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Lee Vang Gets A Promotion

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Lee Vang opened the door to the station, a mug of coffee and box of donuts balanced precariously in his arms.

“Mornin’!” he called out to the secretary, Amanda, ignoring her glare; it’s not his fault he was late again, it was the blazed Dunkin’ Donuts employee that took about five minutes just to take his order. He shuffled past Amanda’s desk and deeper into the station, hearing the buzz of phones and scratch of pens on paper. God, he loved this job. As he traversed through the tangle of desks, he called out various greetings to the officers he knew.

Finally reaching his own small desk nestled in the corner of the room, he heaved the box full of donuts onto the stained wood and took a long-awaited sip from the ‘#1 Grandma’ mug of coffee he’d been carrying. He flopped down onto the dark fabric of his office chair (there were a variety of stains it had collected over the years, most of which he didn’t even want to think about) and opened the file placed in the middle of the desk that held the day’s schedule. Just as he read ‘Interview with Cameron Skeeter Ferris’, he felt an electric tingle race through his spine. Stiffening, he quickly looked up from his paper to find that Officer Casey Schwab had just entered the room.

God, Officer Schwab. He was basically a professional DILF. He was looking particularly hot today, as he always did when he was working a case: messy hair, unshaven cheeks, dark rings lining his deep brown eyes…Lee shuddered a little at the thought. Hurrying to get up and greet his superior officer, Lee banged his knees on the underside of the desk. Wincing, Lee grabbed the box of donuts and quickly walked over to the officer.

“Morning, Officer,” he said, making his voice just a little deeper, “I brought breakfast,” he held out the box. Schwab turned towards the young man, scrubbing his unshaven cheek with the palm of his hand.

“You’re a lifesaver, kid,” he said, moving his hand from his face to take the box. His fingers brushed Lee’s as he reached for the donuts, sending a trail of sparks up the intern’s arm and straight to his….well, heh. Lee’s green eyes meet the officer’s dark brown ones as the latter took a bite from the sugary treat. Schwab suddenly closed his eyes and groaned in appreciation as the flavor’s hit his tongue.

“That hits the spot,” he said appreciatively, giving Lee a crooked smile. “I’m nominating you for best intern in the officer.” Lee felt the beginnings of a blush creeping across his face.

“Sir, I’m the only intern in the office,” he said, voice shaking a little as his eyes locked on the officer’s lips. Schwab smiled wider.

“Well, aren’t you special,” he purred. He turned away to go to his desk, donut in hand as he waved at Lee. “Stop by my office in a bit, we need to go over the interview points for the Skeeter case,” he called over his shoulder. Lee was left high and dry, standing in the middle of the hall with a half-empty box of donuts. Schwab didn’t wait for a response before disappearing behind the thick door his office lived behind.

Lee sighed and turned to head back to his depressing little desk. Why did Schwab have to be so god damn attractive? It wasn’t like Lee wanted to be the star in a 2-star, low budget porno, but the way things were going, that’s exactly where he was likely to end up. That is, if Schwab would ever stop toying with him and just get on with it. Lee dropped into his seat, scrubbing his eyes to get his focus back. He couldn’t get the image of Schwab’s lips as he bit into the donut out of his head.

Sighing, he pushed himself up to the desk and opened his folder to resume his work. It was gonna be a long day.



“Vang! Officer Schwab wants to see you in his office!” Amanda’s loud voice snapped Lee out of his focus as he read through the witness statements for the Skeeter case. He looked up to find her squat, cardigan-encased form looming over him, glaring.

“Uh, thanks, I’ll get right on that,” Lee said, edging his way out from behind his desk. He scurried away from the intimidating secretary and towards his superior’s office. Standing outside the thick wooden door of the office, Lee raised his hands to try and smooth down his hair. Without warning, the door swung inwards, and he found himself less than a foot away from Officer Schwab. Staring at the chest half a foot from his face, Lee felt his face go deer-in-the-headlights still as a pink blush worked its way down from his forehead.

“Uh, hi? You wanted? To see me?” Lee managed to squeak out, eyes locked on the strip of chest hair just barely visible above the standard blue cop uniform Schwab had unbuttoned a bit. Suddenly the chest moved away, back into the office, still holding the door open.

“Uh, yeah, come on in,” Schwab said, and, finally looking at his face, Lee was thrilled to see a slight dusting of pink across his cheeks. Lee quickly ducked into the office and into the worn black chair across from Schwab’s desk. He looked over his shoulder to see Schwab placing the ‘do not disturb’ sign around the doorknob, the one usually reserved for interviews  and business meetings. He quickly whipped his head back around, anxiously avoiding catching the officer’s eye as ideas as to why he needed the sign swirled through his mind, most of them R-rated. The door closed with a loud click as the lock snapped in place, and Lee’s mouth went dry.