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Cleavage: Second Chance

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My name is Yuki Morikawa, and I want to admit that I have made a huge mistake somewhat recently. There's this girl I love greatly, and I thought it would be okay to have sex with her. I tried to force myself onto her, but her brother stopped me before I could harm her. I'm thankful for that. I never wanted to scare her, but I was too stupid to know any better. When that was all said and done, I thought that my feelings would weaken as time went on, but I'm still in love with her. I honestly tried to forget about her, but she kept popping into my head. I decided that from now on I will do everything I can to make sure no one hurts her, even myself.

Erika, I love you with all my heart. If anyone were to hurt you, I'll hurt them back. If your brother decided to leave you for Sensei, I'll... what would I do? Erika, why did you fall for your brother? Why are you sharing him with Ms. Ichinose? Don't you want him for yourself? If I was your- no! I can't think that! I know she doesn't feel the same. I'll never force my feelings on you ever again. But what will I do if Yuuto leaves you for her?

If I reveal to everyone that Ms. Ichinose is getting too close to a student, who's to say that she won't out Erika and reveal her relationship with her brother? I would have hurt Erika again, I can't do that. But surely the relationship those three are in isn't a perfect one. It's because of Ichinose. While she is very beautiful and someone who I fantasized about in the past, I can tell she's dangerous.  I know for a fact that if it wasn't for her, Erika would be the only girl Yuuto saw. When Yuuichirou took those revealing photos of Erika, I kept a copy of one photo before showing the rest to Erika. In the background was Yuuto and Ichinose in swimsuits with his face buried in breast.  If the three way relationship goes on any longer, I'm certain that it will end in disaster. I need to do something for Erika's sake. And I have a few options that could help.

1. I could try to get Ichinose interested in someone as I'm certain she only sees Yuuto as a sex toy. But how to do that? I'm not an expert on male attractiveness, so I don't know who to hook her up with. Well, I at least know who isn't attractive. I mean, who would want to date Yuuichirou? If Erika were to have fallen for him, I would've slit my throat. 

2. I'm not excited for this one. I could try to get Ichinose fired. But she can retaliate by revealing Erika and Yuuto, so this should be a last resort option. 

3. I should't even think this, but if I manage to make Erika fall for me... 

I should stop there. Option #1 should be the priority. No one dies, and everyone is happy. Well, maybe not for Yuuto since he loses a girl, but he should be focusing on Erika anyways. I need to find a boy who Ichinose will find attractive. I need to learn about what makes a man sexy first. How hard can it be?