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The Son of Death and the Tree of Life Yggdrasil

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What many tend to forget or don't know, especially on Midgard, is that Yggdrasil is a sentient entity. He is considered the Tree of Life and the source of magic in the Nine Realms. When an unexpected release of his energy clashed with the energy and power of Lady Death herself; they both never expected to create life. Against all odds, this clash in energy created a child. The child they created was a being of life and death, of destruction and creation, of hope and despair, of arrogance and humility, of mercy and ruthlessness, of kindness and brutality, of wisdom and naivety, of love and hate, of rebirth and contradiction, a chaotic and uncontrollable being.

The entire universe felt the clash of energy, but they never could have thought what it really meant. The Norns tried to get a hold of the situation, running damage control against the new creation. They, as well as the rest of the Universe, did not know what was happening, and what it could mean for the Nine Realms or the rest of the universe (or multiverse). With just a small glimpse of the new essence, they tried to mark a path for it. But, it was uncontrollable, untamable and unpredictable. The best they could do was attach it to another, in this case the God of Chaos. Unexpectedly it attached to the other soul, making them soul bound, and soulmates. Even then, the Norms could not see into the new soul's future and the one of the God of Chaos became blurry after certain point. As they noticed this, they could not avoid giving each other a concerned glance. This was problematic after all. They would need to alert Queen Frigga, but they also had to tell the Trickster God as soon as that entity was born. This will not end well, considering their plans for chaotic god, this could mean the end of Ragnarok.

That being did not have a physical body, it was more like a soul, just essence. But that soul anchored itself to a woman that desired so desperately a child of her own, that woman was Midgardian women of high class. In this way, the essence of the newly created entity managed to gain a physical form. What others considered a lowly Midgardian mortal body would still be better than nothing. Oh, but it could never be a lowly Midgardian, after all its true parents were Lady Death and Yggdrasil themselves, his personal essence would forever mark, change and influence his physical body.

When Maria Stark found out that she was pregnant, she gave her thanks to all the deities that she knew of. For so long, she believed that she would never be able to have a child of her own and it finally happened She was more than happy with the news. Her husband Howard Stark was a different story, it wasn't that he was not happy with the news, he was conflicted. A child demanded a lot of attention and care, something he could not spare too much of. Still, the child would be his heir. Months passed, and it was time for the child to be born.

The day was sunny, the evening was cloudy, but the night was stormy. It was during the stormy night that Maria began to go into labor. Yggdrasil could feel it, and used ravens to be present since he was an incorporeal being. Watching from the shadows, Lady Death, just as Howard, was conflicted, but still she was present in her son's birth (well the birth of his corporeal form/body). When the boy was finally born, he gave his first cry and all of the ravens and crows that had followed Yggdrasil and Lady Death all screeched in unison. Once the boy was clean, he was given to Maria. "Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Stark you have a healthy baby boy" said the nurse that was originally holding the baby before handing him to the tire woman. "His name is Anthony. Anthony Edward Stark and he will change the world" Maria said as she began to hold the baby close to her. "You don't know how right you are" responded Lady Death from her place in the shadows, a raven near her, nodded in response making her aware that Yggdrasil heard her. The humans were not aware of either of the primordial entities in the room.

The Norns sent a vision to Queen Frigga as soon as they became aware of the entity that was not held by fate. Now was time to call for the Trickster to go and see them. When Loki received the call from the Norns, he was curious, but at the same time resentful. He the God of Chaos, Mischief and Lies, none of his titles were as grand as the titles of others. He had lost his children because of the prophecy that he and his children were to bring Ragnarok to the Nine Realms. On the Well of Urd, which was beneath the roots of Yggdrasil, he waited. Once he was in the presence of the three women that composed the Norns, they set eyes upon him and motion to him to get comfortable, so they could address the issue. "Trickster, you must be wondering the reason why we call upon you" the Norns said in unison, while the god nodded. "Very well, but before we get started, you must have heard about the soul bound or soulmates. Less than a year ago a new soul was created, that soul was bounded to you, meaning you now have a soulmate. Unfortunately, we cannot see the fate of your mate, and once you meet said mate your fate becomes blurry and unpredictable" started Urd, the Norn that represented What Once Was. "When the soul was created, its creation was felt in all of the Nine Realms, his creation also was different from the rest of the souls that inhabit the Nine Realms. We could not see its destiny and we were currently working on yours" intervened Verdandi, she represented What Is Coming into Being. "We thought that we would eventually get to see its future and decide its fate, so we decided to bind it to you to give you some happiness before you brought Ragnarok" added Skuld, her being What Shall Be. "But as we mention to you before once you meet you mate, your destiny becomes blurry and unpredictable. We have no hold on your mate" continue Verdandi. "Your mate was just born, and the day will eventually come when the two of you meet. We tried to break the bond that we created in order to free you from that soul, but it refused to let you go, it still refuses to let you go. We cannot give you more details or information on your soulmate, but you will know when you meet" said Urd. "We wish you luck Trickster, you may leave" finalized Skuld.

Loki eventually left and went back to his room in the Asgardian Palace, to be honest he did not expect the news that the Norns gave him. He had a soulmate, a soulmate that was just born and cared about him, cared enough to not let their bond be broken by the Norns, to not let him go. Even if it was just created and recently born, he had chosen to stay with Loki, even though the Norns had bonded them together and then tried to break the bond because it did not benefit them. His soulmate understood that and refuse to let him go, refused to let the Norns continue to dictate his fate.