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just the two of us? sounds perfect

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Korra stumbles across the yard, a large volleyball in her hands and a small girl all but hanging off her shoulders, holding tightly onto her with her tiny arms wrapped around Korra’s neck.

“Mamma, look!” Comes a little squeal from the girl when Korra throws the ball away and helps her repositions herself more comfortably, supporting her from behind. “I’m a cape!”

“Good job baby!” Asami shouts back to her, grinning when Korra looks over her shoulder and gives her that gorgeous lopsided smile she’s fallen head over heels for. She leans further in her chair, sighing at the sight of her two favorite girls running around their backyard, momentarily taken back a few years.

She remembers the evening she was sitting in a chair similar to the one she finds herself now, maybe a little older and bigger, watching the crowd of half-drunken, possibly high people lumbering around the bonfire, laughing, dancing and having fun. And she remembers the exact moment when she first saw Korra, standing a few feet away from the bonfire with a bottle of beer in one hand, the other tucked inside her pocket and a brilliant, wide smile playing on her lips as she discussed something with Mako.

It wasn’t her eyes, which Asami couldn’t stop staring at, not even the beautiful smile that still makes swarms of butterflies erupt inside her. It was the laughter, wild and warm, full of joy and life and like a song that you remember first thing in the morning and it gets stuck in your head for the whole day.

Asami’s pulled out of her thoughts when a body falls to the chair beside hers with a fairly loud ‘ oof.’

“Look at her go.” Korra murmurs as she reaches over, taking Asami’s hand in her own and lacing their fingers together.

Asami stares at her just a breath longer before following her gaze to their daughter running away from Naga and hiding around the large oak tree in the far corner of the yard, screaming in laughter when Naga starts chasing her again.

“Remember the first time you were here?” Asami asks, gaze still on their daughter.

“The bonfire.” Korra says, tracing her thumb over the back of Asami’s hand. “I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you the whole night.”

Asami hums, squeezing her hand softly.

“I think I fell in love with you when I heard you laughing for the first time.” She says, turning to look at Korra. “And you were laughing to that really bad joke Mako told you. Something about-”

“Giraffes and elephants.” Korra finishes for her, chuckling. “God, that was an awful joke. I still remember it sometimes when Yasuko wants to read from the animal book.”

“You told me you loved me for the first time back there, beside the tree.” Asami glances over, her attention drawn momentarily to their daughter squealing. She turns back to Korra when she realizes it’s squealing mixed with laughter.

“I did, yes.” Korra murmurs, staring right back at her. “I’ll never forget the way you pushed me against it and kissed me after that.” She grins, reminiscent. “Not to mention how you dad walked in on us not even a minute later.”

“God, that’s still so embarrassing.” Asami groans before her lips widen in a smile. “But this yard has a lot of memories, doesn’t it?”

“It sure does.” Korra murmurs, leaning back in her chair and looking out into the yard with a lazy smile. “And it’ll have a lot more.”

Asami hums at her words, only squeezing her hand softly in response. She considers Korra’s words, her heart warming at them. As she looks out, watching their daughter running around, she sees dozens of new memories, dozens of dozens.

And she sighs, content and happy, at the thought.