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just the two of us? sounds perfect

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They’d just walked out of the club, hand in hand, when Korra stopped in her tracks, staring at the distant figure seemingly leaning against the wall and talking to someone.

“We have to go back inside.” Korra mumbled and turned on her feet, swiftly heading back to the entrance and tugging Asami along.

“Korra? What’s wrong?” Asami asked, squeezing her hand but following inside nonetheless. She immediately reached for Korra’s face when they stopped in the hallway, cupping it softly and staring into Korra’s eyes. “Korra baby, what happened?”

“My- My neighbor is out there. S-She’s here and god, Asami, what if she saw me here? What if she saw us?”

Asami knew the way Korra had meant the question to sound and she knew the reason behind the desperation but she couldn’ help the mild sting of hurt that crossed through her at the wording. But she shrugged it off and pulled Korra into a fierce hug, slipping her hands into her hair and moulding their bodies together until she could feel Korra’s trembling start to subside. She pulled back then, cupped her cheeks again and smiled sweetly at her.

“Let’s not go assuming that right away, okay?” When Korra nodded, still clearly frazzled but at least not trembling anymore, Asami continued. “Are you sure it was her?”

“Yeah.” Korra mumbled, eyes glancing around them, searching. “I’m sure.”

“Okay.” Asami murmured and let both her hands fall down, instead opting for holding Korra’s hands in her own. “And she’s standing outside, right?” Korra only nodded this time. “Talking to someone, I guess?”

“I think so.” Korra mumbled and glanced down to her feet. “I’m sorry about this.”

Asami immediately squeezed her hands, softly, trying to pull her attention, but Korra remained staring down and Asami spoke up nonetheless then, needing to get her point across no matter what.

“Baby, hey. Now you listen to me.” She started, shrugging away her own fears momentarily as she spoke up, sure and brazen. “You don’t ever have to apologize for this, alright? I get it, and even if I didn’t, I’d still stand by you and support you and give you as much time and space as you might need. But I do get it and that’s why I know how stressful this might be for you, okay?” She watched Korra nod in response and continued, slowly slipping her hands out of Korra’s and sliding them slowly up her arms until she could cup her face again. “I love you, alright? If you’re afraid she might have noticed you here with me I’ll stand by you through whatever happens next. And if you want me to step aside, I’ll do that too.”

“No.” Korra mumbled, a little rushed and desperate. “No, I, I don’t want you to leave.”

Asami smiled at that, softly rubbing her thumbs across Korra’s cheeks.

“I was kind of hoping you’d say that. But it’s okay even if you change your mind, okay?”

“Okay.” Korra mumbled.

“It’s going to get better.” Asami murmured and leaned in to press a chaste little kiss to Korra’s cheek, first one then the other. “I know it’s really hard and stressful now, when you’re still hiding who you truly are from everyone, especially the people you care about.” Korra nodded at that and Asami could see the tears already settling in her eyes and begging to be shed. “I understand, Korra. So whatever you want to do, I’m here for you.”

Korra swallowed as a tear rolled down her cheek and Asami hurried to brush it away. She leaned in and pressed their lips together in a tender kiss, sighing into it when Asami’s hands wound around her shoulders and settled in her hair, and she slipped her own to Asami’s waist, tugging her closer and kissing her with a little more fervor, feeling the calm start to spread through her again.

They pulled away a few moments later, but Korra remained close, her forehead pressed to Asami’s as she simply breathed her in, holding her close.

Maybe today wasn’t the day she’d walk out the closet she’d been put in since she was a little child, and maybe everything was terrifying and foreign and she wanted but feared to tell the people she valued the most but - but she had Asami. And Asami had her.

And for now, that was enough.