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Hidden Secrets

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"Kurokocchi sure is taking his time! Where is he?!~" Kise whined as he clutches the tanned male's arm beside him.

A click of a tongue was heard and hetechromatic eyes glared at the blond.

It was a normal Sunday morning and the GoM were all assembled inside the clubroom waiting for a certain tealette to arrive, which was a very rare occurrence itself. Never before had they experienced a day without having the tealette arriving earlier than them, heck even Aomine managed to arrive on time.

They have been waiting for almost 20 minutes now and the small phantom has yet to arrive, which pisses, and at the same time worries a certain red head of the group.

"I advise you to keep your mouth shut Ryouta" Akashi vehemently says, his mood slowly deteriorating as time passes by.

The blond stiffens and immediately shuts his mouth, that earned him a sympathizing pat from Aomine. It didn't really help that the room was slowly being filled with Akashi's threatening aura or the way that he impatiently taps his fingers against the wooden desk.

No one dared to breathe as silence washed over them, too frightened to even utter a word and risk being killed by their captain. That was, until they heard a beeping noise from their captains phone. Relief washed over them as they saw watch the red heads face softens while reading the message he received.



I apologize for not informing you much earlier but I'm afraid that I need to help my mother with her job today. Please go on without me.



"Tetsuya can't make it" the red head suddenly informs the group, once he looks up from his phone. "Apparently he has to help his mother work today."

"So it's just the five of us going then" Midorima stated, pushing his glasses up to the bridge of his nose.

The red head nodded.

"Mou! But we can't leave without Kurokocchi!" Kise suddenly wailed. "He's the reason why were going shopping in the first place!"

Silence washed over them, as they wordlessly agreed with the blond's statement.

"Guess we'll just go home" Aomine shrugged causing everyone to glare at him. "What?"

Midorima just sighed. "I am not going home without my lucky item"

The tanned male looks at him with disbelief.

Last week, Aomine noticed that Kuroko needed a new pair of basketball shoes so everyone decided (more like forced by Akashi) to help Kuroko look for new ones. Midorima, although begrudgingly, had decided to go since he would just get his lucky item there for the very next day.

"Hey guys, I've got an idea!" Kise suddenly exclaims, with his eyes glinting enthusiastically.

Everyone physically groaned.

"Mou, everyone is so mean to me~!"

"What is it Kise-chin~?" Murasakibara questions with his usual lazy tone and half lidded eyes.

"We could just visit Kurokocchi!"

"And why would we do that?" the green haired male gruffs.

"So that we could help him finish things faster!"

The others began to contemplate on the blond's suggestion and found it plausible. They can help finish his mother's work much faster so that they can have enough time to shop afterwards.

"Well?" the blond hopefully asks.

"I'm in" Aomine said, bored.

Murasakibara joined "Me too~"

"And how are we going to visit him is we don't even know where he is" Midorima uttered exasperately.

Kise gaped at him, his eyes wide. 'I didn't think about that!'

Just when the blond deemed his suggestion useless and sulk in the corner of the room, their leader speaks up in a quite amused tone.

"I know where he is" the red head casually said. All heads turned towards his direction.

"Really? How, Akashicchi?"

Akashi then began to rummage through his phone, before finally showing the screen to the rest of the GoM. They all zoomed in to look at the screen, only to find an application which seemed to work like a tracking device. However, as their eyes darted towards the little dot located at the center, they all gaped in surprise once they saw the tealette's name attached to it.

"Oi, Why do you have that Akashi!" Aomine visibly paled.

Hetechromatic eyes deeply stared into blue ones, his expression unreadable, before the red head just shrugged.

"For safety purposes" he promptly says.

Everyone gulps in fear, as they decided to ignore the red head's antics. Afterall, dying at such a young age is clearly NOT what they had in mind.

"Then let's go!" Kise jumped as he exited the room gleefully with everyone trailing behind him.


--- Hidden Secrets ---


'Sir! We have found their location near the department store'

"Good. All units standby" his quiet, yet stern voice ordered through the phone.

'Yes sir!'

The call ended leaving the small tealette walk towards the direction of the department store.

It's almost time...