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【all叶】A Collectively Unprecedented Reunion 悠悠堇

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On the first day of the lunar new year, Ye Xiu’s entire family went over to his grandpa’s place to celebrate.


Ye Xiu’s extended family was very large.


Last summer, after Ye Xiu had just returned home, Ye Xiu’s dad had originally planned to take him to see his grandparents.


But then, without consulting anyone at all, those two oldtimers took each other by the hand and went off on their own, travelling the world.


They didn’t come home until Lunar New Year’s.


These were some extremely independent old folks.


As a result, Ye Xiu’s dad had yet to tell his relatives that Ye Xiu had returned home.


When faced with a family reunion after more than a decade of playing truant, even the fearless Ye Xiu couldn’t help feeling a bit awkward and hesitant.


As the car drove through the tall iron gates, Ye Xiu subconsciously squeezed Ye Qiu’s hand.


Ye Qiu immediately gripped his hand tightly. “It’ll be fine. I’m here.”


Ye Xiu sent him a look. “It’s because you’re here that it won’t be fine.”


Ye Qiu’s softness boiled into fury. “The hell do you mean?”


Ye Xiu said, “Our Ye Qiu is so outstanding that everyone will be comparing me to you.”


Ye Qiu immediately softened again. “That’s nothing. You’re much more outstanding than I am.”


Ye Xiu: “Not by that much, not by that much.”


Ye Qiu: “...”


At least try to deny it, will you.


Mother Ye and Father Ye went to park the car; Ye Qiu and Ye Xiu went in first.


Grandma Ye was talking to the security guard. Their house was independently supervised, and their security was topnotch.


“Grandma, we’re here,” Ye Qiu said.


Grandma Ye was very spirited; at first glance, one could tell that she was an energetic old lady. When she heard Ye Qiu’s voice, she turned her head and caught sight of Ye Xiu.


Grandma Ye’s eyes widened. She took her reading glasses out of her pocket and put them on. “Isn’t this our superstar Xiu!”


Ye Xiu: “...”


Our superstar Xiu…


“Hubbie, get over here! Our superstar Xiu is here!”


“What superstar Xiu...What’s an old lady like you doing chasing celebrities like a young girl…”


Grandpa Ye was calm and dignified, radiating power. In the Ye family, he ranked second in status, only surpassed by his beloved wife. When he walked out and saw Ye Xiu and Ye Qiu, he said, “Ah! Our superstar Xiu, quick, come on in.”


Ye Qiu and Ye Xiu exchanged a glance. “...”


Ye Xiu and Ye Qiu were sat down on a sofa in the main hall. Grandma Ye squeezed Ye Xiu’s hand. “Oh dear, our Xiu grew up in the blink of an eye.”


Ye Xiu: “Grandma, I blinked my eyes a lot as I grew up.


Grandma Ye: “Our Xiu really knows how to play on words. Here, take this red envelope.”


A pile of thick red envelopes was shoved into Ye Xiu’s hands.


Ye Xiu held the pile of red envelopes, not quite knowing how to feel about this. “Grandma, I’m already too old to get red envelopes.”


Grandma Ye: “In grandma’s heart, you’re still that fifteen-year-old little baby.”


Ye Xiu: “...”


A fifteen year old isn’t a baby either, right?


Grandpa Ye: “But, honey, aren’t those for the middle child’s and youngest’s kids?”


Grandma Ye: “Hmph, I say, why can’t an old man like you use his head? I’ll just get more envelopes in a moment.”


Grandpa Ye: “You have that much cash?”


Grandma Ye: “Fine, then I’ll use Alipay.”


Grandpa Ye: “And go against decorum?”


Grandma Ye: “I am the decorum.”


Grandpa Ye: “...”


At this moment, Father Ye and Mother Ye just happened to enter the hall. When Father Ye saw the red envelopes in Ye Xiu’s hands, he immediately blew up. “You damn kid, how dare you actually take your grandparents’ red packets.”


Grandpa Ye: “You damn kid, watch how you talk to my grandson.”


Father Ye: “...”


Grandpa Ye found that he could use Father Ye to reassert his sense of authority. “Is this how I taught you to behave? How can you speak to your child like that?”


Father Ye: “Dad, you can’t spoil him this much…”


Grandpa Ye: “I haven’t seen my grandson in a decade, so I am going to spoil him this much. Who are you to say anything about it.”


He turned and said to Ye Xiu, “No problem, alright? Your dad doesn’t care about you, but Grandpa cares.”


Ye Xiu rarely saw someone giving his dad a hard time, so his face was expressionless, but on the inside, he kind of wanted to laugh.


Father Ye shot Ye Xiu a look that said “Just wait until we get home.”


Grandpa Ye: “If you dare do something to my grandson once you get home, I’m not done with you yet.”


Ye Xiu: “Pfft haha—”


Father Ye: “...”


Not long afterwards, Ye Xiu’s second and third uncles’ families arrived.


His second uncle’s family was very hard-working; they’d flourished.


Three sons, four grandsons.


The whole family walked over. Having inherited the Ye family’s outstanding genes, they all looked extremely eye-catching.


Ye Xiu’s third uncle’s older son had also already married and had children.


Only the oldest’s twins were flying solo.


But Ye Qiu never thought of it that way.


If you asked him, he’d say that he was the true winner here, because starting from when he was born, he had never been alone.


Ever since he’d entered this world, his cool older brother had always been by his side.


Father Ye was chitchatting with his second brother.


His second brother’s eldest son was three years older than Ye Qiu and Ye Xiu. This eldest son was the best at making other people worry.


He was thirty years old now; his career was thriving, but as soon as someone brought up the topic of marriage, he got upset.


Both of his younger brothers had already gotten married and had kids, so, out of the goodness of their hearts, his family members were always urging him to get married.


But this eldest brother really hated people urging him to get married. As such, for the past two years, he’d come alone to wish his grandparents happy new year, and afterwards, before anybody could notice him, he would leave.


Ye Xiu listened to them chat and vaguely recalled that this eldest brother used to play with him and Ye Qiu a lot. He was a very cool, very eye-catching older brother.


Right then, someone hugged Ye Xiu’s leg. Ye Xiu looked down. It was the oldest grandson from his second uncle’s family, nicknamed Big Ye.


Hugging Ye Xiu’s leg with an innocent look on his face, this child asked, “You’re new, right? Never seen you here before.”


Ye Xiu nodded. “Mmhmm.”


“What’s your name?”


“Ye Xiu.”


“Ye Xiu, is it? Starting from now, I’ll cover you.”


Ye Xiu couldn’t resist chuckling. He thought that this little kid really was pretty cute, so he picked him up.


Big Ye was like a milk-scented sticky rice ball. He twined his arms around Ye Xiu’s neck, his round black eyes staring intensely at Ye Xiu’s face. “Ye Xiu.”




“You’re really pretty.”


Ye Xiu laughed. “Look over there at Uncle Ye Qiu. Seen him before?”


Big Ye nodded. “Yup.”


“Is he pretty?”


“He’s average.”


“What about me?”


“You’re pretty.”


When looking at two almost identical faces, the child came up with two completely different evaluations.


Big Ye, being the leader of the Ye family children, had a lot of power and influence in their eyes. When the other kids saw Big Ye hugging Ye Xiu and rambling on and on, they couldn’t resist coming over as well.


Seeing this, Big Ye complained, “I found him first! You guys aren’t allowed over here!”


The kids definitely wouldn’t obey him. They assumed that anything Big Ye liked was good, so some started hugging Ye Xiu’s legs, and others grabbed Ye Xiu’s arms. By the time Ye Qiu turned his head, he discovered that his older brother had a whole pack of kids hanging off of him.


The parents looked over, too, and then laughed, “Kids really like Ye Xiu, huh.”


“Yeah, Ye Xiu is just like everyone’s older brother.”


Ye Qiu: “...”


A sudden feeling of feeling of discontent.


Just before they were about to eat lunch, the previously mentioned middle child’s eldest son appeared, quite unexpectedly, while everyone else was also present.


Dressed in all black, 6’2”, handsome, and cold-blooded.


Second Uncle Ye was prepared to rebuke him, but in the end, Eldest Brother Ye simply ignored his father, who was full of nonsense, and went over to his grandparents. After wishing them a happy new year and giving them gifts, he walked straight over to Ye Xiu and looked him up and down. “You’ve grown up.”


Ye Xiu smiled. “Hello, Eldest Brother.”


In the following second, this eldest brother grabbed Ye Xiu by the armpits and lifted him up into the air.


Ye Xiu swung his legs a few times. “...”


Everyone else: “O口O”


Eldest Brother Ye put Ye Xiu down. “How’s that. You liked it before.”


Ye Xiu put on a fake smile. “Eldest Brother, that was when I was five, wasn’t it?”


Eldest Brother Ye nodded. “You’re about as cute now as you were back then.”


Ye Xiu: “...”


While eating, Ye Qiu whispered in Ye Xiu’s ear, “Do you know how perverse that eldest brother is?”




“When you weren’t here, he often had me go out to eat with him, and he wouldn’t let me smile.”




“He said, ‘You don’t look like him when you smile.’”




Eldest Brother: “What’re you guys talking about? Let me join?”


Ye Qiu: “Nothing, nothing.”


Eldest Brother: “Then, Ye Xiu, come over here.”


Ye Xiu: “What is it?”


Eldest Brother: “Selfie.”


Ye Xiu: “...”


Wasn’t he supposed to be a cold-blooded man?


Sun Zheping was eating lunch with his relatives. Bored, he was checking his messages when a lot of new notifications suddenly appeared from a Wechat group of B City rich second gens. He tapped on the group chat, scrolled to the first new message, and then almost spat out a mouthful of Sprite.


Falling Leaves: 【image】


Falling Leaves: Talked about him before. The kid who said he wanted to marry me when he was young has already grown up so much.


【omitting one hundred messages of praise saying “cute” “pretty” “handsome” 】


Falling Leaves: Mmhmm, he was extremely cute when he was young, innocently saying that he wanted to marry Eldest Brother, but now it seems like he doesn’t remember anymore.


Sun Zheping: “...”


Sun Zheping was unhappy, but Sun Zheping couldn’t do anything about it.


It’s not like he could bicker with someone about their reminiscence.


But he could make other people be unhappy with him.


Sun Zheping opened the Pro Alliance group chat.