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McKinley High Classes 2010 to 2014

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Title: McKinley High Classes 2010 to 2014
Summary: Kurt is totally screwed. Why? Classes reunion, Blaine's already having his plus one and he freaks out. A lie is even more chaos. +++ Kurtbastian
Rating: P16 Slash
Pairing: Kurt / Sebastian - Kurtbastian
Warnings: boyslove
Genre: Romance, drama
Disclaimer: The characters of the series Glee do not belong to me. Neither do the pictures. I earn no money with this, even if I accept Comments and Kudos as a tip with pleasure ;) Josh and Chloe are mine though, their pics are from Google Picture search - I don't know the people in the pics!

~ * ~ * ~ McKinley High Classes 2010 to 2014 ~ * ~ * ~

Kurt Hummel, 4/22/2020 14:17: Hi Sebastian. I know that you presumably have to do a lot with your film and all, but do you maybe have some time soon?
Sebastian Smythe, 4/24/2020 21:46: so politely all at once? where's the fun in that Betty White? :P
Seen 4/24/2020 23:12
Sebastian Smythe, 4/25/2020 07:13: spoilsport. Sunday 14 o'clock in the Starbucks, corner Washington Sq E/west 4th? I have film break rn & am again in college.
Kurt Hummel, 4/25/2020 10:52: Still the old Chipmunk? :P See you later!

He still could not believe it. Why exactly did he do this to himself? Kurt sat way more nervous than he should in said Starbucks and waited for the former Warbler. When the brown-haired stepped in, sunglasses and deeply in the face pulled baseball cap, nobody really noticed him. Nevertheless, Kurt recognised him immediately. The excessively proud way, the mischievous smile, ready to the provocation and confidently as ever. Grinning he sat down before his opponent, the sunglasses on the nose briefly moved and scrutinised Kurt from top to bottom.
"No coffee? I am disappointed. That's not how to treat stars, lady Hummel."
The appealed rolled the eyes.
"Flap, Meerkat. We have to discuss something important."
"Then, out with it."
"I... Well, so, actually, I wanted to know, whether you... Well, so what your plans are for... 27.6.?"
The more huge boy tightened.
"Do you want, finally, a man in the bed?", he asked smugly.
"This was a mistake."
Kurt got up suddenly, took his coffee and wanted to go when the other stopped him.
"Planned is nothing. Celebrations presumably when my exams are finished then and I am ready with the study. Or be in a film if I get a new offer, depends. Why?"

Breathing deeply Kurt tried to calm down.
"We have class reunion in McKinley and I wanted to ask whether you want to accompany me." He saw the irritated look of the other. And clearly, he would be also confused in Sebastian's position. "Okay, listen, I may have indicated that you are my company... And I do not feel like coming up with any other excuses."
"Ah. You mean I allow you to use my fame to fuck off your torturers? And to agree without a little bit as a countermove? We haven't seen each other since the High School, why should I help you?"
He leant back, directed his green eyes on the soprano which crosses arms.
"Because it's not about any popularity", he sighed. Look..."

~ * ~ * ~ Flashback ~ * ~ * ~

"Oh, I see... Before I forget it, you have already got the invitation?", Kurt asked curiously.
"To the class meeting of final-year class from 2010 to 2014? Yes, I have. We plan a Glee-alumni meeting on the same day, before. At least, everybody of the original gleeclub is there."
"Mister Schue?"
"Precisely. Why do you ask?"
"Well..." Should he ask it? "Blaine, I have thought, a lot and... Do you already have company?"
He bit the inside of his cheek, hoped for a no.
"Yes. My boyfriend comes along. We'll probably come in partner look, are just in discussion who takes which bowtie. He means, it would be interesting to hear me singing with all others because he loves to listen to my voice. Is quite excited. But I just. I mean, it is for a while and I hardly have any contact with the others. Maybe to Sam, but contact with Tina and Artie has broken off sometime. When I came back to Lima after having lost my place at NYADA, there was only Sam. Tina has finished last year, Artie finishes this year. I know about the others even less. You, Sam and Rachel are anyhow the only ones with whom I write at least roughly regularly and..."
Kurt had switched off somewhen. Blaine was in a relationship again? It sounded rather serious. And it hurt very much. Somehow he had hoped to be able to renew the marriage, after the divorce two years ago. In spite of the fact that the black-haired had cheated on him three times now it was still hard without him.
"... In any case, Josh is really sweet. I had bad problems with the divorce for a while and everything but I am better now. He really helps... Why did you ask by the way?"
The brown-haired had sunk to the knees, swallowed hard and tried to control his pulse. A new panic attack. Since he knew that his husband... ex-husband ... had had an affair, his assurance had quite diminished. What was wrong with him?
"I... Wanted to know if you come alone or not... ", he murmured. At this moment he wanted to hurt him, as much he was able to. "Because I did not want to be the only one with company you know? I wanted to prevent that it gets weird."
"So? Then... You have a boyfriend?"
Was there any insecurity? Jealousy? Kurt hoped it was.
"We meet quite often. We were when we were only separated already. When then the divorce was done, we decided to make it a thing. He... However, is surely integrated into his life, so that it is not really official and everything. But I am happy, very much even."
The theatrical hours of NYADA paid off, even if he worked meanwhile in the fashion business.
"Do I know him?"
His thoughts were running. Who would hurt the most? With whom would Blaine start doubting himself? A name came to his head and he pronounced him before he could stop himself.
"Sebastian. Sebastian Smythe. So yes, you should know him."
The line was quiet on the other side. Kurt closed his eyes, begged internally that Blaine believed him.
"... Since when... Are you..."
"When you have cheated on me, I got drunk to forget the pain. He was there. And believe me, the rumours are true. He is same to God in the bed... His body is so damn hot and I was rather fast with forgetting you. Well, not forgetting but you know. It was, all in all, rather boring between us both, wasn't it?"
Every word burnt in his throat like fire, left a bad taste back in his mouth. What just acted served only one purpose. To injure Blaine. As well as he did it constantly with him.
"Well, see you Kurt..."
The other sounded broken, hung up sadly. Mission fulfils.

~ * ~ * ~ Flashback end ~ * ~ * ~

"... and then I freaked out anyhow. I mean, I wanted to hurt him at the moment so much, he made no difference once... My pride and ego have terrifically struck since the separation, it doesn't make a difference. The fact that the whole would become more complicated than expected only struck me as I have spoken with Rachel and she has pointed out that I cannot simply ask a star to be my alibi boyfriend. Till then I didn't even think about that one anyhow. Well, then I thought I simply say right before the day that we have separated and everything... But then Rachel has called and told me that Blaine had ran off to Vegas and now both are married... Well, however, I wanted to try to get your help", he closed, a little bit breathlessly and drank another gulp of coffee.
Meanwhile he had sat down again.
"You lied to Blaine and named me because it was the most painful? At that time because of what? Listen, I know I was an arsehole. I wanted to apologise anyhow for it to you. But I cannot play your boyfriend. This isn't that easy."
"Are you taken?", the smaller man asked, now really interested.
"What? No, I... Relationships aren't my thing. I meant rather because I, nevertheless, am rather present in the media and you wouldhave appeared anywhere if we were wouldn't you have?"
"Then... You tried to keep out me of the bustle because I wanted to bring out my fashion line alone and have asked you to keep it a secret? And now you make it public and done..."
"Kurt, this isn't that easy. I have to keep to my PR, must consider the whole contracts, did have some intermezzi with men that were known in that time and this would depreciate you. I don't want to ruin your reputation."
The brown-haired thought about it. This was not a no. These were only petty excuses.
"You could whitewash yourself from these scandals and say everything was arranged to excite no suspicion?"
Blinking. Once, twice. It seemed as Kurt wanted him really as his company and anyhow Sebastian couldn't understand that.
"You can't stand me", he added helpfully, as the last argument.
This thing would not end well for him. The smaller one was too often part of his thoughts already, even after all these years.
" Puh-lease. I had theatrical lessons. Then, moreover, I have an excuse to sit not all the time with my ex. You are more interesting."
"And like God in the bed with a damn hot body?", he laughed.
Kurt was already regretting having told him everything word by word. Twisting, he could not keep the eyes to the green ones of Sebastian, nevertheless, a fine smile washed over his face for only a second. "Okay. Yes, you are hot. Alright?"
"No, say this again. With deep, sexually inclined voice",the green-eyed joked with wobbling eyebrows.
"You are dreadful, Sebastian. Help me or not?"
Thoughtfully he leant back.
"What do I have from it?"
The blue eyes searched his face for doubts, after this malicious expression which betrayed that he meant it not seriously. Indeed, this was absent. Sebastian wanted to help.
"A favor. Any favor."
A grin spread out on the lips of the former Warbler.
"Deal. To me or you to discuss everything else? We have to work out at least the story. And to put a post I who will bring me in bad discussions with my agent", he sighed. "I had put out two semestres in the NYU for the filming. In summer I have then hopefully my end in Law. If somebody asks. You? "
They slowly walked side by side, along the street. A taxi was not necessary.
"Finished NYADA in 2018, since then full time with Vogue. My boss made me bring out my own collection this year. The results of it come in Monday. If it got well... Then I am officially a designer. Then you can post. Facebook or Instagram?"
"We'll see. There we are", he murmured and pushed the the glass door to the building open, let in the other man first.


rachelberry They are so cute! Finally, they make it official! @khummel @sebthesmythe Check both if you are curious! #cuteguys #sebastiansmythe #boyfriends #official #khcdesign
27TH OF APRIL, 2020

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sebthesmythe Indeed, he is really cute! <3
khummel You had at least my design name linked!
jstjames This is probably my fault :D
rachelberry Why fault, you have virtually annoyed me to put the hashtag!
sebthesmythe And he has said nothing that I am also cute :'(
khummel This is due to the fact that you're not sweet or cute but beautiful and gorgeous <3
mssatan Something I have missed here? @khummel explanation??
khummel My collection has been accepted.
mssatan ???
sebthesmythe She means us dating nearly 2,5 years and it's just now made official with your success. However, she could also have read my tweet and above all my statement on facebook. @mssatan
mssatan One must subscribe you to see it. Was not worth it for me >:)
sebthesmythe :'( Kuuuuuuurt, she hates me.
khummel You think so? She's right somewhere though :P ;)

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Kurt Hummel – 4/27/2020 18:03

In a relationship with
Sebastian Smythe
25th of October, 2017

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Blaine Anderson 18:07 So its true?? Why that late? ^
... Mercedes Jones 18:14 Could read one of the HUGE AMOUNT of posts everywhere from a lot people. Anyways, Kurt got his collection promoted so they can make it officially bc b4 there was a risk of people liking them only bc he's together with Sebastian. So now that's done and Kurt seems to be okay with attention.
... Blaine Anderson 18:15 Didnt read any of them not like I subscribed him or something? thx anyways
Burt Hummel 18:10 Too bad you call that rarely do we really have to get this from facebook? Congrats anyways! Eager to meet your boy.
Jeff Sterling 18:23 Dude why didn't u tell me?? Sebby didn't say anything at all! Have to catch up all 3 of us! PN about how and where I want to know EVERYTHING! But I knew it u 2 have always been cute! <3 :D congrats 2 u both! Nick look ;) ^
... Nick Duval 18:26 Weird! But still cute. Anywhere any pics? Jeff honey we we're first shipping them! #Kurtbastian
... Jeff Sterling 18:27 I know but im happy for them! Kurtbastian was always destiny! <3
... Sebastian Smythe 18:34 Why am I not in the slightest surprised you two have a freaking shipping name already?? :D If we're weird you're crazy guys! But thanks from both of us.
Tina Cohen-Cheng 18:29 I don't know if I'm supposed to be happy for you or angry bc of what he once did to Blaine? Call me Kurt!


Sebastian Smythe – 4/27/2020 22:00

Hey guys!

I know the rumours are high-level cooking, that for some hours. Now, hence, my official statement comes here.
YES, I am in a relationship and already since some time (10/25/2017 <3) with Kurt Hummel , an endowed fashion designer for Vogue. We had to keep it secret for a long time because I did not want him to be in the bustle with my film. The whole photographers can be rather incriminating. Moreover, we wanted later that he gets to prove to all how much of an amazing designer he is. And he is. His collection is absolutely gorgeous ( KHC – Kurt Hummel Clothing ), I can admit now when it's finally released. I am really proud of him. And still am much more happy that we can make it FINALLY OFFICIAL.
YES. There were rumours and articles about sexual escapades for my part in that time, however, everything in that was arranged to be not suspicious.
NO he will not appear in the next film, why ever so may of you asked that one.
NO I haven't signed a new contract yet and for now will concentrate upon the end of my law study and NO I'm not stop acting.
On events I could have him, however, from now on beside me ;)
The Panel for you, the fans of Bewilderment – A Ghost story , takes place furthermore and I am glad to see everybody of you there and am eager to answer questions. If he is there I don't know yet.
Have I forgotten anything? If yes, other questions in the comments, I try to answer them with pleasure – but then only once. Look please whether already somebody has asked your question. This does not only save you frustration because I'm not answering but to me many unnecessary comments.
I love you everybody! Really that you are all still aboard. If the ghosts may protect you or punish! >:)
Yours, Sebastian

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