himself back up into his palms shakily, waits until Yoongi's stopped stroking at his cock to take it all into his mouth, eyes scrunching shut as he deepthroats.

Soon enough, Jimin starts to get impatient. He moans louder around Yoongi's cock, mouth working up and down faster, his asshole clenching sporadically around the cocks inside of him. At one point, in his desperate state, he reaches out for Jungkook's cock too. Jungkook laughs breathily, letting go of his dick so that Jimin can do what he pleases with it. Even when it becomes apparent that he's just simply too gone to do anything more than hold it and give it a firm squeeze from time to time, Jungkook allows it, simply cooing and running his fingers through his damp hair to get it out of his eyes.

He lifts himself off Yoongi's cock with a sharp gasp, looking over his shoulder at Namjoon and Seokjin. "Move, please," he says, voice scratchy and used.

Namjoon's the first one to move, his grip on Jimin's hips tightening as he lifts his hips up slightly only by a few inches before sliding back down.

"Shit," Jungkook gasps under his breath over the sounds of moans and groans. It's hard to tell who is making what sound, everything becoming one.

Unable to wait any longer, Jungkook wraps a hand over Jimin's where he's holding his cock by the base, using it to guide it up and down firmly around him. Jimin's staring up at Yoongi with dazed eyes whilst he tongues into his slit, body jolting and mewling loudly as Namjoon starts fucking him properly, setting a steady rhythm.

Seokjin's only just starting to move alongside Namjoon, pulling out just as he pushes in, fucking Jimin in a mismatched rhythm, when Yoongi seizes up and then comes right on Jimin's tongue with a groan.

"Fuck, shit," he rasps through gritted teeth, Jimin closing his lips around the head while he swallows. His hand tightens around Jungkook's cock when Jungkook twitches, his eyes slipping shut as he moans.

Yoongi runs his fingers through Jimin's hair a few times, swipes a thumb over his cheek and then backs away to rest against the headboard, still trying to level his breathing. Jungkook instantly shuffles over to take Yoongi's place, breath hitching in his throat at the view he has from here. Seokjin and Namjoon are properly fucking him now in their mismatched rhythm, and Jimin's jolting and letting out a minuscule whimper on each thrust. He rests his forehead against Jungkook's thigh for a bit before placing his chin on it instead, looking up at him with big wet eyes, lips parted as drool runs down his chin.

"You're so good, baby. So fucking perfect, angel. Look how good you're making Jinie and Joonie hyung feel. Such a good boy for them, letting them use your perfect little hole," Jungkook coos, running his thumbs down the sides of Jimin's face. Jimin mewls, turns his head to one side to take the thumb into his mouth, staring up at Jungkook all the while.

"Sh-shit, I'm — fuck," Namjoon grunts, pulling Jimin's hips up a little higher and slamming into him a little harder. Jimin's whole body jumps with the force of it, Seokjin now sitting still inside him as Namjoon becomes more and more frantic, desperate in his chase for release. "Gonna c-come, fuck."

When Namjoon comes, he does so with a groan, head tipping back and mouth falling open. He's relatively silent, only letting out a few small grunts, but Jimin's moans are enough to fill in for the both of them. He stays in the position he's in for a while, before he slips his soft cock out, wincing slightly. Instead of leaving instantly, he sits beside Jimin, leaning in to kiss down the length of his spine and murmuring a raspy Thank you at the small of his back. Jimin lets go of Jungkook's thumb to rest his cheek against his thigh, smiling softly at Namjoon in response.

"Can you take Seokjin hyung, baby?" Jungkook asks softly, lightly running his fingertips up and down Jimin's arm. Seokjin's waiting patiently, smiling gently at Jimin as he massages his hips.

"'M not gonna break. C'mon, jus' fuck me," he says through slurred words and a slight lisp, a cheeky smile tugging at his lips as he looks over his shoulder and gyrates his hips backwards.

And Seokjin does. He crawls a little closer, tightens his grip on Jimin's hip, and then pistons in and out of him — his pace fast and unrelenting from the get go. Jimin's eyes squeeze shut, his nose scrunched up and mouth open and yet he's not making a single sound. The cockiness he was showing earlier seems to have diffused instantly, Seokjin having fucked it right out of him from the first thrust.

"Oh, my god," he eventually squeaks out, sounding breathless — like the words are being pounded out of him.

"Take it s-so fuckin' good, shit. Gon-gonna come," Seokjin groans, pulling Jimin back against him to meet his thrusts, fucking him deeper — harder.

Right before he comes, he pulls out and hastily rips his condom off. Jimin whines out at being empty, his hole gaping. Seokjin tugs at his cock a handful of times, sitting up on his knees, and then he's coming all across Jimin's back with a deep, guttural groan.

"Fuck," Jungkook breathes, one hand sneaking up from where he was cradling Jimin's face to grip at his cock again. Jimin doesn't even wait until Seokjin's stopped coming before he's looking up at Jungkook once more, his eyes barely open.

"I wanna come," he whimpers, voice small and sad. "Fill me up, please."

Jungkook curses under his breath, reaching for somebody's shirt thrown across the bedroom floor and using it to quickly wipe Jimin down. He flips him over onto his front when that's done, crawling between his outspread legs.

"You sure you can take me, baby?" He asks, ignoring everything in him telling him to just push into his lover and fuck him until the both of them are sated. Jimin looks an absolute wreck, face a mess of both dry and wet tears, drool, sweat. His lips are swollen, a bright shade of red, the skin around them irritated and his eyes lidded. His legs fall open easily, arms limp on either side of him. Yet still-

"I want it. I want you," he whinges, back bowing off the bed in desperation.

Jungkook shushes him gently, placing his hands on the sides of his knees to push his legs out even wider and lift his lower-back up off the mattress before easing his cock into him. He keeps his eyes trained on the sight of himself sinking into Jimin's hole — the rim of it red, stretched out beyond belief — as he does, the both of them moaning out. Despite how open he is, Jimin's still warm and wet and tight inside — and Jungkook has to just sit in him for a while, calm his racing heart when it picks up pace as if preparing him for an orgasm he can't be having so early on.

"Please," Jimin murmurs, cock twitching against his pubis. Jungkook shushes him again, letting go of one knee to hold Jimin's cock in his hand. Jimin whines out instantly, twitching again when Jungkook swipes his thumb over the head and squeezes the shaft. "Please, fuck me, come on."

Jungkook pulls his hips back slowly, only to slam back in hard. He lets go of Jimin's knee and cock in favour of holding onto his waist when he moves up the bed slightly, Jimin's legs instantly wrapping around his waist.

"Gonna come inside you," Jungkook says between pants, holding Jimin down as he fucks him with fast, rough snaps of his hips. "M-mark you up. All mine; all fu-fuckin' mine."

Jimin's sobbing again, head thrown back and bottom lip sucked into his mouth. He's got one hand playing with his dick, the other teasing at a nipple, and he's so gone that he doesn't even realise how loud he's being. His bottom lip slips out of his mouth shiny and blood-red, and Jungkook leans in with a groan to bite down onto it with his own teeth, letting Jimin moan into his mouth.

Jimin comes first, shrieking and convulsing when Jungkook places one of his own hands over the one weakly stroking at his cock, tightening his grip around it and jerking at it in tandem with the movements of his hips until he's spilling hot white all over his tummy and chest. The shock of the orgasm and the force of it has his toes curling, his whole body still twitching even when Jungkook lets go of his cock, aftershocks running like bursts of electricity through him.

Jungkook sits up with a groan, hands moving down to the tops of Jimin's thighs. He holds him in place as he fucks into his limp body with the same force as before, ignoring the aching of his hips in his desperation for release.

"Fuck, Jimin-"

"Fill me up," Jimin mumbles, voice barely there. "Please, come on. Mark — m-mark me up. Want everyone to see your cum tricklin' ou-out of me."

Jungkook moans shakily, fingernails digging into Jimin's skin as he slams into him repeatedly with that very image in mind. It's only when Jimin reaches up and swipes his thumbs over his nipples, flicking at them and then pressing down in circular motions before tugging, does Jungkook's hips still with his cock deep inside of him, body tensing up and releasing a whine as he comes.

"God, fuck," he whispers, blinking his eyes open to see Jimin with his lips pulled into a soft smile and his eyes staring up at him with all the adoration in the world. He smiles back, slumping down onto his forearms to lick into his mouth.

The kiss is only broken when Jungkook registers an awkward cough. He lifts his head up, Jimin also tilting his head back to see Seokjin standing in a robe by his bed, arms crossed over his chest.

"Make out in your own damn room on your own damn bed. I gotta clean all this shit up and then fucking take a shower before I pass out," he whinges, looking a second away from stomping a foot. Jimin giggles, only for the sound to be cut short when Seokjin glares at him. "Next time don't start shit on my bed. I gotta throw the entire bedsheets away!"

"Alright, okay. We're moving," Jungkook murmurs with a roll of his eyes, pushing himself back up onto his knees.

"Wait!" Jimin says, hands flying up to grip Jungkook's biceps. "Don't — don't pull out. Please."

"Gonna feel too empty, baby?" Jungkook teases, watching Jimin's cheeks blush an even darker shade of pink. "Put your arms and legs around me, c'mon," he says, leaning back down for Jimin to wrap his arms around his neck and his legs around his waist. He shuffles back like that until he's on the edge of the bed, letting his legs slide out from under him until they touch the floor before heaving Jimin up, his hands under his thighs. "There we go." He kisses at Jimin's shoulder, Jimin burying his face into his neck and humming happily.

"Love you," Jimin murmurs into Jungkook's neck as he's carried to their ensuite. Jungkook smiles, pressing a kiss to his shoulder again, this time letting it linger.

"I love you more."








Jungkook bought a batch of overpriced fresh roses from the flower shop in town, spent over five minutes gently plucking the petals from them one by one and then spent another couple of minutes scattering them all over his bed. He spent ten minutes lighting up ten cherry scented candles, placing them on any surface he could think of in the room, before turning off the lights and leaving only the lamp on the bedside table on. He stole Yoongi's Bluetooth stereos from his room, spent fifteen minutes trying to work out how the fucking thing even works and then another five actually getting his phone to connect to it. He's dressed down in a pair of black joggers and a skintight black shirt, but he spritz some of that cologne that always gets Jimin going onto his neck and wrists. He makes sure Lavender and Velvet is on repeat and playing at the perfect volume — loud enough to be heard over moans but not loud enough to overpower said moans — before he slips out of the room and calls for Jimin.

"Hey, baby. Your headache any better?" Jimin says the moment he reaches the top of the stairs, sauntering over to wrap his arms around his neck. Jungkook's hands instantly go down to his waist, a grin pulling at his lips when Jimin leans in until the tip of his nose is pressed against his neck. "Oh, fuck, you smell good."

"Yeah?" Jungkook murmurs, appreciating the baby pink silk vest and matching silk shorts Jimin's got on, his ass cheeks hanging out of it.

"Yeah, fuck," Jimin practically moans, standing on his tiptoes and clinging on tighter to Jungkook, inhaling his scent deeply.

"You smell good too," Jungkook says, hands sliding down to his ass to grope at. And he does — he smells like his coconut body wash and his peach shampoo.

"Does your head still hurt?" Jimin lifts his head up, pouting as he looks into Jungkook's eyes, holding his face in his hands.

"It's all better," Jungkook says, smiling softly as Jimin inspects his face.

"Do you promise?"

"I promise, baby. I got a surprise for you. I been working on it all morning."

"Yeah?" Jimin smiles, quirking a brow.

"Yeah," Jungkook repeats, stroking over Jimin's chin with a thumb, index finger hooked under it as he does. He steps aside to stand behind him, placing his hands over his eyes and leaning in close to whisper, "Close your eyes."

Jimin shivers against him, giggling weakly and gripping onto Jungkook's wrist. "Okay," he says, letting Jungkook push him around.

"Ready?" Jungkook asks, one hand on the door knob and the other covering the both of Jimin's eyes.

"Ready," Jimin replies eagerly, bouncing on his toes in anticipation.

Jungkook swings the door open and drops his hand down to hold Jimin's hip simultaneously, leaning down to hook his chin over his shoulder as he grins at the side of Jimin's face.

Baby lemme love you, I just wanna hold you. We got nothing but the time.

"Baby," Jimin breathes, a smile slowly stretching out across his lips. He places his hands atop Jungkook's arms when he snakes them around his waist.

"I believe I promised you an ass eating in a dimly lit room on a bed full of rose petals with Alina Baraz's Lavender and Velvet playing in the background," Jungkook says right into his ear, voice pitched low enough to have Jimin's skin break out into goosebumps right before he giggles. His body topples forwards, Jungkook's arms around him being the only thing keeping him from falling flat on his face.

"Baby," Jimin says again, turning in Jungkook's hold until they're face-to-face. "You're so cute. All this for me?" He coos, pecking Jungkook's nose.

"Everything for you," Jungkook replies, eyes flittering from Jimin's eyes to his lips. It might just be Jungkook's mind, but they seem to look extra plush, extra pink right now. He licks his own lips at the thought of their softness pressed against him.

"God, you're so cute." Jimin giggles, burying his head in his neck.

"You're cute."

Jimin rolls his eyes, pulling his arms off him to grip at a wrist, tugging him into the bedroom. Jungkook laughs, turning to shut the door behind himself. By the time he turns back around, Jimin's already situated himself on his knees on the bed, hands tucked under his chest and cheek smushed against the pillow.

"Eager much?" Jungkook asks, quirking a brow. He climbs on the bed behind Jimin, licking his lips at the sight of the pretty silk stretched out tight over his fat, perky ass cheeks.

"Yes," Jimin agrees easily, the word lisped and breathless. He wiggles his ass slightly, spreading his knees out wider.

"God, you're so perfect," Jungkook groans, gripping Jimin's ass cheeks, shaking them in his hold.

The first thing he does when he lies down flat on his front, face mere centimetres away from Jimin's ass, is kiss across the stretch marks. Jimin hums, a pleased little sound, practically preening under the attentive attention. Jungkook makes sure he's pecked across each and every mark before the kisses turn open-mouthed, tongue peeking out to swipe across the smooth skin. Jimin sighs, thighs twitching slightly when Jungkook ventures further down, licking along the crease where his cheeks meet his thighs.

He's sucking a second bruise over the swell of an ass cheek when Jimin finally lets out a whine, the first amongst an array of small whimpers and hitches of his breath. Jungkook hums quizzically, switching to the other ass cheek to dig his teeth into the swell and suck a chunk into his mouth.

"Jungkook, stop."

"Hm? You want me to stop?"

"I want you to eat me out," Jimin huffs, feeling needy and ready to strop already.

"And I will." Jungkook grins, slipping his fingers beneath the hem of the silk shorts, admiring the bruise he just left.

"Come on then," Jimin whinges, squirming uncomfortably at the feel of his hard cock sliding along the silk of his shorts when Jungkook dips down to lick up the inside of a thigh.

Jungkook laughs, propping his upper-body up on his elbows to take the shorts into his hands by the waistband, dragging it down slowly over Jimin's ass. Jimin shudders, his toes curling slightly, making Jungkook laugh again.

"So pretty for me. This pretty hole's all mine, right?" Jungkook spreads his ass cheeks out, watching Jimin's hole twitch under the praise and attention.

"All yours, just yours," he moans in agreement, pushing his ass back slightly.

"Hold still for me, baby. Pretty hole deserves to be worshipped," Jungkook murmurs the words right over an ass cheek. Jimin lets out a whimper that makes him smile, before he's darting his tongue out to lick a thin stripe up between his cheeks.

Alina Baraz sings about giving someone the world as Jungkook spreads Jimin out even wider to swirl the tip of his tongue right over Jimin's hole in a messy circle. Jimin lets out a mix of a moan and a hum, the sound breaking when Jungkook uses the flat of his tongue to lick all the way up his perineum to his crack slowly and firmly.

"Sound so pretty," Jungkook murmurs right over his hole, pressing a chaste kiss to it. "Always so, so pretty for me."

"For you — all for you," Jimin whines, trying to push his ass up higher.

Concentrating the tip directly over the pucker, Jungkook flicks his tongue until Jimin unclenches enough to allow him to push it inside. He keeps it rigid, eyes closed as he slides in as much as he possibly can before lifting his head back up only to slide it back down within seconds.

Jimin's whining out, squirming and pressing his hips backwards for more. Jungkook pays it no heed at first, too lost in trying to fuck him as deep and slow as he can on his tongue, but eventually the squirming turns to outright thrashing.

"Baby," he practically growls, his voice deep and guttural. He sits up on his knees, taking each of Jimin's thighs in either hand before yanking at it until Jimin's legs are stretched out behind him, his body lying flat on his front.


"Stay still," Jungkook murmurs, straddling Jimin's legs and leaning back down to spread his cheeks out wide.

This time round, he presses the flat of his tongue right against Jimin's perineum. He holds it there until Jimin lets out a subdued mewl, before he slides upwards, a smile playing at his lips as he licks up slowly between Jimin's cheeks with the broad of his tongue. Jimin's hold unclenches under the pressure of his tongue, and Jungkook decides to indulge him. He flicks his tongue right over it for a while, before slipping it right in, forcing as much of it in as Jimin can possibly take with how tight he is.

"Oh g-god, Jungkook," Jimin stammers, fisting at the bedsheets to keep from pushing back against Jungkook's tongue.

Jungkook smiles, gently lifting his head up until just the tip of his tongue is inside before pushing back down again, repeating until he's fucking Jimin on his tongue steadily. He pulls back only when his neck aches, pressing his lips right over his rim and laving his tongue over the opening repeatedly instead. Jimin stays still for him as he does, no longer pushing back or squirming.

"You're so good for me," Jungkook breathes against his crevice, making Jimin clench up and shiver. He sits back on his haunches, hands on Jimin's hips pulling him up until he's on his knees again. "Can you hold yourself open for me, baby?"

Jimin nods, gulping thickly before sliding his hands out from under himself and reaching behind to grip at his ass cheeks. Jungkook coos, calls him a good boy before licking up and down between his cheeks a few times. Jimin whines softly, flinching when Jungkook spits at his rim only to push his tongue back into him. With his hands now free, he loops them around Jimin's thighs to hold his cock in one hand and his balls in the other.

"Oh, fuck — please," Jimin breathes, spreading his legs out as far as they'll go. The waistband of his shorts dig into his thighs, but he barely registers the pain.

Jungkook's fucking his tongue into him each time he strokes his hand upward around his cock, squeezing gently at his balls sporadically. Even when Jimin starts squirming again, bucking up into his hand and then back against his face, his rhythm doesn't falter.

"I want to come," Jimin pules, fingers slipping from where he's holding himself open. Jungkook grunts, ignoring Jimin's whine when he lets go of his cock and balls to swat his hands away from his ass cheeks, spreading him out himself.

"Grind down into the sheets," he grumbles, and Jimin moans instantly at the mere thought.

He lies himself flat on his front again, one leg extended right out while the other is bent at the knee. He waits until Jungkook's tongue is back at his hole before he grinds down into the sheets with one long, hard push of his hips. He moans again, the softness of the sheets against his sensitive dick paired with Jungkook's eager tongue working inside of him already pushing him closer to the edge.

"You gonna come for me, baby boy?" Jungkook asks, voice deep, before sucking at his rim.

"I want to — w-want to come, make me come, Jungkook," Jimin whimpers, hips becoming more frantic.

Jungkook kisses at his rim before leaning back to spit at it. Jimin moans shakily, hole clenching and unclenching in his desperation. It's all rather endearing — the way Jungkook has him losing his mind over the slightest of gestures, like when he sinks a finger into him to stretch him out wider. It has Jimin biting onto the bedsheets, hips twitching when Jungkook curls that single finger up in search of his prostate, slipping his tongue in beneath it.

"Gonna come, I'm — ah, please, oh my g-god," he sobs, fucking back on Jungkook's finger. Jungkook doubles his efforts, pushing his finger in all the way and massaging it against his prostate, sucking on his rim whilst simultaneously darting his tongue in and out of him.

The force of Jimin's orgasm has his whole body going taut, teeth catching on the bedsheets and pulling them with him as he throws his head back, fingers twisting and tugging at the pillow under his head. Alina Baraz sings loud and clear through the room, Jimin being relatively silent in his descent to pleasure. It's unlike him to be so but his breath is completely snatched away, cock dragging across the bedsheets one last time as white sprays out between his body and the sheets.

Jungkook doesn't let up, keeping both his middle finger and his tongue lodged deep inside of Jimin throughout it all. Even when Jimin slumps down with a mewl, whole body heaving as he pants, Jungkook only slips his middle finger out to slide the entirety of his tongue into him, sucking hard with his lips even as Jimin whimpers and tries to move away. The action merely has his soft, sensitive cock dragging along the bedsheets, making him let out a breathy whine. Jungkook only gives it up when Jimin reaches a hand back to cling at his hair, forcefully pulling him away. He laughs at the sight of Jimin looking over his shoulder at him, a tear leaking from the inner-corner of one eye and his cheeks blushed a bright red, lips and chin wet with drool. Jimin lets go of his hair with a whine, hiding his face in the pillow.

"Hey, don't get all coy on me." Jungkook laughs, sitting up to push Jimin onto his back on the clean side of his bed, wiping at the saliva smeared across his own chin.

"'M a mess. Stop staring," Jimin whines, hands flying up to cover his face. Jungkook huffs, clambering up Jimin's body until his knees bracket Jimin's hips, leaning down to pull his hands away from his face. There's a petal stuck to his cheek, damp with saliva, and Jungkook can't help but laugh again as he plucks it off. Jimin's blushes even harder, hands struggling in the hold Jungkook's got on them. "Stop."

"Nope," Jungkook coos, kissing the tip of Jimin's nose and then his Cupid's bow. "You're so fucking cute."

Jimin opens his mouth, ready to argue, but Jungkook's faster than he is. Tongues meet, lips sliding and moans mingling. It's a deep kiss — one that makes Jimin forget whatever he was about to say, mind drifting to some hazy place. Somewhere along the way, Jungkook grinds his still hard cock down against Jimin's thigh, moaning as Jimin gasps.

"You're — Jungkook, you're so hard," Jimin whispers against his lips, whimpering a little when Jungkook gyrates his cock down into his thigh. "Fuck, wait, lemme-"

"Suck me off," Jungkook groans, sucking Jimin's bottom lip into his mouth one last time before sitting up to shed his shirt.

"Wait, I wanna-" Jimin huffs, sitting up on his ass and then sliding his legs out from under Jungkook. His vest is clinging to the sweat on his back, and he pulls it off along with his shorts just as Jungkook throws his own shirt to the side. Before Jungkook can make a grab for him, he's sliding off the bed and placing himself on his knees.

"Fuck, baby," Jungkook groans, not even bothering to kick his joggers off too as he sits himself on the edge of the bed, legs spread out wide so that Jimin is situated perfectly between them.

"You're so good to me, baby," Jimin breathes, sliding his hands up the length of Jungkook's legs, to the insides of his thighs. "Ate me out so good. Always treat me so well, don't you?" He practically moans, staring up into Jungkook's eyes whilst playing with the waistband of his pants.

"Yes — yes, I love spoiling you," Jungkook nods eagerly, lifting his ass up when Jimin tugs the waistband down until his cock springs out.

"You do, don't you?" Jimin smiles, shuffling a little closer to the edge of the bed to take Jungkook's cock into his hand by the base. "My baby's so sweet," he mutters right before dipping down to drag the tip of his tongue up he underside of Jungkook's cock. Jungkook moans weakly, nodding again in agreement.

"Yes, fuck, please-"

"I love you, baby," Jimin says, kissing at the tip before taking it into his mouth, licking around the sensitive head a few times before pushing his lips further down. He only reaches halfway down the length of it when he lifts his head back up, not giving Jungkook a chance to complain as he leans back in and places chaste kisses from the base to the tip. Jungkook moans, fingers twisting in the hold he's got on the bedsheets. "This pretty cock's all mine, yeah?" Jimin murmurs as he places kisses down the other side, from tip to base, staring up at Jungkook with expectant eyes as he does.

"Yes, all yours. All for you, baby," he breathes, voice hoarse with want. Jimin hums, small smile playing at his lips, before holding Jungkook's cock up and sinking his lips back down around it. "Oh — oh, my god," Jungkook gasps, head throwing tipping back as Jimin takes him into his throat, his lips around the base.

It doesn't take long for Jimin to start moaning, bopping his head back and forth to fuck his mouth down around Jungkook's length. Each time he pushes forwards, he makes sure Jungkook's cockhead hits the back of his throat, choking around it a little before lifting himself back up. He's placed his hands on Jungkook's thighs, eyes scrunched shut and brows furrowed. Jungkook is squirming under him, and Jimin sees his knuckles white with the force he's using to clench his hands into fists when he opens his eyes. Pushing himself down hard, swallowing around the head, Jimin reaches out for one of those hands to place them on his head before pulling back up, holding Jungkook's cock in his free hand and gasping for breath.

"Hold me still and fuck my mouth," he mumbles, lips moving against the tip. Jungkook moans, nodding and grabbing a hold of a handful of hair.

"Please," Jungkook rasps, watching with lidded eyes as Jimin circles his tongue around the tip a few times, before he giggles and moves both of his hands back to his thighs. He waits until Jimin's got the head in his mouth, looking through his lashes up at him, before pulling Jimin down by the hair at the same time that he snaps his hips up.

It's hard to tell who makes which sound, the both of them moaning and groaning as Jungkook's cock slides right into Jimin's mouth, the head slipping down his throat. Soon, Jungkook's other hand joins the one already buried in Jimin's hair, using both to hold Jimin in the perfect position to fuck his cock in and out of his mouth with quick, borderline brutal snaps of his hips.

"Yes, fu-fuck — so g-good, so fucking good," Jungkook grunts, staring down at Jimin's teary eyes.

He comes on Jimin's face, pulling his cock out and circling his hand around it to guide the spurts across the bridge of his nose, cheeks, lips, chin — everywhere. Jimin keeps his mouth open through it, eyes shut and flinching a little each time a new spurt lands on his face.

"Baby. Oh, fuck," Jungkook whimpers, rubbing his cockhead against Jimin's tongue as it starts to soften. Jimin hums, finally opening his eyes as he closes his lips around what Jungkook's offering him, tongue swiping against the slit to lick up any stray droplets of cum. "Shit, you're so beautiful."

"I can't believe you came on my face," Jimin whines as soon as Jungkook slips his cock out from between his lips, pouting as he crawls to the bedside table and snatches up a few strips of tissue from the tissue box. Jungkook laughs weakly, leaning back on his palms, still feeling blissed out from his orgasm.

"I deserved that," he says, reaching over to click pause just as Lavender and Velvet starts over again. Jimin glares at him from where he's wiping at his face, chucking a rolled up ball of dirty tissue when Jungkook just laughs. "Hey!"

"You're a dickhead," Jimin huffs, but he's smiling. Jungkook just grins lazily, tucking himself back into his joggers and then slumping down onto his side. "You're not even gonna shower? Gross."

"Come lie with me." Jungkook pouts in response, shuffling over as much as he can so that there's enough room for Jimin to lie in his arms without him touching the mess of Jimin's cum on the other half of the bed.

Jimin rolls his eyes, but he's scrambling up to his feet, tucking himself against Jungkook so that his back is touching his chest. Humming happily, Jungkook circles one arm around his waist, bringing him even closer and placing his chin on his shoulder.

Jimin's playing with the swirls of ink across his arms, the both of them slowly slipping into unconsciousness.

"Baby," Jimin murmurs, voice scratchy. Jungkook presses a kiss to the jut of his jaw. "I love you."

Jungkook smiles, burying his head into Jimin's neck to inhale his scent. "I love you more."