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Let me tell you how the Sun makes me Sing

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July 23, 2027

The dark violet almost black Jaguar F–Type R coupe comes to a slow and silent stop as the driver pulls into one of the few parking spots left. Getting out, the driver walks around to the passenger’s side and with one hand grabs a large weaved tote and with the other a small cooler. Using his hip to shut the door he locks it and starts walking towards the joyous indistinct chatter of beach goers and the pleasant smell of the ocean.  



The soon-to-be astronaut runs up and gives him a tight hug that Klavier tries to return, but is impossible. No one can outmatch a Terran hug.

“It’s great to see you again, I haven’t seen you in person since the wedding. How’s it been? Not too stressful, right?” Clay’s words take off as he throws an arm around Klavier’s shoulder and steers him towards the volleyball nets. 

Klavier smiles as he listens to Clay’s chatter. Klavier remembers when he first met the other alpha and how he wasn’t used to how fast both Clay’s mind and mouth could work. He would spend most of his time with Clay trying not to laugh and nodding yes or no based on the tone of his voice instead of the content of his words.

“It’s always a pleasure to see a partner-in-crime. But, nein, work has been work and thankfully my services as an international prosecutor were only called on once since you last saw me. Besides that, I have been enjoying life.”

“Would one of those enjoyments be a new album, hmm?” Clay stops and asks not at all seriously. He even goes so far as to raise his eyebrows a couple times before he starts to look around like a horrible spy for anyone listening in.

“Perhaps?” Klavier replies with an air of mystery, only for the moment to break as he starts to laugh, “Remember, you will be the first to know Herr Viz. Even if you’re in space.”

Clay immediately takes his arm away and makes aborted punches at the air before throwing up one fist to the sky.

“I go to space in December!” He says in a hushed whisper and turns to look at Klavier with almost literal stars in his eyes, “That’s when its coming out? Oh my stars this is the best, two awesome things in one month, I don’t know how to feel, okay I feel amazing like so amazing, but will Apollo be upset if you serenade me and the crew when I’m in space. No, he won’t, what am I saying, he’ll think it’s so sweet that you did that. Oh! Wait, I’ll be the most despised man ever, maybe you could send me the MP3. You know what, I’ve thought it over and I don’t care. I’ll be in space they can’t touch me!"

Klavier tries so hard not to laugh, but can't as Clay says his entire thought process out loud. Technically, his first solo album was almost ready now he just had to finish up the recording for the last song. But he was told to wait to December because, well the Christmas season means more sells.

“We’ll talk more about it later, ja?”

“Yes sir.”

Clay starts walking pass the nets and towards three beach umbrellas in a line; likely their spot. The umbrellas have smaller swim totes, towels, and flip-flops under them and in between the second and third umbrellas are two large coolers, signs of a sand castle, and two volleyballs for the later game that Clay said was ‘definitely happening’. The closest umbrella to them was an all-white one with large navy blue spots. The second one was black on top, but from the angle it was placed the underside could be seen showing a collage of flowers. The third one was a few steps away and was a dark navy blue, but under its shade is what Klavier was most excited to see.

They were laying out on a ruby and white towel looking very engaged in the book they were reading, even though you couldn’t tell with the person’s large circle sunglasses on. But Klavier knew. He knew from years of watching the person balance his feet in the air and rock them slowly back and forth subconsciously, while his right thumb and pointer finger would slowly rub the page he was about to turn. His usual chestnut color hair had highlights of butterscotch now and the two horn fringes he took so much care of were pinned back with a clip, so nothing could disturb his reading. As he got closer, Klavier could see dots of light speckling the naturally soft tan skin of the reader. Looking to the umbrella, Klavier can see that the underside of it has the constellations designed on it. They were likely made of a see-through material and the result gives the person below a smattering of starlight.

“Like it? It’s from the gift store at the Air and Space Museum in D.C. I thought if you were going to stare I could at least give you an alibi, right.” Clay whispers from his left.

And while he wanted to deny that he would use the time to gaze at Apollo, the avenging angel of the court room and of his heart, he knew it would fall on deaf ears. Even he couldn't deny that he would be very tempted to watch him. Then breaking the spell again, Clay clears his throat and Apollo’s head whips up before over at them. He flips the book upside down and while sliding his red sunglasses up, smiling his wonderful smile at them.

“Klavier! You made it!” Apollo says as he starts to get up from under the large umbrella.

At that moment Klavier is now realizing he probably shouldn’t have come because Apollo getting up from his towel means Apollo's coming towards him. And if he’s coming toward him Klavier will be close enough to touch his skin or see any of the few freckles he’s caught by accident before. The freckles that were more prominent on his shoulders now that it was the summer and Apollo was prone to wearing tanks or cap sleeves shirts when he was out. But right now nothing is obscuring his view.

And then there was the swimshorts. His were so cute; red shorts with navy swirls dotted all over.

Why are omega swimshorts so short?!

Klavier ponders happily and forlornly as he takes in Apollo’s strong legs, a product of him riding his bike whenever he could. Klavier has never been so thankful for having the foresight to wear reflective sunglasses so nobody could see his blatant staring.

“So we didn’t pull you away from anything too important, right?” Apollo asks seriously, crossing his arms and accidentally flexing the muscles that he gets from hauling around his sister's magic equipment.

What’s more important than being in your intellectual and beautiful presence?

“Nothing of the sort. I wanted to finally see this ‘Beach Day’ you and Clay have been telling me about for almost four years.”

“Well right now it’s mostly a normal beach day, but after lunch that’s when the real fun begins.”


“Volleyball!” Clay shouts and jumps up.

“I’ll explain later. Oh! But before I forget, obviously Trucy and Alexander are here, but Athena is too and a family friend as well. Her name is Pearl Fey. You might have seen her at the wedding.”

“Then she’ll be the one with the vaguely familiar face. I’ll make sure to up the charm when she comes around.”

“Don’t or you’ll blind us all.” Apollo replies blandly.

“Well I told Trucy that I’d help her and Pearls learn how to boogie board. So I’ll see ya!” With a clap on the shoulder Clay runs off over to Athena, who has Alex sitting on her shoulders. Her usual side ponytail is in a basket weave braid around her head and she is clad in the brightest yellow bikini he’s ever seen.

“I told her she looks like a traffic deflector.” Apollo laughs following Klavier’s line of sight.

“And she took it as a compliment, ja?”

“Definitely," Apollo says with a shake of his head and a short chuckle before staring intently at him, "But honestly. We didn’t take you from anything, right?”

“I promise Apollo. Plus, it’s practically the weekend. I wouldn’t be doing anything regardless.”

His answer seems to calm Apollo as he takes the smaller cooler from his hand and places it on top of one of the larger ones. As Klavier starts to roll his towel out for some sunbathing he watches as Apollo slides back under the star dotted umbrella.

“But I do have to ask, why so sudden? Even with Clay’s fast-paced mind and spontaneity he still plans in advance for any of his possible adventures. But this one seemed…”

“Hurried.” Apollo supplies.

“Ja. That what I wanted. Why did he call in such a rush this morning?” Klavier says as he lays out on his stomach but turns his head, which is resting on his folded arms, to Apollo.

Apollo turns to him and is now appreciatively and woefully lounging like a swimsuit model, “Well it’s still two months after the wedding, my parents are always ridiculously in love with each other, and my Dad just won his first court case in eight years. One that was for a group that was highly televised and for once the killer whale didn’t do the killing. So the press will be talking a lot about it and possibly the firm which is great, but…” Apollo trails off.

“They’ll be celebrating.” Klavier groans and drops his face into his folded arms.

Though his employer and his husband were attractive and lovely to look at, thoughts of them doing anything more than something G-rated was not okay.

“Exactly, so I told Clay in as few words as I could that my siblings needed a way out from my parents and he said Beach Day. It’s perfect because I told Dad and Father this morning that I would take Trucy, Alexander, and Pearl over the weekend afterwards.”

“Brilliant and caring as always.”

“Flattery won’t get me to go easy on you in court.” Apollo replies as he turns back over and slides his sunglasses down with a smirk.

Will it get me a date?

“Oh, you wound me," Klavier says dramatically as he rolls onto his back and places his hands over his heart, "Not that I would ever want you to be easy, Herr Forehead.”

“Well now I absolutely won’t, per your request. Piano.” Apollo gripes, but the smirk is still gracing his face.

Laughing, Klavier straightens himself on his towel so he’s looking straight up to the sky. After a moment he says, “Read for me, bitte?”

“Sure. But remember no questions ‘til the end of the chapter. ‘The dawn sees the Virgo gathering way out of the harbor, and Herr Riebling settled inside it with eleven other passengers who have preceded him here.’ ”

As Apollo’s soft tenor washes over him like the calm waves of the ocean, all other noises become secondary as Klavier lets Apollo whisk him off to one of his mystical adventures. As he listens about a World War l ragtag brigade tasks with finding a mysterious entity in the Canadian North Klavier thinks back to how a chance encounter got him to this state. A state where he was happier than he had ever been and in love with someone as amazing as Apollo Vasilis Justice.



October 11, 2019

Ha! They won’t look in here.

Turning into a café nestled in between a cluster of shop with an odd entrance he goes for the most secluded booth he can find at a quick glance. He finds one that is blocked by a wall on one side and the other side filled with patrons. He slides in as gracefully as he could so that the other patrons near the booth he choose wouldn’t look in his direction. So smooth in fact that the other occupant didn’t notice him at first either. Klavier only took a quick glance to see that he was occupied as he continued to look out to see if he was followed. Seeing the two men running off from the opposite window Klavier lets out a breath he’s been holding before realizing he had an audience. Knowing he paints quite the suspicious picture he divests himself of some of his disguise to appear more friendly to this obviously skittish omega. As he does he’s able to get a good look at the omega with his dark grey cardigan and bright red polo and his ridiculous chestnut hair, and he has to say he’s a bit impressed. He could tell he hadn’t fully grown into himself, but when he did he would be quite the looker. But surveying the table top, under the guise of his shades, he can see that book work seems to be his only interest now.

But bookish types are always the most fun to play with.

Flashing one of his better paparazzi smiles he watches with some satisfaction when the omega's eyes grow and he starts fidgeting in his seat. But Klavier is a bit saddened it didn't have the desire affect of a smile so he decides to just thank the stranger.

“Ah, danke, dass Sie geschwiegen haben.”

The poor thing looks even more ruffled being spoken too. But he response in very shaky, but almost prefect pronunciation, “Ich weiß es nicht. Ich spreche Englisch.”

Curiouser and curiouser

“I was simply saying thank you for not blowing my cover.”


“Yes. I was trying to outrun some – well it doesn’t matter now.”

“You’re welcome, but if there’s people chasing you shouldn’t you call the police.” The omega questions with concern.

“Nein, it’s just the problems of being in demand.” He says secretly before he tilts his head just right so his very beautiful and blue eyes are seen just over his sunglasses in a playful way.

“Yea, demand.” The omega says dazedly as his cheeks start to dust with pink.

Klavier leans back at the response and quirks an eyebrow, “Do you not know who I am?” He asks, trying not to sound offended.

“No. Should I?”

“You should, but what about you. Who are you?” Placing that ‘small’ matter away Klavier tries to seem more friendly.

“I don’t really need to tell you.” The omega’s face changes from confusion to indignation in a split second as he spits the sentence.

He smirks and raises both eyebrows at his seat mate before looking down at his papers. He knows his look has been followed as a hand shoots into his line of sight, blocking the name. Klavier doesn’t meaning to start laughing, but the reaction as well as the fantastic impression of a tomato that the omega – Apollo is doing is too much. Klavier starts to calm down when the burning scent of anger and dismissal in the form of sugar and vanilla fills their small booth. Realizing that he might have offended Apollo he tries to win him back over so he isn’t booted from the booth too soon and is seen by some unwanted people. Klavier tries to sugar coat some words with his nice scent which does mix nicely with the other's in the air, but seems to anger Apollo more.

“Apollo, oh what a lovely name for an equally adorable omega. I would even say it was fate that we met.”

“Why’s that?” Apollo frowns deeper, unaffected.

“Do you really not know who I am?” He can’t keep the surprise and confusion out of his voice as he asks the question again.

“No and you’re making me think I never want to.”

“Well that’s too bad, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get along. I’ll have you know people just swoon over me. And well, omegas they practically faint at the sight of me.” He says with the sultriest voice he can muster and the best wink in his arsenal trying to change tactics.

“Really?” Apollo says lightly.

“Yes.” Klavier says brightly finally getting on his good side.

“Well let me be the first to not.” Apollo snaps and perfectly shuffles his work and notebook into his bookbag, scent crackling with the scent of fiery fury “Have a great day knothead. I’m sure the rest of your public will find you swoon worthy.”

To say he was surprised was an understatement. He hadn’t meant to ruffle Apollo that bad, he thought it was all in good fun and they were finding some common ground, or at least banter. Standing from the table as he puts his disguise back on he waves to Apollo’s little sister before trying to leave the same way only for the two same men in black suits to slide in front of him blocking his view. Sighing in defeat, as they were much too close for an escape attempt, he follows them to a non-descriptive car. Twenty minutes later it pulls up a drive with trees artfully drooping over it to reveal a large pale white mansion. Klavier rushes in and finds the first housekeeper to ask where either of his parents are and is directed to the main office.

“Mutter? Why is Mama so protective?” Klavier moans dramatically from the lunging couch he’s drapes himself over the moment he walks into his Mutter’s office.

From his vantage point he can tell she hasn’t looked up from her two screens as she types whatever memo or new regulation or the like for the company.

“She is protective because she cares and because her two absurd sons give her reasons too. One more than the other.” She says calmly with only a hint of her frosty smirk and all of her charm.

Johanna Gavin was not someone to mess with. She was ruthlessly determined in working for all her opportunities and took zero nonsense from anyone. She started turning her small family own instrument shop into an instrument company while only in university and then using the pull she had developed over a decade with the music industry she created a fast growing record label as well. She was the definite type-cast of a powerful and ambitious alpha.

“Although do not blame her this time. I sent Javier and John out to retrieve you.”

“What? Why?” He asks as he pulls himself up right.

“I don’t need you showing up ‘fashionably late’ to your own mother’s exhibition.” She says primly.

“I would have made it.” He grumbles and frowns more when he sees her right eyebrow rise higher over her glasses.

He would have made it. He had a relationship with his Mutter, but he had a rapport with his Mama. Irene Gavin née Holmes was the reason he fell in love with music and playing instruments, including his namesake. A fantastic cellist that caught his Mutter’s attention when she went to oversee the opening of the newest branch in London. She was a sharp as a bowstring and as refined and graceful as a harp’s melody. She saw through his Mutter quicker than most of her own family and they developed a relationship so strong that after six months they were engaged and five months later were married.

“I'm sure you would have, if one of the metal items on your person was a watch.” She spares a moment to look at his accessories before looking back to her work.

“I have a phone.” He says to himself, but of course she hears him.

“Which you elect to ignore the time on it, but will know the moment it gives you media updates.”

Klavier choses to abandon this old argument and instead asks how his Mutter's day has been and the timeline for when they'll need to get ready for the exhibition.

"Have you talked to Giege at all this week? I haven't had time to call him." 

"You know he prefers Kristoph now." Klavier says dryly already knowing her answer.

"And you know I named him so his rule is invalid." She replies just as quickly.

Klavier just sighs, "No I haven't heard from him at all. He's probably busy you know. Being a lawyer will do that to you." He says trying to not let his bitterness seep into his words.

"I don't see why you don't go to the courthouse to ask for a case. You're in between recording songs and still need two more for a full album. This might be good for you. Staying jealous is not a productive mindset."

"I'm not jealous." He protests while ignoring his jealousy and anger.

His Mutter looks at him unconvinced, "And how was your little escapade?" Realizing it would be as difficult as tuning a guitar without a tuner to get him to tell her what was really going on she changes the topic.

"Well I meet a teenager who wants to become a lawyer. And he's already going through case files. Quite fiery and on top of that he didn't know who I was. Me!" Thinking back to those gleaming eyes and determination written on Apollo's face, "A very intriguing person indeed. I was thinking of going back to talk to him actually. It might be nice."


To anyone else that sound was that of indifferent approval, but to his well-tuned ears Klavier hears the dismissive tone.

Walking over to stand in front of the desk he ask, "What's wrong."

She stops typing and reaches up to pull her light golden blonde hair over her right shoulder. Leaning back in her chair and folding her hands in her lap her glasses gleam in the afternoon sunlight as she fixes him with a stare that burrows into him. He can tell from that and her posture that this will be a one-sided argument he will not win.

"The problem is that when you find something intriguing that becomes your obsession. And now I have a rockstar prosecutor son." She says plainly.

"I would have thought you would be proud of have such an ambitious son." Trying to defend himself as well as sound as deadpan as she and Kristoph had taught him. But by the sad and pinched look in her amber eyes he knows he's failed.

"I am proud of you. Don't ever think differently. But your focus is a downfall. I just wish sometimes that it had some give to it so you wouldn't completely embroil yourself with the subject or object of your current fascination."

"I wouldn't -" Klavier starts, but cuts himself off the moment his Mutter stands up and somehow towers over him at only 172 cm.

"I know you won't because if this interferes with the plans already set I expect you to stop these visits immediately. I will not ask twice. Understood?” Her eyes narrow as she waits for his answer.

And he already knows he can't say no so he agrees.

“Yes Mutter.”


Messing with Apollo was quite enjoyable because of his quick emotions. It wasn't always anger, but an array of emotions that he wouldn’t have thought he would see so easily. Apollo was definitely in need of a poker face or the prosecution would eat him alive. But for now it was fun to mess with him and get an immediate response. Though talking about responses it did sting a bit to not be recognize and get that fun reaction of someone's eyes growing in realization of meeting a famous person. However, Apollo had all the marks of a bookish omega, not very up on the media culture, but it worked very well for him so Klavier couldn’t fault him for that. And deep down as lovely and amazing the fame was and he did love his fans it was nice to be seen as normal for once, even if it was because of ignorance. But all good things must come to an end and after two weeks of he was sure he had been discovered when Apollo stands up blank faced and impassively asks,

“Are you trying to be my friend or are you just picking on me?”



“Are you trying to be my friend or are you just picking on me?” Apollo stressing the words as he glares at him eye to eye as he stands on the top step of the booth.

Do his eyes seem brighter today?

Klavier briefly thinks before going on the defense,

"I’m not sure what you mean?" Klavier replies and looks down toward the left to see the booth already covered in paperwork.

"Don’t you?" Apollo accuses him, crossing his arms and raising and eyebrow in severe discontent. 

"No. I don't, and I’m certainly not being your friend. I’m the ‘enemy’. Remember." Klavier says slowly.

But Apollo just smirks triumphantly and says,


"What? Got who?" Klavier looks briefly around to see if they we were joined by anyone else.

"When you said 'I'm certainly not being your friend' you played with your bangs, but omitted the part where I asked if you were picking on me, so that’s true –"

"Bangs!" Klavier cuts in aghast at both Apollo's imitation of him as well as referring to his specially style cut as bangs, "I’ll have you know these are perfectly –"

But Apollo keeps on talking like he didn't just insult his hair. 

"And looked to your left which has been proven to be one of ten ways to tell if someone is lying."

Crossing his arms at the smug omega Klavier challenges him, "Oh really? And the others?"

"You're standing very still, you've been trying to stare me down, and you've been defending yourself on other things that we aren't talking about. I.e. your 'bangs'."

Klavier is struck by how fast the words roll off his tongue and how in control he was when laying out his facts. Not only that, but the way he easily pulled him into a dialogue where he felt the desire to prove himself innocent of his lie.

A surprising and interesting tactic. Well done. If you kept pressing I'm sure I would have slipped up somewhere.

"So?" Apollo questions, breaking him out of his internal monologue, as he waits for his answer.

Klavier secedes and bows to his opponent before smiling in what he hopes is a more genuine grin.

"Well I guess yes, I was picking on you, but only because you made it so easy," The look Apollo throws at him has him scrambling for the rest of his answer, "Not that that should be a reason, but I was impressed with what you were doing."


Now it's your turn to be baffled.

"Well it was exciting to see someone else make the decision to be a lawyer so young. but wanting to right the world, bring some good out of chaos since not many things in our world are prefect. You seem the same and it's rare to find kindred spirits," He watches Apollo's face and he looks surprised, but also attentive to what Klavier has to say, "If you want I could continue to help you, but in a more professional manner instead of popping in and disappears after you've solved your case. Plus, I can't do any cases right now so coming here and talking to you would really help me stay on top of my skills too and help yours."

And in honesty I've missed this banter that I haven't had since Themis. Maybe this, just maybe this little bit of exposure will help me get over myself and get me back in the courtroom. 

"Pshh help?" He says unconvinced.

"Well since you asked so nicely," Klavier ignores it and presses on with a smile, "I can offer my services in other homework too. I'm quite good with physics and obviously German."

"I gues – Hey!" 

"Fantastic! I’ll meet you here when?" Klavier ask innocently. But Apollo still looks unimpressed. Before Klavier can ask why he says,

"Tell me your name and we have a deal."

"Klavier Gavin." He whispers just to be safe.

Apollo's eyebrow goes up at his name, likely knowing enough German to be confused by his instrumental name, but with a huff Apollo tells him his schedule.

And just like that he started to worm his way into Apollo’s heart like everyone else. He knew he needed a different approach so after a discussion with Aspen, who punched him in the shoulder for his apparently stupid way of engaging Apollo, he told him that he would need to be more calm in his approach and not so exaggerated. Which he did take minor offense to, but in trying Aspen's way he does get some results. And within two weeks Apollo was texting him back a picture of adorable kittens saying they were the best pets after Klavier had sent him a photo of puppy Vongole. They had a short play argument about pets that seemed to open up one of Apollo's floodgates because after that Apollo would sometimes text him willingly and he was a great conversationalist and his sarcasm was to die for. Once or twice he had laughed out loud in-between recording because of one of his dry humor texts.

And it only got better after an accidental Skype call with one Clay Terran. Apollo had sent him a picture of his make-up physics homework a few Sundays after he agreed to tutor him and Klavier suggested that they use Skype so Klavier could explain it better, but then Clay called in and joined the group because he saw that Apollo was online. Thankful the cold Apollo was getting over made his throat dry so he was coughing as he answered the call. Scratchily telling them he was going to get some water Apollo left Klavier to meet Clay, who very well might be gifted with the ability to talk at the speed of sound. But he can tell Clay knows who he is because he makes the face before whispering his name like a prayer. After that he goes on about Apollo's luck in meeting him, his music, and answering the question Apollo had asked as the whiteboard he took from his Mama's studio had the question on display. At least he's fairly sure that's all that was said. 30:70. When Clay finally slows down Klavier takes that moment to tell him that he didn't want Apollo to know about who he was just yet and that he wanted it to be a surprise for later. Clay agrees and says nothing about it when Apollo comes back, but starts to dramatically lamenting that Apollo had thrown him out as a physics/math tutor for a brighter taller model. They tease Apollo a bit more and Apollo teases them right back until Clay has to sign-off to get some sleep. Apollo sets them up with a group message which Klavier enjoys and cherishes as much as his band's group chat. Both make him laugh and with his friends, new and old, he was able to feel a sense of peace he's hasn't felt about himself in the past months.

But all good things have to come to an end as he experiences when he finds out Apollo is the nephew of Franziska Von Karma and thus the son of Miles Edgeworth who happens to be the mate of Phoenix Wright. Their meeting left him in a bitter funk of anger and annoyingly guilt, which he couldn't understand considering he had done right thing. This had him closing everyone off for a few days. He was even tempted to call Kristoph to tell him what happened, but remembered how upset he got when he called during the week. But he also feels like there was something in the back of his mind telling him it wouldn't be a good thing to tell Kristoph about this development either. 


He really couldn't be trust. But I was so sure. His clients were always innocent. They didn't... He wasn't... I guess Geige was right. If he wasn't he wouldn't have used the page.

Klavier's thoughts swirl viciously through his mind as he walks up to his brother's apartment. He wants to lie to himself, but he can't. He's in too much of a shock from finding out that the amazing attorney Phoenix Wright was a fraud to think about anything else. Herr Wright had so many cases and wins that said otherwise, but Geige knew the truth. Was it because he wanted a win record like the prosecutors or was it a more noble cause like he was trying to prove a point because he was an omega.

But surely he could have proven their skills without cheating the truth? Couldn't he?

But there could always be the most basic. That he wanted the money that comes with being an attorney that can get you out of anything. And just thinking about couples with how he acted in court cement that in his thoughts and made him sick to his stomach. And what did that say about his intuitions to know these things. Maybe he was a fraud of a lawyer as well if he couldn't see the wool being pulled over his eyes.


The door creaks open to show Geige and his normally morose expression.

"Klavier what a surprise. I thought you would be out celebrating your win." He says monotonously as he gestures for him to come in.

Klavier does not feel like a winner when the defendant has disappeared, the other lawyer is a fraud, and the key witness is now under investigation.

"I don't think what happened today counts as a win." Klavier moans as he falls backwards onto the couch and throws an arm over his eyes. He knows from experience that Geige is shaking his head at him in disappointment.

"Then don't. Think of it as a draw 'til it is resolved."

"That's... not a bad idea. Nothing's official. I could theoretically solve it." Klavier says hopeful.

He could look through the case again and add extra starting points, like who was involved with the key witnesses and look over their routines and the witnesses again. Lost in his thoughts he fails to see a grim expression pass over Geige's face.

"Glad to help." His voice interrupts Klavier's thoughts as he looks up. And though it sounds the opposite Klavier sees the small twitch of his lips that means he meant what he said.

"I've been a terrible host," Geige suddenly speaks up as he walks to a hallway, "Do you want something to drink?"

"Water would be nice." And his brother walks down the hallway.

Klavier goes back to his earlier thoughts, but for some reason the successful plans he had before seemed to keep hitting theoretical snags. By the time Geige got back Klavier had talked himself back into his original plan.

"Gei-," The harsh stare has him immediately calling his brother by his middle name, "Kristoph, I thought about what you said, but actually I came here to tell you I'm leaving."

"For where?"

So like him. Straight to the question.

"Home. With everything I think it would be better to focus on my music. I just don't think I want to step in a courtroom again... just yet."

He watches as Geige, Kristoph, studies him before he hands him his glass of water with an actual small smile.

"It's probably for the best. And now you can use those... other skills... for a profitable life since you have told me the progression of the song's life since its conception."

"Yea. Platinum overnight. But I really wanted - it was never for the money. Just the truth." Klavier mumbles before downing the water.

"Sometimes that's how it goes." Kristoph say mysteriously.

Klavier just hums in agreement not wanting to go through another one of Kristoph's logical thought puzzles again. Deciding he had taken up enough of Kristoph's time he gets up and gives him the glass and notices,

"You didn't drink your water."

Kristoph blinks at him confused before looking at the full glass in his hand right hand.

"Oh I saw some smudges on the rim when I got out here. I'll wash it off and get another cup."

Always the perfectionist. But then again who am I to talk.

He watches as Kristoph leaves for the kitchen again to dump out the water, but Klavier swears he hears the sound of something being thrown away after the water has been poured out. But shrugging it off as an affect of the silence apartment Klavier doesn't question him when he comes back out and escort him to the door.

"Hey Kristoph. I just - thank you for listening."

He stares at him before giving him a short nod.

"I believe that is what older brothers do."

Klavier bids him a farewell, but not before he gets to the stairs that Kristoph calls out for him. Standing his doorway he says, "Good luck with your music."

Klavier is so surprised that he acknowledged his other job that all he can do is nod at him before he leaves with thoughts focused on his music and the well wishes from his emotional stunned brother. All thoughts of his blunder in the legal world are ignored. Only the spotlight mattered now.


"I can't believe you haven't told him yet?!" Clay yells at him looking between him and Apollo with frantic energy.

When Daryan physically carried him out of his home studio he didn't know what to expect from his more audacious friend. But the Christmas markets were a nice change of pace compared to his more ridiculous antics. According to Daryan he was moping so much that it was affecting even Reeve on top of everyone else in the band. If his digital forensic analyst was showing a different emotion instead of indifference and that emotion was worry than Klavier really needed a detox. And no one could be disappointed or sad with all the lovely sights and sounds. It got even brighter when Apollo spots him and has, surprise surprise Clay Terran with him as well. After his small fame meltdown about seeing him in person and meeting THE Daryan Crescend and getting their autographs Apollo decides to voice his confusion and concern about Clay's behavior.

"I can't believe he doesn't already know." Daryan says kind of bored. Stuffing his hands in his coat and leans against a store to sits back and watch the impending show.

"Know what?" Apollo asks again looking up at everyone before staring straight at him.

Both Daryan and Clay turn to him with a face that reads 'Well?' and he has nowhere to leave so he gathers up his courage and tells him his secret. 

"Well. Apollo. I'm THE Klavier Gavin."

"...Yea. I'm pretty sure you're the only person named piano in the whole world," Apollo says deliberately and cautiously, "Why are you acting like such an awkward beanpole?" He tries to lighten up the situation because he probably thinks that Klavier had finally gone crazy.

"Oh I like him." Daryan smirks, throwing in his own two-cents.

He spares a frown and a face that say 'You're not helping' before turning back and trying again.

"No. I mean that I'm THE Klavier Gavin. Lead singer and first guitarist for the Gavinners. Band of law enforcement. Making the band The Police's name inadequate. Best platinum hit in the past decade. Three of our songs are in the top ten on the Billboard Hot hundred. Thirteen Years Hard Time for Love, Love with No Chance of Parole, Locked Out of my Locked Up Heart. Anything?" Klavier stresses more and more as Apollo just stares blankly at him, even Daryan looks confused at Apollo.

"Nooo?" Apollo replies looking to Clay.

Clay rolls his eyes so hard that Klavier is concern until he slaps a hand over his face and then he's really concerned because the sound echoes.

"I got this." He sighs before pulling out his phone.

He types in '13 Years Hard Time For Love' but the new acoustic version that had just been posted in light of their first album release, Throwing the Book to You. It gets to chorus before Apollo's expressive eyes shine with acknowledgement.

"Oh that loud stuff."

It's quiet in their small corner before Clay is groaning into his hands and his sea salt scent dims dramatically in shame. Daryan just stares straight at Apollo like he is the oddest thing on the planet, then his bitter coffee scent is rolling off him in glee before he starts to laugh a deep belly laugh and starts sliding down the wall holding him up. Klavier on the other hand,

"Stuff! That is beautifully crafted, hours spent -

"WEEKS!" Daryan wheezes out.

"to create melodious music that at its core is its most raw and glorious! How could you lower it to just 'stuff'?!" Klavier hisses as he angrily makes quote marks at Apollo.

Now both Clay and Daryan are laughing uproariously as Apollo just shrugs and says, "It hurts my ears and I don't like loud sounds."

You are a loud sound!

Klavier closes his eyes and takes several deep breaths before looking at Apollo again. He looks apologetic and Klavier feels more of the disappointment drain out of him at that face.

"I’m sorry. I'm just not that into rock, but the acoustic is really nice. You can even hear the lyrics which actually make much more sense then I thought.”

“Oh well thank you very much for that and I’ll pass that on to Aspen too. He’ll be thrilled to know that you liked the lyrics he worked so hard on.” Daryan says with a smile as he walks over.

“So is that okay?” Apollo offers.

“Yes. I’m sorry too. I just get very defensive about my work,” Klavier apologizes too, “Now we came here to have some fun so what are we waiting around for!”

“Yes! Best vacation ever!” Clay shouts jumping into the air before grabbing Apollo in a tight hug.

They spent the rest of the evening playing some of the games and eating a substantial amount of sweets that will likely give them stomachaches the next morning, but they're living in the now so it doesn't matter. When the fireworks go off around eleven they watch and talk about themselves and everything they were doing, commenting and teasing each other like they had all been friends for years. He had great fun with his best friend meeting his new ones and them all getting along, at least for the most part, but he's sure Apollo and Daryan's personalities won't clash the more time they spend with each other. And even seeing Wright as Clay and Apollo leave to go back to their house doesn't do much to ruin his mood. But he tells himself it was fine and that he would get Herr Wright to admit what he was hiding, which he's still sure is a lie, or to get him to stop lying and tell him the truth.


Waiting for the reply was agonizing, like waiting for your cue in an orchestra set. But finally or more realistically very shortly after he knocks he hears, ‘Come in’ from the other side. Steeling himself he turns the knob and slowly walks in putting himself face to face, once again, with his first and only rival.

Wright looks up from where he’s sketching someone before gently picking up his pencil case and placing the pencils in it and placing it and the closed sketchbook on his bedside table.

“Could you bring him over here, please?” The slight tremble at the end of his voice and the staling scent in the air shakes off most of the anger of seeing Wright off Klavier’s mind.

He’s afraid I won’t give him his pup!

Walking over he places the carrier on the ottoman chest at the end of the bed and gently takes Alex out and hands him over to a now pleasantly smelling and happy parent. Klavier feels sick just thinking about the way Wright thought he wouldn’t give him his son. He may not like the man, but he didn’t hate him. Watching as the omega hums until the baby gives a final yawn before falling asleep he asks his question that has been bothering him since their first encounter.

“What game do you think you’re playing?” He quietly hisses.

Wright looks up at him, but says nothing.

“You talk about implications and fallouts and protecting others but have nothing to show. You never had something to show –”

Klavier cuts off when the scent of ozone and sour vegetation cut through the air like a slap to his face. Slightly stun he quickly pinches his nose and stares at the culprit flabbergasted at the strike, but Herr Wright looks composed as usual. But when he speaks he sound like he’s restraining fury.

“If I never had anything to show why am I so bothered by everything? What would I ever gain by running away if I had the information to clear my name?”

He glares so hard that Klavier looks away from the fire in his eyes and they happen to fall on Alex and he realizes that the person that had pull the strings of their case had some of the best leverage. Having two children and being pregnant would put Herr Wright at a very large and dangerous disadvantage if the person that played their case was cruel enough to stop Wright from trying to fix what had happened.

It would’ve been suicide if he had stayed. Their safety took precedent.

He thinks grimly as he looks at Alex in the baby lounger and then thinks about the smiling face of Trucy or Apollo's quiet laughter.

“Worked it out?” Though it was said without any emotion Wright has a tiny smug smirk on his face.

He deserves to look like that. After all the accusations and grief I've given him. He's allowed this.

"I - I should go." He chokes out as he backs out of the bedroom and closes the door quickly, but not before seeing the twinkle of satisfaction in Wright's eyes.

He walks to the bathroom to see Apollo put on a new shirt and for a split second he wants to tell him what he did, has done, but he can't. Apollo is one of the very very few people outside of the band that sees him normally and he doesn't want to risk that. He knows it can't go on forever, but he wants to enjoy Apollo's company a little longer. So when Klavier see that Apollo is about to turn around he leans against the doorway and schools his face to something more plain.

"Are you free of baby goo now?"

"Clean as a whistle. Come on let's go before we miss it.

"I'm coming. I'm coming."

He can't help the remorseful look he gives the master bedroom one last time before making it down the stairs after Apollo.

After the barely civil interaction he had with Herr Wright he tries to make as little contact with the defense attorney as possible, and by extension Herr Edgeworth. He so wanted to still impress him as Wright gave no indication he told him about their encounters. But now, likely in recompense, the past months he's tried to present a calm collected professional persona to Herr Edgeworth to be taken seriously he does the opposite. He keeps falling over himself and sometimes breaking things, accidentally insult his sister to her face, or most recently Daryan and him attempting an escape from Apollo’s room when they realized they had stayed over too long and his parents would be back soon. He doesn't even want to think about what happened next again as he trudges into his house and up the stairs. And after all this somehow that was the final straw. His Mutter is in France overseeing something so his Mama should be alone in her bedroom and he needs her now more than ever. Opening the double doors he sees her sitting in her favorite chair wrapped in a light indigo robe and her auburn hair up so she can read in peace. He finds himself crossing the distance to give her a much needed hug.

"Mama why am I a horrible person?"

He hears her close her book and place it on the side table.

"What brought this on?" She asks as she cups his face and tilts it toward her. 

He looks into her crystal blue eyes, the same he and his brother share, and sees fear and motherly concern in the depths of them. Klavier lets himself sag and slides down until he's resting his head in her lap. He brings her left wrist to his nose and breathes in apples, cherries, and cinnamon, the smell of home and safety. She lets him just sit there basking in the scent for sometime before speaking.

"Now tell me what happened to make you like this?" She gently ask as she runs her hands through his platinum blond hair.

"I've did - I mean I've done. Urgh! Everything is just a mess!" He groans into lap.

"Just start at the beginning." She encourages.

"You remember my first case where I proved that the attorney was a fraud?" 

"The one with the almost infallible record?" She asks softly.

"Yes," And a hoarse laugh breaks free from his mouth. He moves to kneel by her side as that one sentence defines how wrong he was about Wright's character, "And thinking about that the one blemish was a case where his client had the assassin he hired frame someone else."

"He really couldn't have done what I said and everyone else thought." Klavier says more to himself than his Mama, "And really thinking about it something - actually a lot of things don't add up."

"So you know he's innocent?" She prompts him after a spell.

Shaking his head 'no', "I - he told me he was and even though he didn't tell me directly I now know he isn't lying," Another humorless laugh escapes him as he thinks back to his moment of clarity, " And funny enough he's actually the father of one of my newer friends and I've been less than polite."

His Mama looks down at him with her concern going to impassive as she ask, "How do you mean?"

Klavier knows nothing good will come of this, but he's been upset too long, lying to long and he could never lie to his Mama directly.

"I tried to intimidate him." He says in a low voice.

The room is silence with only the spring wind rustling the trees outside.

"Is it this Ares friend of yours?" She asks calmly, but dangerous like a viper before it strikes.

"Apollo. And yes." He answers watching her face, but her impassive gaze holds true.

"When was this?"

"Last Novem- OW!" Holding his stinging ears after she boxed them.

He looks up, as she is standing now, before she pulls him up so he is towering over her, but that doesn't stop her from berating him.

"Klavier Theodoric! Intimidating a pregnant omega! I raised you better than to act like some common alpha in rut! You told me yourself your friend's father was expecting. Right now I'm disappointed with you as well." 

"I know. I know. I was wrong, but he just made it easy to not like him and I got too emotional and...and he was right. I wasn't mature enough then and I'm...I'm not now. I just wish things went differently." Klavier tells her as he starts slouching.

She tuts at him before lifting his chin up, "Well wishing for the past gets you nothing, but bitter grinds," She pushes gently at his shoulders until he's standing up right again before continuing with her motherly advice, "You can't fix the past, but you can change the future still. I know you are capable of great kindness. I've seen it often. And now for whatever you've done you need to fix it by apologizing for all of the things you know you did wrong. Blanket statements won't fix this. You need to be genuine about this and don't say anything until you're ready or the time is right." 

"Thank you for listen Mama." Klavier says sincerely, bending down for a hug.

She gives him a tight hug before leaning back and kissing his forehead, "I just want the best for you, both of you really." She says softly looking toward a photo of them on a vacation on her side table with a far off look.

"It will get better." Klavier tells her hopefully even though he doesn't know the true fallout between her and Kristoph.

"I hope," He sees her come back to herself only to hold out her hand, "Yes well in the mean time I'm going to need your key ring because you're grounded for a week for your behavior."

He had a feeling this would happen, but he didn't think she would take his key ring which had his cars' keys, his guitar cases' keys, his studio key, and his key to the recording studio.

"Mama -" He tries to plead.

Holding the hand up to stop him she places it back out again, "Nope, hand them over."

"Always a double-edged sword." 

"Always," She says as she takes them  before giving him a kiss on the cheek and starts steering him towards the doors, "Get some sleep. Mila will have a list of your chores for the week in the morning." And he can just hear the grin in her voice.


He mentally whined. Mila always gave him the hardest tasks, but it's not like he didn't deserve it. With a sigh he agreed with a slight huff of laughter

"Yes Mama."


He didn't expect to get his chance that summer. He had decided to take a holiday because his creativity wasn't flowing like usual, but it somehow turned into he disappeared for two weeks to Spain. But during this he was able to complete two ballads and had part of a third finish, but wanted to wait until he had Tatsuo's thoughts on it because he was stumped and the forensics scientist had a way with pulling the right notes that they needed to complete a song. With that he decided to leave in four days since he woke up and found that it was a lovely June day in Málaga still and he wanted to get some tanning in too. He was honestly just been enjoying himself with walking through the grand lobby of the hotel he was staying at on his way out and was just studying the architecture of the ceiling in the ballroom. He wasn't expecting to almost fall off his feet when something smacked into his legs.

"Klavier! What are you doing here?"

Looking down to Trucy in surprise he pats her back lightly as he frantically looks around for the rest of her family.

"Where is everybody else?" He ask when he doesn't see anyone following her.

"Oh, there at the front getting me and Apollo a room." Trucy beams at him.

"Well I'm heading that way now. Why don't we get you back there before they send out a search party." He says gently holding out a hand for her to take.

Trucy spins away with a mischievous grin, "Only if you give me a piggyback ride."

Klavier finds himself chuckling before bending down to her level, "I can never denied you anything fraulien."

Making sure she was secure Klavier begins his short journey to the front. Trucy 'oohs' and 'awws' at the ceiling paints as they go before leaning over him to look around.

"Wow. I ran really far away. I bet they would have told Polly that it was okay for him to yell for me too if they started a search party."

Klavier does a half-fake half-real shiver at that thought while saying in a haunted voice, "That would have been disastrous." 

Trucy giggles loudly at that as they make it to the front desk and just as she said her pack was at the desk signing in. At least Wright was there. Apollo and Herr Edgeworth were bringing luggage on hotel dollys so they would be ready to go. But they were joined by two other people, alphas, and by the look of them and the fact that the woman was holding Alex and Wright wasn't trying to attack her Klavier guesses that they were Wright's parents. He lets Trucy down and starts walking over and starts to hear some of the conversation.

"Okaa-san he really shouldn't be jostled like that," Wright says to his mother matter-of-factly, "He could throw-up."

Though the bright giggles seemed to be drowning out his words and his facts.

"He seems fine right now and I'll know when to stop. Besides we did this with you and you loved it." Catching Alex she starts tickling his tummy and Klavier could make out that his lavender onesie aptly read 'grandma: a mom without rules'.

"And now I have a fear of heights." Wright frowns before trying to take his son back, but his mother gracefully sidesteps him.

"Oh Abuelito you have to do that to me. I want to fly!" Trucy says loudly as she runs to her grandfather and draws everyone's attention to her and her companion.

"Klavier?! What are you doing here?!" Apollo storms up all fierce glare and burning sweets. It's quite the image that has Klavier walking back from him in actually fear. He knows from experience the smaller the angrier, "You sent a text that you were leaving than disappeared for two weeks and told no one where?!"

"I wasn't feeling the music so I thought I'd get away to find it." He tries to placate Apollo and calm him with his scent. But his burnt sugar and vanilla cuts through it like nothing as he stands chest to stomach with him.

"For the music?!" His voice hits an interesting note as he repeats Klavier's reason, "Well did you?" He hisses.

Klavier just nods his head 'yes', too afraid to incriminate himself anymore.

"Did you text everyone else?"

As he nods his head again Apollo steps back to observe him before he stops glaring.

"You better not do this again." He snarls almost sounding scared.

Klavier just shakes his head 'no' that he won't and it seems to appease Apollo. He doesn't look happy, but he isn't burning Klavier with his eyes anymore so he calls it a win.

"Apollo. Do you want to introduce us to your friend?" Comes a deep baritone and spicy scent of basil that finds him looking over into the dark blue eyes of Apollo's grandfather. 

If Klavier thought being on the other end of a disappointed gaze from Herr Edgeworth was horrible he was getting another wake-up call with the disapproval in Sir. Wright's eyes.

"Abuelito. Obāsan. This is an idiotic friend from home. His name is Klavier." Apollo grumbles.

Klavier opens his mouth to say otherwise but the stare from Apollo convinces him to keep his mouth shut. When Apollo's sure he won't say anything he leaves him to get his keys from his parents.

"A whipped idiotic friend," He hears in Mdm. Wright whisper to Alex, but it was Sir. Wright that stiffens at the joke, "Well Klavier will you be staying any longer. I'd loved to know what my grandson gets up to in far off Germany," She says nicely, but the same mischievous grin that Trucy had earlier appears on her face as her cider scent dances around her. And if he isn't mistaken Herr Edgeworth's shoulders hike up at her stressed words.

But then he sees Apollo spin towards him in his peripheral and he scrambles to get his words out, "No! I'm going home in four days!"

"Then we'll see you around." Sir. Wright rumbles as he stares at him, uncaring for his presence here.

He looks pass them quickly to see Herr Edgeworth and Wright looking his way and he say faintly,"Yes I will. It was nice to meet you."

As he left for the open market a few blocks from the hotel Klavier wonders if he was even going to make it home alive. 

"Hey you've seemed kinda spacey. I mean its a vacation, but it's like more than usual. Are you okay?" Apollo ask as he feeds Alex more banana mango mush.

Apollo had come up to him, Alex resting on his hip, as he stared dejected at his now very soupy and lukewarm crepe that had spilled over onto his susages and eggs. Apparently after plane rides his dad wasn't the most welcoming individual and his father had asked Apollo to watch after Alex for the morning as Trucy had woken up early to go see the sunrise with her grandparents.

He must not be in that bad of a mood if he had the time to dress Alex in that.

Now Alex was happyily sitting on Apollo's lap as he ate his breakfast and Apollo tries to eat his without his baby brother smacking his fork away.

"Well I've - Its just something has happened that's making me doubt... a lot of things. And now I'm just trying to think of a way to tackle it and make it up to the people involve." Klavier tells him sadly looking back at his breakfast.

Apollo puts down the spoon and leans over the table to poke Klavier in his shoulder, hard, "Hey don't do that. Sulking really isn't your style, glamour and stupid amounts of sparkling is," Klavier has to bite his lips so not to smile, "So I'll say this and I don't know if it will help because everyone handles things differently, but I think if you caused something you admit you're wrong but mean it and know why. If that's not the case you should at least talk to that person with civility when defending your case. But overall admitting that you want to work something out and compromising is the best way to fix something. At least in my opinion."

"That's...," Klavier is at a lost for words and though he had what his mother had said, hearing it from the son of the man he had wronged made him think it may  just be possible to correct things, "Thank you.  Apollo. Really. That - This really helps."

"Well I know how you get in your funks and how you start over thinking things and trying to get it to be perfect, but sometimes it just isn't. I mean an apology means you know that what you did wasn't perfect and something it's the sentiment that counts." Apollo just shrugs, but he starts to blush and play with the back of his hair as he does when he's feeling nervous.

Klavier just feels the urge to hug Apollo for his insight and humbleness. So he does and he may also breathe in a bit of that lovely cocoa butter as well because he just can't help it. Apollo lets out a guffaw at the awkward angle, but hugs him back. Klavier even leans down and kisses baby Alex on his forehead much to his delight. Now with his friend's advice and his little brother's happy giggles he feels like he is now ready to take on the mess he made. Sadly that feeling of brief peace and triumph is destroyed when he sees both Wrights and Trucy watching him with vague interest or contempt. Electing to not have that confrontation he goes out the other exit and to his room to start writing down what he needs to apologize for and what he needs to say to Herr Wright in general.

He tries the next day, but can only find Herr Edgeworth and Sir. Wright with Alex dressed in another colorful wordy raspberry shirt, which after Klavier reads it he sees Herr Edgeworth blushing a little in what can only be embarrassment. He asked where he could find Wright, and his father seemed less than thrilled that, but Herr Edgeworth told him that he, his mother, Apollo, and Trucy had gone to an art museum in the downtown area and he wasn't sure of when they would return. 

So with only one day left he stays up a significant part of the night laying out what to say until he finds the right words to say. And even though it's not a lot he still practices for at least two hours before going to the beach. And the walk does nothing to comes his nerves as he still feels nauseous when he gets to the beach. Following the directions that Apollo texted him he spots the bright white and bright blue umbrellas and the people he was looking for. As he nears the Edgeworth-Wright spot he can see Trucy and Apollo in the surf and hears the phrases 'fantastic swimmer' and 'to the buoys' from where Herr Edgeworth and the Wrights are speaking. All of a sudden they're both grabbing a hand of a very uncomfortable prosecutor and dragging him from the spot as Wright laughs. With them further out Klavier inches toward the cyan umbrella Wright is lounging under and waits for him to acknowledge him.

"I guess you want to talk to me," Wright moves the pole gently to the side so Klavier can see him and Alex fully. In greeting Alex throws up the sand around him with his shovel while cheering, "No baby boy. Sand isn't for throwing. It's for sand castles and glassblowing," Wright says gently as he pats the ground and his son mimics him.

"If you're not too busy." Klavier tries to sound calm even though his heart is in his throat.

"My parents just bullied my partner into a swim race and I didn't help stop it at all. I have at least five to ten mintues free," He says lightly as he stands from his spot and picks up Alex as well. He slides his sunglasses into his hair and fixes Klavier with a blank stare.

"You have a lot of those don't you?" Klavier ask pointing to the waterproof onesie and shorts Alex was sporting today to just delaying the inevitable a little longer.

"I find them invaluable to certain occasions. Plus, everyone seems to like the personalization," Wright says back with a small smirk, not malicious at all like he thought could happen.

Klavier finds his own lips twitching at the remark before reminding himself he was here for something. He wants to look away in shame, but he takes off his sunglasses and makes himself look Wright in the eyes because he deserves all his respect and then some.

“I want to – to … I’m sorry. I really am for how I acted towards you. I was upset about the case and well saying it out loud I sounded very dynamistic when I was talking at you. I wanted to get it right and win. Be the best. And I knew others had tried, but I wanted to be the one to win the case. Not to beat you, but for another reason,” A flash of glasses and a condescending smile streaks across his minds-eye, “But that doesn’t make it any better for how I acted. I was and angry. If – If you think I ever deserve to know I would like to. And if you ever need any help I'll offer you mine.”

“I don’t blame you," Wright says only a few seconds after he's done with his apology, "Completely. Of course your attitude was something I can blame you for, but everything else was someone else's doing. But thank you for the apology. I'm glad you were big enough to admit you were wrong. That being said, I'm sorry I didn't treat you with any respect either during our first meeting. It probably didn't make you feel sympathetic towards me. And about the case, while I can't tell you what's really going on because now it's more of a emotional situation I would not be against your help. I'm not sure when I'll need it, but I'm sure it will be very helpful for you to be apart of it. Get closure for both of us." Giving him a side smile to show he was genuine.

"...Thank you!" Klavier goes to grab his free right hand and ducks his forehead down into his palm in a sign of thanks and submission, "That is more than I was expecting." His voice quivering as he speaks.

"You apologized and I'll need all the help I can get since I'm not Bar official anymore." 

"I can help with that too if you need it!" Klavier says, wanting to fix as much as he could.

"No, I'll focus on that, but thanks," Wright almost completely grins at him, "And not to sound rude, but don't you have to leave soon. At least Apollo said -" He pauses as he hikes up a wiggly baby higher onto his hip, "You can wait," He coos at an unhappy Alex.

Smiling at the scene, "No, I'm not done packing yet."

"So you were using me to procrastinate your departure. Apollo won't be happy with that." Wright says with a smirk and a twinkle in his eyes.

Klavier is surprised by the joke after everything he did and said. But maybe this was his version of an olive branch. So Klavier jokes back.

"Well you'll just have to tell him something different."

"And what will I say instead?"

"Well I'll just say I was people watching and I won't lie," And as always his jokes fall fastly into flirting and he can't help himself, "I saw how great you still looked after having this illegally cute munchkin and I have to say I'm really impressed." Lightly pinching Alex's cheeks and getting him to smile.

Thing with his flirting is that it's always true statements about the person and he does it to make the other person feel better because it makes him happy to see people smile. Nothing more, nothing less. And Wright does look nice in his swim shorts and open shirt. And Klavier wasn't disappointed when a dark blush shows up across Wright's nose and cheeks and he turns away with a small smile playing on his lips.

Yes! Definitely in the good books now.

"Really." Klavier smells the staling scent of basil and cloves before the bored voice from behind him.


"Dad. You got back earlier than I thought." Wright says calmly with a smile.

"I hate to admit it, but you were right about him being a good swimmer. And right now he's resting before racing your mother."

"You're both too competitive and I told you too, but what would the person who lives with him know about that." He snarks.

"We make it work," He huffs lightly before focusing on Klavier and flexes at him to intimidate him, if Wright's eye rolling says anything, "So you were saying?"

"I was just saying that I was people watching and saw Apollo and wanted to say goodbye before I left." Klavier smiles shakily as he looks around for the burnet.

"Hmm." Sir. Wright hums unconvinced.

I don't think there will ever be a moment where everyone in this family likes me at once.

Finding Apollo, he stupidly points towards him, "So I'm going to run and say hi and bye and yea." He repeats hoping it sounds more realistic this time.

Sir. Wright raises an eyebrow before walking over to him, "Well I'm also going-"

"Dad we should probably get lunch out and I can't do both with Alex here." Wright cuts in and saves him. 

His father looks between him and his son before his eyes narrow, but he turns around to help with the coolers, "Of course."

"Better leave now Klavier before he stops you." Wright whispers before waving goodbye and Alex following suit. 

So cute.

Over Alex's shoulder he can see Sir. Wright glaring at him.

And that's not and I have to go.

As he leaves he feels better, but by no means vindicated. He would have to work on that for an indefinite amount of time until he felt like he had done all he could to make-up for his harsh behavior. He may not have the full trust of Herr Wright and vice versa, but they had found some common ground; that something wasn't adding up and the certain circumstances that happened around their case wasn't right. For now, he would have to believe Herr Wright would eventually include him when the time came to catch and prosecute the real deceivers so everyone could have some peace of mind.