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Bonded (edited ver.)

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Both mother and child seemed lifeless as they walk back in silence after going to see a doctor.

The world seemed to have made the cruelest joke in Midoriya Izuku's life being born as quirkless. His dreams about becoming like the hero that he had always looked up to not only became further and further away, his future was also crushed into pieces.

At that same time Inko was just as distraught as her boy, it was bad enough for her that Izuku's father had to leave them and now this. She only had a hunch about her son's secondary gender and quirk at first and to confirm it she made Izuku undergo a test and it turned out that her boy was not only quirkless but an omega. That was the worse combination possible.

Izuku was still too young to fully understand this issue about being an omega with and without a quirk but she could only hope that her beloved son could find a mate that would love and treasure him wholeheartedly. Praying that somehow, despite all these bad things Izuku would find a mate in the future.

Omegas were at the bottom of the hierarchy when it came to the secondary gender. Though the treatment wasn't as harsh as before thanks to the omega protection laws and during the dawn of phenomena there where some omega had stood up for themselves in the past and some even proved themselves as worthy heroes.

Though a lot of omegas who turned to be heroes are treasured. Even still, a large portion of society had viewed them as delicate sensual beings, a gender meant to submit.

The only way they would be recognized and respected was to be a part of the higher class of the society, which is going to be sure a path worse than hell and it's more impossible with their current circumstances. The other one is to be a pro-hero but that seemed to be impossible now that Izuku turned out to be quirkless.

After all an omega with a quirk was far more valuable than a quirkless omega who was useless in the eyes of everyone in society.

Midoriya Inko could only cry and sympathize for her son's sad fate. Right now, her only son's heart was broken, crying and wailing in her arms because he was quirkless and without a quirk it was impossible for him to become a pro hero and be just like the person that he idolized the most, All Might.


Izuku was already being teased a lot by being a late bloomer but it became more bad when news about him being quirkless spread through their neighborhood and their school. People started bullying him because of it, but what had hurt the most for the child was that his closest friend was the one who started all the bullying.

He used to have a good relationship with Katsuki Bakugou, but everything changed when he got his quirk earlier than everyone and he got more worse when he had presented as an alpha. It's like the blonde boy became a completely different person towards.

Just when Izuku thought everything was bad enough, he never expected that things could still go so much worse.

It all started after their dinner with the Bakugous. Izuku was so happy at time. Kacchan did not only hurt and ignore him but they were happily talking and playing with each other as if their friendship didn't have any rifts, as if Kacchan had never bullied him. It was like everything was just a bad dream in that moment.

They were playing heroes like always and gushing about the latest news about All Might's fight against a villain, giggling with each other like how they used to be.

It came out of nowhere. Izuku suddenly felt a dull irritation around his left eye and a weird feeling of pain overwhelmed him and he could only cry uncontrollably because of it.

The adults were alarmed because of it and Inko was panicking not knowing what to do. Even though Izuku always cries a lot he never cried like he was in severe pain like that even no matter how many times he come home with bruises and burns in his body.

Mitsuki had immediately scolded Katsuki about hurting Izuku again but the blonde boy was just as startled and worried as them. Masaru was quick to check on Izuku's physical state, but nothing is wrong with him, there weren't any injuries or anything to worry about at all.

It was puzzling then a thought came to Masaru's mind.

"Izuku how are you feeling?" the man asked him

Izuku was a little bit calmer but he was still sniffling and hiding in his mother's arms. "I don't know" the boy sobbed "I just suddenly felt painful and there's this weird feeling in here" Izuku said patting on his chest. "Something feels there but not there at the same time"

Masaru's mouth dropped open in surprise and then he smiled and began to laugh. It made the others more worried as to why he was laughing

"What the fuck are you laughing for? Izu is in pain right now." Mistuki chided her patience running out "Just what is wrong with him?"

Masaru shook his head, his smile becoming wider "No, nothing is wrong with him. In fact, Izuku-kun is completely fine but I won't say the same for his alpha."

"You don't mean...!?" The two women gasped in disbelief, but this was Masaru they were talking about.

"Yes, Izuku have a true mate!" He exclaimed. He couldn't be wrong about it, after all he knew this better than anyone, after all he and Mitsuki were fated mates.

Inko cried in happiness in the news, knowing that at least there was still hope for her son. That night the adults were rejoicing about the news. Despite Izuku being groggy from the sudden overwhelming feeling and crying so much. He noticed that from then on Kacchan didn't approach him.

Even though his eyes were closing from exhaustion he didn't miss how the blonde had looked at him as if he was the most disgusting thing in the world.

From then on, without knowing the exact reason why. The bad escalated into worse. The bullying became more severe and Izuku was totally isolated from the rest.

Growing up Izuku had learn what it means to be an omega in the harshest way. They are supposed to be the weakest of the three-secondary gender. They are on the bottom of society. In need of constant protection and not able to defend themselves and are often looked down at because of that. Since most people believe that Omega are worthless, they are treated very rudely and have lower chances at getting high paid jobs, much less working as heroes. Most people are ashamed of being an Omega.

Every single day he told that he was useless, worthless, stupid, quirkless, and even a worthless omega that no one would ever want. It was unfair why he had to be treated like that he never gave up.

Despite all those harsh words and cruel life, he led he never lost hope, he couldn't give up his dreams of becoming a hero and continued to reach out for it until a miracle had finally happened in his life when he met All Might.

It was him that acknowledge him, believe in him and it was him who first said these words that he longed to hear "You can become a hero."

Not only he was told that he could become a hero by the person he had admired the most, despite knowing that he was a useless quirkless omega, All Might had even decided to make him his heir and passed his quirk, One for All to him, giving him way to make his dream come true.

Though the concept of being an omega is inefficient to become hero is still deeply ingrained to the society and omegas are still being shunned despite all the laws about gender equality. And it's also because of that Izuku also wanted to prove to other people that All Might's choices were not wrong. That despite being a quirkless omega he can attain his goals and become the number 1 hero.

That was the start of his journey to reach his dreams.


It was already four months when he started training under All Might. Izuku knew that there are a lot of hardships being an omega and hero at the same time, being constantly teased and bullied all throughout his life making it a daily reminder that he was useless, but he had never understood well about the weight of being an omega until he had his first heat.

It was just another normal day for him. Much more peaceful without Bakugou there; being excused from class because of family reasons.

Without the short-tempered Alpha around there, his classmates wouldn't pick on him and would just ignore him. That was better for Izuku. But in reality, since the sludge incident Bakugou had been ignoring him entirely.

Everything seemed to be going smooth until he started feeling really hot and his breathing became ragged. He heard things and read a lot about the signs, but he still didn't want to believe it that he was having his first heat and it had to happen in the middle of class, sending the whole class in haywire, making their alpha classmates go in a rut and triggering the other omega's heat as well.

He was trying to get away as fast as he could from the room with a lot of Alpha pheromones swirling in making his omega submit and something inside him screams of wanting to be taken. Before he knew it some of his classmates had pinned him down.

Although he knew that he had become strong enough to be able to push them away somehow, he couldn't muster any strength and his legs becoming limp, it was a point where he couldn't control his body anymore.

He tried desperately shouting for help as his Alpha classmates began touching him all over the place and began stripping him. But despite his pleas, the others just tended to the other omega's in class afraid to get caught up and turned a blind eye.

Thankfully before anything could have happened further the teachers and security have arrived with the school doctor and immediately injected them with suppressants, from there he was immediately rushed to the hospital and had to take a break from school for one week.

He had watched over the news and read many stories regarding traumatic experiences of an omega in heat, though it was really scary it sounded a little bit surreal to him that he didn't really paid much thought about it but at he finally understood, that moment very moment everyone looked like a scary villain to him, probably much scarier.

But what had scared him the most was the omega within him. Losing control of himself like that. It wasn't a great feeling, it was disgusting. It made sense to him why Bakugou looked disgusted at him back then.


Once everything had calmed down, from that day onward Bakugou seemed to always make sure that Midoriya drink his suppressant on regular basis, which leaves him confused for his action, but knowing Bakugou it seemed like his mother had told him to look after him. Riling him up that if he's a responsible Alpha he'd look after his territory properly.

Being childhood friends despite their current rocky friendship, Bakugou knew about Midoriya being an omega. Though he was his number 1 bully and looked down at him for being quirkless he had never found fault at Midoriya for being an omega, not when Bakugou's father was an omega too.

He may not be the most good guy out there but, insulting people for being an omega felt as if he's insulting his father as well and that just left a bad taste in the blonde's mouth.

Bakugou would grumble complaints and shout and curse at him sometimes but Midoriya is grateful for it. Though he was feeling alright after the incident and everyone had apologized to him, other than All Might and Bakugou he couldn't feel comfortable around other alphas at all.

Though he wanted to deny it, Midoriya seemed to have developed a fear from Alphas and because of that he used heavy prescriptions of heat suppressants even constantly using products of scent blockers. Ever since then Midoriya had never experienced another heat again.

But there was someone out there who can cause him to have his heat.

He knew from childhood that he had a fated pair, his true mate as they call it but ever since the incident he hopes that he'll never meet that person out of fear of losing control of his self and body like what had happened before using an excuse that he couldn't afford to submit to an Alpha as he had a heavy expectation to fulfill.


Todoroki Shoto was a boy who blessed with everything anyone could ever asked for from birth. Being born from the Todoroki line, an old family known to produce great heroes and son of the Number 2 Hero Endeavor. Not only he had an amazing quirk he had also presented as an Alpha, a pure-bred Alpha at that (Pure-Bred Alpha are those who are born from both Alpha parents). His future as a pro hero was already guaranteed at childhood.

And that was everything Shoto had hated. He was born with everything his bastard of a father ever wanted and expected. And because of that he had spent most of his childhood alone with battered body from head to toe because of all the training his father has forced him into to surpass All Might, to surpass the no. 1 hero.

His mother, Yukiko would always get in the way whenever the training would become too much. And because of that she would often get beaten up as well. He abused the two of them and his siblings for the sake of his ambition. Until it got to the point where his mother finally snapped and pour a boiling water on his left side.

He never blamed her for it, he understood why her mother did that and bore deep hatred for his father. Even if he was nothing but a child an alpha being forcefully made to submit by another alpha must've been extremely painful for his mother. But that was not all there is...

His mother had a fated pair, an omega that she had loved dearly, but just before their wedding, her mate had a sudden unexplained death at that time. Not even giving her the time, she couldn't grieve for the loss because of his father's ambition. Enji had took that chance and immediately swooped in and take her for himself as his mate. Bribing her friends and family into making her marry him.

From losing her fated mate, her beloved omega, his mother was already slowly losing her mind, her sanity was only kept at bay believing that Enji somehow did truly love her, but fate was cruel to her.

Initially, their marriage didn't turn out so bad as Yukiko had initially thought. Though she was still skeptical about it, but little by little as they actually get to know more and more about each other somehow, she understood that Enji wasn't that much of an evil person with ulterior motives in his every move as she had initially thought. He was just simply desperate to prove himself, so desperate that he'd stoop low in using underhanded methods at times.

When they had their first-born child, although disappointed Enji had still cherished the life they had made and probably he had started to mellow out a little and it soon followed by another child and their happiest when they had their third child, their daughter, Fuyumi.

Upon seeing the sweet little girl, he had become absolutely doting that it was hard to separate him from his daughter and it was the same case when Shoto was born. It was as if he had completely forgotten everything about his ambition and just simply became a father.

But everything had changed the moment Shoto's quirk had manifested. It was as if something had once again spark within the flame hero. Enji had reverted back on how he used to be and even telling her that he only used her to be able to produce a powerful offspring and adding fuel to the fire he even abused her whenever something displeases him and physically vent out his frustrations from work at her violently.

After his mother was sent away, the only comfort that Shoto had left was the faint connection he felt from his fated mate. Even though he never had the chance to tell anyone about the faint connection that he felt, listening to his mother's talk about fated pair was enough for him to know that this faint feeling of warmth that he felt was his connection to his mate.

Though he hasn't met that person yet nor does he know if it was a she or a he, it was enough to make him endure all those torturing training. Hoping that he would one day be a capable alpha able to provide and protect his true mate, that he'd be a man different from his father.

Time passes by and as Shoto grew up to be one of the best in his generation, he continued to be consumed with his hatred and anger towards Endeavor. Even the thought about his true mate had been long forgotten. Shrugging it off as just a way that his mother had used to comfort him and probably herself from the harsh truth that they were going through in the past.

But now it has no meaning to him anymore, thinking that it would only get in his way and his only sole focus is for his revenge towards his father, to make him pay for everything that he's done by completely rejecting him.

Though it seemed like his dynamics won't simply let him forget his other half.

Another dull day for him at school, he wasn't really paying attention to anything at all when suddenly felt anxious as if something was eating at him. He felt feral and it wasn't only him who noticed as everyone around him started backing away instinctively just from the effect of his pheromones.

Because of that he was immediately sent home. For the first time in a long while, when he had thought that he was already dead empty inside, right now he felt as if there was a void in him that he couldn't explain. For a long while he felt some sort of longing that he couldn't exactly grasped.

It was very unsettling.

He shrugged it off. This was nothing but a momentary feeling, nothing more nothing less. Unknown to him that it was more than that.