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It's my turn to help You {A BakuMomo fic}

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Saturdays in the UA dorms were usually lively but, on this particular night, it was as though the air had been energised. The students of class 1-A were buzzing with excitement, talking loudly, laughing even louder, and some were jumping about the common room with extreme gusto that rivalled the childish nature of a toddler. Even though the moon was high in the night sky and most other classes and teachers had long gone to bed, these students were wide awake. Why? Well, they were holding their first, whole-class-slumber party! This tremendous event would have the whole set up. A pillow fort had already been lovingly constructed by Hagakure and Uraraka, propped against the comfy edge of the sofa for maximum comfort. Kaminari, Sero, and Mina had bought an abundance of snacks from the convenience store, but were quickly set aside by Iida who proposed that "such unhealthy snacks would ruin a Hero's diet!", he was however, ignored in favour of the sweet and salty temptations of the snacks.

While the whole class settled down into where they would be 'sleeping' for the night, Momo watched from the kitchen, a content smile on her face; she never would have been able to do anything as outlandish and childish as this at her home. Her parents were far too professional to let their child partake in such antics. As such, Momo had never been able to have a slumber party before so she was rather excited to join in with the fun, but was understandably nervous. She had no idea how this was supposed to work at all.

She moved from the Kitchen entrance and gracefully sat down on a cushion next to Tsuyu, who she gave a polite smile to. Returning the smile Tsuyu cocked her head to the side slightly "Have you ever been to a slumber party before Momo-chan?" the polite question took Momo by surprise slightly.
"Ah," she paused, gathering er thoughts before carefully speaking, "my parents were never really the type to allow me to do that kind of thing, and I didn't have many friends growing up anyway so I suppose i would say that no I haven't, unless you count business trips and formal house parties as slumber parties," she knew that what she had just said was quite pathetic, what child never had a slumber party before? It was practically a token of childhood!
"If it makes you feel any better," Todoroki's calm voice broke into the conversation, "I've also never been to one."
Tsuyu turned back to Momo, giving her a warm smile "See, you're not the only one, it'll be fun don't worry!"

Just as she said that, a rumbling could be heard coming down the stairs from the dorm rooms. Kirishima practically burst down the stairs, a goofy yet terrified grin on his face and his unspiked hair flitting behind him. Not two seconds after, a scream of anger that could only belong to Bakugou was heard from the hallway "YOU GET BACK HERE SHITTY-HAIR!". Momo winced at the thought of what Kirishima could have done to incite this rage, but knowing Bakugou's short temper, it probably wasn't much. It was then that Momo noticed the duvets and pillows in Kirishima's arms. Not one, but two sets, one obviously belonging to Bakugou. 'oh, that's why he's so mad' Momo thought. When Bakugou entered the room, he headed straight for the sofa where Kirishima had dive-bombed in his state of panic, luckily avoiding the pillow fort, looking far too innocent. "OI, Give me back my shit!" the explosive boy held out his hands, waiting.
"But Dude! You HAVE to join in the slumber party with us! It's our first one as a whole class and it wouldn't be the same without you!" Kirishima gave his best puppy dog look, while everyone else resumed their previous conversations. They already knew what the outcome would be, no one could resist Kiri's puppy dog look, not even someone as strong willed as Bakugou.
As expected, he gave in "Fine, but after this one I'm not going to anymore," Kirishima fist-bumped the air, along with the rest of the self proclaimed 'Baku-squad', all saying things like "now this will be interesting" or "Bakugou never fails to make stuff more fun".

It seems, as the night wore on, people were eventually falling asleep one-by-one. Even people like Mina, who claimed they would stay up all night, eventually gave in to the lateness and drifted off into sleep. So why is it that Momo could not get herself to fall asleep? Even after the seemingly last person was out-cold, and every single bit of excitement had long passed, Momo lay awake. She debated a few times just returning to her room, bit decided against it as she reasoned that it would defeat the point of a slumber party and after all the effort that everyone went through to make this fun, it would be rude to just leave. But the more she just stared at the ceiling, or rolled around under her blankets, the more anxious she became about not falling asleep at all.
Eventually, she gave in and got up to get a drink, only to find Bakugou already in the kitchen wide-awake drinking a coffee.

"Oh," she exclaimed in a whisper, "Bakugou what are you still doing up at this time?" she asked while retrieving a glass from the cabinet across from where he stood.
"I could ask you the same question Ponytail," despite his usual angry tone, he was still at a respectable noise level, Momo was almost impressed, she had never heard Bakugou so quiet before. The slight shock must have shown on her face because after a second, he glared at her with a firm "What?"
Momo filled her glass and faced him, "Nothing, it's just even after all this time you still don't remember my name. I don't even have my hair in a ponytail currently," she quietly chuckled to herself "you can call me Yaomomo like everyone else does you know?"

This seemed to strike a nerve in the blond as he just scowled and looked broodingly into his coffee, taking an aggressive sip ('how can he even make drinking look aggressive?') and no longer making eye contact. Momo just stood across from him awkwardly, not really wanting to stay but not wanting to return to just staring blankly at the ceiling either. "Well?" Bakugou broke the silence, "Why the fuck can't you sleep then, ponytail?"
For a moment, Momo was unsure how to respond. First of all, why did he care all of a sudden, second, she didn't even know why she couldn't sleep so she couldn't exactly give a clear answer to him and, thirdly, never in her life did she expect to be having a somewhat regular conversation with Bakugou Katsuki of all people! "W-well," she began hesitantly, "it's probably just something silly like nerves or something. You see, I've never really been to a proper sleepover before and trying to sleep around so many people is a bit disconcerting..." she nervously looked up at Bakugou, who was still gazing into his coffee.
"Well that's fucking dumb," he replied. Momo looked down and grimaced but Bakugou continued "You trust all these dumb-asses right? Well then fucking act like it! You don't hesitate to trust them when you're fighting so why is sleeping such a bug deal? That's whats dumb about it" with a final nod he slurped his coffee. Not only was Momo impressed by his words, she found herself agreeing with him. Who knew he could be so insightful?
She smiled at him, though he still wasn't looking at her, choosing to continue scowling into his mug, "Thank you Bakugou, you're right," she her a quiet "of course I am" but chose to ignore it, instead continuing "With that in mind, I'm going to actually get some sleep now. Goodnight Bakugou."
He replied with a mumbled "whatever" when she walked back into the dark common room, talking her place amongst the cushions. Before she finally drifted off, it occurred to her that she got an answer for what was keeping Bakugou up this late at night. She also realised that that was probably one of the nicest conversations shes ever had with Bakugou, if not one of the nicest conversations that shes ever heard him have period! But that stayed at the back of her mind as she remembered his words. She definitely trusted her friends, and she was also starting to trust Bakugou a little more too.