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just the two of us? sounds perfect

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It was official, Korra was nervous beyond belief and she couldn’t remember the last time every single nerve ending in her body tingled as much as they had been throughout the day. She was fidgety, she couldn’t stay in one spot for longer than a few measly minutes, she’d snapped on Bolin at least three times until noon and Naga wouldn’t even come close to her, and Naga hardly ever left her side.

But Korra simply couldn’t relax, not when all she could think about was Asami.

Asami’s heavenly eyes that always made her want to drown in a sea of gree, Asami’s hair that seemed endless and was the silkiest, softest thing Korra had ever touched, Asami’s god-like cheekbones that always rose high whenever Asami laughed, and Asami’s lips. God, those lips.

Korra has been dreaming about tasting them ever since she’d first caught sight of Asami a little over a month ago, on a silly Friday night she wasn’t even planning on spending outside her living room, in a bar she’d never been to. The moment she saw her, Korra figured it had to have been fate because how else would she have been graced by the presence of an actual goddess in such a lowly place, on a day no less ordinary than the one before. Well, ordinary up until that moment.

It took her forty-five minutes to gather up the courage to actually walk over and start a conversation and when she finally did, all swagger and charm, Asami had swept her off her feet with one witty comment and a smile that could light up the world and Korra was a goner.

They’d been going out since then, seeing each other at least two times a week, as much as their schedule allowed, and Korra was painfully aware of the fact that she’d never taken so long to kiss someone, let alone someone who she simply couldn’t stop thinking about for longer than ten minutes a time.

So when the day of their unofficial one month anniversary finally comes knocking, of course Korra is a ball of nerves, jittery and all over the place, planning the most perfect of dates.

She had it all figured out.

They’d go out and grab a quick dinner, after that they’d catch a corny movie that neither would really focus on because they’d be too busy flirting and grinning and giggling and then Korra would drive them down to her favorite spot at the beach and kiss Asami under the moonlight.

It was nothing special, when it came to dates, but Korra had found out somewhere along the way that Asami liked to keep things simple, and Korra wasn’t much of a fan of flair and drama herself, so her plan was the closest to perfect she could get it.

By the time she gets off work and makes her way home, all Korra has in her head is the shape of Asami’s lips, every curve she wants to kiss, every little speck of puffy skin she wants to taste and tug and bite. Even her shortened gym session is spent mostly daydreaming about Asami, to the point where she nearly slips off the treadmill, too busy imagining how wonderful it’ll feel to finally kiss her.

When she gets back home and rushes to the shower, Korra tries so lock away the thoughts because as wonderful as they might be, they always get her all hot and bothered and she wants to keep that for after the date. And besides, Korra was never one to get ahead of herself.

Sure, she’d been planning for this day for a couple of days now and she’s looking forward to it more than anything, but if all Asami wanted to do was hold hand, she’ll be more than happy.

But a kiss or twenty-seven would be really great.

When she finally gets dressed, after trying out half of her wardrobe and changing six times, Korra is up and out of her apartment in a few minutes, making her way to her car and getting on the road, eager to reach Asami’s place and get the date going.

Trouble is, amidst all her planning, Korra never actually planned for anything to go wrong. And of course, things have a tendency to do that, especially when you spend all your time planning, awaiting, getting excited. And as if on cue, something goes wrong when she’s just a few blocks away from Asami’s flat and her car just dies in the middle of the road, at a red light. A cacophony of loud blaring honks and angry shouts follows soon after when the light turns green and her car just won’t start.

Ten minutes later Korra’s got her phone in her hand and Asami on the other line.

“I’m like, three blocks away from you and my car just won’t start. I’m gonna throw myself under the next bus that comes along.”

Korra.” Asami only warns and Korra groans in response. “ What did you say, Fifth and Williams, right? I’ll be over in five.”

The line goes dead and Korra stuffs her phone back inside her pocket before angrily pulling it back out and dialing the first tow truck company she finds on Google.

It’s barely five minutes later that Asami’s shows up, parking across the street and making her way over as she locks the car.

“I’m sorry.” Korra mumbles when Asami gets close enough to hear her. “This sucks ass.” She continues mumbling even as Asami pulls her into a hug and wraps her arms around Korra’s shoulders, pulling her as close as possible and running her fingers through Korra’s hair softly.

“Hey, this could have happened any time. It’s no big deal.”

“But our date…” Korra whines against her neck, grumbling as she slips her arms around Asami’s waist. “I had everything planned out.”

“We can still make it?” Asami murmurs into her hair, pulling back slightly to look at her.

“I have to wait for the tow truck.” Korra sighs and slips away from Asami’s hold, straightening her button-up and running a hand through her hair. “They said they’ll be here in about half n’ hour.” She glances over to her car that’s still sitting in the middle of the road, with the safety sign she’d hastily placed a few feet behind it. “We’re gonna miss dinner and we’ll both be hungry if we go see a movie without grabbing something to eat and, and-”

“Korra, hey.” Asami says, reaching out to take her hand. She entwines their fingers immediately and tugs Korra close again. “We’ll just grab the dinner to go and sneak it into the movies, okay?”

Korra chuckles, squeezing Asami’s hand in her own.

“I guess we could do that. I mean, things can’t really get much worse now, and at least one part of my plan can’t get messed up.”

Asami perks up at that, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh? And what part is that?”

Korra opens her mouth to answer but closes it immediately, a frown replacing her wide smile when she feels a drop of water fall straight down on her forehead, followed by another on her cheek and couple more others on her face. She barely has time to tug Asami towards a nearby florist’s shop, ducking under the storefront for cover as the rain comes pouring down as if the heavens themselves have decided to shove gallons of rainwater down upon them.

“Well I guess it can get worse.” Korra says, sighing as she rubs at her temples with her free hand before a small groan of annoyance escapes her. “And now my whole plan has gone to hell and this whole thing sucks ass.” She mumbles, now more to herself than Asami. “I just wanted us to have a nice night out, enjoy and y’know, get to know each other more and well yeah, is that so much to ask?” She asks as she looks up at the sky, clenching her free hand into a fist. “Why are you such a lil shit, universe?”

She feels Asami squeeze her hand then and her attention snaps to her just in time to feel Asami’s other hand slip to her cheek and turn her head softly until they’re face to face, just inches away from each other, and Asami’s eyes flash to her lips before they move back to her eyes and she leans in, pressing their lips together and shutting Korra up.

It’s nothing like Korra imagined it would be and so, so much better.

It’s urgency wrapped up in softness, desire neatly tucked into warmth, the feeling of home rooted in something new, something eager and exciting, something that simultaneously takes Korra’s breath away and makes her lungs fuller than they’d ever been.

It’s everything she’s wanted and so, so much more.