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just the two of us? sounds perfect

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“Why haven’t we done this sooner?” Asami murmurs as she burrows further beneath the covers, pulling the soft, fluffy blanket closer to herself, letting it rest just below her chin. “We totally should have.”

“Agreed.” Korra hums from her spot beside her, rubbing her legs against Asami’s as her eyes close at the softness and warmth that encompasses her.

Minutes pass in complete silence, save for the hushed murmurs and soft shuffling of the duvet above the blanket. The snow keeps on falling outside the window, the sky a dullish grey, a complete opposite to the warm yellowish glow of the warm candlelight in the room.

“Winters are made for cuddling beneath the softest blanket you own.” Asami proclaims sleepily, eyes drooping as she begins to turn slowly, still clutching the blanket to her chin. “Cuddling with the best girlfriend in the world.” She adds groggily as she shuffles further into Korra’s waiting arms, burrowing and burying her nose in the soft spot where Korra’s shoulder meets her neck. She takes a deep breath, greedily inhaling Korra’s scent, before she lets it wash over her, closing her eyes with a sleepy smile on her lips.

Korra shuffles till her arm is nestled comfortably around Asami, her fingers skirting over Asami’s shoulder as she tugs on the blanket and burrows into Asami’s heat, pressing a soft kiss to the top of her head.

“Love you, cutie.” Korra murmurs, letting her eyes fall shut.

A beat passes in silence and Korra curls her lips in a lazy smile, thinking how Asami must have already fallen asleep. She gets a quiet, barely audible half-whisper of a reply when she’s almost fallen asleep herself.

“Love you too, beautiful.”